Forged in Fire: The O-Katana Tests (Season 6) | History

[fire roaring] All right, gentlemen. Well, your weapons will
now be put through a series of three tests. Up first, the strength test. Dave? All right, gentlemen. It’s time for the bullet split. Now, if you pass this test, you
get to join a very elite club– our bulletproof sword club. Oh, yes! There we go. It split it. [applause] Look at that. – Damn.
– Whew! I think that did it. Yep. Now, to handle
this test, we’ve got our own 15-year military veteran
and deadly weapon, Will Willis. Will? I’ve never shot
a blade before. And why would I? The only people that I know
that would shoot a blade is all the judges
on “Forged in Fire.” [music playing] [gunshot] Woo! Nice. It done it. Did it hit it? Yeah, it hit it. Blade’s in one piece. Good job. Though you did take a
bit of a deflection. There are two small rolls on
either side of the deflection. But you survived. Welcome to the club. Thank you, sir. All right, Cullen.
You’re up. Are you ready? Shoot the [bleep] out of it. [music playing] [gunshot] Did it hit? Yes, it split
all over the place. OK. Cullen, you can clearly see
where the bullet hit the blade. Little bits of
bullet right there. But there’s no
deflection to your edge. Welcome to the club. Your blade survived. Thank you. All right. Next up is the kill test. And for that, I’ll
give you to Doug. All right, bladesmiths. This is the kill test. Mickey, you’re up first. You ready for this? You know it. Let’s do this. I’ve designed my
blade to do one thing– slice, cut, and kill. [music playing] [laughs] All right, Mickey. Let’s talk about your
o-katana right here. To be able to wield
a sword this size– the handle’s what
drives the blade. It’s hard to get very
accurate because it’s big. But what I love about your
blade is how sharp your edge is. It cut into the skull. Pieces of it came off. And what’s important about
this katana is it will kill. Thank you, sir. Good job.
All right, Cullen. It’s your turn. You ready for this? Let’s do this. [music playing] Dammit. First up, the
ginormous handle. It’s very hard to grab
a complete grip on this. But you have a very sharp
tip that punctures easily into this ballistics dummy. But it doesn’t lacerate
on the way out. It did crush the skull. And any kind of damage like this
done to anybody, it will kill. Thank you. All right, bladesmiths. Next up, the sharpness test– the quad sugar cane cut. Mickey, you’re up first. You ready for this? Hell yeah. [music playing] [laughs] That was good, man. That was awesome, man. That was good. As you can see, all the
way through with each swing that I do with this blade,
the edge is razor sharp. The balance of this is good. I can follow through and
still control the blade. And it will cut. Good job. Thank you, sir. All right, Cullen. It’s your turn, sir. Are you ready? Let’s do it. [music playing] [sighs] It cut. Hm. As you can see, when
we start with the handle, your wrap is starting
to come undone. Now your edge. There is no edge on the blade. The sheer weight alone, and
on a very thick, obtuse blade here, it more crushes the
sugar canes than cuts it. So you have the honor
of saying it will crush. Bladesmiths, the judges have
made their final decision. Only one of you can be our
new “Forged in Fire” champion. And that champion is Mickey. Congratulations. You are the new “Forged
in Fire” champion. And that is a title that comes
with a check for $10,000. Good job, brother. [applause] Man, I am the “Forged
in Fire” champion. I just made a $10,000 sword. And I’m happier than a tick
in a coon dog’s ear, buddy. [laughs]

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