Fotografi Te Frikshme Qe Japin Te Dridhura

Brave Browser is the only browser based on the user’s personal privacy blocking ads and trackers that steal your data for profit of advertising or misrepresentation companies your information. Brave Browser is used instead of this the reward of its users. so you can earn single currency by just browsing through your favorite web pages. A picture is as many as 1,000 words then in this scary picture at least 25,000 Like that. Scary, cool photos you’ve never experienced in your life The scary New York home is the building designed to treat sick people with tuberculosis and is the first of its kind in America. Looking at this scary picture carefully we see a nurse wearing it white. Climbing home stairs to care for her patients. Between 1972 and 1978, John Wayne killed at least 38 men in the Illinios In 1980 forensic artists were recruited to reconstruct the features of 9 victims unidentified in order to be published in the media in an effort to identify them. John was known as the Killer Clown. This 1928 picture of Lon Chaney as a bored Clown is taken from the film Laugh Clow Laugh This scary picture may be another reason why people might be afraid of clown. If you look at these scary photos they will be chill and bored from these stories that make you believe they are ghosts. The ghostly images displayed on this wall in a tunnel in Germany feature 21 young people who died at a German music festival. 500 more people injured in devastating tragedy, if this scary picture with with a cold story, it doesn’t make you really scared you’re strong from the heart. The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was the most powerful earthquake that took many lives and destroyed 28,000 homes, leaving over 3,000 people dead. This is one of the 28,000 houses destroyed by the earthquake. As a result of a fire in Greece, more than 86 people died from the blaze, or were strangled attempted to leave for sea. Fishermen and boat owners were trying to save as much as possible life. But the look of a burnt soccer ball is a scary image of the memory of being destroyed leaves you behind On this tombstone is written the name George Washington, everyone thinks of the president first of the united states of America, but they are wrong. This is the first man executed through the electric chair. On the night of February 8th 1924, Texas executed a total of 28 convicts, using the electric chair. This scary picture is certainly a moving story. This picture of the murdered girl behind death row has a scary story. Which awarded the citizens of Texas their decision and execution on February 3, 1998. After a girl named Carla confessed to killing two people during a robbery she made a conversion to Christianity, and with her pretensions and beauty she wanted to push authority to forgive. Her execution was carried out by lethal injection who was the first of a woman in Texas Ghost ships are haunted by nature especially when no one can detect what happened to the missing crew. But this ghost ship in this frightening photograph was inadvertently launched into the sea as one the result of the 2011 tsunami off the coast of Japan along with about 5 million tons of waste Because it was a potential threat to the environment American authorities sink the ghost ship in 2012. The photo shows smoke, but this photo tells us that history is a mystery. On February 17, 1918, the whole royal family of Russia and some of the servants were killed, bringing about a rapid end to a 300-year-old dynasty. The family had been imprisoned by the Bolsheviks since February 1917 Prior to this the patriarch of the Tsar Nicholas II family had made some bad decisions including the leadership of the country in World War I in 1914. The same year that this photo was taken, as we said at the beginning, these scary pictures have more than 25,000 words that explain an entire History. As a dynasty fell to Russia, a flu virus was killing about 100 million people worldwide In comparison, the AIDS virus has killed 35 million people in the last four decades. In this scary picture you see a red cross truck that is moving sick in October. 191 year Almost two centuries after the English doctor Eduar discovered the vaccine that would aggravate the disease of Li on May 8, 1980 The World Health Assembly officially declared the world free of this disease In this scary picture it is the last people who have been infected with this disease A child in Bangladesh in 1975. Another virus that was killing people, but thanks to the polio vaccines, is agitated. Not a scary picture but a shaky 1955 story is the emergency department of this virus in Boston. Where patients were being treated because of difficulty breathing caused by this virus. The Boston polio epidemic that year, even when this picture was taken with a story trembling affected 480 people. At this table once an autopsy has been performed, another will soon be performed. An autopsy is to discover the cause of a person’s death is the ear to imagine a cooler and frightening sight.

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