German Passport vs American Passport

comparing it to the German reisepassport. why do I keep saying reisepassport?! hey guys! what’s up? it’s Kelly
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this video I present to you the most patriotic item I own which you might
think would be my American flag sunglasses or perhaps my American flag
sweatpants… yes I do own both of those things because I am your classic
American basic girl… I’m not necessarily proud of that.. but no it is my US
passport and I’ll show you guys what’s inside of this and I will be comparing
it to the German Reisepass which is the German passport. so right off the bat you
can tell they’re entirely different colors. we’ve got blue for the u.s.
passport and this dark red for the German passport. I’m sure you guys can see that
with your eyes. the u.s. passport just says passport and then it says the
United States of America and it has the little emblem…icon here which shows that is a biometric document and the German passport says European Union in German
of course it says bundesrepublik deutschland the Republic of Germany and
it says Reisepass which I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly. and it’s also
about this little icon denoting that it is a biometric document. we’ve also got
the u.s. passport has the great seal of the US which is a bald eagle
with an olive branch and some arrows and it has a lot of symbology behind it that
I’m not going to go over and then there is the coat of arms for the German
passport which is their eagle. this is my boyfriend’s old passport and you know
it’s an old passport because it actually has this cut taken out of it right here
so that anybody looking at it or trying to scan you or whatever would know
immediately that this thing is expired or no longer in use for whatever reason.
I tried to find my old passport and couldn’t but from what I remember the
way that we denote that it is no longer a passport within use is that we punch
a hole right here through the important stuff that if anyone was trying to scan
they would notice it and I think actually the hole also will go through
the cover itself. okay so when you first open up the u.s. passport, guys, I’m not
kidding this thing is so patriotic like it it’s really pretty insane every time
I look at it I’m just like okay so we have the beginning of our national
anthem over here with a very patriotic scene. we’ve got the background with like
the red and white stripes again with our seal, and it says “and that government of
the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth” which is
a very well-known quote from Abraham Lincoln our 16th president and then it
is translated in both French and Spanish. okay so in the German passport on the
first page they’ve got their coat of arms again and then it has a European
Union written in like every single language, I mean it’s not every language
guys I get it, but it’s a lot of languages and then it says
Bundesrepublik Deutschland that’s also translated into many,
many different languages and then Reisepass which means passport again
translated into a lot of different languages. okay so when you go to the
next page again, guys so patriotic. we’ve got “we the people” and it has the flag
and the eagle and all of these symbols that mean a lot to the US history and it
has my signature here and then it has all of my important information that you
would need for identity purposes and I covered the important stuff with duct
tape. but it has the type of passport, P, I’m guessing means it’s a tourist
passport. it has my name, what my nationality is, it has my date of birth
the state I was born in which is Colorado… love Colorado. it has the date
of issue, date of expiration, that I’m a female, and it obviously most importantly
has my picture. the German passport on the next page has a similar little setup.
it’s a lot darker than ours, I feel like… like whenever my boyfriend handed this
to me I was like is this like a relic like this thing looks really old but
it’s not and this is not me making fun of the German passport guys okay
this is just my observations everybody calm down.
so it’s got his photo right here. it also has type of passport it’s also P
it’s gotta mean tourist Passport. it has his name, it has that he’s German,
that he’s male, his place of birth but actually it just has the city which is
interesting to me because he was not born in Germany but yet it still only
has the city not the city and country whereas mine has both the state and the
country which is Colorado is in the US if you did not know. it has the date of
issue, the date of expiration.. over here it says the city that it was issued in which was Magdeberg and on this page right here
so whereas ours is just like my signature his signature by the way would
be right here..I covered it up in duct tape. um on this page it has this stamp that
says Mainz and then it has City Mainz stamped right there and I asked him why
that is and he told me that every time you move to a new city in Germany you’re
supposed to go and have that updated in your passport which I found really
interesting because we don’t do that in the u.s. we just have place of birth, it
doesn’t even say …I got this passport when I was living in Texas, and nowhere
on here does it even say that I got the passport in Texas so that’s a pretty big
difference. and it has his eye color here and his height which that is on our
drivers licenses in the US but it’s not on our passports. so earlier I mentioned
that ours is translated into its English and then it’s French and then it’s
Spanish. with his passport it is in German and then it’s in English and then
it’s in French on the next page of my passport
we’ve got personal data and emergency contact which I did not fill out at all
and then it kind of tells you some rules regarding the passport and this is where
you start seeing quotes on every single page that are you know referencing the
US history so it says “the principle of free governments adhere to the American
soil it is embedded in it immovable as its mountains” by Daniel Webster. so
that’s what you start seeing on every single page is like an extremely like
patriotic quote spanning across the two pages. you don’t find that in the German
passport it’s much more straightforward and less… less patriotic we’ll just say that which is very indicative of Germany
compared to the US. so on his next page it looks like it just has some more
information about where it was and when it was issued then he has a bunch of
information regarding the passport and it is translated into many many many
many many many different languages again. okay so on my passport on the 8th page
is where you start getting to where all the passport stamps are and like I said
the quotes that are on every single page and then you’ll have like this American
scene in the background of like some city or something you know like the
Eagle something that represents the US or maybe a specific location whereas in
Germany it’s just the exact same every single time. it’s this coat of arms eagle
that you see. and just a side note about visas is I heard that the German
passport is stronger than the US passport which is completely true. so as
of May 2018 there are 188 countries that a German passport will be able to
admit the German citizen into without a visa whereas I can only get into 166
countries without a visa so that’s a pretty significant difference. 22
different countries if I’m doing math right. I call it math my boyfriend
reminds me that it’s counting when it’s just simple subtraction in addition. so
my passport actually has quite a few passport stamps I’ve been really really
fortunate to be able to do as much travel as I have both for work and just
my normal life so it is quite quickly filling up and I know that I’m able to
basically get additional pages for the passport without having to get an
entirely new passport and that will make this thing like extremely thick. I might
have to look at doing that. I’m not sure if Germans have that option. I would
assume so but I don’t know so if you’re German and you’re watching this can you
let me know what happens if you were to like fill up all of the stamp space…
little visa space in your passport. oh another thing I just remembered when I
was looking at the little biometric symbol is that I was always flying into
Frankfurt Airport when I lived in Germany because I lived in the city
mines which was only like 20 minutes away from the airport which was really
lucky um and every time I would come back from traveling wherever I would get
in this huge snaking long line of people that are trying to get into Germany and
they’re waiting for their passport stamp from border security and I was always so
jealous looking to my left and seeing all the EU citizens being able to just
take their passport you know like I said it’s biometric and have it scanned at
these automatic machines and that’s all they had to do to get admitted assuming
there were no issues with their passports they didn’t have to get them
stamped or anything which is you know a pretty big benefit of being an EU
citizen is just having that more freedom of travel between EU countries. alright
guys! that’s all I’ve got for you today. I hope that you enjoyed this video and if
you did, give it a thumbs up! it helps me out so much. if you guys have any other
things that I’ve missed regarding the differences between the two passports or
more information about one or the other I was trying to keep it light and not so
technical and boring I’m sure that there is so much more information out there
especially about the history between the two documents I just find it interesting
how different they are despite the fact that they’re for the exact same purpose.
thank you so much to all of my patrons! you guys are awesome for giving me the
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  • i hope you guys don't mind me posting a bit early! i'm traveling this weekend and it's easier for me to post now versus tomorrow 🙂

  • Honestly if I had to check an american passport and be punched in the face with all that patriotism I would probably be much more aware of whether the American person infront of me was just as patriotic about being MURICAN or not as on the nose as this document. Patriotism doesn't roll with most Germans, we don't like the concept in general, no matter what you're being patriotic about. Besides that, the German passport seems much more useful. Not only because of the ability to simply scan it but also because it's reduced to the most important information and contains most languages you might need. Why would a passport need multiple pages dedicated to the greatness of a country you're likely not even in right now? To me that's a waste of paper, not ecological, and I would honestly be embarrassed if I had to carry something with me that basically shouts “LOOK AT THIS AMAZING COUNTRY!“ even if I agreed with the document.

  • Hi Kelly,I love to see us Germans through your eyes. It is refreshing and you are probably thus a better ambassador for your country than the unfortunate US ambassador Richard A. Grenell. You thus create a positive counterweight to the messages that we presently receive daily from your mother country. Thank you and keep going!

  • My American passport is pretty much the only American document I periodically access… and my only reason for returning to the consulate in Munich every 10 years

  • When you apply for a passport, you can ask for the standard 24-page issue, or pay a bit more for 48 pages.

    BTW the German Reisepass (Personal passport, type P) isn't actually red, but red with a violet tinge (purple?). There are red passports which are Official Passports (Dienstpass, type PO) for people working for the government. But the colours are quite similar.

  • The Swedish passport is a lot like the German one (because of EU) but we have different Swedish cities on the pages, with important things from each city

  • Yes you are a very basic american girl. Please use your passport and fly home.

  • You can smile in photo for passport, in Russian passports everyone looks like Stalin died few days ago.

  • Love my U.S mighty passport🇺🇸

  • Well, city names, are just considered Unique. If you are born in Jerusalem or Rio de Janeiro, you know where these cities are without further explanation. In US, many names double, because of the early migration into US, but here definitly, US is the exception. Germans easily wonder, why poeple say things like New York City, New York. THere is no second one to distinguish from.
    Actually, if we find double names, we rename the cities ! So there ist Frankfurt(Main) and Frankfurt (Oder), or Neustadt (Weinstrasse) and Neustadt (Sachsen). To add the river or the historic name of the area is much more common, than adding some adminstrative Names, like the 'state'.
    But the extensions are most often only used, if there is a risk of mixup.

  • think before you print 😉

  • Your boyfriend is from Magdeburg? Is he East German? Are you hanging around with a communist? CIA, NSA, Homeland Security! investigate! 😀

  • These are all languages of the European Union!

  • if the passport is full, you need a new one. thats what the german ambersy tells me.

  • I think the passport is the most patriotic document that we have in germany.

  • I love the US, every year im visiting the US.

  • I would not want a passport with lines from people who got some nice warcrimes and the destruction of the middle east on there list all startet 1953 . Oil fuck yeah

  • My boyfriend has an american passport and I am so jealous. It looks so artistic and pretty and I love looking at it. My german passport looks boring af.

  • so we germans are a little bit more free than the country of the free?

  • Wow. I did not know, that that's what an american passport looks like! It's a picture book! I am actually shocked. Does not look like an official document at all.

  • I think, many germans are afraid of to be patriotic, because they do not want to get called ‘Nazi’ for their Statements…

  • 10:00 Haha, my boyfriend also corrects me on "math vs calculating" 😅 He's a double engineer and I am a Bürokauffrau (office staff) and he's helping me with maths.
    Ja, es ist Mathe für mich und wenn ich nen Bruchstrich sehe, strengt es mich an, nicht zu weinen ☝️

  • The worst feature of the German passport is the "passport number", which is needed whenever one applies for a visa. It's not a number but a mixture of letters and digits. This is a major problem, because some digits can easily be mistaken for letters in many fonts. For instance, the zero and the letter O often look the same. The German passport font is very bad, because it does things opposite to all other fonts in existence: the letter O is represented by a skinny oval, while the digit 0 is represented by a fat oval.

    I wrote a letter to the German Department of State which is responsible for passports, pointing out that visa officers in foreign countries with non-European alphabets can hardly be expected to be familiar with these issues, leading to potential data entry mistakes and problems when visa applications are processed by computer.

    The response was very polite. They pointed out that they had considered the problem and had therefore decided that no passport number would ever contain the letter O, so every oval you see there must refer to the digit zero!

    Wow Sherlock, that's just great! If only every German citizen and every consular officer in the world knew about that little rule of yours! That rule you never publicized. My second letter was ignored.

  • I was wondering why the American national anthem or America the Beautiful is not played as soon as you open the passport …

    Kelly, one more thing! You like "Die Macht des Knack" (Bahlsen Pick Up)! Please try "Kinder Choco Fresh" and "Milchschnitte" absolutely out of the fridge…

    Cheers! 😉

  • 1:50 Deutschläänd

  • I adore all the bling the American passport has.

    Then I thought about the word patriotic and stopped for a moment.
    Still, I would fancy having pictures of events with importance to German history in it.

  • Your current city is in the passport because, in Germany, cities are really important when it comes to personal information. There isn't a federal or even state registry for inhabitants or citizens, but rather municipal ones. So if you want to get any information about any person, you have to ask the Einwohnermeldeamt of the city they live in.

    If you look on page 2 (the back of the one with height and stuff) you can see that the passport is actually issued by a city and not by the Department of State.

  • You can not add pages and extend your reisepass. If it is full, you need a new one.
    There are however two different sizes available when you get a new one, the normal one has like 32 pages, but you can choose to take the big one which has 48 pages.

    The reisepass is usually valid for 10 years (6 if you get one before 24), and since we can move within the EU without the reisepass (the normal ID / Ausweis is enough), there are very very few people who have a need for more than 32 or even 48 pages.

    Also, the reisepass costs between 40 and 110 EUR, depending on the age you get one, the amount of pages, and the speed in which it will be made for you. The default (24+ year old german, 32 pages, no express printing required) reisepass costs 60 EUR

    I got my first reisepass with 37. never needed it before…

  • Patriotic stuff is racist and bad! White people shouldnt be allowed to use passports, well if they are male.

  • Nice Video – other differces for example: higspeed on higways, weapons right, fastfood restaurants, education system, electoral system…..

  • The german "Reisepass" is one of the most valuable in the world. Allows you to travel into (date: 2018) 177 countries world wide – visa free*! When required, you can even get a *second Reisepass. For example when traveling into oriental, eastern countries, you possibly don't want to have traces on your last US- or Russia-visit. The Reisepass is not required when traveling within the EU and many other countries in europe.

  • The German passport isn't supposed to be patriotic at all, it's supposed to represent every country in the EU and this should be seen as a sign off tolerants and openness.

  • The eagle is a German see eagle I think

  • You cannot add pages to the German passport after they printed it. You can, however, request one with 15 more pages to begin with. (Which will also cost you more in fees.)

  • 5:20 please make fun of the german passport. i have the exact same one and it was worn out after 2 month. its almost falling apart since. my parents got some last year and theyre better quality now, and thinner.

  • many languages but not chinese 😂

  • I´ve got a new Reisepass this year. And I found it is some more patriotic inside. It seems to be hidden for whatever reason. May be our government does not want it to look too patriotic. All people owning the newest Reisepass version: Have a look to the first side of this plastic page. Hold it against a light and flip it a little. Then you can see engraved "EINIGKEIT UND RECHT UND FREIHEIT" on the top, the Eagle symbol below and in the middle the first line (notes and text) of our anthem. So it is now really, really patriotic.

  • The ponit is we dont use our passport that much because we can get everywhere in the eu with just the id card

  • lol My Reisepass doesn't have the biometric thingy, yet 😉

  • I guess, you don't find the patriotic quotes on a german passpart is that ever since WWII, being patriotic is generally a BAD THING in germany.

  • Honestly, as an American, I'd think travelling inside the EU is kinda like travelling from state to state in the US… not 100% right, but kinda similar, too. I do still wonder.. if the Brits ever manage Brexit, can we skip English on our ID cards, at least? The reason we have them is because those are the languages spoken in the EU …

  • The eagle on the german passport is the federal eagle, or in german; Bundesadler.

  • Ugly boyfriend …why i have not sutch a luck🤗

  • Ha ha, I like that you still have not taken your last baggage claim sticker off of the back of the passport! And yes the US passport is way overboard on the patriotism propaganda.

  • If you are patriotic in Germany and show your love for the country in public, many people call you a nazi…. so x´D

  • interessant. Der amerikanische Reisepass sieht schon ziemlich überbordernd aus :-). Hinweis: in germany in the EU you only need a id-card. and the id-card is obligate for every citicien, dito the driver license. if i understand it right in the US there is no id-card and the driver licence is used in this function, right? zudem: i always wonder how simple a person in anglo countries can change his name :-). the smerican Films always show that f.e. a criminal changed identity name etc. – often with a dubios zertificate of birth of a dead person… but and this drives me crazy :-): normal persons could change their names too – einfach so! Not only criminals – in our country this is totally illegal!

  • There is a new version of the German passport which looks totally different

  • Kelly I was just wondering: You are smiling broadly on your passport picture. In Germany we are forced to do a mugshot or else the computer wouldn't recognize us (or so they say). But since yours is also electronically readable I wonder how this works??

  • Blaugraugrüne augen

  • The languages in the German one are the official languages of the European Union: It's the same for every member states' passport. 🙂

  • Could you make 1 video where you speaking in german for your german fans pls??? Would be amazing sweeeeeet 😀

  • Kelly, I think it is so cool that you take every day things and show us the
    differences between what is in the USA as compared to Germany.
    Keep up the good work and the videos.

  • Well, my passport is pretty much identical to the German one – but mountain blue. In terms of strength, according to wikipedia, it is at 181 .. so a little less than Germany.

  • Did Ann Coulter dye her hair?

  • all EU passports are bourdaux red.

  • So many people in the comments are confusing patriotism with nationalism smh

  • ☀ 
    scandinavia is a sosial experiment to see how far into slavery people can be led while they still beLIEve they are free – 
    a place where most people suffer from the stockholm syndrome: defending the very corporations/institutions that exploit them in all kinds of open and subtle ways

  • Reisepassport!! So good girl! 😂👌💗

  • most desired passport in the world with literally no trouble and guaranteed access to most of the countries and territories on this planet. US passport? not that much….ever tried the Middle East on your blue book? exactly…

  • I hope i will live to see the usa exploding.

  • To your question: If the German Passport is full you need a new one. This is required to keep it safe. The normal passport has 32 pages but for people who travel a lot outside the EU there is a 48 pages version which of course is about 50 percent more expensive.

  • The pictures and ink colors throughout the US passport are a security layer which makes it more difficult to counterfeit. As of March 26, 2019, Americans can now travel to 184 nations without a visa.

  • Text call or whatapp +17202487549 to get your passport id cards and drivers license legit vendor highly recommend his services to you

  • First time I saw an American passport! It's really very colourful and playstufflike… Interesting! Germans are so dead serious about such things…

  • you actually forgot to tell why the US passport is blue and the German red

    German passport 188
    American passport 166

    That's it people!

  • I'm from Canada.I got my USA passport and DL from this legit vendor ;whatsapp +14123298388.

  • I'm from USA.I gat both German and US passports and have been to many countries.I got both passports with the assistance of this legit vendor.Whatsapp:+14123298388.I'm proud to be an American.

  • Is there a point to this video? Personally, I think that the comparison is rather useless. I think more so that this is just a video for you to show your face using youtube. I sense a Valley Girl mentality here…Might I make a suggestion? Get your hair done. I am sure that you can make a video about that too. How Boring…

  • Air headed slut

  • Let's pray the GOP of the Trump reign never gets to redesign it. It would have Jesus and Trump building a wall.

  • You ether choose a version with 32 pages or 48 pages. I'm not aware of the option to add pages. There's a diffrence in costs too. Do you have to pay your passport in the US?

  • US passport kicks all other passports' asses, combined, with one hand tied behind its back XD

  • I am an almost life long New Zealander of German origin. I've also been a visitor to the US on many occasions and a keen observer of life in general. The US passport is not only extremely patriotic, it is frighteningly nationalistic! I do find your videos very interesting, as much the same applies to me. Thank you for posting.

  • Its being a whole moment of strieving and struggling to get a US passport as an immigrant. Finally i got carded today with my first ever US passport thanks this legit immigration vendor +1(702)9079165. What a joyful day in my life !!!

  • Germans are the last people on earth that should be critical of the U.S. or any other country considering your vile history.

  • There is no such thing as a free lunch….

  • Here they all come to make subtle digs to Americans. Feel better? lol
    How have you missed her point & how can you be triggered over a passport? The US passport reflects US culture (which is not necessarily a good or bad thing). Either you want to learn or you don’t, I take it many of you…most of you don’t.

  • still us peoples (whites) are europeans

  • Why didn’t the UK 🇬🇧 passport don’t have endorsement in it?

  • Words in the street .. Kelly Boyfriend left after USA patriots stories .

  • People mock the US passport. So I thought I would correct some misconceptions.

    First you need to understand how the US works. The US constitution created duel Solvernty and citizenship.

    Each state is almost entirely solvern onto itself. Well the federal government is responsible for dealing with issues between states, dealing with issues of the common good, providing for the common defence, and dealing with other nations. Hence why you have federal and state laws, well you have county and city ordinances.

    An American is a citizen of both the United States and the state in which they live.

    Now in order to re-inforce the concepts of dual Solvernty and Citizenship, the passport borrows Iconography from various member states.

  • Deutscher pass ist mehr wert

  • There are slight shifts in which are the highest ranking in Visa free. Rank changes if you lump Visa at entry and visa required and order by visa free with a number of countries at 127 destinations out of 196.

  • How are you my friend this is Ali I am Business man in Dubai I need Germany but Germany very nice 💑

  • The German Passport is translated in all languages of the European Uninon, because Germany is a part of the EU.

  • Germans are not allowed to be patriotic.

  • No id cards in the uk unless you are driving or have been arrested no even the police can ask for id you dont even have to tell them your name

  • I can't believe how they butchered my old passport when I got the new one on thursday. An edge on the outside and they cut out a stripe of approx. 1/3 of the total width of the personal data page. At least the new one has the eagle appearing larger. The eagle is not the coat of arms, btw.

  • I have the German passport which is actually the strongest passport with more visa-free destination than any other country,i got mine with the assistance of this legit consultant;Whatsapp:4123298388

  • Q, Do the immigration agency requires tourist to get immunize any more depending what country going to.( Peace)😊

  • Raisepasspord

  • Lol mein Reisepass sieht ganz anders aus😂🤷‍♀️

  • P means personal. D is diplomatic

  • The German passport looks today a bit different

  • No comparison between Germany and USA actually. Germany is the real deal. Just my opinion

  • Im from iraq 😂😂 my passport in global ranked is 90

    The second bad passport in the world i want and i love the germany and germany passport🇩🇪

  • Burn passport not coal!

  • Would would happen if Canada builds a wall and the US would pay for it….


  • American History ?? Hmm arent they all europeans

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