Four Founders of Hogwarts & Hogwarts Origins Explained

pretty much anyone that’s read the Harry
Potter books or seen the movie says wish that they could go to Hogwarts it’s a
magical place and one of the most intriguing parts of the series but how
did it form when did it form who formed it I’m gonna answer all of these
questions and explain to you the four founders of Hogwarts Hogwarts was founded in 990 ad by four
people Godric Gryffindor Helga Hufflepuff Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar
Slytherin the four were some of the most powerful and respected wizards of their
time and they were all good friends Godric Gryffindor was known for being
the best duelist of his time Salazar Slytherin was known for being a parson
mouths meaning he could speak to snakes Helga alpha puff was particularly gifted
in food spells and marina and Helga were the closest of the four the school they
decided to create was in a castle somewhere in the Highlands of Scotland
it’s a popular historical theory that the location and name of the school were
chosen by Rowena Ravenclaw who dreamt that a warty hog was leading her to a
cliff by a lake where the school would later be located it’s also thought that
Raven claw came up with the ever changing floor plan the school had a
huge property with sloping lawns a huge lake and a giant forest both the lake
and the forest filled with many different magical creatures the fort put
many charms on the castle to make it impossible for any muggle to see it and
thanks to the charms all that the muggles would see were ruins and several
warning signs of danger they also made it so witches and wizards could not
operate or dis operate meaning magically appear or disappear somewhere in the
hogwarts grounds the school was built in a time where magic was feared by the
common people and witches and wizards suffered much persecution which might
have influenced all the protective charms that the floor founders put on
the school they created many subjects for the school some of which included
astronomy charms defense against the dark arts herbology history of magic
potions transfiguration muggle studies care of magical creatures and many many
more hufflepuff had a gift for food-related charms and the recipes that
she created are still used as the basis of recipes even at Harry’s time at
Hogwarts hufflepuff was also the one who arranged
for house elves to be the cooks for the school she thought it would be a good
way to make sure that they weren’t mistreated or abused which in that time
period house elves were especially mistreated the four founders decided to
have four houses and each one of the four houses was named after one of them
and each wanted a certain selection of students for their own house
Gryffindor warned his students to be brave daring have nerve courage and
chivalry the coat of arms that he chose was a lion which definitely went along
with the bravery trait that he was so keen on hufflepuff wanted her students
to be the most loyal patient and honest but while the other houses had high
standards she took on the students they both master requirements along with
those who didn’t fit the others requirements so essentially she took the
students that no one wanted this made the school a better place because she
brought people from different backgrounds together
she chose a badger as her coat of arms ravenclaw wanted her students to be the
most intelligent have the most width cleverness creativity and wisdom coat of
arms that she chose was an eagle and finally Slytherin wanted his students to
have the most ambition be the most cunning determined resourceful and most
of all he wanted them to have good blood purity meaning he preferred pure Bloods
a child born from two wizards the coat of arms he chose was a snake to go along
with his rare ability to speak to them each house had their own common room
Gryffindor’s is on the seventh floor hidden behind a portrait of the fat lady
to get in you give a password to the fat lady
hufflepuffs common room is near the kitchens and to get in you have to tap a
fake Barrow in the rhythm of Helga Hufflepuff Ravenclaw common room was
located on one of the highest towers of Hogwarts and to get in you must answer a
riddle given to you by an eagle door knocker slytherins common room is
located in the dungeons underneath the Black Lake and is hidden behind a stone
wall and to get in you need a password just like Gryffindor after many years of
the four founders choosing their students they weren’t sure how they were
going to sort the students once they were gone to solve this Gryffindor took
off his hat and all four of them enchanted it through a good sword
students long after their deaths and they named it the sorting hat everything
went very well for the school in the early years but eventually tension began
to grow between the four founders this is because Laverne despised taking
students for muggle-born Families and said that he would not have them at
their school he tried to persuade the others to only take students from
pureblood families the other founders didn’t agree with this especially
Gryffindor who was the most in favor of allowing muggle-born students in their
school Slytherin and Gryffindor had a huge
argument and there may have even been a duel between the two along with the
civil war between the houses afterwards Slytherin chose to leave the school but
he had a secret up his sleeve and that secret wouldn’t share the others
decision to allow muggle-born students in the school to
fire on them Slytherin built a secret chamber underneath the school which was
unknown to the other founders the entrance was located in the girls
bathroom and the chamber contained a basilisk which is a type of snake that
has one of the longest lifespans on earth a basilisk can kill just from
looking someone in the eye other than Slytherin himself the only
person that could awake the beast was his true heir and that air would release
the basilisk many years later and purge the school of all muggle-borns
eventually in 1943 Tom Riddle or Lord Voldemort Salazar Slytherin’s true heir
would release the Beast and would kill a muggle boy and girl named Myrtle years
later Tom ensured that he would be able to open the chamber again one day I
would be able to lead another to finish Salazar Slytherin’s noble work it didn’t
kill anyone that time around though but it did patch of five several students
and scared the entire school something I think the Salazar Slytherin would have
been proud of each founder left behind a relic that they use during their life
Godric Gryffindor as goblin made sword was kept as his relic after his death my
spell but take a true Gryffindor to the relic was extra special because it had a
bond to the Sorting Hat which as I mentioned earlier was also made by
Godric Gryffindor whenever a true Gryffindor needs the sword we will
present itself to that person through the sorting hat hufflepuff left behind a
small golden cup with a badger engraved on it the same symbol as hufflepuffs
house Romina Ravenclaw’s relic was a diadem
that was said to have special powers which would enhance the wisdom of the
wear and finally Salazar Slytherin left behind a locket that was emblazoned with
the letter S later and Rowena Ravenclaw’s life she had a daughter
named Helena who Reena taught herself at Hogwarts Helena was jealous of her
mother’s famous intellect so she stole the diadem from her hoping to use its
powers to enhance her wisdom Rowena was ashamed of her daughter’s treason and
hid her betrayal from everyone even the other three founders Helena fell in love
with the Baron and when her mother fell fatally ill Rowena asked the Baron to go
find her daughter so she could see her daughter one last time before she died
and pretend like the whole betrayal never happened and have one last moment
together unfortunately the
in a fit of rage when Helena refused to come with them and marina was never able
to see her daughter again and they were never able to put their Feud behind them
some people think that roaming is broken heart over her daughter led to her early
demise she was the first of the founders to die it’s unknown how or when the rest
of the founders died but it is known that they left behind one of the
greatest legacies in magical history their school would help shape some of
the most well-known and successful wizards and witches ensuring a bright
future for the Wizarding World and all it’s time to come

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