From white supremacy to Barack Obama: The history of the Democratic Party

Today’s Democratic Party believes government
has an important role to play in society. It fights against economic inequality. It advocates policies that battle racial and
gender discrimination. But it wasn’t always this way. The Democratic Party was once the party of
white supremacy, supporting slavery and the Ku Klux Klan. To understand how the party made such a huge
shift, you have to go back to the party’s origins in the mid-1820s, when it sprung up
supporting the presidential candidacy of a popular former general, Andrew Jackson. Jackson was an outsider challenging the political
establishment and elites of his day, and his critics disparaged him as a “jackass.” But Jackson embraced the animal as a symbol
of determination, and donkeys started appearing in newspapers to represent him and his followers. In the 1828 presidential election, which saw
record-breaking popular participation, Jackson won a landslide victory. So his supporters argued that they and not
the old elites represented the popular will of the country — and they started calling
themselves the Democratic Party. Jackson’s administration immediately began
expelling Native Americans living east of the Mississippi River, an issue that defined
the new administration. After he signed the Indian Removal Act into
law in 1830, five large tribes were rounded up and forcibly marched to territories and
camps further west. And Democrats’ ambitions didn’t stop there. In the 1840s, the party adopted the doctrine
of “manifest destiny” — the idea that Americans — white Americans — were divinely entitled to dominate the whole North American continent. Democratic president James K. Polk put this
idea into action, massively expanding US holdings by annexing Texas, acquiring Oregon, and winning
much of what’s now the southwestern US in a war with Mexico. But soon afterward, national politics devolved
into bitter controversy over whether new states entering the Union should be permitted to
allow slavery. Democrats said they should, since their support
base was strongest in the slaveholding South. Yet a new Northern party — the Republicans
— sprang up in opposition to expanding slavery any further. When Republican Abraham Lincoln won the presidency,
the South seceded, and the Civil War began. Once the Civil War was over, the Republican
party was bitterly unpopular among white Southerners, who wanted to maintain their supremacy over
former slaves. So the Democratic Party promised to limit
federal government intervention on behalf of black citizens. Democrats became effectively the only political
party in the South, aided by intimidation and suppression of black voters. Democrats also won on the state and local
level leading to constant abuses of the rights of black citizens. As the 20th century began, the country was
changing, and the Democratic Party was changing too. A handful of individuals and corporations
had grown enormously rich and powerful, using their vast fortunes to influence politics. As a reaction to this, some reformers began
pushing an agenda of progressivism — arguing that the government would take more of a role
in regulating big businesses and improving ordinary people’s lives. At first, these progressive reformers were
present in both parties. But it was Democrat Woodrow Wilson who won
the presidency in 1912 and put much of this agenda into action, over Republican resistance. So the Democratic Party became the main home
for progressives, and Republicans became more the party of business. But it was the Great Depression of the 1930s
that sealed the Democratic Party’s new identity as the party of government activism. In an effort to combat the crippling economic
situation, President Franklin Roosevelt signed what was then the largest package of domestic
government projects in American History, calling calling it the New Deal. His administration dramatically expanded the
size of government. Yet the party was still split over race. By the mid-20th century, it contained Southerners
who staunchly supported segregation, liberal reformers trying to end it, and many politicians
happy to look the other way. But it was 1964 when the senate voted on the
anti segregation civil rights act that shows how the progressive reformers in the party
had gained the upper hand, steering the party away from its racists past towards equality. But the democrats in the south voted against
the civil rights act, remaining wedded to the idea of segregation. This chart shows the presidential vote of
black voters. Around the 1960s the Black voters who had
already been moving toward the Democratic party would begin overwhelmingly support Democrats
from then on, and conversely the republicans would take a huge hit in black voter support. Meanwhile, white Southerners, moved away from
the Democratic Party they had been loyal to for so long — in part because of race, but
also because of suspicion of big government and a desire to defend “traditional values”
against liberal activists. Democrats would go from dominating the South,
to losing almost all influence in the region. Thanks in part to this drop in popularity
among white voters, Democrats started losing elections, often losing by huge margins. But demographically, the US is becoming an
increasingly non-white country, and the democrats have had a comeback thanks in part to minority
voters. The huge influx of hispanic voters has especially
benefitted democrats. These demographic shifts helped the Democratic
Party, once the advocates of white supremacy and slavery to elect the first black president
in 2008, showing just how much the party had changed over the years. Yet it’s still not entirely clear where
the future of the Democratic Party will lie. But as America becomes more diverse, it’s
likely that the democratic party’s appeal among minorities will continue to be its strength
into the future.

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  • I love how this video was released with the overconfident expectation of Hillary winning the election the next day and becoming the next Democratic president

  • VOX does a good job at stating opinion. It still is the Party of Segregation. It truly is a "Wolf is sheeps clothing".

  • I want to know if this is added in the tuition of American history

  • These comments are a gold mine of angry conservatives

  • See, this is all part of a bigger political agendas hidden away from the plain sight of the public!

    You’re naive to think The ideologies and principles on which party was founded has or can change!

    Party Representation of any ethnicity or colour in the Democraic party are just an effort to appeal to the voters. Their real intention is not justified.

  • Should be call "LBJ to Barack Obama: How to get black Americans voting Democrat for 200 years"

  • They were horrible then and plain awful now.

  • They never changed just use different tactics !!!

  • Affiliations switched, but the people stayed the same.

  • The democrats are no different nowadays, they still use the race card and democrats still want to segregate blacks. Republicans are no different too, for them everyone is still equal.

  • The Democratic party has moved back to it's bigoted and intolerant roots with a vengeance, the difference is the groups they now seek to oppress are the non colored people ie. Whites, Asians, non LGBT people and to some extent Christians under the guise of these groups being made to be perceived as evil oppressors

  • It's disgusting how democrats see 'minorities' as their guaranteed vote for power. As if we were still their slaves

  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔 wow

  • 3:43 wow

  • Franklin Roosevelt admired Mussolini

  • Whoa whoa whoa, the men who build America is who you're referring to. Andrew Carnegie, JP Morgan and John Rockefeller, who were the 3 richest men of the day and also dictated the 1900 election because Teddy Roosevelt (THE GOAT) was going after big business. They told their employees and obviously they had a LOT of employees, that if they didn't vote for William McKinley they would all lose their jobs. Obviously they voted McKinley in to office and Teddy was made VP. After the election, workers were laid off, less than a year into his second term of presidency McKinley was assassinated by a laid off worker from CARNEGIE STEEL. That made Teddy Roosevelt (THE GOAT) President of the United States of America. Using the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 to bring down big business.

    Honestly, I'm surprised there isn't a movie about Teddy Roosevelt's Presidential run, that is an amazing true story and how it blew up those major companies faces is hilarious, you can't make this stuff up. He was and will always be the GOAT! There, that's the real history, your welcome.

  • The Democrats used Obama to gain the black vote, but it backfired. Instead of gaining ground with black voters, Obama only drove them away, but taking away jobs, destroying black communities (like Chicago), increasing the number of black incarceration, and waging war on our own law enforcement so that blacks felt less protected in their own homes.
    The flip side to that coin is Donald Trump, an outsider who said "enough is enough", and stepped forward to bring back jobs, boost our economy, restore black pride and American pride, and pass legislation to help poor, black communities to educate and instill pride in our black Americans because to Trump, and the rest of us, "black lives matter" should be about living our fellow American, rather than the hate group devised by the left.
    Black Americans are seeing that Trump is actually fulfilling the empty promises made by the democratic party for years.

  • 2019 I hate both Hillary and trump

  • Just using race to get votes. That’s about it. Same old song and dance

  • Illinois senator Abraham Lincoln free to slaves Barack Obama Illinois senator enslaves blacks again

  • I can't believe I used to be demacratic. That party has changed so much over just the last 20 years

  • Northern democrats were against slavery though.

  • Are you offended yet…

    snowflakes XD

  • Kinda glossed over the Democrat implementation, in 1913, of the Central Bank, owned by 13 families, and in totally IMHO, unconstitutionally separating monetary policy from control by the people’s elected representatives. That same year the Democrats passed the Federal Income Tax (of 1/2% ?). They called their privately owned and controlled Central Bank, The Federal Reserve. BUT, wait for it, It IS NOT FEDERAL, AND THERE IS NO RESERVE.

  • We all know. Republicans get votes in the south Democrats get votes in North.

  • so essentially, race has been the defining factor for 20th century political organization

  • The Democrat Party: From enslaving blacks and exploiting the poor to getting them hooked on handouts. Times change, some things don't.

  • Racists the lot of these Dems.

  • why didn't they dissolve the party and create a new one?

  • Why are minorities in Democratic Party stronghold areas super poor and stay poor over generations?

  • Every time there is a video talking about race/politics/parties the comment section gets all heated and against one another

    Not that it’s for no reason because a lot of the comments are opposing different opinions

    America is the comment section

  • 🤣🤣 The inconvenient truth the left tries to deny. What a shame 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • It's not Democratic Party it's Democrat Party. Don't confuse the two PLEASE!!!!

  • Democratic Party: Destroy Native Americans, declares Jim Crow Law, and more threats.

  • i am now a republican after seeing this

  • If people of all white nationalities could learn to accept people of other colors and acknowledge that God gave them the same abilities and opportunities/talents/intelligence etc as whites, this world would probably cut back on a major part of this world's violence. That spells peace. Give it a try.

  • Do more research. Texas was not annexed. Texas was its own nation for 5 years and then asked to became a state when it was on the edge of bankruptcy.
    Mexico did not extend up to Oregon. Draw a line in both directions where the Alamo is; and that it where Mexico ended.

    America 2019 population. White citizens 77.6% minorities 22.4%.
    America has a higher percentage of white people today then it did a 100 years ago.

  • It's funny how people that post these videos never mention the mass exodus of southern whites from the Democrat party to the Republican party🤨

  • As the South became "Less & Less" Racist… it's become "MORE & MORE" REPUBLICAN.
    I'm a Mex/American from Los Angeles… I Support Pres. TRUMP!

  • Thanks I learned today

  • Also mind the fact that since both parties have switched platforms, we can conclude that they have scammed Americans and stolen money from the real government.

  • "I'm not racist, I just vote against my best interests for uh…reasons."

  • This analysis of the expansion into Mexico glosses over the fact that The US defeated ALL OF MEXICO DOWN TO AND INCLUDING THE YUCATAN PENINSULA in the Mexican American War. However, rather than “keeping” the conquered Mexico, the US settled the whole dispute, and actually paid for those parts of Mexico that where in what is the present day US.

  • So basically the racist people became not racist, and the not racist people became racist, guess we wait another 200 years and see a shift again

  • Cherry picked info and conveniently left out key points

  • The Democratic Party is the party of poverty. In 7.5 years this party pushed 8,000,000 Americans into poverty and every last one of them had no problem self enriching themselves. The Democratic Party believes that poverty is the key to maintaining power. Dictators around the world play this same card. Trump in three years helped 5,000,000 Americans out of poverty and the Democrats are crying watching their progress going backwards. So to counter act this the Dems want open borders lets flood America with illegal migrants or in other words expand their voting base. Obama turned his back on millions of Americans who lost their homes in order to help his friends on Wall Street and yes surprise surprise this fraud within four months of leaving office was collecting $400,000 for one half hour speeches to guess who, Wall Street. Susan Rice has a net worth of 30 million dollars tell me how does someone making 200k a year serving the public amass a fortune.

  • They pulled the ol switcharoo huh?

  • & they say republicans r racists lol 😂

  • Democrats haven’t changed they still bully & lie & steal & make up there rules like they have for over 200 years

  • Another words: the parties never switch, all the racist whites in the South started voting republican cause they felt that the Dems betrayed them after the civil right movement.

  • Democrats are still the racist party.

  • They are still racist. Blacks are still treated unfairly by democrats by the welfare system.

  • From white supremacy to Barack Obama and back again.

  • Democrats are still the same old party of racism that they've always been. Only the tactics have changed.

  • Before we start a Green (Red Ink) New Deal, shouldn’t we FIRST pay for the original New Deal. Social Security is going BANKRUPT IN MONTHS (less than 60).

  • I hate democrats 😠

  • Democrats are still racist they are in just to much denial to own up to it, coming from a black man

  • Ok, to be honest, born as ninety or milenial generation, if not because of recorded history, I think Democrat who against slavery in the past, I was wrong

  • White supremacy….uuuuu 😱

  • so old dems are new republicans?

  • Sooooo as the south got less racist and less white over time… it got more Republican

  • Never knew Jackson was so famous for democrat lore. Puzzled 😕 trump chose Jackson as his idol. Maybe it reflects his bipartisan leaning or juz confusion. Thought he shd hv picked another repub


  • DemoRats

  • Democratic party is still racist. Just look at welfare and government handouts. Just slavery by another name.

  • From Republicans to REEEEEEpublicunts

  • "Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel" Ayn Rand

  • The party made a shift alright. When they had their slaves taken away they found a way to economically enslave them instead. They are still the party of white supremacy. And they think they own the black vote now too.

  • that makes sense. we are, after all, a country created with the sole purpose of attracting immigrants. we created a free land where others could escape the tyranny of other countries in favor of something better. that's why xenophobia in america just seems so backwards to me.

  • Democrats are not the party of minorities
    Just don't simplify and tag an entire group with them
    It depends on the situation and the candidate
    Republicans are far better now compared to Democrats
    If Tulsi Gabbard doesn't make it of the primaries…then my vote is for Trump

  • Wow this is highly editorialized. You're lucky people aren't reading history that much so you can sell this version of it.

  • democrats silenced republicans and prevented freedom of speech and assembly in the south.
    now democrats silence republicans and prevent freedom of speech and assembly on the west coast, on college campuses, and social media.
    who do you people think you are kidding.

  • First democratic president; killed thousands of Indians
    First Republican president; freed 4.5 million men women children from slavery saved the union got the 13, 13, 15 amendment passed
    Now ask me who is the racists?

  • Why didn't you mention how FDR's New Deal discriminated against blacks? Is this the part of progressivism you want to omit?

  • You know the North had slaves, and discrimination against blacks as well

  • DemoKKKrats still racist don't be fools!

  • This video literally made by racist DemoKKKrats who want to import more mexican for slaves.

  • wow,
    'where the democratic party will 'lie'" lol, way to gloss Vox, shine those tiny bits.

  • Democrats are jacka$$ Because they are evil should never trust this political party democrat creates racism and violence

  • they are still the party of supremacy and tyranny…. they just don't openly say it and hide their agenda.. proven fact.

  • Really? You guys going with Woodrow Wilson as the "progressive hero" over trustbuster Teddy Roosevelt, the founder of the progressive party? Stop trying to spin a myth that Democrats started progressivism, they weren't progressive until FDR took office.

  • Pulled a 180 there

  • Correction – It is Democrat Party not Democratic Party. And it has long since moved past democracy and is moving further into socialism every election they win.

  • How we went from bad ideologies, to another group of bad ideologies

  • But Jackson is still a donkey

  • Today's democrats are disgusting, including Obama who gave Iran, the money to become a world threat.

  • Dems are done in America count on it.

  • I’m a staunch Democrat and I agree they shouldn’t have skipped over Woodrow Wilson he was a racist also FDR “Handouts” didn’t help blacks

  • Cmon Vox you know better

  • The Democrats have hurt the country more globally than any party in recent history.

  • The Democrats are done

  • The Democratic Party was split between Northern and Southern States.

  • The facts are the Democratic Globalists policies can be described in one sentence. POVERTY FOR ALL BUT THEM. In 7.5 years this party pushed 8,000,000 Americans into poverty and had they won the last election this number would now be 16,000,000.

  • Who was the founder of Democratic party?

  • So now the Hispanics are the racists

  • I dont like democrats , and obama wasn't the first black president

  • Minute 2:20…. a comservative president win and the democrats
    divide the country and start civil war, just like today .
    So is a tactic they use often when they lose, destroy it all for me or for no one.

  • Then they try to say the Democratic-
    Republicans became the Republican party.
    No it became The Democratic party with Jackson Whigs or conservative party became The Republicans.

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