GEORGE NEWS. The History of The Deep State Part 2. March 28, 2019 The Anonymous Charity

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One of this series, we suggest you do so first. The link is below. Let’s start: “The Bloodlines of The Elite
and The History of The Illuminati” Part Two. The following is an understandable, detailed,
and summarized timeline of events and people which have been proven scientifically, archaeologically,
genetically and historically. It is time you all wake up and see the world for what it
truly is. Please know this was not written in order to attack any personal beliefs, but
rather to let you know what is really going on. You have been lied to. We, The Anonymous
Charity are no writers, merely researchers. You must open your mind and free yourself
from the brainwashing control they have put you under,if you are to continue this.
You must realize that what you know is simply not true and these broadcasts and the evidence
brought forth here will challenge and discredit most, if not everything that you believe.
It will hurt your feelings. You will want to be defensive and not try
to listen to the content. It will make you angry. You will start to understand and your
eyes will begin to open. It will make you act. You will know the truth and you will
understand that freedom is only obtained when we speak the truth.
Your life is about to change. Welcome to The Collective HQ. It’s fair to say, that wikileaks, is merely
a honey pot for leakers now. It makes sense that Snowden and Assange, Barrett Brown and
others in the spotlight are there to draw other innocent parties in, only to murder
or jail them. It’s a perfect way to keep the “dissidents and heretics” weeded out. Control
the opposition. Show the false hope of success and people will follow. It’s what the UK’s
GCHQ and Jay Trig have been doing for years alongside the Brennan run CIA. Now, back to our timeline. During the time
399 BC, the Etruscan society, like the Roman and modern, accentuates the freedom and sexuality
of women and shows specific attention to the mother’s side of the family. Yes, that is
how infiltrated our minds are still today. The mentality of society is shaped by
the elite. They control all who are allowed into power, into the spotlight, into our minds.
We must be vigilant. In 343 Aristotle becomes the teacher of Alexander
who shortly thereafter became the ruler of Macedonia. In 323 Alexander dies aged 33.
We see many before him and after him murdered by the elite at age 33 in Jesus, John Belushi,
Chris Farley, Sam Cooke, Karen Carpenter, Carolyn Kennedy, Eva Braun, St. Catherine
of Siena, Marcel Cerdan, Sanjay Gandhi, Richard II of England, Wolfgang
Von Trips, Lev Schnirelmann, Theo van Gogh and the list goes on and on and on.
287 brings us the birth of Archimedes, the Greek mathematician. In 224 Colossus is destroyed
by earthquakes and ten years later the epic Great Wall of China is under construction.
This allowed the elite to do their favorite thing: keep a closed society to continue control
unwatched. In 221 the Qin Dynasty, (whose descendants are known today as the Li family)
after 9 years of successive wars, took over every region of China and moved to outlying
regions as well. They became the largest empire in history to that point. They were known
for their centralized society where every dissenter against the rule of the court was
killed, tortured, or sent for forced labor, and most literature was destroyed. The people
were enslaved (aka drafted) for wars and great construction projects. Weights and measures
were introduced by Emperor Qin. Under the dynasty, 460 scholars were buried alive, weapons
were banned, the wealthy were moved to the capital to be easily controlled and protected.
They kept a military officer and a civilian in “command” of each of the 34 areas.
The people eventually rebelled and then we see
the Han emerge. Not to be confused with the Huns. It’s quite easy to spot the bloodline
through countries and cultures. The bloodline’s consistency would be admirable were it not
for the serious atrocities in what they are consistent in.
The Han Dynasty was based on Confucius’ peaceful teachings and China thrived. The population
of China in the census 2 AD showed 57 million. Sadly, by 220 AD the emperor had become a
puppet and the country had again returned to internal battles that irrevocably tore
it apart. By 211 BC an alliance with the Greek Aetolian
league was formed, protecting them against the marauding King Phillip of Macedon. In
146 it was destroyed and its members dissolved. Around 192 BC we see more Syrian wars as the
Romans pass a declaration of war against King Antiochus III. Antiochus, using the tactics
used by king Xerxes in his war against the Spartans, did manage to escape however his
entire military was destroyed. In 149 BC a Roman writer and senator, Cato the Censor
(aka Cato the Wise, Cato the Ancient and born Marcus Porcius Cato) publishes his work, The
Origines. It is a history of Rome up until that point in time. The province of Illyria
(where the Naphtali tribe settled after Troy) is annexed into the Roman Empire around 129
BC, this area is later called Pannonia and is a central point of the Elite through history.
The region includes Germany, parts of Russia, Ukraine and Poland. In 109 BC the Roman Legions
were sent to face the Salic invaders, (aka Thracians, Illyrians,
Pannonians, Naphtali, etc.) The consul D Junius Silanus lead the Legion. The Salics attacked
and smashed through his lines, killing almost all of his army, estimated at about eight
legions. Around this time there is an obvious change in the Roman society and government.
The previous army is reformed to create the remaining Legionaries. A weaker empire, whose
land which was taken when they were the strongest power was now too
big to handle. Most of the Rhine and Frank areas were sparsely protected by the Legion
and the focus was mainly the area of modern Italy(Rome). The lands surrounding what we
know as Italy today were constantly attacked by the Salics (aka Illyrians,
Thracean, Germanic tribes) as well as having many internal battles. There is perpetual
restlessness in the nation’s controlled by the elite. Like waves, they crash over everywhere
they look, swirling around Europe and the middle east throughout history. On July 13,
100 BC one of the most popular Romans is born of the bloodline, Gaius Julius Caesar. He
is murdered during the Ides of March in 44 BC. The Ides were created by the Pope and
ran through the 13th to the 15th of the month. At that time the Pope
was the ruling head of the families. Then in 88 BC the Roman general Q Caecilius Metellus
Pius meets and defeats the army of the Italian. Q Pompaedius Silo, who was killed shortly
after the battle. Then Aquillius decides he wants more gold and invades, with his Asian
militia and the army of King Nicomedes of Bithynia.
The army is defeated and Aquillius, captured. To cure his greed, King Mithridates executed
him by pouring molten gold down his throat. King Mithridates invades Greece and issues
an edict that all Romans and Italians are to be killed (ones with infected blood). The
number of dead reaches about 110,000 people. We have heard of many of these
“cleanses” through history. The ones going on today are kept out of the media, nonetheless,
the crusade of old, never ceased. The tribune P Sulpicius Rufus, is murdered in the city
of Lavinium, in Latium, after he was made a public enemy for trying to
pass a law that would eliminate the citizen’s debt by destroying the Federal Reserve of
the time. He was apprehended and executed. Just like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy,
Muammar Gaddafi, and so many others. His head was placed upon a spear and placed in the
Forum Romanum. In 73 BC there is a slave revolt under Spartacus, who raises a revolution with
his fellow gladiators and breaks out of the prison-camp they are caged
in. Other slaves from the surrounding countryside quickly flock to join his army. Julius Caesar
is elected as a military tribune and is posted under the staff of Marcus Licinius Crassus.
Caesar and Crassus chase the slaves and battle them until they are defeated in 71.
The 6,000 surviving slaves are crucified on each side of the road to Rome down the length
of the Via Appia. Shock therapy to keep citizens and slaves in line and in control. Fear. Governments
take care of this now with TV shows and movies. Fear rituals. During this time pirates and
Thracian riders attacked the Roman Empire constantly. Many lands that had been conquered
and lost by the Romans centuries before were being annexed (absorbed into the Empire, an
ancient United Nations, Tower of Babel) in an attempt to help “ease conflicts” and
create the One World Order of that age. In 64 BC after a revolt in Syria the province
was annexed as well. Things never change. In 59, Caesar was given the governorship of
Cisalpine Gaul and Illyricum for five years. The history of this period will clearly show
you that centuries of battles were fought against the Gallic also known as Germanic
(Illyrian, Pannonian, Naphtali) tribes. However, the debt of Rome on his shoulders,
Caesar decides to attempt to battle his way through the tribes to a region in the Germanic
area that was then called Dracia, over the Rhine on the other side of the Danube. This
was the area where the elite tribe of all the Gallic tribes lived and they were the
ones who had never been defeated in history. Hearing of this, the Illyrian chief, Ariovistus,
was asked to help the Gallic tribes fight Rome. He agrees happily and invades Rome with
his equestrian warriors. Many bloody battles ensue until 54 BC.
Caesar would send Legions into battle and once they were obviously defeated he would
frantically run around the empire gathering more. It was a long back and forth of blows
dealt to and from Rome. Over 100,000 men from the Germanic tribes were killed. In the end,
the senators had the same opinion as when they went into the war: That Caesar’s imperialistic
agenda created a needless, costly exercise in personal aggrandizement. This is blindingly
evident. We see the same with the previous present day Roman Cesar named Hussein Obama.
Barry Soetoro must have been given the same script. By 42 BC the tribes had to crawl back
into the woods as their numbers were too small to go on.
Marc Antony, born January 14, 83 BC died August 1, 30 BC. He was a great supporter of Julius
Caesar and tried to head him off before he got to the senate chamber, where he was to
be assassinated, to warn him of the plot. He competed with Octavian for control of Rome
and we all know of the love affair with Cleopatra. He went to battle, was defeated
by Octavian and committed suicide by falling on his sword under the false impression that
Cleopatra had already done so. Besides the death of Caesar in 44, King Burebistas, who
ruled the Germanic region Dacia, also died. In 42 BC Julius Caesar, the dictator, was
officially declared a god by the senate, led by his nephew Caesar Octavianus, (aka Augustus)
who is proclaimed as divui filius (son of a god). In the past 5 years two more wars
in Syria had occurred and one is just starting in 39. In 40 BC Herod is appointed as king
of Judea by the Senate. A puppet king for Rome. During his rule, Herod, hearing news
of a boy who would be king of the Jews, ordered all male children born during that time to
be murdered. In 30 BC Crassus Junior takes an army and
campaigns in the Balkan regions. He drove the then called Bastarnae back across the
Danube river, and reduced the Germanic tribes who were under the tribe names of Thracian,
Pannonian, Illyrian, Moesian, Dacian, Khazarian. The lands each family occupied
were named accordingly. The land was incorporated into Macedonia. This line of provinces set
the border of the empire in this region as the Danube River.
In 18 BC Germanic leader Ariminus was born. The next year Ludi Seculares was created.
These games were quickly known for their use of Christians as sacrifices in the theater
either by lions, tigers, or bears, or being made to kill each other (mimicking the gladiators)
or burning at the stake. You will notice how once again Hollywood which is the
elite mind control machine for the world, have once again made fun of the slaughter
of those who stand against them by using the chant: “lions and tigers and bears” in
their movie Wizard of Oz. Mocking those they murdered in their purge. Although the games
had been going on for centuries with gladiators and chariot races, plays, music and
competitions. Once the gladiator revolt happened and all the gladiators were killed, they had
mostly lost luster until Augustus brought the new twist. Why use trained men and money
when you can round up the unwanted, the “anarchists”, the “dissident” and kill two birds with
one stone? In addition to this, daytime sacrifices were put in place at the temples on the Capitoline
and Palatine hills. At night they had ceremonies and sacrifices to gods Ilythiae (goddess of
childbirth), Terra (mother earth) and Moerae (fate) (aka trinity). These rituals continue
today. In about 16 BC a Pannonian War against several
tribes in the area were successfully completed by Tiberius.
In 1 BC Yeshu (Jesus) the Nazarene was born in Bethlehem of Judaea during a lunar eclipse.
Syria’s governor Cyrenius was in rule. Previous historical documents placed Cyrenius in power
earlier in 4 BC and it was known he was in power at the birth of Jesus. New archaeological
finds prove Cyrenius was in power not once, but twice, placing the birth of Jesus in 1
BC correct also due to the fact that Herod, who was king at the time, died during Jesus’
first year, on the passover, and during a lunar eclipse. The eclipse was December 29,
1 BC. The change of a millennium, an eclipse, the death of a king, the birth of another
elite, it’s a very busy year. In 70 AD Jerusalem was destroyed by Titus and many documents
have been lost. We have had to research archeology, astronomy, and ancient texts to fit the puzzle
back together. Oh, yes, we said elite. He brought a new bloodline
into the mix, carrying a new blood type. This brings us to the new millennium and chapter! Pan: We must go back now, just a bit, to around
129 BC. Can you handle it? Here we go! Around 129 BC an elite few from the population of
the Romans who were the pure blood, the ones who still had the most condensed elite pure
blood (Rh-) and they separated from the diluted populace. Most forgot about them, as they
were few in number when they left and lived in an area completely cut off from the rest
of the world, a bit like they are today on big, rural estates surrounded by walls and
fences. They had traveled deep into the woods across the Rhine and inhabited Illyria.
We have already seen a great deal of the wars that went on from this group. This area’s
name was changed from Illyricum to Pannonia around 20 BC and Khazaria after this, Juthungi,
and later many others. It was named after Pan, their main god (aka Satan, Archon, god
of Saturn, the Star, El, Apollo etc.). They have been called Avars, Illyrians,
Khazars, Draconi (the clan name people interpret as meaning a reptilian tribe, since we define
Draco as meaning Dragon). Dacia, which was changed to Dracia then Draconi was the name
chosen from the Constellation Draco which could be seen directly above their land at
that time, now it is seen more, over Russia and Scandinavia. The list of names goes on
and on, as always. Draconi in Star Wars was a weapons corporation, specializing in fixed
emplacement weapons, in case you wanted to know.
We will take a moment to tell about the Constellation Draco. The Constellation Draco, of Ursa Major,
is one that never sets as it is one around the Earth’s supposed magnetic pole. Thuban
(meaning dragon) is the alpha star (but not the brightest) in the constellation and was
the Egyptian north star in the time we are discussing. The brightest star, which we see
clearly in the northern night sky is called Eltanin meaning dragon’s head. In Chinese
the constellation is called Z Wei Yòu Yuán, meaning the ‘First Star of Right Wall of Purple
Forbidden Enclosure’. The study of astrology in the Asian culture started in Babylon. They
separated the northern constellations into three “enclosures”. The three enclosures
are the Purple Forbidden Enclosure, the Supreme Palace Enclosure, and the Heavenly Market
Enclosure. The Purple Forbidden Enclosure, the section
of sky named after the Peking Dynasty’s Imperial City (Forbidden city) aka Zijincheng as it
was the northern most section and only able to be seen in a certain part of China. The
lead star being the Emperor Star. The people of the time thought the north (Emperor)
star was stationary and everything moved around it, hence the name of the star and the area.
The Emperor lived in the Forbidden city and purple is the color used to depict royalty.
Names of some stars are: Crown prince, Emperor, Great Emperor of Heaven. Draco includes several
galaxy clusters and interacting galaxies. Close to the constellation Hercules, Draco
(as the story goes) was a dragon, killed by the goddess Minerva and tossed into the sky,
defeated. The dragon was one of the Gigantes (the name given to the giants at that time,
making it safe to assume this was someone’s name, not an actual dragon), who battled the
Olympic gods for ten years. When Minerva threw dragon, it became twisted on itself and froze
at the cold North before it could right itself. Draco is told as being the demon son of Gaia
(Terra) aka Mother Earth. The Great Dragon who was thrown to earth, Lucifer. In other
tales Draco had one hundred heads, a Medusa, who guarded the golden apple tree, and was
put in the sky as a constellation for protecting the apples with valor. This story is also
told in Hercules as one of his Labours. There was a hundred-eyed dragon who guarded the
golden apples of Hesperides. He killed the dragon (Ladon) with a poisoned arrow and took
the apples. In yet another tale Draco was killed by Cadmus before founding Thebes, Greece.
Another states the dragon guarded a golden Fleece and was killed by Jason. The slaying
of the dragon is depicted in hieroglyphs as a person with a spear, stabbing
the serpent in the head with the dragon creating the omega symbol. The omega symbol, means
the end. Both omega and Draco are used as symbols for DNA. Draco is also called Azhdeha,
Shi-shu-mara, Marduk, and Anunnaki. Anyway, there is a bit about the stars they worship,
there are numerous similarities in every religion, culture and historical account. The more disinformation
the elite create, the further you stay from the truth. Now back to the bloodline.
Not all of the people had the pure gene and within Pannonia, a huge area, there was an
elite group that was separated from the rest. In the Elite’s area a few archaeological finds
have been satanic altars, temples and a cave, was between the Danube and Tisza Rivers, on
a hill now known as Mt. Hermon. This smaller group is who we have been keeping
up with and will continue studying here. Their mountain has been named many things through
time: Sinai, Cetius, Jabal al-Shaykh, Babylon, Saphon, Qasr Antar, “Mountain of the Oath”,
and more, naturally, Pan. The name of their god, at this time. Pan is known as a protector
of shepherds creator of music, deceiver and sexual deviant. The goat-man who plays his
pan-flute, hypnotizing children, women, men and animals to orgies and other acts. The
piper. The companion of Sinter Claus who has been remade into a cheerful elf. The black
half goat man was sent out by the Sinter Claus to lure children out of their safe homes at
night by giving them candies. Then he would tie them up in a bag and carry them back into
the woods to be devoured by the Sinter Claus. The elite have wrapped this tale up in a nice
red bow for you to, once again, unknowingly celebrate child kidnapping, murder and cannibalism.
Tis the season indeed. But we digress, the lands name is based on
Astrology which they have always studied intensely. Ursus Minor system, circled a bit by Draco,
is the little bear aka Arcas, for whom their king, Arcas the First, was named after.
Many things are done based on astrology with this group, you can see it today. Keep in
mind they do not use our calendar or our language. They use the original calendar which they
call the Gregorian Calendar and they use Akkadian code and one other, we will discuss in Part
Three. Everything you have ever been told is a lie, even the days of the month. Cygnus’
three wing stars match up perfectly to the tops of the three Giza pyramids. This is the
same with every major landmark: Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Pyramids in America and
Mexico, etc. They all have corresponding constellations. We must stop taking sayings so lightly like:
As above, so below. Words, sayings, names, mean more. We must be smarter, look deeper.
Stop being what they think you are: unintelligent and controllable. There is always more. That
is why this video series will never be truly completed, it will go on and expand forever,
through you. If ancient sites are all at specific locations and have specific meanings as forms
of communication, then is the message received back found in astronomy (not to be confused
in any way with astrology: the worship of stars and sorcery) and the constellations
and moon cycles? This would be a good reason to make the study of it taboo to keep the
masses from learning the language. Back to the mountain. Mount Hermon, has three
peaks like the Pyramids of Giza. It is surrounded by shrines to Baal, the highest peak holds
the chief Baal sanctuary, called “mountain of the Oath”, “the eyes of the state”, Quibla,
Tel el-Qadi (translated: mound of the judge) or Qasr Antar. Tel el-Qadi has
also been nicknamed Tel Dan as the artifacts found here in 1849 were of the same style
of those found from the Tribe of Dan: Asher, Dan and Naphtali families. On the Mountain
lies an area containing multiple shrines to Baal. Each Baal shrine below faces the sanctuary.
At 2,814 feet above sea level, a limestone oval plateau was placed with the inscription
of an oath. On the oval is a roofless, rectangular temple, complete with statues of Saturn and
his eagle (another symbol used by the elite as it is a warrior who can hunt and kill vipers),
which has strong “Roman” influence. The surrounding lands also have a multitude of ancient altars,
shrines and temples which all include the bones of animals and humans placed in circular
trenches dug around the altar. We have seen such circular trenches in archaeological finds
all over the world including Stonehenge. Although a burial ground, you will find things lose
much of their mystery when you relate them to the time they were made in and the size
of those living at that time. Many of the bloodline were around 14 feet, some were 36
feet tall. I think giant or Nephilim is be the appropriate term.
Mount Hermon is owned by the UN today and upon it sits the Bilderberg hotel. The land
sits between three countries: Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Notice the trinity and what countries
they are. Also interestingly there is a nuclear reactor there, at Dimona. Archaeological finds
in the area have always been shut down instantly, all artefacts taken
and locked up, and the land is “protected by law” as of 1953. All digs of the area have
been shut down upon immediate discovery of anything and legally protected. Wonder what
they don’t want you to find? What other inhabitants of earth would we find if we were allowed
to really look? Towers, obelisks, pyramids, the altar, the
Three Keys of Solomon, the temple and the shrine are believed to be gateways or portals,
if you will, to another dimension-just like the Bi-frost or CERN! Like most of their mountains,
Mount Hermon has an extensive cave system underneath it that is filled with
crystals that do not form normally in that area. It has also been reported multiple times
that Israel is digging tunnels in Mount Hermon to dump nuclear waste from Israel’s nuclear
reactor in Dimona. They do keep denying it though. We guess they must be telling the
truth. The next archaeological find we see here is a small piece of stone tablet that
was broken off of the full tablet. When translated, it mentions a battle
where the writer’s father dies and his spirit goes to their ancestors. Also it talks of
a king of Israel and Hadad made the writer king since it was his father’s kingdom. It
mentions returning to his kingdom, and killing seventy kings who commanded thousands
of chariots and thousands of horsemen. It states he kills Jehoram son of Ahab who was
the king of Israel, and Jehoram’s son Ahaziahu who was king from the genealogy of David.
The carving has a few words left on it which include some kind of siege. During this time
the Pannonian king Boz, his sons and seventy of his nobles were crucified by the only other
comparable force known to that age as the Romans. It seems the tablet discusses this.
Also during the time of this tablet, there is a man, Barack, from the tribe of elite
Naphtali in Pannonia then called Kadesh-Naphtali (named for the bloodline of Kedar and Naphtali),
who (like many from this tribe) followed the rule of a judge (aka Queen), Deborah, into
battle to recapture the mountain as it seems they lost power over it for some time.
He would go into battle only if she was by his side and with a small army, they slaughtered
all of those who populated the area known today as Syrians. In a world where there are
no coincidences, it is interesting to see the ‘American’ Hussein Obama did the same
thing. Nimrod’s Castle is located on Mount Hermon
as well and is called Qal’at al-Subeiba which means Castle of the Large Cliff. When Nimrod
was king, 1000 years before the Kedar and Naphtali tribes appeared, he ruled over Babylon,
Babel, Erech, Akkad and Calneh in the land of Shinar. He built a tower called
the tower of Babel. He built this tower on the highest peak of the highest mountain in
his land as a “stairway to heaven”. It repeats like this through all of history.
It’s quite hard to forget after a while. In historical texts, around and before 1st
century BC, the Naphtali Pannonians, now called Antes, were described by a king as: “Though
off-shoots from one stock, now have three names (trinity):
Venethi, Antes and Sclaveni. They now rage in war, far and wide,
in consequence of our neglect.” “Our own sins enables them to continue their raids at will.
The penalty for our sins being that they have become well known (feared).” The Pannonian’s society’s layout is widely
unknown due to the fact that all who went into their lands, in years back, surrounded
by woods, never returned. Only stories and whisperings have been passed down in stories,
poems, songs, plays and journals. No archaeological or historical study has ever looked or been
allowed to look far enough in either direction to link the facts together until now. Censorship
is rampant. Freedom only exists when we speak the truth. All research is focused on one
area, one century, or one subject and if you step out of line, you’re shut down. When you
can’t see the forest for the trees does that mean the forest doesn’t exist? Should we stop
spreading the truth because a bully has been allowed to keep us ignorant
for so long? You have a decision to make. Will you spread the truth? Will you stand
up for what’s right? Or will you go along with the system that has brainwashed and controlled
every aspect of your existence, chanting with the crowd as we freedom fighters are slaughtered?
You’ve seen the displays of your own revolutions: holding posters, chanting for freedom, marching
or standing in place, recording videos and taking pictures of the corrupt shooting, beating
and arresting your own in front of you. What good are your words? What good will words
do what it’s you they take away? You have to shut up and act. The Pannonian forest exist.
Let’s look further. Who are the extremely nomadic, equestrian,
cannibalistic, Falx-wielding giants? We forgot to mention earlier. Their weapon
of choice has always been the Falx, since Naphtalis time. It is a type of short sword,
used by the Druids, Pannonian’s, Huns, and we see it used by ISIS today. The mercenaries
owned by the Elite of this area fight with the Falx. Everyone else has primarily used
spears, long swords, shields, dagger, etc. All through history, passages are found that
describe horrifying “beasts” in the woods. Vampires, Yetis, Werewolves, Cannibals, Ogres,
Cyclops, Giants. What are these creatures? What about the Flathead lake Monster, the
Jersey Devil, Kipsy, the Howler, the Chipacabra, Santa Clause (Sinter Klaas originally)? What
if the stories are true, to a point? Everything we are told is censored, terms
redefined. Take a moment, take a step back and a deep
breath. Now. Imagine. What if you didn’t know how to describe something you saw? Something
so shocking. Something you knew no one else would believe unless they saw it. If you saw
a person or more terrifying, a group of people, who were abnormally tall, hairy, possibly
deformed in some way besides being stunningly large, strong, killed and ate people; that
spoke a language you didn’t understand and never heard before. What words would you use
to describe them to others when all you can think is panic and ‘Don’t go into the woods’?
Even if the terms used for them are inaccurate and sound outlandish, does that make the beings
nonexistent? What if it was mistranslated? That happens often enough. We know the American
troops fought red haired giants in Afghanistan. So, There are giants. Accept it. Remember,
the definition of words changes according to the elite’s will. They write what we learn.
We must stop thinking so narrowly. We do not know everything, if we know anything at all.
And in truth, we can only truly know that we know nothing. There are thousands of places
on earth no one is allowed to enter. Why? There are libraries, museum archives, and
all sorts of information we are not allowed access to. Why? What don’t they want you to
know? Why is it that anyone who asks questions about these things and the topics discussed
on any one of the pages in this (future) e-book ends up disappearing or “committing suicide”,
typically by shooting oneself multiple times before running out
of the house, then driving into a ditch somewhere? However, they don’t try to hide their outlandish
stories anymore. They know you really don’t care. They have taken that from you. But you
must care. Atlantis, Tartarus, Hercules. Hitler preached the
stories of Aryans as we see in his movies still today. The god-like white race of Herculean
men and goddesses, pure and perfect. Many leaders in the past and present day have used
“stories” or “fairytales” as examples of a goal “we must now reach”. We simply tease
them for believing in “dreams” or call them racist if they say it outright. The plain
fact is that original documents written in “ancient” times, about 1500 years ago and
more, are based on real events, whether passed through song or simply written out descriptions
of the exact events themselves. They are the true remaining history books, so long as you
translate them yourself from the original writing. The Elite rely on misdirection. This
effectively prevents you, your neighbor, your cousins, from understanding who they are.
If you don’t know your enemy, you can’t defeat it. Their crimes are not hidden, but free
for all to see, easily available, they put it in your face. Everything they tell you,
everything you ever learned is a lie. They only deceive. Create illusion. But we The
Anonymous Charity will try to clarify and rectify your education.
Alakazar once warned: “The audience will always look where the magician looks. The
magician must never look at what he wants to conceal. The audience will treat as important
what the magician treats as important, and as unimportant what the magician treats as
unimportant.” We have already proven these types of beings
do exist, regardless of terminology: Septuagint, Theodotion, Latin Vulgate, Samaritan Targum,
Targum Onkelos and Targum Neofiti. (Words used in ancient texts interpret to mean “giants”,
titans, violent ones, pirates, and fallen ones.) The Watusi tribe
in Africa are at their medium height is 7 feet. They are usually taller. We see proof
of giants easily in archeology as well as depicted extensively through all texts, religious,
historical and scientific. This should be the topic that needs the least explanation
in order to be accepted. Mummified giant remains have been found all
around the world from Italy to Jerusalem to the Midwest in the USA. Some have horns protruding
from their skulls, some are females covered in fur. Sounds like a so called ‘werewolf’
don’t you think? Most of the giants that have been uncovered are red-haired and mummified.
The information is endless on these people, undeniably proving they did exist. The terms
you feel comfortable using to describe them is up to you, but matter little. You may be
trying to argue why they are not seen much today, if at all. This is easy: for those
who do still reach the size they used to, they are easily spotted and we can find them
living through history as well. In the year 3000 BC there was a recorded
world wide event that damaged the ozone layer, significantly reducing it to 1/7th it’s size.
Because of this nothing lives as long or can grow as tall. Making the atmosphere thicker
would probably be on their list of things to do. Giant-ism has been
proven to accelerate under the proper atmospheric climate, just like plants grow bigger and
better under certain conditions. We can see this as well in animal life: Chameleons are
a fraction of the size they were before, just like dragonflies, Komodo dragons and many
others. Can someone say Dinosaurs? Not only this, but the amount of iron concentrations
in stalagmites found by marine geologists, depicts a fast, sudden, event at this time
that concentrated the iron and created climate changes that we fear today. These results
are only able to be found due to a massive and sudden event which causes water to
press down on and move things, solidifying them in an oxygen-void state. We see proof
in fossils and archaeological discoveries, not to mention one such event is depicted
in every religion and every written work found from those times. A flood. Now you may think
well fossils prove they were here long before. How? Fossils can only be produced over a short
amount of time, with a certain amount of pressure and lack of oxygen. We do not turn into fossils
simply because we die and are buried. To be mummified and to be fossilized takes a process.
The fossil process involves a sudden, heavy weight and a significant amount of water for
pressure and wear. Mummies take a long, dedicated time to create. Everything has to be perfect
for it to work. As for other creatures and mysteries one need
only look about to find unexplained things happening constantly, especially in certain
areas. Loch-Ness anyone? Bridgewater Triangle, for instance, is a 200 mile area in Massachusetts
USA where orbs, UFOs, Bigfoots, and Thunderbirds are a regular occurrence besides cattle mutations.
This is true of many places around the world. Bennington triangle is also a “mystery”. We
will not spend more time on this as that would require another letter or two. At any rate,
until we all search and ask questions, we will never fully know. This concludes Part
Two of this series. We will delve into Part 3 on April 3, 2019. This has been a message
from The Anonymous Charity known as The Collective. Today’s broadcast date it March 28, 2019.
End of Transmission.

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