Future Internet Research and Experimentation – FIRE introduction

the Internet is the fastest developing
phenomenon in a history forty years of its existence have
massively influenced our lives and continue to shape the future
one innovation at a time professional researchers around the
world are working on making it even better but they face similar challenges and
often build similar solutions based on similar technologies
this means we are reinventing the wheel instead is moving faster towards the
future Internet here is a solution: Future Internet
Research and Experimentation – FIRE – is the opportunity to jointly
develop potentially disruptive innovations for the future of the Internet.
It’s about collaborative research in sharing existing test facilities to make the Internet of tomorrow better
visionary researchers can now work together much more easily share their knowledge and ideas about
future technologies impacting our daily routines what’s more – innovation needs
experimentation FIRE makes it possible for to use test facilities in different countries to use test facilities in different countries use this opportunity
your research institution your start-up your university your
passion join the movement and discover the
benefits of collaborative experimentation get involved with fire at
ict-fire.eu and accelerate your future internet
research and innovation

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