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  • Seems people find any little thing to pick on ARK for. I wonder if it's either A) Jelly people who can't run the game, B) People who have the irrational mindset to despise every EA game in existence. Or C) Idiots. Maybe all of the above?

  • You're so Jazzy I was looking for the Fresh Prince!

  • audio seems a little quiet today :'(

  • gonna miss the daily vlogs πŸ™

  • There was a convention over here that made volunteers buy a ticket, and then the idea was that if you did all your duties as a volunteer then they would reimburse you the ticket cost. It only lasted 2 years because in part because the people who would have volunteered decided that if they were paying for a ticket anyway, why not just be an attendee.

  • Ugh the Phoenix Comicon thing is so gross. What makes it even more shady is one of the owners of the con is on the board of the non-profit, and there's questions of legality and conflict of interest and whatnot. Also, my friend was a whistleblower on the email that was sent out to several people talking about the change and she openly voiced her criticism, and in retaliation for voicing dissent Matt Solberg (the owner) canceled/refunded her booth and banned her from the con. 😑 He actually made it a point to fed-ex her a check and a letter explaining that she was banned, then claimed she's the one who's being vindictive and has been telling outright lies about her. PCC has been my favorite con for years, but after this I don't think I'll be returning.

  • Doesn't matter if I want to play Black Desert. The game's been locked from my region entirely unless some company over here picks it up. This fucking sucks. Why are games still being region-locked at this day and age??

  • Black Desert still region blocked in South Africa πŸ™

  • Right eyebrow MIA


  • 6:50 Early Access is a bullshit excuse that devs can use if you have problems with the game. What's worse is that Valve even allows developers to abuse Early Access. Once you ask money for your game, it is out, it doesn't matter what bullshit label you put on it, it's done.

  • "Dijju do it?"

  • I've spent loads of time playing Binding of Undertale, which is mostly a Graphics/Music mod that changes around the Characters stats/items. After installing Afterbirth on my new computer I can't get any of it working anymore. Hopefully I can get Antibirth to work out.

  • 0:35 Binding of Isaac expansion
    2:51 Night in the Woods
    4:18 Ark: Survival Evolved and the Steam Awards
    8:23 Frog Fractions
    10:54 Black Desert Online
    12:15 Phoenix Comicon

  • People were upset that a game dev was trying to get people to vote for their game in the Steam Awards. Really? Do these people not realize the Steam Awards are meaningless? They are there solely to get people to come back every day in hopes they would buy more games. Jesus Christ. People are idiots.

  • Everyone should try black desert, mainly to see character creation lmao. I have never spend so much time creating chars as in this game, i got my money worth with that, don't care about the game really.

  • Doooodgerrr, it's 1 AM dawg

  • Early Access is supposed to be a way for people to be involved in the alpha phase of a game, but that is not how it is being used. Some games seem to be perpetually in Early Access, so it feels like it is more a way for devs to shirk responsibility for sub-par quality. And to also give them a way to just abandon a game if they can't make it work and STILL get our money. Like so many things Valve does with Steam, the intentions seem good, but the reality is often a far cry from those intentions, because there is so little oversight from them and it is wide open for abuse.

  • Have to pay to do work and volunteer. What? Having to pay to help out. What? Also possibly having to pay and still not go. You Whut mate?

  • I'm so disappointed that goat sim won the award because it's a just a stupid meme game that doesn't deserve any recognition.

  • Love the new intro! 😎and great show as always!


  • too right dodger 2017 is gonna be a great year, i mean look we went almost 25 minutes without a terror attack

  • The problem I have with ark, is that it still runs like utter shit.

  • Afterbirth plus is releasing today, not in a couple weeks like you said

  • Literally the only thing inside Black Desert Online worth the time is the character creator. The rest of the game is so utterly awful it boggles my mind. The combat's crap, voice acting is laughable, the translation is possibly the worst I've seen in any MMO, and the UI is so utterly bad it defies comprehension.

  • it's not like ark had a chance at that award, I mean that category might as well have been called "the goat simulator award"

  • (A negative response)

  • OMG! The cool cat head showing me when I can mute the vid to avoid spoilers?!

    Is this THE FUTURE?!

  • Shes fucking ugly with that much makeup

  • You look beautiful, so lovely… awesome review and cool game, funtastic on January πŸ˜„

  • I feel like Dodger was their target audience when they made Night in the woods. I am keen for this game.

  • only the gaming community can create controversy over a sheep

  • They could have not given the sheep if they didn't win, that's totally fair, cuz they're also not giving the pig and chicken they didn't ever promise or mention.Welcome to the "participation award" generation that deserves everything even if they don't earn it. And Early Access games should NEVER have DLC. EA is "this game isn't finished, but you can buy it early," and to then add DLC is like saying "no no, these apples weren't part of the fruit salad you bought, they're extra. You're fruit salad is going to be great and have grapes and berries, but we just think it'd be cool to sell apples as an extra." Imagine if you paid someone to wash your car and then they did everything but the mirrors, then asked if you wanted to pay $5 extra for the mirrors. DLC is additional content, but when your game isn't complete, there's no additional. Everything you add is towards finishing the game, and only once its finished can you start to deliver extra stuff.

  • Your makeup is on point here! <3 Looking amazing as always. πŸ˜€

  • Antibirth is so awesome

  • Surely the sensible thing with volunteering for comic-con would be to charge everyone, then refund the volunteers if they turn up when they're supposed to. Charging them regardless is just a cash grab, nothing more. If the volunteers have any sense they'll boycott this one, it sets a ridiculous precedent.

  • My birthday is January!

  • Don't worry Dodger , if it's being delayed that probably means it's being improved!

  • Is that a tattoo on Dodger's right arm or a marker drawing?

  • Early Access isn't a new thing, it started with Minecraft and no, it isn't the "Alpha process" in most cases, its just the beta stages and in a lot of cases, just games that won't get finished because of lack of competence

  • Wait, why am I getting German subtitles that are on by default?

  • I was surprised that you didn't talk about the last of us part II teaser trailer or even the new uncharted game and DLC.

  • Okay so I really don't get what an ARG is. I get what the acronym stands for but I have no idea what it means.

  • I love your shirt <3

  • Found it funny she was trying to not spoil frog fractions 2 by having people mute but then puts a big banner of the game that its hidden in… smh lol oh well the intention was still good

  • afterbirth + comes out in 1 day not 3 weeks dumb ass

  • so excited for more isaac!!!

  • dodger please upload walk-through videos.

  • with the phoenix comicon thing, a convention in Adelaide, South Australia had it that you get accepted as a volunteer and then you buy an early bird price ticket which you get refunded after the convention

  • At 9:09 you sounded just like Kevin Hart in one of his stand up shows saying "Are you done, you done?". That was spot on^^ Dont know if you know his show though.

  • I'm playing black desert as I'm watching this. xD

  • Nice face.

  • Black Desert = Pay to win

  • Pretty dry news at this time of the year

  • Christmas crowns in the animation! Yay!

  • Never heard of Night in the Woods before – but looks right up my street! Thanks as always Dodger & happy NY! πŸ˜€

  • For those asking, the sick new tat on her forearm is a temporary tattoo from Inkbox. πŸ˜‰

  • Audio is a little bit low, Dooger! Needed to turn you up a lot.

  • My only problem with ark is that they are selling DLC with an early access game. I was gonna buy that game but I instantly removed the game from my wishlist after they did that. Shame, the game looks fun but I will not support business practices like that.

  • You a fan of Teen Wollf, Doogs?

  • I always figured they'd call the next expansion to Isaac 'Stillbirth,' following the theme. But maybe that's too far even for Ed McMillan.

  • The issue with the volunteers could be solved by adding a rescue ranger role, someone who is onsite and will fill in when people can't make their shifts.

  • doger you are right to say that black desert doesnt have a subscription but there is something similar, a strong buf that dures 1 month and it decreses the amount the ingame marketplace takes from your sales, altho you can buy this to other players and is not hard to do, you grind 1 hour and you have eneught mony to buy it. So maybe that why people are talking about bdo being subscription base when is not.

  • We need an animation intro montage! πŸ™‚

  • 5:06 OMG I just had a flash back to high school. :shudders:

  • I hope bethesda acknowledge the mods for FO4 and skyrim as well as the binding of isaac creator did

  • How come the channel has 800k subscribers and yet a day old video doesnt even get 50k views.

  • my volume control voted trump twice, it has wandered far right

  • dodger is it just the lighting or did you accidentally your eyebrow?

  • I wonder how many people actually knew it existed before it was solved. No one said anything about it for years then all of a sudden. "This long-standing mystery we all know about is solved!"

  • still my fav content. thanks doooodger.

  • Pretty sick purrito picture there, so handsome, so majestic

  • You said I could leave a negative response, so here it is: Sweets and candy are gross. How's that negativity for you? Still think it was a good idea to include that at the end Dodger? You allowed me to do this.

  • Still my favourite editing along with great content in the new year

  • "that's fine I'll deal with it" I died laughing your too funny Dodger!

  • Happy new year, Doogs~

  • Happy New Year, Doogs! I miss your daily vlogs. ❀

  • No mention of the travesty of CS:GO getting the "Just 5 more minutes" award? I mean there are so many options. It should have been Civ or EU4 or HOI4.

  • If only Black Desert Online would stop IP blocking my ENTIRE region… :/

  • There aren't any farm animals in ark atm though right? Did they actually win that? ffs

  • man people are getting mad about a joke award. i can understand the dlc thing but being mad at anything involving the joke steam awards is crazy

  • I dunno, if BDO is a grind….lvl 53 and I mostly just farm (literally: Carrots, Strawberries, Grapes, Sun Flowers, and Moomoo Cows). πŸ˜›

    For reference: The top rankers in the Character Level are 60.xx; so not bad for someone picking flowers. xD

  • Great video Doder!!! Love watching Newz!

  • that right eyebrow. get a permanent marker or something.

  • Is Dodger aware of the word "Butts" to access the game?

  • are you an elf? man you're gorgeous

  • I'm horrible at fractions…and even worse at frogs.

  • Ed McMillen has always been super supportive and cool about modders. Spider, the guy who made Spidermod for the original Isaac (the definitive way to play BoI before Rebirth existed) was recruited for the dev team for Rebirth. Afterbirth+ exists so that Edmund can move on from Isaac and work on other stuff, but allow others to continue to breathe new life into the game.

  • I knew someone was missing from my huge subscription list. lol. Fucking YouTube unsubbed me from you :/ Must have been about a year or + more ago too. Luckily I was recommended you by another channel and said……. wtf. I AM subbed to that channel but it showed that I was not subbed to ya. I better go check on Dexterity Bonus. lol

  • the name of this channel is a copy or inspired on Presskeytoplay?

  • Hustle Cat, oh Hustle Cat,

    Wherefore art thou, Hustle Cat?

  • As a Frog Fractions 2 ARG developer, I'll just say that no one, to my knowledge was surprised that FF2 came out within another game. I love Dodger, but I feel like she's just making this up!

  • while i'm not a fan of The binding of Isaac myself the act of the developer HELPING the MOD TEAM by directly giving them assets to make it a smoother transition into the new version of the game BEFORE THE UPDATE IS EVEN RELEASED FOR IT is fucking amazing. why can't other big developers do this for their modding community? COUGH-BETHSEDA-COUGH!!!!!

  • and while i personally don't like the early access system as it currently is, being easily abused that is. I don't see how ANYONE can defend DLC for an early access title. No way in hell is that remotely acceptable to release content to buy on the side while the game itself is STILL IN DEVELOPMENT AND NOT READY FOR FULL RELEASE! i hate it when people just shrug it off like it's nothing when this is something that COULD become a common place business model!

  • just to say this about the pheonix comic-con thing, i think the BEST solution to this issue is charge them for the membership, then if they are CHOSEN and they do everything they're asked to do as per their job as a volunteer, they can then be offered a refund for the membership and if they DON"T do their job their money is used to pay for a ticket rather than be a volunteer and they call in another individual who's on the list at that point in time to see if they're willing to come help instead. would it be frustrating to do all of this? yes, but it would solve the "is it okay to charge for something with out the promise of them definitely being chosen" issue. you get what i'm saying?

  • I volunteered at Phoenix comicon back in 2014. they Used to have a 8 hour shift system where you work those 8 hours then you have the rest of the con to yourself. it worked well, I feel like this new method is not a good idea at all

  • When in the hell was BDO $5? the last I checked soon after the beta happened and the initial release happened it was like $25 or more

  • This shit sucks. Video labeled FF2 and she talks about it for 2 minutes with 50 edits and cuts and "umms" just to say FF2 is in Glitter Mitten Grove? People like this? Jesus christ what a trainwreck of a video. Maybe write yourself a script or something, jump cuts every few seconds are super unprofessional and distracting. Also maybe look up the price of a game before you do a video where you say you don't know the price of a game. Like wtf?

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