Forged in Fire: Pinball Knife Tests (Season 6) | History

[music playing] Hello, bladesmiths. Welcome to the strength test. To test the strength and
durability of your edge, as well as the overall
construction of your blade, I’ll be launching that 52100
9-pound pinball at the edge of your knives, 3 times. Steve, you’re up first.
You ready? I’m ready. I like the shape
of your blade. I like the forward bend
to it, but the pinball did some damage. There’s some rolls
up here at the edge. There’s also some gapping
here at the handle in the back and in the front. But it all held up. Well done. Thank you. All right, Ethan,
you’re up next. Are you ready? I suppose. You suppose. Well, I suppose I’m gonna do it. First things first, it
did take some rolling. The handle is a little bit big. There’s a lot of handle
left over on this knife. But I love how you
relieved all the– all the grinds on your guard here. Beautiful knife. Thank you. Michael, you’re up. Are you ready? I am. Being that your
blade is so thin, you have the most flexible of
the blades that are out there. It ended up that flexibility
gave you a little advantage in this test, because the
edge rolling that’s here, and there is some, is not bad. Well done. Thank you, Bladesmiths, this
is the Loot Bag Slice. Steve, you’re up first. You ready? I’m ready. All right, Steve, as you
can see, in slicing this bag, it just cuts on the impact area. On the slice itself, it
didn’t cut the bag open. Steve, sadly, your blade,
sir, did not really cut. Ethan, your turn. You ready? I suppose. All right, Ethan, let’s
talk about your handle here. The swell you have there makes
my hand go only in one spot where it’s comfortable. But because you have
such a large handle, if you go to other spots,
it gets in the way. Now, your edge. As you can see, it
cuts in every movement. It liberated the contents,
which allows me to say your blade, sir, will cut. Thank you. All right, Michael, your turn.
You ready? Oh, yeah. Your edge is sharp enough
to cut this loot bag open. It feels good in the hand. It was easy to move
around with your blade. And overall, sir,
your blade will cut. Bladesmiths, the judges’
deliberation is complete. It’s time for one of
you to leave the forge. The bladesmith leaving
the forge is Steve. Your blade didn’t make the cut. Steve, all the blades took
the same kind amount of damage during the strength test. But in the sharpness test,
your blade just didn’t cut. And for that reason,
we’re sending you home. Steve, please
surrender your blade. This is a really
great experience. I was able to not only
see other smiths at work, but also to push my own limits. I have learned some things here. And I’m gonna take
them to my own shop. And I may just make
another six-hour knife.

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