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I’m going on trial for all of my transgressions that I’ve made in the past two weeks I thought I was gonna be serious and they didn’t be oh now I’m nervous so yeah Freddie’s gonna go through my search history thankfully she got a new phone and she’s like updating it so I can’t go through her search history but I can go through you I think we’re gonna go through my internet search history my Instagram search history and then should we do my Spotify search for you yeah yeah what would we allow in yours I mean I Google so many things like after why that’s I that’s shameful cause like I do the same you’ll see I do this same thing yeah it’s mostly like I still hide or lives this way yeah a lot of times I’ve been like looking up after ages so I’m just gonna give you my pin okay I’m gonna start from the top all right all right it says I just want to make a grown man cry okay to be fed of song it’s a song lyric it’s a song lyric john mulaney wife yeah let’s let’s unpack that um they’re lobbying what is there to say John Mulaney is gorgeous I ran into him when we were in New York that was past month he was in Chelsea walking his dog and I was just I didn’t say anything or do anything but then I was like oh my so gorgeous even in person and then I looked up his wife his wife equally is gorgeous equally as smart I’m so happy for them horoscopes for the full moon Taurus I googled my horoscope the full moon cuz I was feeling extra one day and so I thought maybe he had something to do with the stars couldn’t have to do anything tell company someone parked in front of my driveway and I was like no I’m gonna tow this and then I was like no Devin you’re acting out of a place of anger just go knock on your neighbor’s doors and tell them to move their car so spent 15 minutes searching for whose car it was introduce myself to my neighbor he was like yeah my wife’s out of town so I’m just taking care of my son by myself my hands are really full so I just forgot to move it and I’m like fine and then it made me feel good that I didn’t okay yeah cuz he just seemed like a dad overwhelmed Sabrina the Teenage Witch Netflix LC you were looking up like how to look like you you bailed it thank you thank you it’s just the blonde Bob King Tut exhibition back pounds and you’re just prevailing my nerd nerd isms I really liked Egypt when I was a little girl and like studying about mummies and so King Tut is in town I want to go see him oh this is for Columbia yeah I’m going to Columbia in January with Patrick my boyfriend just celebrate my 30th birthday and four years together how long oh nice turn off that you know Instagram searches straight now this is where you’re gonna really see the dark side of Devon who Devon’s creepin on yeah I’m gonna creep it on people see with your Instagram search history it’s that’s where your deepest darkest self comes out you know that’s when you’re like on Instagram you see somebody tagged someone you’re like who is this yes yeah so Freddie saw that I was creeping on my ex my ex from like five years ago I saw his on the internet recently and I was like phew I’m freedom and so that I hate looking back so sometimes if I search my ex it’s honestly just to keep tabs to make sure he’s staying on his side of the post Kristen hmm Becky hammers burger Becky Keith’s wife is so wonderful I love her so much Chantel Houston she’s fine mm-hmm round boys Oh round animal so when I’m sad I like to look up around boys okay that wasn’t too great it wasn’t too crazy you know mm-hmm I mean the ex was in there but like whatever he had spice to the cocktail okay first of all I just gonna start off by saying your Spotify playlists are always fire thank you so that’s the daily that’s like my New York Times podcast they listen to every morning but this morning I was started I started listening to it and I got anxious mm-hmm I feel like I can’t do that anymore I can’t listen to in the morning in the morning first thing I love Billy Eilish I’m obsessed with her oh my gosh did she have spiders crawling out of her mouth did you show me that okay okay I love her so much she’s this like 15 or 16 year old who has the same beautiful voice she did a duet with Khalid hmm it’s just I love her so much number one dance with number one dad’s number one dad’s is a band I think out of Australia or New Zealand and they are like this indie band they do a lot of remixes I just really like them they’re very soulful cute Thomas Abin yeah he’s just like this man with a very high voice that’s great sometimes I like this movie that’s it kill pretty tame very tan I will say that my heart is beating so fast my search history is very much loads out there you google that I’ll tell you [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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