Forged in Fire: Gunto Final Round: Richey vs. Elijah (Season 6) | History

Richey, Elijah,
congratulations. You guys have made
it to the final round of this competition. Now we’re sending you back
to recreate this weapon– General Yamashita’s gunto. You’ll have four days
at your home forges before delivering your weapon
to our panel of expert judges. Only after they’ve
thoroughly tested them will they declare one of you
the “Forged In Fire” champion who leaves here
with a check for 10 grand. Good luck, bladesmiths. We’ll see you in four days. Thank you. Good luck. Doing this challenge
at my home forge, it’ll be good because
I’m in my own space. I will be missing
some of the tools at the judges’ forge for sure. This gunto is a little
bit more of a challenge. My equipment is not conducive
to working with longer blades. This is how you get a full
heat on a little forge with a long blade. I do this a lot. I have not made a katana
or a gunto before. I think the biggest
thing I’m struggling with is just getting the right
curvature in the blade. But that’s part of
making a particular blade for the first time. It’s quite a process. It’s day one. I’m back here in my home forge. I’m gonna make a
Yama-shoota gunta, or gunto. [CHUCKLING] A Japanese sword. Hopefully by the end of today
I’ve got my forging done. What I’m gonna try to do is keep
a thick spine right in here, get a taper from here to here. I gotta get that right
curve on that thing. I gotta– I need it to do that. Today I need to
do some grinding and get a heat treat finished. The steel settled into a
rather un-straight manner. I have to reheat this back
up and then re-quench it. When you heat steel
up that hot, you’re enlarging the grain structure. Worst-case scenario, you’re
going to ruin the steel. Woo! Never had that happen before. I think I hit the bottom. It’s better than last time. After the second
quench, I was finally able to get it straight-ish. Stay. Just stay. Don’t do anything. My goal for today is
to build me a quench tank and then go into my
heat treating process. My plan for making
a quench tank, I’ve got an old fiberglass
tank that is for cleaning guns. That’ll work. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ve got a pretty good flare up. But I’ve got to get this blade
hard and get it in the clamp. We’ll worry about the
shop burning down later. I’ve gotta get this fire out. Oh, lord, it may be time to
get the fire extinguisher. Man, thank you, lord. We could have had a disaster. A word to the wise, it’s
[INAUDIBLE],, use metal, use something that
won’t catch fire. And fiberglass will catch fire. I take the blade
out of the clamps, and she’s straight as an arrow. Woo, I’m proud of that. When we get the smoke
out of the shop, we’ll proceed with the plan. It is day three. And today, I’m working on
the habaki and the guard. Basically, the way you make a
habaki is your blade goes here, and the sides basically fold up. You put it together,
solder it together. Yay, habaki! Tomorrow I have to
shape the handle. And then I have to
wrap the handle. It’s lots of fit and finish. It’s the last day. Hooray. [LAUGHS] I’ve got this wrap started. And surprisingly, it’s
going pretty good. Tell you what, “Forged In Fire”
will teach you some stuff. So far, I’ve been a blacksmith,
a bladesmith, a seamstress, and a firefighter. [CHUCKLING] This took a lot more grit
than I ever imagined. I knew it would be
tough, but I didn’t know it was going to be this tough. And I can’t wait to see
Doug cut a billy goat in two or something. [LAUGHS] All right,
bladesmiths, to find out how deadly your weapons
are, I will take your weapon and deliver some killing
slashes and thrusts on this pig carcass. Richey, you’re up first. You ready for this? I hope so. [ROCK MUSIC] All right, Richey. Let’s talk about
your gunto here. Your blade is balanced. It’s a very light blade. Well, as you can see, it
really tapers down here. It’s very thin right
here, so there’s a little bit of a kick on your
blade where it’s slightly bent. Now your edge. It is very sharp. Your tip is pointed
enough to penetrate. But more importantly,
it will kill. All right. All right, Elijah. Your turn, sir. Are you ready? I am. [ROCK MUSIC] (WHISPERS) Good job, man. All right, Elijah. Every slash cut very deep
into this big carcass. The thrusts were easy
enough to go through. It’s a sharp edge. And it will kill. Thank you. Bladesmiths, welcome
to the strength test. To test the strength and overall
construction of your guntos, I’m going to take each of
them and deliver slices through this heavy,
dense bamboo. All right, Richey,
you’re up first. Are you ready? I hope so. [ROCK MUSIC] Whew. All right. Nice job, Richey. Thank you. Your edge held up very nicely. It’s balanced well. But we do have a little concern. Your wrap is coming
undone on us. That’s a bit of an issue. But overall, nicely done. How you doing, Elijah? Good. – Ready to do this?
– I am. So am I. Let’s do it. Yeah. [ROCK MUSIC] Nice job, Elijah. Your edge is still sharp
all the way down the blade. You do have a slight, slight
bend right there in the blade. But, I mean, it’s very minor. Everything’s tight. Very nicely done. Thank you. All right, bladesmiths. General Yamashita’s gold is
somewhere in the Philippines. And if it’s there,
I want a shot at it. So to test the sharpness of your
weapon, I will take your gunto and cut through
these burlap bags. Richey, you’re up first. You ready? Ready. [ROCK MUSIC] [CHUCKLING] Good job. All right, Richey. We found gold. Your blade, it’s sharp. With every slash, it
cut through the bags. The only thing is,
the more I use it, the more it’s coming unraveled. But overall, sir,
your blade will cut. All right, Elijah. You’re next. You ready? I am. [ROCK MUSIC] Well, Elijah, your edges
cut all the way through, and we struck gold. A very fine, strong edge,
a very fine, sharp edge. For this test, sir, it will cut. Thank you. Richey, Elijah,
only one of you can be the “Forged
In Fire” champion, and that champion is– Elijah, congratulations. You’re the new “Forged
In Fire” champion. Richey, unfortunately, your
gunto didn’t make the cut. Please surrender your gunto. RICHEY: Going through
all this, it was tough. And it takes more
grit than you think. But I have no regrets. I’ve met some good friends and
some very good bladesmiths. I have no trouble coming in
second place to any of them. I feel good. I’ve enjoyed it. Elijah, you are the new
“Forged In Fire” champion. And that’s a title that comes
with a check for $10,000. Please present your
blade to the judges. ELIJAH: It’s still sinking in
that I won “Forged In Fire.” My wife pushed me into
doing this competition, so I really appreciate
her support. And I’m really happy I could
win, so that’s pretty awesome. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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