Forged in Fire: Greek Kopis Final Round: Mike vs. John (Season 6) | History

Without further
ado, here we go. Cool, man. [grunting] It will. John, my congratulations. You’ve landed yourselves
in the final round of this competition. Now we’re sending you
back to your home forages to recreate an iconic
weapon from history. That weapon is the Greek kopis. Bladesmiths, you’ll have five
days at your home forages in which to complete
this challenge. At the end of those
five days, you’ll return and present your kopises
to our panel of expert judges. And after they thoroughly
tested the hell out of them, they’ll declare one
of you the Forged in Fire champion who leaves
here with a check for $10,000. Good luck, bladesmiths. We’ll see you in five days. Good luck. Good luck. Feels great to be
back in my home forge. I’m excited to get started. I’m going to do a wrap or
a sand mod construction. My damascus is on the outside. There’s a solid
layer of 15 and 20. And then down the center
is one solid piece of 5160. It should be really
pretty and tough. I’m back at the home forge,
I’m getting ready to go. And this entire piece
is going to be made out of Damascus with an integral
guard and an integral pommel built into it. So without further
ado, here we go. If I at the end of day have
a rough shape of a sword, I’ll be really happy. It’s 30 layers right now. I’m going to cut it into
sections, probably three, to have a layer count about 90. OK, we have a long way to go. It’s day two. I have to make some fullering
dyes for this blade. This is the bottom section
of a railroad track. I have to just round
the top off to get the right shape that I want. The fuller lines are
really clean, symmetrical. It’s exactly what
I was hoping for. It’s the start of day three. We’re going to work on
the guard and the pommel. Got a lot of work to do. It’s going to be a
lot of detailed work. It’s going to be slow. I feel like a dentist. And then I’ve got
to quench the blade. Everything that I’ve done
since I’ve picked up a hammer is coming down to this point. I hope that this works out. It’s perfectly straight. [clapping] I got a straight blade! It’s day 4. I’m excited. I think, basically, I just have
to finish up my handle today. I’m going to pin these
two pieces of brass to either side of the blade
to hold them in place while I silver solder. Going to heat up
the guard a little, let the heat travel up the blade
and up towards that solder. Think this sword is
going to look awesome. The color combination with
the brass and the dark handle scales, it’s just
all coming together. I’m really stoked. I still have one more
piece to meet parameters. I need to connect my
pommel to the guard. This is going to go
through the horse’s mouth, and it’s going to
bend in a V, and come down here into the guard. I want to make it
look like rain’s coming from the horse’s mouth. I like it. That’s good. This is the last day. I’ve got to put scales on. When your band saw breaks,
you’ve got to improvise. I have never put scales
on a blade that’s got an integral pommel and guard. I just may have made a
really, really big mistake. My pin doesn’t fit right. I drilled the wrong hole. I’m in a panic mode. So on day five, I’ve got
to make the new handle. It’s coming along. Now I’m feeling pretty good. Making this kopis was a
really, really tall order. I feel like I’ve done my
best work that I’ve ever done as a bladesmith right now. It will cut. All right,
bladesmiths, to find out what kind of lethal damage
your weapon will do, I will take your kopis
and deliver some killing blows to this ballistics dummy. John, you’re up first.
You ready? Ready. I’m pretty nervous. There’s no way to prepare
yourself for this moment. I’m just going to hope
that my blade survives. [grunting] Cool, man. All right, John, let’s
talk about your kopis here. There was a little
crack that goes around the edge on both sides. When I saw the tip, I thought
it was going be tip heavy. It’s not. There’s good recovery with this. It’s a very powerful
weapon, sir. It will kill. Thank you. All right, Mike. It’s time to have
fun with your blade. Are you ready? I’m ready. [grunting] Good job. Thanks. All right, Mike. Let’s talk about your
Greek kopis right here. It is heavier, but every
shot that I go in there cuts. You have a sharp edge. But more importantly,
sir, it will kill. Thank you. Good job. All right, gentlemen, it’s
time for the strength test. Now, to test the
strength, durability, and overall construction
of your Greek kopises I’ll be attacking
these two soldiers. John, you’re up. You ready? Ready. [clanging] All right, John, first off,
that small crack we noticed has not opened up at
all, which is great. Your blade took some
minor deformation. A little bit of roll. But overall, it’s
a strong blade. Well done. Thank you. All right, Mike.
You’re up. You ready? I’m ready. [clanging] All right, so Mike, your edge
took a little bit of damage here. And then up here, it just sort
of peeled a hair off your edge. But other than
that, this blade is still sharp all the way down. It’s got some heft to it,
but your handle construction does make up for it. But most of all,
it’s a strong blade. Nicely done, Mike. Thank you. All right, bladesmiths,
to test the edge of your Greek kopis, I
will take your weapon, and I will slice
across these rugs. John, you’re up first.
You ready? Ready. [thudding] [crash] All right, John. The edge here is sharp. On this last one, not so much. But as we can see on the
other rugs, it will cut. – Thank you.
– All right, Mike. It’s your turn. You ready? I’m ready. [slicing] All right, Mike, first
up, the forward weight that you have on your
blade here lends itself to do a beautiful vertical cut. But on a diagonal cut,
because of the forward weight being there, it feels more
like a chopper than a slasher. So it cut in, but it didn’t
slice in to control that. It’s a sharp edge,
and it will cut. Thank you. John, Mike, both of
you made high-performance blades that did very well
in our weapons tests. Our next Forged in
Fire champion is– John. Congratulations. You’re the new Forged
in Fire champion. Mike, I want you to
know that the judges and I are proud as hell of
what you’ve turned in, man. It was a competitive blade,
and it really did come down to the finest details. But I have to ask you to
please surrender your kopis. It really makes me feel good
that the judging was so close. This competition was
really tough for me. It tested a lot of new skills
that I hadn’t done before. It was a big win for myself. It was a great competition
and a great experience, and I’d do it all over again. John, congratulations. You’re our new Forged
in Fire champion, and that’s the title that
comes with a check for $10,000. Please present your
blade to the judges. I’m unbelievably happy. I’m a new bladesmith,
and it’s something that I want to do in the future. To walk into this
world of bladesmithing and then join “Forged in
Fire,” and compete and win it, it doesn’t get any
better than that.

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