Frank Mitchell: Congresswoman Bolton

We used to work some pretty long hours.
I mentioned getting up for Capitol Page School early. But then sometimes the sessions would go—drag on—into
the evenings, into the night, sometimes almost all night. And the Pages would just be dragging about
one, two, three o’clock in the morning. The phones weren’t ringing. The people
that would normally be calling were in bed. So we’re just sitting there, heads down, shoulders
sagging. We’re ready to just fall asleep. Congresswoman Bolton would come in.
“Boys! Boys! {clap clap} Come on. Get a little chipper here. We need some energy.
We need to do some deep breathing exercises, or you need to tell your mind that your muscles need to relax. Close your eyes. Start at your head. Go down to your neck,
your chest, your shoulders, your thighs, your feet.” We’d go through that and then we’d come back, and then she would say, “Okay, open your eyes. Now don’t you feel better?” She was just a real energetic woman—
very philanthropic, very ahead of her time. And she was trying to get us to be a little more energetic, too. >Did it work?>Sometimes. [laughter]

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