Functional Resume Sample | Use This Resume To Quickly Change Careers

what’s the best resume format to use if
you are suddenly without a job maybe you’ve got furloughed or downsized or
let go or terminated or laid off and you desperately need to change careers
quickly it’s called a functional resume and a functional resume gives you a
tremendous amount of flexibility to showcase your skills and abilities in a
very persuasive way on a one-page resume so in this video you’re going to learn
how to write a functional resume and if you stick around to the end I’ll tell
you how to get a free functional resume template plus I’m going to give you an
important warning to keep in mind if you decide to use this resume format welcome Happily Employed Rockstar I’m
Robert with and you’re in the right place to learn
the secrets to getting a better job whether you’re new or returning I’m
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know when I post another video instead of showing your work history in a
reverse chronological resume format which is kind of the most traditional
resume format the functional resume or skills based resume or combination
resume format is designed to make it much easier for you to quickly show the
reader the skills experiences expertise that you have that is most relevant to
the position to which you are applying let’s take a more in-depth look at how a
functional resume works at the top is the usual header information and below
that is the title of the job that you are seeking the first section in this
functional resume sample that we’re looking at here is a very brief kind of
teaser summary of your skills this is basically three to five sentences or
bullet points that summarize the most important skills accomplishments
training that show the evidence that you can do the job to which you are applying
now it’s really important in this top section that you really impress the
reader your goal is to describe for them how what you’ve done in the past the
results accomplishments experiences you’ve had is relevant to what you can
do for them in the future you can write this in first-person I did this or I’m
really good at that or I can help significantly cut costs or I can help
significantly increase revenue you want to end this opening section with a call
to action much like you would do in the last two or three sentences if you’re
writing a cover letter or an introductory email so here is an example
I look forward to discussing how my and then you’re gonna insert your most
relevant skill or ability can help and then you’re gonna put the name of the
company followed by the benefit you’re going to offer them so for example I
look forward to discussing how my exception
sales ability can help and then you put the name of the company in there get
more profitable clients so very important to end this with a benefit
that you are going to provide to this company the second section of a
functional resume is a list of your most relevant accomplishment this can be
professional accomplishments or other relevant experiences if your college
student get ready to graduate maybe it’s something you did in one of your courses
but you’re gonna list these here in this second section ideally you’re gonna take
three of the most important skills or accomplishments that you mentioned in
section one right above this and you’re gonna expand on those and share even
more details you’re going to show how each of these accomplishments relates
specifically to the job you’re going to describe any specific skills that you
use to complete each of those accomplishments and share any measurable
results that will back up your abilities these bullets don’t have to be complete
sentences you can bold two to three of them if they are ones that you really
want to draw special attention to very important to keep it to one page if
necessary you can always use a slightly smaller point type such as eleven point
type instead of twelve but don’t go any smaller than eleven now
before I show the third and fourth sections of this resume I’m very curious
is what I’m sharing helpful to you if so drop a yes in the comments below the
third section of a functional resume is usually a very brief reverse
chronological resume summary of your work experience for the last 10 to 15
years you can see that you only need to list the title the company name the city
and state and the number of years or the year range that you worked there if you
have relevant experience that is from more than 10 to 15 years ago
you can insert a line here that is listed as earlier experience includes
and then you can insert whatever relevant job title
again shows you are qualified to do this job if you don’t have 10 to 15 years of
work experience that’s ok it may be appropriate for you to list every
position you’ve held the only caution and this isn’t the big warning which
I’ll give you in a minute but the only caution here is that you
want to be careful that this section doesn’t become too large remember the
whole goal of this is to present the most relevant information the most
persuasive information about your experiences your expertise your skills
and typically you’ll do that up in the in the two first sections if you have
room to list them all and it’s appropriate go ahead and do that but
don’t do it at the expense of shortening what what’s above and the persuasiveness
of that because that is really the most important the final section of the
functional resume format is typically your education if it is relevant to the
job if you include it be sure to list your degree your major name of the
school and the city state and year of graduation if your education is not
relevant to the job or if listing it will raise additional questions then
consider leaving it off now here is the big warning hiring managers can
sometimes view a skills or functional resume format with some suspicion
because it makes it a little harder for them to see where the gaps are in your
employment so here’s what I recommend if you use this and and I think it’s a very
powerful format so I would encourage you to really seriously consider it because
it gives you a very flexible way to persuasively show how you meet the
requirements for the job especially in situations where you are not able to
submit a cover letter this is a powerful resume format but if you’re gonna use it
I recommend before you submit it that you go ahead and make a complete list
like we did a longer list but but like we did inside the actual resume where
you’re just listing out the the each company that you worked for and the
years you just have a list there you don’t need to include your
accomplishments or anything like that your job title you can put that in there
but you just list that out on one sheet of paper so that if they ask for it
you’ve got it ready you can shoot it to them
or take it to the interview if they don’t ask for it beforehand so that you
can actually hand that to them so that they can see kind of where the gaps are
in your employment history and as always there is one more thing
grab your free functional resume template for Microsoft Word Google Docs
and Mac pages by going to be sure to share this with them and
until next time unleash your big dreams by asking
yourself this powerful question: What if it’s possible now?

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