Getting started | How to subscribe to a YouTube channel and why

– Don’t forget to subscribe!
– Don’t forget to subscribe! Subscribe to our channel
for more YouTube tips and tricks. Subscriptions
are pretty important here at YouTube so in this video,
we’ll teach you how to subscribe to channels. This will let you see more content
from those channels you like. Before you do anything,
make sure you’re signed in to YouTube whether it’s
on your computer or mobile device. Go to any video
of the channel you want to subscribe to. Click “Subscribe.” Once you’ve subscribed to a channel you’ll see a list
of recommended channels on your screen. These are based on related channels
that you’re not already subscribed to. If you want to see what you’re subscribed to,
make sure you’re signed in to YouTube. Select “Subscriptions” and then you’ll see all
of your subscriptions in grid or list view which you can change to suit your needs. A few things to remember: Number 1: you can always view
a channel’s content before subscribing. Number 2: you can
only subscribe to 75 channels per day. And number 3: you can
subscribe to a maximum of 2,000 channels. With that said, your subscription limit
grows as your YouTube channel does. It’s tied to the number
of subscribers that your channel has or how long your account has existed. If you’d like to learn more
about subscribing to channels check out the link in the description below. And that’s it! Subscribe for more YouTube tips and tricks.

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