Generations Throughout History

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  • baby boomers : so we destroyed the economy , and the environ ment and the school system

    gen x : we made lazy men a thing

    millenials : we don 't care we just wanna live free

    gen z : we are so screwed

  • Is no one going to talk about how well Andrew acted in the Greatest Generation?

  • I was born in 1998

  • Gen Alpha didn’t grow up with revenge or the beginning of Minecraft and memes also most of them are like 6 so I don’t like them.

  • Hey @BuzzFeedVideo! Where did you get your facts from, especially those concering the Silent Generation? Thx for the help, would be very useful!

  • What is this?
    A Buzz Feed video that is actually good?!

  • Oh, I thought Generation Z was 2005- present.

  • Generation Z seems… short. Like, why does Alpha exist already? Like, what makes 2011 the cutoff point? What's the justification in making those separate?

  • This is a new meaning of aesthetic

  • I hate how gen z is characterized because they see us as the people who spend all our time on our phones and social media and that just not true for everyone and though some people are what do you expect we’re growing up while the world is falling apart sometimes we need a distraction

  • Anyone cried when it said 9/11 😶😕

  • This is soo great

  • Still one of the best videos by this channel.

  • Im proud gen z

  • I know this video came out a long time ago, but I come back every year or so to watch it again. This is by far the best, in my opinion, video buzzfeed has ever created. I was born mid-2006 so, yes, I am a part of Gen Z but I am very optimistic as to seeing that people are changing their minds’ about climate change, how we view other races than ourselves and equal rights. I’m not saying my generation is horrendous, but most of the people in it have a very childlike mindset, especially when it comes to working. A lot of them strive to be things that are, in reality, very unrealistic such as: famous actor/singer, professional athlete, or medical professionals. These to me are just ignorant career paths. By all means, I don’t think that any of these jobs/professions should be overlooked, it’s just that I think that if you asked a child/teen (8-14) what career they would like to pursue, these are the most common answers. I believe that our generation can work with the generations, before and after our own, to practically change the world for the better.

  • Wow, these comments are millennials being assholes to gen Z. The most Boomer thing they've done.

  • its kinda weird how baby boomers were in a time of very liberal and progressive views but now most of them are very conservative and close minded

  • bruh wtf is that gen alpha make up

  • XYZ? Frickin' pokemon right here

  • Gen Z is clearing up the mess we didn't make and then getting criticised for having opinions and trying to make the world a better place

  • The Obama election is not a historical event on the same level as the others you've mentioned.
    Edit: Neither is the Trump election.

  • People calling Gen Z useless although were gonna use our technology that we grew up with to save the world.

  • Gen Z be like: Welp Lmao I wanna Kill myself lmao

  • It’s nice that eugene made it

  • Huh, so I'm a millennial, always thought I was Gen Z

  • Looks like I’m gonna become an entrepreneur

  • 8:07 👀are you sure👀 my generation is pretty gay, including me<3 (gen z)

  • 6:57 i never knew i was in such a small minority lol (mixed race)

  • I've noticed this in a lot of people my age, like friends and classmates, and I'm just curious if anyone else in Gen Z can relate; it seems like a lot of us have to deal with a lot of our parents crap, little siblings, ECT. and we're not really little kids anymore, but if we question something or try and get involved then actual adults get all defensive because we're just kids. It's like they won't let us be kids, but they won't let us try to be adults either.

  • Me, a gen z: time to clean up a mess I didn’t make

  • Generation Alpha: is born
    global warming, pollution, and anti-vax: I'm about to end this whole mans career

  • Wait i was alive around Obama election, 9/11 ect. I was born in 2000. I was 1 when 9/11 happened. 9-11-01

  • did this give anyone goosebumps, or just me??

  • Greatest: Tea
    Silent: Cigarettes
    Boomers: Weed
    X’ers: Beer
    Millenials: Champagne

  • I’m scared for Generation Beta .-.

  • Who else gen z

  • Even though we're the youngest generation so far, we are the ones to clean up the older's mess… Kinda sad.

  • It says that Gen Z is going to take social issues for granted, but that couldn't be farther from the truth.

    Sure not all of us grew up without privileges that we all have now but we are scarily and unceasingly aware how precious those are. Which is why we are so emotionally entangled in fighting for them. This video is absolutely brilliant because it shows the exact reasons for which we both need to honor and criticize the generations that came before us.

    So where are my fellow Gen Zers???

  • Today I wrote a schematic for a short film about Gen Z. I was feeling rather unconfident but this video came in my suggested, and I think it is a sign. I might not have the resources quite yet, but I have the inspiration to go through with it somehow! So this video is a beautiful and necessary experience.

  • I’m glad my generation is represented by curly. You go bro

  • I'm very proud to have been born in the 80s and grown up in the 90s. Not to brag, but I think we're a pretty interesting generation.

  • Guys who are born in 2008 cmt

  • Millennial born in ‘96 here. My mum was a gen x and my grandparents were from the silent gen. I am the eldest in my fam my little bro is a gen z (2000) and my little sis is gem alpha

  • The lost generation 1880-1900?

  • I kind of hate being a part of Gen Z, I feel like we're born in the middle of a crisis and handed a world on fire and told to extinguish the flames. People may disagree, but that's just how it seems rn…

  • BuzzFeed you f*** fake news bs and ranges are wrong

  • my grandpa is part of the G.I. generation, he was born in 1927 (92 years old) and im a part of the Z generation, born 2004. hes so cute and wears these old timey outfits and has all these stories and i love him so so very much, but sometimes i get scared because he has type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, and not a lot of time left. right now though, im just glad hes still alive and okay….. a lot of my family is born in most of the older generations as well. actually the youngest (except me) of my whole family was born 1984 and is 35 right now so im the only person who's a gen Z.

    anyway dont mind me im just sharing

  • also i just want to say, everyone always says we Z gens dont remember a time without social media or smartphones or the internet, but i vividly remember (dont know what age) when both of my parents only owned (very very old) BlackBerry phones that had the same exact ringtone that couldnt even hold contacts or do anything but call. maybe it's just that our family didnt want to buy newer models but we only had 1 TV, 2 BlackBerry phones, and a house phone, and I wasnt allowed to use any of them. so YEAH i, as a Z gen, do remember a time without the internet, social media and (actually smart) smartphones.

  • I saw the thumbnail and thought it was Pokémon

  • (as generation Z and about all the depression and anxiety we have:)
    I need to say that we're like that mostly bcs of previous generations. (i like them or at least respect them) but most of them are blaming us that we're useless, pathetic and etc. And that we can't live without phones internet and technologies (that we're addicted to them) Yes! We can't, and we know that we're (mostly of us) addicted and we can fix our addiction, but it will be the same, we will still use them that much, but more effectively..
    But there are still some ppl from other generations that understand that thing about us and i' m really thankfull. (Or if those who can at least respect it)

    We're not useless we'll show the world, what we can! 💖

  • I was born at the end of 1997, so half of sources put me as a millennial and the other half as gen z; so I honestly don’t know what I am. I do know however that I was to young to remember 9/11 since I was just 3 when it happened 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • “Gen Z will be complacent bc everything is chill in their time uwu”

    Literally Gen Z Kids in Highschool; “Sooo projections say we got like, 30 years before global warming goes too far to fix, half our parents think it’s fake, god knows the baby boomers don’t believe, and we aren’t seeing a whole lot of results with melenials. Looks like we got work to do boys.”

  • Gen Z only gets 13 years really?

  • What was the generation before the Greatest generation???

  • My family is weird as hell bc my parents are baby boomers but I’m Gen Z. Two generations between us

  • This is like the only good buzzfeed video

  • I like how everyone on here is a gen z and they have to make a point about how old they are.. look.. I was born in the mid eighties. Meaning I didn’t have a smart phone until my mid twenties. You aren’t even that old yet. Imagine going to school and not one person has a phone. Well, the rich kids did because they were expensive. There was no internet on them, social media didn’t exist.. over a hundred thousand Americans died in a terrorist attack, I was working a job getting paid less an hour than a gallon of gasoline.. trust me… if you were born in the late nineties you have no idea what it was like to live without a smartphone. You were 9 years old. Why do so many z’s want to be millennials anyways? No way in hell I wanted to be an x! And millennials are getting old. Be you young pups! You didn’t even have pubic hair when you touched your first touch screen. I remember when we got our first computer. AOL dialup anyone? Generation alpha is a cool name. Utilize what you have, be good, be kind, and stop listening to god awful rap music! We are killing poetry on the radio! Ahhhhhh

  • Actually it’s like this
    Ppl who were born in between 85 – 94
    are millennials
    And ppl who born between 95 – 04 are generation z

  • That thumbnail is disgusting.

  • the oldest of gen alpha are now around 7-9 years old.
    mental breakdown here i come

  • Gen Z , the first generation with the influence of social media and the one with the most depressed. Coincidence? I don't think so, its not climate change what makes us depressed, its our smartphones, the reason why almost everybody is getting worse at making social contact

  • It's a shame we don't mention the lost generation…

  • Why does Obama’s election matter so much! This video is so weird. Y’all don’t know at all how our ancestors lived apparently. All you gotta do is talk to your grandparents if they are still alive!

  • Gay marriage should have never been legalized!

  • Women in the work force isn’t necessarily a good thing though. That means they can’t be at home to raise their kids, and be a mom.

  • Honestly I love the look of generation alpha it's how I wish I looked

  • I wish there was another video about this but for the world globally so we get to see the world from generations

  • Cool

  • I was born in 1998 and gay marriage was definitely NOT legal for most of my childhood. When I came out in 2011 only like 5 states were legal. Also I remember a time without smartphones and social media.

  • Ummmm…. world war 2 and pearl harbour were not in 1901-1927….

    The space race started 1955…

    Obama was elected in 2008…

    Trump and brexit didnt happen in 2010…

    In conslusion, buzzfeed doesnt know how to tell the time.

  • "they were the largest generation before millennials
    They reached their peak in 1999"

    I don't think that's how

  • i am born 2008 and i just realized that later on, maybe 2030, is that people will blame us for trump, brexit, etc. that isn’t fair.
    also, i am mixed. Asian and white. so uh i guess am a minority .p.

  • my household starts with my parents in gen X my brothers in gen Y and me in gen Z

  • Yo I’m confused, how would Gen Y meet their peak in 2036 when they would already be born now since their generation is over?

  • Ok until I saw the terrorism thing in gen z I thought they legit just started comparing aftermath of actual WARS to the damn trump election.

  • All the fetuses born in/after 2011: are we a joke to you?

    (Literally everyone: yes)


  • Instead of cycling through telling one fact about each generation at a time, buzzers should have jus listed all the facts for each generation in order

  • y'all gen z kids, don't keep blaming the older generations for everything. we got a problem? well, we fix it. all those older generations are doing their own thing to fix their own problems as well, whether they were caused by the previous generations before them or not.

  • It's funny how people predict that Gen Alpha is gonna be the wealthiest, they have such high hopes. But to me (a Gen Z) I feel like that's gonna become more of an expectation than hope. Who knows, nobody saw the great depression coming 10-20 years prior, but it did, and it is one of the reasons ww2 even happened.

  • At the end is so trueee

  • I was born in mid 2005 and think that our generation has to sort out all of the mess that the older generations have passed on. We will have a lot of debt, it will be expensive to live, we are being put under a colossal amount of pressure from constant tests that define us. It is common to have or hear about mental breakdowns and anxiety. We are kids expected to act like adults.

    I hope our gen will change society and the education system for the better of the future gens.

    Rant over

  • Why do they have trump and Obama’s elections? I could think of many other things that they could put there instead that would have made more sense.

  • You can't just destroy the planet and then expect a bunch of Gen Z kids to fix it, we literally don't know how man

  • gen z not at the same side most of the country, not living in my homeland and strict parents “YOU ARE ACTING DEPRESSED CAUSE OF YOUR PHONE

  • These are awful depictions of all the generations

  • I am technically generation Z but I grew up doing what the millennials were doing and playing the millennial games so I feel like generation Z is more of an extension to Millennials.

  • ok boomers

  • I'd give anything to be able to go back in time & experience the past

  • Most of the comments are like Gen z people are destroying the world or something. Those people think that this generation is bad. That we people in the gen z are destroying the earth or something. They think that our generation are doing bad things. But there is something that the people from the other generation don’t remember. They forgot that their generation also did bad things. So Please! People from other generations, stop saying that we are bad because also your generation did something bad.

  • I'm Gen Z who else is

  • Wow Buzzfeed, you gave me goosebumps for the first time…

  • 2005, knew about internet 5 years later

  • I’m bored so this better be worth my time

  • Most of my gen z people have pessimistic views of the world and the state of our nation. Most dream of simple lives, rather than big ones. It’s sad, really.

  • Does anyone feel like you dont belong to a certain generation you are supposed to? I was born in 1988 so I'm Millenial but I feel like I belong to Gen X

  • Fellow Gen Z's, what do you think our generation will be famous for?

  • ok youtube i watched this video you can stop recommending it to me now

  • The whole video is amazing but I love the cinematography so much it's just so wonderful

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