Forged in Fire: Navy Branch Battle Shop Tours (Season 6) | Bonus | History

[rock music] – My name’s Jerad Clymer
from Waukegan, Illinois, and this is my shop,
Clymer Knives and Metal Work, and we’re here to take
the naval officer tour. ♪ ♪ So this little area of my shop
here is mostly just for, uh, small little pieces. Uh, mostly handles
and small piece metals. I have this sign up here. Another one of my navy buddies, he made this sign for me
to show support. We help each other out.
I made him a knife, he made me a sign. So I use this kiln right here, uh, mostly just
to temper my blades. It’s not a huge working space. And right over here
is my anvil. This anvil is a trade I made with another blacksmith
for knives. That’s pretty much
how I built this shop together was just off of trades
and deals. This hammer here,
I made it. Hook it on round one,
round two. This is my favorite hammer. I do the vast majority
of my work with that hammer right there. I have the Constitution
on my wall right here. There’s a guy named
George Clymer on there. There’s no proof or anything
that he’s related to us, but, uh, I like to think he is. Makes me feel good
at the end of the day. ♪ ♪ – Hi, my name’s Lee Crawford. We are in the Central States
Metal Artisans blacksmith shop here in historic
Haysville, Kansas. We teach the basic skills of moving metal
and making blades. Over here we have gas forges
set up, and there are several anvils
down here through the center. This is our 2×72 grinder. It’s an old one,
but it works really well. This is the little giant, old power hammer
that’s been reconditioned. Works great.
That’s what we’ll be doing the majority
of our metal work on today. Double burner coal forge. This side is
the hand crank air power. Get it as hot as you want
and keep it as cool as you want. And on this side, it’s an electric blower, and the speed control
for the electricity is this pull knob in and out. And then over here is
a big mess of stuff to do fine detail work– finishing work,
and stuff like that. ♪ ♪ – This is my Majestic
two-burner forge. Same company that makes ’em
for “Forged in Fire.” “Forged in Fire’s” what got me
compelled to make knives. So over here we have
my 2×72 belt grinder. It’s a 2-horsepower
Texas Grinders, uh, made belt grinder. Also have
my welding station here, welding table,
along with several welders. As far as my welding goes, I can make something
structurally sound, but, uh, pretty, it is not. ♪ ♪ So these knives right here, these are all time trials
for “Forged in Fire,” and then this one here
is one I just did probably about
a week before the show, cable Damascus
with a hidden tang. Just wanted to make sure, you know,
I was ready for the show. This is the first knife
I ever made. When I make something
I’m not particularly proud of, I just look back at this
and I’m like, “All right, well,
it’s definitely improved.” So my forge doubles
as my man cave. I’m in here way more often than the old lady
would probably like. Usually there’s a bartender
behind the bar here just making sure everyone’s
having a good time. And, of course,
right behind the bar, we have to have
a big ole Navy flag for everybody to see
when everybody gets here. So that’s Clymer Knives
and Metal. I hope you guys enjoyed
the tour, and I got a sword to make. ♪ ♪ – I’ve been blacksmithing
for 2 1/2 years. I was in a real bad accident
back in 2015 where I got burned– 30% of my body,
second- and third-degree burns– and coming here
on Monday nights, at first was, like,
five or ten minutes. A therapeutic thing to try
to get over the fear of fire that I obviously had
after the accident. My military career and being in the navy
taught me fundamentals of attention to detail and focusing on
what you’re doing at the time and being able to problem-solve
and get things done, which are a lot
of the key components to making a good knife or sword. So I’ve gotten over
the fear of fire, and in the process
of that therapy, I got the bug to blacksmith
and make knives. More so the making knives bug, and I just–
I haven’t been able to stop.

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