Game of Thrones: Lessons From History

In light of the phenomenon that is Game of
Thrones, it’s interesting to the return to the history that inspires the story — and
even more than the facts, to try to uncover the messages, themes, and lessons that might
be learned (and repeated) from history. [Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor. And it can never be used to hurt you.] This history gives us models for rulers like
Daenerys or Cersei and shows us how their leadership style panned out in reality — which
offers compelling predictions for how they’ll fare in the Game of Thrones. [The show is about who wants power, and probably more than anything else, it’s about what power costs people.] And the history teaches us that power corrupts,
destroys friendships and families, and makes the highest members of society live their lives in the
shadow of fear. Game of Thrones’ pseudo-medieval setting
makes us think of honor and chivalry, romantic yet tragic endings, and a violent society. As many fans know, the English Wars of the Roses in the late 15th century are the show’s biggest historical influence. The conflict between the Starks and the Lannisters echoes the longstanding
battle between two noble families: Lancaster and York. The name “Wars of the Roses” comes from
the fact that William Shakespeare and others have written that Lancaster used a red rose
as an emblem, and York a white rose,. In the first few seasons, the Lannisters are
much like the victorious Lancastrians. The Starks are like the Yorkists, many of
whom were killed. The names even sound similar (Lannister/ Lancaster
and Stark/York) and the families’ respective emblem colors are also similar. Another name for the Wars of the Roses was
the ‘Cousins Wars” since the noble families were related. The brutal and tragic deaths in Game of Thrones
aren’t just for ratings or excitement — they highlight the gruesome realities of these historical wars like the Wars of the Roses, in which families might find themselves suddenly hunted or nearly
wiped out. Martin’s hardly the first to take inspiration from these wars. Shakespeare used them as loose material for some of his most notable histories. And looking closer at the Wars
of the Roses, we can see the themes that Shakespeare found so dramatic: Ambition, betrayal, and
family members battling each other to the death. It’s striking that one of the most popular
shows on TV today draws from the same material that entertained crowds in the bard’s day,
suggesting its timeless appeal. The famous line from Shakespeare’s Henry
IV Part II, encapsulates a key focus in Game of Thrones as well — power is never secure,
just as no one ever sits comfortably on an Iron Throne made of sharp swords. The takeaway from the Wars of the Roses and
for Game of Thrones is that the greatness and rule these characters strive for can be
lost in an instant. These people live at the top of society, with
wealth and class superiority, yet they are unsafe and insecure of their positions – they
live in fear for their lives. [What good is power, if you can not protect the ones that you love.] Within the history of the Wars of the Roses,
Henry Tudor shared some key similarities with Daenerys Targaryen’s storyline. Tudor eventually emerged triumphant in the
Wars of the Roses — so this could be a good omen for Dany. A direct descendant of the first Duke of Lancaster,
he also claimed to be a descendant to King Arthur himself — just as Dany descends from
a mythical figure: Aegon the Conqueror who united six of the seven kingdoms and established
the Iron Throne. Like Daenerys, Henry spent much of his early
life in exile. And just as the Targaryens have a
special connection to dragons and use the dragon and use it on their house sigil, Henry Tudor
sometimes displayed Arthur’s standard, a dragon. Tudor bridged an alliance with the Yorkists
when he married Elizabeth of York and his Tudor descendants ruled until 1603. If his story proves to be anything like Daenerys’s she may be able to claim the Iron Throne and bring peace to the Seven Kingdoms through a strategic marriage Many fans would be happy if this were an alliance with her relative, Jon Snow. [I will fight for you. I will fight for the North. When you bend the knee.] A lot of us root for Daenerys because we aspire
to see a victor who triumphs against unbelievable odds. Like Henry, she is an outsider who appears
like a long shot for the Throne, but who represents to people a new form of rule, and
an end to the infighting. However, we’ve seen of late that Daenerys–
like others before her — is finding the climb to power a slippery slope, and she risks losing
track of the ideals that were easier to serve when she wasn’t so close to claiming the
throne she fervently desires. [Bend the knee and join me. Together we will leave the world a better place than we found it Or refuse and die.] Although there is much debate on whether or
not Tudor was a great king, we know that he was a successful one. He strengthened the treasury and judicial system, and left the monarchy secure and wealthy for his son. His history could imply that Daenerys will be a successful leader and affect some lasting change in the end. The other queen in the picture, Cersei Lannister
channels iconic examples of the fallen or unfaithful woman from history and legend. She has a strikingly similar history to Margaret
of Anjou, wife of Henry VI—who was defeated in the Wars of Roses, again a good omen for Dany. Margaret had an unhappy arranged
marriage like Cersei’s to Robert Baratheon and rumors swirled that her son Edward was illegitimate
just like Cersei’s three children. Lena Headey even bares some resemblance to Margaret Anjou. Another historical character that Cersei can
relate to is Anne Boleyn who was charged with crimes of adultery including sleeping with her own
twin brother. Sound familiar? In Boleyn’s case, the rumors might not have been true
and were more likely motivated by Henry VIII’s desire to get rid of his second wife via beheading. Cersei also evokes the mythical queen Guinevere
who committed adultery with King Arthur’s best knight Lancelot. Guinevere was sentenced to public humiliation
for these crimes, while the knightly Jaime is a twist on a Lancelot figure. Lena Headey actually played Guinevere in Merlin
(1998). Meanwhile, Cersei’s Walk
of Shame is rooted in French medieval history — adultery was punishable by the man and
woman being roped together naked and forced to walk through town. Although Game of Thrones adds the fantastical element and exaggerates this kind of history Knowing that Cersei descends from these fallen women
of history and legend who were vilified for their infidelity or other sexual behavior,
makes the character all the more intriguing and real. And these connections help us understand why we are so drawn to Cersei’s character because, while we’re shocked by her ruthless nature, we
sympathize with her as we realize she is human underneath the many wounds she’s lived through. We can’t help but feel sorry for her
when she fleetingly expresses vulnerability. [She was nothing like me. No meanness, no jealously. Just good.] [I know.] [I thought if I could make something so good, so pure, maybe I’m not a monster.] But she inevitably doubles down on her hard
exterior shell, and with this fallen woman trope in mind, we all know what’s coming for
Cersei — the only question is when and how spectacular her final downfall will be. Ned Stark’s fate was sealed much like Richard
of York’s fate. Richard of York was the closest advisor
and trusted friend of Henry VI — just as Ned Stark was to Robert Baratheon. The wife of Henry VI, Margaret, echoing Cersei — was distrustful of Richard and did everything in her power to keep York down. Later, York was banished to Ireland but became
Protector of England, similar to Ned’s title of Hand of the King. York eventually died at the hands of Margaret’s armies. The real-life story reminds us that, amidst
the brutality, members of these warring houses did try to form bonds and alliances. We can all relate to the underlying realities
of betrayals and friendships that were sacrificed to ambition. The Baratheon in-fighting takes after the
story of Richard III — the son of the Richard of York we just discussed — who was famously
villainized in Shakespeare’s play. Richard argued that his older brother Edward
IV’s sons were illegitimate and took the throne for himself. This reminds us of Stannis Baratheon who argues
(correctly) that his nephews Joffrey and Tommen are illegitimate. The story of Richard III is evidence of how
power rots families from within, causing not just cousins and friends, but brothers, uncles and nephews, to war. Just like the Baratheons, historical family members have pitted themselves
against each other in the name of seizing the crown. Interestingly, Ned Stark also has some comparisons
to Richard III, as a gruff northerner who was later vilified by the history written
by the victors from the south — so the fact that contrasting accounts of this same historical
person could partially inspire such divergent characters, reminds us just how differently
history is recorded by its winners versus the dissenters, and how little we truly can
know for sure about past individuals. Martin has blended together multiple
inspirations and mixed-and-matched histories in his characters, to draw on the material
that best serves his deeper themes. There are even more character echoes than
what we’ve named here but these crucial similarities from history tell us that Martin
and the show creators aren’t just copying entertaining details — they’re looking
at the deep lessons revealed by this history. The fact that these historical truths are
as relevant as ever today tells us how little we tend to learn from our own history, and
how inevitably this history repeats again and again. [If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.]

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  • The ending of the Wars of the Roses has similarities with the ending of the Dance of Dragons. In fact I think the Dance of Dragons has more in common with the Wars of the Roses than the War of the Five Kings. For one thing the Dance and the Roses ended with both factions marrying each other. And the wars started because the previous king's heir was someone that skipped over several others in line for the throne. Not to mention both factions had control of the throne at various points in their respective wars.

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  • Danny got everything she has through violence and death. Symbolically, she shouldn't win. Her goals have not changed at all, she started wanting to come back to Westeros because it was "her right" to rule, and in season 7 her main goal is still to rule over a land she doesn't even know. I don't sympathize that much with her.

    Jon on the other hand has never wanted power or position and finds himself charged with both purely on circumstance, he didn't wanted to be Lord commander, he was shoved into it by Sam, he didn't wanted to be King in the North, he was given the title by others because of his just actions.

    Dany thrives on war and conquest whereas Jon just wants to save people for life's sake.

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  • Truly amazing historical similarities. The fact that all events on GoT have an underlying historical lesson is what makes it a great show.

  • In terms of the supernatural and mythological elements, I would say King Arthur and other aspects of Welsh mythology and the Black Death for the threat of the White Walkers. GRRM has specifically named the Sidhe for the characteristics of the White Walkers.

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  • Why is there no one mentionning the inspiration took from the Accursed Kings by Maurice Druon. GRRM said it was the biggest inspiration. Look for it, there is even 2 tv series that got made out of it (The 1960 version is better for many)

  • I wouldn't call Margaret of Anjou "fallen" as she manipulated Henry VI and pretty much controlled England


  • There are a lot of parallels between Joffrey and the Roman Emperor Nero. Nero was also the son of the previous emperor Claudius' wife but NOT of Claudius; his mother Agrippina got Claudius to name her son as heir instead of his own and then poisoned him, just like how Cersei poisons Robert. Like Joffrey, Nero was still an adolescent when he ascended the throne. Shortly afterward he had Claudius' real son Britannicus assassinated as a potential rival, just like how Joffrey orders the murder of Robert's bastards. Nero and Joffrey are both vicious sadists. Like Agrippina, Cersei tries to rein in her son's crazier behaviors. The other restraining force on Nero was his former tutor, the philosopher Seneca, who has been criticized as a hypocrite for preaching Stoic austerity while becoming fabulously rich under Nero and meekly going along with the emperor's excesses. This is a lot like Joffrey's adviser, Grand Maester Pycelle, a seemingly wise scholar who's actually corrupt and pusillanimous.

  • The only lesson we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.

  • I love this video but maybe I will going say this because I'm So pro Jon Snow / Aegon Targeryan but I really hope that Jon becomes the rightfully king of Westeros he has the strongest claim to the throne even strongest than Daenerys and besides he has the good instincts to be leader , the self awares of power . Good self control , and is true that Danny is a good leader but she depend to much of hers Dragons Jon Snow source of power is not the dragon is his own strong identity and honour as son of the North between him and Danny he is better option to be king and should be King and he has the rare quality to make enemies fight together and unlike Danny he see the great picture of everything and doesn't let his feelings take the better part of himself and because he grown up in the North he knows how to lead to survive the coming winter and must learn how use sinews to survive Danny is good leader but she has too many similarities to Cercei and her father Jon must to become king he is the only one who can save Westeros


  • Medieval never had made me think anything close to 'romantic , mystery , tragic endings' etc. Not once. Filfh , human animalistic nature , wars , classism , poverty , cruelty , diseases , athrocities etc. On the other hand…. this is what human history was and is.

  • I think Geoffry's inspiration is a mix between Caligula and King Tut.


  • LANCELot

  • And also if I may add that in my opinion, the White Walker are a representation of Gog and Magog(the eastern version like Islam’s to be more specific) because according to the story, they are also barred behind a wall (the only difference is that the location of that wall is unknown) until the end of time in which they will break the wall and be unleashed upon the world, and that they were placed there by a powerful, almost almighty king by the name of Dhul Qarnayn which has similarities with the Last Hero when you read up on both stories.

  • Edward IV's mistress was also humiliated like Cersei. Goffrey is very similar to Richard II.

  • Stannis Baratheon was most likely inspired from Tiberius Caesar.
    He has pretty much every quality that Tiberius had.
    The One True King Stannis!!

  • Aegon the Conqueror is also strongly influenced by an earlier figure in English history, William the Conqueror

  • I don't actually think George R.R Martin drew any inspiration from what I'm about to say, but have you ever heard of Stockholms Bloodbath? It's a big part of Swedish history and most people from Sweden know about it, and it's really similar to the red wedding. So the basic story goes that there was a great party in Stockhom celebrating the coronation of Kristian II (King of Denmark) as king of Sweden after he defeated Sten Sture at the ice battle of Åsunden. Everyone of Swedens most important people were invited (a few random people were there to, not invited, but there to help) and for a while, it was a good time… Until the doors closed… And the musicians started playing a familiar tune, The Rains of Castamere… Okay maybe that wasn't true but whatever…
    The danes beheaded around 60 people that night and (like I said) it has come to be known as Stockholms bloodbath.

    One of the victims of the Bloodbath was Erik Johansson, a knight and a member of Swedens privy council. One of Erik's children, Gustav Johansson (a.k.a Gustav Vasa) sought revenge for what Kristian the Tyrant (as he was now known as) did to his father. Idk the whole story but after raising army of random people he maneged to overthrow Kristian II and take the throne, thus ending the Kalmar Union.

    Btw Idk if I am, but if I am, sorry for my bad english.
    …But I don't think I am ;P

  • Aegon the Conqueror – William the Conqueror

  • I thought Lancelot like Lancel…?

  • Stannis Baratheon is the one true king.
    1. He fought to rescue Sansa.
    2. He fought for Ned stark.
    3. He respected Jon and regarded him highly calling him Lord commander of the Night's watch with a token of respect all while everyone called him bastard all the time.
    4. He was a man of justice( Davos said it many times).
    5. He even burned his own only beloved daughter for defeating Boltons and rescuing Sansa which helped Sansa to escape Winterfell and beg for help to Jon (An act for which everyone hates him now, but only idiots who do not understand the context behind it, as if he loved doing it).
    6. He gave his word to the Jon about making the wildlings citizens of the realm once they help him win Kingslanding, something even Ned( the so-called nicest guy in GOT) wouldn't do.
    7. Mance rayder respected him and wished him luck after hearing that proposal but dickhead was too proud to bent the knee and deserved to be burned alive since he didn't care for his people.
    8. Jon snow hypocritically refused to Stannis for saving his sister Sansa but agreed when she escaped and begged him for help.
    9. Stannis took the Whitewalker threat seriously and rode North even though he never saw one himself, something that even Ned wouldn't do as we saw before. The King who cared.
    10. " We do not choose our destiny, but we must do our duty, great or small, we must do our duty"
    11. " I will take back the north from the thieves who stole it, I will mount roose bolton's head on a spike. I will fight to free Winterfell, or die trying."
    All while the other Northern houses refused to fight with him and some of them fought for the traitorous Boltons like the Umbers and Carstarks.
    Interestingly, these were the cowards who forced Robb to refuse supporting Stannis' claim (something his far superior father Ned stark was ready to die for) and fight with him and to make North an independent kingdom like the fucked up Iron Islands.
    And now, these cowards refuse fighting to free Winterfell from the most despised house in the North.
    He fulfilled his duty till the very end as a result of which we see a better North politically speaking compared to season 5.

  • This channel is amazin!

  • Sooo if Sansa is Elizabeth of York.. I dont think she will be marrying Dany and Jon is not a Stark but a Targaryen.. hmm I think there is some plotholes… Elizabeth of York married Henry Tudor to bring peace to the realm and I think the role of Henry Tudor is Jon Snow

  • Never forget who you are and wear it like armour

  • I liked the content and all of this video, but compared to my favs of Gray Area, Secrets of the Citadel and Bridge4, something was lacking here …. those channels are like the Valerian Steel of YT GOT videos, so whoever likes Game of Thrones I highly recommend you check them out!

  • Don't forget the Khals of the Dothraki hordes come from the Khalifas of the Ummayads who raped and pillaged all those who did not convert to their arab ideologies. It is also a reference to other central asian empires e.g. mongols/turkics etc.

  • 'Game of Thrones' is far more history than fantasy. Whereas Tolkien literally created an entire world and mythos through sheer imagination, Martin plundered previous events and locales to deliver compelling and relatable human drama.

  • This year I started my history ALevel and one of the topics we're covering around the Normans along with Anglo-Saxon England right before the Conquest [The full timeline follows Edward The Confessor through to William II] and I've noticed that there are also a number of similarities between the histories of Edward The Confessor, William The Conqueror and the Godwin Family, and Game of Thrones. For example, Godwin a powerful Earl who proved to be a big problem for Edward the Confessor and father to Harold Godwinson, reminds me greatly of Tywin Lannister. As they both strive to have their families on top of both power and wealth.

  • Yeah, daenerys a longshot. 3 dragons2 armies and good advisors

  • 1. That line by Tyrion, “it’s hard to put a leash on a dog, once you’ve put a crown on it’s head” is pretty much a summary of Richard II’s life
    2. The Dance of Dragons, while not depicted in the show, is an equally fascinating rendition if the Anarchy
    3. …

    Richard of York should have been king

  • dany is more like richard 3, sansa is more like a tudor and york

  • dany is most like mary queen of scots, she will never sit on the throne, but her children might

  • I have very much started to hate danaerys. Her constant "bend the knee" crap has really annoyed the hell out of me. I used to like her. Now? Not so much. Jon is the better ruler.

  • Robb kinda reminds of Alexander the Great. Two great commanders who never lost a single battle but were betrayed (allegedly in Alexander's case) and killed while not on the battlefield before they could realize their dreams.

  • If Dany is a long shot to sit on the Iron Throne than Jon is an even greater and longer shot times ten

  • I don't root for Daenerys because she's a f**** psychopath

  • This video was great!

  • You’d think they would learn from history not to inbreed.

  • I want Daenerys to lose (at least not have the Iron Throne)
    a. It would be too practical and predictable for her to win
    b. She's a hypocrite, condemns her father's actions yet still burns her enemies
    c. She's getting less interesting to watch
    d. She doesn't face odd (not much anyway) she's got an army of loyal followers, resistant to burns and is able to speak to dragons.

  • The idea of the Fallen Woman is terribly tragic. A lady who is confident and sexually seeking is hated, despised, and humiliated by a society that refuses to understand her. Trying to be a powerful woman is hated by society, sadly since it is usually a sexist/misogynistic patriarchy. It's linked with the ideas of the 'bad girl' and the 'dark beauty' tropes that are dishonorably portrayed as villainous. (Now is Cersei evil? Yes, yes she is. But it's for things like: having Lady killed, influencing Joffrey to be the despicable little shit he was, aiming for the deaths of the Stark family, having Margarey and others killed at that holy site (not the High Sparrow, to hell with him), etc.)

  • Ok so I want to see Game of Thrones,but everyone is fucking UGLY and retarded from all the god damn incest

  • When you said how victors tell their version of history it made me think of all the lies we are told in school because it was HIS STORY from the oppressors point of view.

  • 7:30 I have never had any sympathy for Cersei and I kind of doubt most of the audience has either. Ever since she demanded Sansa's wolf be killed in place of Arya's I've hated her and my hatred has only grown since then. She's an evil bitch and no punishment is too extreme for her.

  • 3:51 that’s the Welsh Flag, nothing to do with the Tudors!

  • When they mentioned “Merlin” I thought they were talking about the one with Colin and Bradley for a second. 😅

  • Stannis's defeat reminded me of Napoleon's defeat in Russia because both were stubborn and underestimated the cold weather

  • "It's hard to put a leash on a dog, once you've put a crown on its head." What an underrated quote.

  • Jon is not her "relative" its her nephew, her brothers baby 🤣 She is a bad girl 😂

  • 👑Uneasy Lies The Head
    🙏🏾💎🙏🏾 That Wears A Crown👑

  • 6:17–6:19 Why is Anne Boleyn's painting nodding with approval?

  • I would love to see a part 2 on this subject please

  • Joffery is Hitler and Ramesy is Stalin.

  • Sadly, it doesn't work out well for Ceesei or Danny. T_T Danny is one of my favorite characters too!!

  • On man, some of this stuff is way off now😂

  • Aegon the Conqueror isn't mythical, any more than William the Conqueror is mythical. Aegon and Daenerys are fictional characters, obviously, but, within the narrative of "Game of Thrones," Aegon the Conqueror is an historical figure.

  • take a shot each time The Take shows a clip of ned stark getting beheaded on their vidoes………

  • “It’s just a matter of when and how spectacular Cersei’s downfall will be.”

    gets buried by bricks

  • I like Cersei, But, I was drawn to Daenerys Character

  • Can we get a Sansa video? Her development was crazy that'd be so interesting

  • Dany. Good omen.

    GOT Season 8: NO.

  • Hmmmm… Lessons learned from the past… Just ask Walder Frey. Oops! Too soon?

    Just exactly who feels bad for Cersei? She's a cold hearted evil witch! Imho she can't die fast enough!

  • Ah, the good old times when game of thrones had depth and meaning.

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