George Carlin vs Richard Pryor. Epic Rap Battles of History

your steady taking place for any battles with you I’ll be winning them yourselves like to drink cinema from Peoria Illinois one mic one hand on my going cuz ain’t no fighter in this own damn game even the shit that I Spit off the top during the tummy you tell a joke and people go hmm that’s funny my mama was the prostituting grandma ran the brothel season ship at night as novel as your hair got the five all of the original brother and they give the scene some color the most iconic stand-up comics then down the clouds and you know it’s over straight I eat MC for breakfast like their major chocolate [Music] what’s wrong with balloon there’s one body’s worth something even before [Music] don’t you were just like your sweater monstrous and that I slept with only wish that we’re on time Chennai sex jokes a failure on the sex offender registry oh who you wearing eyes that say Penitentiary I’m not with the roofies let me move on to room fit my jokes always had but you started out both let just kept talking and wouldn’t shut up honestly I’m glad you died fourteen specials was enough and Richard can we talk can I call you dick like your fifth wife did when you remarried you’re sick it’s still the best cheap awesome can agree Oh Colin my Collins book and I say about your sin I don’t think you had a good shit since 1962 Marquis backwards in child you must do but that knows it’s brand-new now makes a good shampoo lets you run it down the street leg up late plenty of dumps and believe me we’ve all hit plenty of um but now I got the flubber flu I don’t get the club jumpin you got secondhand rap sound of Good Will Hunting I more hair on my arm little Monty I don’t like it so much friends you’ll never have a friend like me next folks that’s my time gotta set myself Oh [Music]

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