gay book recommendations

Hello I’m bored so I’m gonna talk about some
books that I’ve read and enjoyed and some books that are on my shelf that I plan
to read um that seem really interesting just do some I don’t know recommendations if you’re looking for like queer sort of stories and they’re
all gonna be at least in some aspects gay or trans or queer or something
because that’s what I like to read I don’t really like reading about straight
people I’m gonna try not to spoil any of the books but I don’t really know what
I’m doing so I might accidentally do that so be prepared for spoilers I’m gonna start with
fiction that I’ve read and enjoy so this is Days Without End by Sebastian Barry
it’s one my favourite books of all time it’s set in the 1850s during the
American Civil War and it follows two like friends who are in love who are like
brothers not like actual brothers but like very close and when the story
starts they’ve already met and already like it’s difficult because it’s not
it’s the 1850s so it’s not like a traditional like they’re in love sort of
thing it’s like they have a bond that’s unbreakable and they love each other
sort of thing and yet already starts with that being established it’s it has a
happy ending as well there’s no there’s no like homophobia really the book is from
the perspective of the character Thomas who at one point there’s a theme in it
they do like drag shows sometimes and then sometimes Thomas like wears a dress
if they have to blend in or like hide and there’s a point by Thomas it’s like
I would be a woman if I could so it’s like sort of there’s that
element to it as well the flaw is basically they’re in the US Army trying
to survive and live and they end up with this little girl having to take care of
her yeah and the other character John is Native American and there’s lots of
Native American characters and story lines so the sequel to that just came out it’s about
A Thousand Moons I haven’t read it yet I don’t know if it’s good I really liked
this one because it’s not written in proper English the main character can’t
really read and write and has a you know like 1800s sort of way of speaking so
it’s it’s a little bit difficult to read in the sense that like you have to sort
of translate it a bit but I don’t know if this book is like that because it’s
from the perspective of the little girl that they end up with Winona so I
have no idea if it’s gonna be the same sort of story if it’s gonna be
completely different all I know is that they are in it and they
are together and they have like a house and have settled down. The next book is My
Lovely Frankie by Judith Clark this is another one of my all-time favourites it’s
about a young boy in seminary school in Sydney in the 1950s and it starts with
him as an old man basically looking for this friend he had while he was at the
school and it shows how he became friends with him and then goes back to
him an adult it’s incredibly beautiful I mean as someone who enjoys religious imagery and like religious settings and and things like that it was
really up my alley I loved it so much there is a bit of like homophobia but
not towards the gay character if that makes sense it’s like I don’t want to
spoil it because what happens is really like emotional so if you want to read it
I don’t want to spoil it for you but there’s basically it’s there’s an
antagonist and he does something but not to the gate character but it’s about being
gay if that makes sense oh it’s so stupid but it’s incredibly beautiful it’s from the
perspective of a young boy who falls in love with his friend and his friend
doesn’t love him back so it’s not a he doesn’t know that he’s in love with him it’s
not a love story it’s like it’s more it’s just a self-discovery story like
how this friend allowed him to discover himself basically which is just as nice
as a love story I think and there are certain moments in that just like
breathtakingly beautiful so I really if any of these works I recommend this one
the most yeah and it’s very like it’s not very
Australian but it’s like there’s an Australianness about it which is nice. Next is Maurice I have two copies of this
because I saw this one in secondhand store and I really wanted it but the
Penguin on is just it’s just as nice if you’ve seen the movie it’s almost
exactly the same I think it’s probably the most accurate book to movie movie I’ve
ever seen it’s although the movie adds in like homophobia where there isn’t any
in the book the book was specifically written so that the gay characters could
have a happy ending and could like get the traditional love story so it
does have a really happy ending which is nice there’s no there’s there’s cuz it’s
set when’s it set 19- 1914 ish that’s when it was written so there’s like a
little bit of the gay character doesn’t want to be gay
but ends up being like oh actually this is fine um yeah it’s nice yeah I mean if if you
want to read it it’s nice it’s a nice book it’s very readable but the movie is
just as good. The Secret History by Donna Tartt I feel like a lot of
people have read this it was a best-seller so I mean I’m not gonna
say anything new really the only thing is that the gay characters aren’t isn’t the main
character so the that storyline is like the subplot and the characters aren’t
good people either they don’t like like you don’t want them to have a happy
ending so it’s like it’s really not about being gay at all that’s just like
a little part of it that I thought I’d just add it in because I really like the
book itself it’s sort of like a it’s a it’s about a group of friends at
University who are like really pretentious and love like Greek classics
and and stuff and they kill one of their friends cause he’s really annoying
that’s not a spoiler that happens in like the first page so don’t blame me for that one buy yeah I really enjoy it it’s very like um Dead Poets Society if all the people in it were
psychopaths. Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller this is another one that
I feel like most people know about I think it’s like the one that everybody
talks about but in case people don’t know about it it’s basically the story
of Achilles and Patroclus or Patroclus or whatever in ancient Greece and they I don’t know
fall in love as kids and then it follows their life together up until their death basically if know the Ili- if you know the story
of the Iliad then it just follows that except it’s very beautiful
it’s like got that nice like Greek summary imagery
lots of like nature and a little bit of magic because it’s like it’s got like
demigods and stuff you know it’s a mythology story basically it’s very beautiful. This is
Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss another one of my favourite books I don’t really have I
don’t really own books that I don’t like if I read it and didn’t like it I don’t keep
it so it’s kind of weird for me to say like this is my favourite when like they
all are but this is you don’t find out until the very last or maybe second last page that the main characters is gay but it’s still like a good
book regardless of that it’s only small I think it’s considered like a novella but it’s about this girl who it forced to live out like live for
a period of time on like a reenactment of an Iron Age settlement by her abusive
father and it’s sort of like about her trying to get away from this like abuse
so it’s like not a happy story but it’s really beautiful and then on like the
last page you find out she’s gay and but like throughout the book you’re like oh
she’s a bit different and like unique and she still has some discovery to do so it
makes sense so these are the books that I that
I haven’t read but I still know what they’re about
so I’m so gonna talk about them as like recommendations. First is Goldfinch obviously like what this list be without The Goldfinch I’ve seen the movie
obviously I’ve read some of the book but not a lot of it it’s by the same author
as The Secret History so it’s sort of like if you know that one you know this
one as well and basically the main character has a relationship with his
friend if you’ve seen the movie you know that so I’m gonna talk about that. This is Of Men and Angels by Michael Arditti or however you would say that in a proper accent I took
the dust jacket off because it was brightly coloured and I liked the cream
underneath you can’t really see so this is about it’s a couple different stories that sort of
weave into each other about about Sodom and Gomorrah so it’s another one of
those like biblical ones I really enjoy biblical stories obviously being
a theology student but there’s so it’s like the story of Sodom and Gomorrah then
a story of like actors playing the characters in a movie and then like a
metaphor for it and there’s one of the stories is like a fake Wikipedia page
for a movie about it or something or a book about it yes like a it’s like a
fake Wikipedia page for the film for a film version of the story and like the
plot is told through like the Wikipedia plot section which is really interesting
the only reason I haven’t read it is that it’s so big and I get intimidated by big books so this is If
We Were Villains by M. L. Rio I’ve read half of this uh it’s really similar
to The Secret History it’s almost exactly the same it’s a bunch of
university students and then one of them dies so if you like that you’ll like
this but if you really like that you may not like this because it’s basically a
copy of it I think that’s why I didn’t finish it because I was like I’ve
already read this story so why would I read it again but it’s more it’s more
gay the main character is the one who’s gay in this one or bi actually in
this one I’m using gay is like a umbrella term by the way
and like you actually seen their relationship on the page so it’s more
I don’t know more fulfilling that way but I find the characters in this one less
interesting less I don’t know less redeem- I mean I don’t know those ones aren’t redeemable either but they’re even less redeemable in this but it’s still good
I’ll eventually finish it I think the difference is this they study acting in
this one and I just don’t really have an interest in acting Shakespeare stuff so
it like draws me in a bit less but I still like it it’s still well-written
still this is Grievous by H. S. Cross I haven’t read this I think it’s a
sequel but you don’t need to read the first one to understand what’s going on
it’s really strangely set out it’s like very short paragraphs uh very short
chapters sorry um and mostly dialogue so it’s a bit of a strange book I haven’t I
don’t know much more about it than that except that it’s set in a boarding
school and it’s lots and lots of characters but I got it from The
Bookshop like The Bookshop on Oxford Street so I know that it’s like at least a little bit gay of course I have Brokeback
Mountain by Annie Proulx I actually don’t know how to say her last name – Proulx? yeah I’m not even gonna try by this woman
so Brokeback Mountain the movie is based on the short story of Brokeback Mountain
which is very short I think this bit so like of this whole book this part is yes
I’m talking about Brokeback Mountain okay good so yeah so only this bit is Brokeback Mountain and
the rest of it is other short stories but I don’t know anything about them so I’m not talking about them -that’s poetry -sexy. This is The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall it was published in 1928 and it was
really controversial when it came out obviously because it’s about a lesbian woman and her love life I guess “from the battlefields of the First World War to the streets of
bohemian Paris.” Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl by
Andrea Lawlor and I took the dust jacket off this one as well it was pink and
this is about it’s about a person named Paul who it like a shapeshifter
sort of and like goes back and forth between like all different genders to have fun
at like different clubs and gay bars and lesbian bars and stuff I don’t really
know I’ve read like the first couple pages it seemed good and it’s pretty new
I think it only just came out and yeah it’s very like about the underground like
real gay scene which is not necessarily my sort of thing
I prefer like you know period books books set in the past but it’s it was still interesting. This is At Swim, Two Boys by
Jamie O’Neill which is set in 1916 Ireland and I don’t know much more about
it than that apart from the fact that it’s about two
boys and one of them teaches the other one to swim but I think it goes it it
covers a lot of different characters and a lot of time so it’s more about like
Ireland before like during the during English rule and like you know rebellion and stuff so I think it’s more about that but
is a love story I do know that. So I just bought this is called Oranges Are Not the
Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson it’s similar from the from the the back
it’s similar to My Lovely Frankie it’s about a woman in raised by the church
and then I’m guessing she falls in love with another woman
or has a relationship with another woman I don’t really know much about it beyond
that but I’m excited to read it. Apart from that I have a couple poetry books
and some memoirs that I’ve read and some that I haven’t read ummm
so there’s Crush by Richard Siken which is like like another one of those that’s
that everyone pretty much knows about I’m not really recommending anything revolutionary or
new but this is incredibly incredibly beautiful there are some poems in here that are
just like mind-blowing how a person can string words together like that and make
something so beautiful and it’s kind of sad like it’s quite sad and there are
some moments in it that are like really quite upsetting I suppose I don’t mind
it I think it adds to the poetry and and when you hear Richard Siken talk about
his poetry he’s very much like like that’s that was him at a certain age and
now he’s he’s not so much about being so depressed so depressing and
melancholy and dramatic and stuff. Autobiography of Red and Red Doc by
Anne Carson this is some more poetry that’s quite upsetting and in a
different sort of way to Crush Crush knows it’s up
setting in this thing’s sort of happen to the main character that are kind of you know
really disturbing and and he gets into a relationship that’s really not healthy
um I have read this one I have not read this one that one I really enjoyed this this is
quite different it’s not the same type of poetry so this is this is what’s it
called a novel in verse so this is basically a novel written as poetry
this is very different this is actual poems but it’s the same characters the
same about the same person which is Geryon is that how say Gery- Ger- Geryon I
don’t know Geryon I don’t know but he’s like a mythical thing from Greek mythology and
he’s like red and has wings and Hercules tries to kill him but it’s a
Heracles tries to kill him but he in this he’s like a regular person he just
happens to look like a little monster that’s why it’s called Autobiography of Red because he’s red. This is Becoming a Man by Paul Monette I don’t
actually know who this is which is such a weird thing I I read I picked it up I
read someone’s memoir I think he’s an author but I specifically didn’t want to
learn about him before I read this or like after I read this I wanted this to
just speak for itself and it definitely does it’s it’s really
really well-written I think in terms of memoirs that I’ve read and seen this is
this one is written the best it’s just about him like his life growing up and
there’s a lot of like self-hatred until it gets to the end when he’s like oh
actually you know what being gay is fine a lot of the start of
it is about denial and stuff but this is a way of working through
his his denial that he had in like making it putting it into context of
his upbringing and and also like the context of people around him
who weren’t in denial so it has a it has a I mean it’s a person’s life so I can’t
really say if it’s a happy ending or a sad ending the I know the author has passed
away now and he says that a lot of his friends died during the AIDS
epidemic so it’s not it’s not it’s not something for me to say like oh it’s
happy or sad but that’s not how you quantify a memoir but I really enjoyed it if
you want to read about just a person who knows themself really well and who’s going
is recounting their years of self-discovery this is a really good
book. I haven’t read either of these this is My Queer War by James Lord I think
from the title and from the back I’m guessing it’s about a man who was in the Amy in World War Two and his experience as a
gay person and like how how his experience in the army reflects that and
how he sort of dealt with that while in the Army I’m really excited to read this
actually this is on my next to be read list. This is Weight of the Earth by David Wojnarowiczs I acually don’t know how to say his last name If you know him you know that he’s an artist he
did a lot of works on the AIDS epidemic because he was diagnosed with AIDS when
he was young and a lot of his stuff was centered around his experience its he he
would record his thoughts on tapes and this is the transcribed version of that
so some of them are small and some of them are long things
and these were recorded soon after he was diagnosed with AIDS so some
of them are really quite emotional and filled with like anger and tormented
sadness but some of them are really happy and funny and
very human so yeah but I haven’t read it
I can’t say whether its whether I would recommend it or not and I think that’s it sorry if this
was like bad and I didn’t really talk about the books very much but if you’re
looking for books I hope that at least one of these is interesting to you or you just
enjoyed me talking about my books that’s all goodbye

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