G Punjabio ki tusi YouTube di Watched History ty Search History Delete krna chahndy o??? Chlo krdy a

in the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the merciful. i’m Azeez from Chawinda for Punjabi Ustaad How to Delete YouTube Watched and Searched History first of all open your Browser write YouTube.com on Search Bar if you are not Sign in to YouTube so Tap to Write sided Cerser Down at the end of YouTube page click on History batten there are two options Watched History and Searched History click on “clear all watced history” batten to Delete Watched history and then click again “clear all watched history” Batten after click on Search History section then click “clear all searh history” Batten to Delete Searched History Again click on “clear all search history” batten if you want to Sign in click on the Sign in batten then sign in Write your Email edress your Passwerd if you are Sign in to YouTube so click on History batten which is on the left row which show your personal details this all work i told you at first don’t forget to Subscribe my Channel Thanks

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