George Pell: church abuse victims shocked as cardinal walks free

I just found incredibly sad the
survivors and any survivors who have spoken out because to me it was a bit
like they’ve just been shot. It’s huge news and it’ll impact on so many
people and it’s made even harder because of the you know isolation at the moment. It’s that same old roller coaster you feel angry and then you just feel really sad
because the emotions are just so fast really and there’s so much to think
about and to take on in all this. And again because we can’t physically
connect, it’s that little bit harder as well. I will spend the rest of the day
calling survivors that I know and just checking in on them and making sure
they’re okay but you know, that’s the least I can do you know. And like I said, normally they’re quite
a few of us who will probably meet at the pub or something like that. That’s out of the question at the moment
so it’s important that everybody checks in on people that might feel a bit
vulnerable at the moment.

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