FUNNY!He deliberately mentioned his romantic history to me, and my prank made him surrender.|ep63-4

That is a small boat with a seal He answered You know very well If the person above escapes They are ready to come back You know they didn’t escape at all I’m silent Still hesitating and He hesitated This was what you meant I hope to see you win right now I’m just cold He praised me personally I am out of generosity Only denied Would rather spend many years on the island Than tonight tomorrow or the day after Die on the awning after awhile He broke out Do you want to drink yogurt? I read it to you You read to me it is good I beg you I beg you I occasionally sleep for a while But always feel It’s freezing I’m busy rubbing my hands Restore blood circulation for him Have to bake it for a while So fragrant I haven’t asked you yet When did you learn to cook? before A small town in western Hunan Met a girl That girl told me Schoolgirl I like boys to cook so I started learning by myself I thought you were studying in French Le Cordon Bleu Your focus is not right. what’s wrong Don’t you care what kind of girl I meet What kind of girl do you meet Can you give some sincerity Mr. Chen What kind of girl do you meet? Is it blue eyes or black eyes? What’s her name Look beautiful How old this year it is good I’ll call her sometime Have a meal together no way! good to eat Really delicious you’re uncomfortable Who is she Who is who girl Which girl The girl you want to eat together Which This Xiangxi town is good Good mountains and good water Particularly romantic Are you still thinking? it is good Then I think about it Xiangxi Small town Rainy day Qingshi Lu Lan Cui Ju Hanging House Don’t have too many girls in town Yes The girls in town love you Dare not You love me what happened bone Drink water Drink water What to do Vinegar, kitchen Where is the vinegar? there In the cabinet Not found Here the second floor Number of cabinets the second

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