Forged in Fire: Canister Damascus Knife Tests (Season 6) | History

Bladesmiths welcome to the strength test to test the strength and durability of your edge as well as your overall construction of your knives I’ll be chopping and stabbing into these paint cans Remember this test is all about what the cans do your knives not what your knives do to the cans Brian You’re up first. You ready? Yeah, man, let’s do this Well, Brian your blade held up it’s all in one piece still your handle construction is kind of square it’s a little bit blocky and The finger wells and swells are set up so that my hand is about a half an inch away from the guard But that all being said well done Thank You deke you’re up you ready go for it First things first your edge held up really? Well. It’s still sharp The handle is really small. It was kind of wobbling around in my hand as I was swinging it But all in all I like the weight of this I like the shape of it. Well done. Thank you. You’re up Alma How you feeling get after it? All right I’m like a freaking Pollock painting Well Bubba, it’s all in one piece But in some of the chopping this fine edge you put on here did take a role in several spots But it feels good to swing. Your grind lines are nice. I like your pattern That’s a nice knife. Well, don’t you? Alright gentlemen, it’s time for the sharpness test a fan favorite the Apple sliced This test is all about what your knives do to these apples I expect to see a good clean slice all the way through them but a dull knife might error just crack those apples open Brian you’re up first. You ready? All right, Brent So down here, you’ve got a good sharp edge and you can see it the first couple of apples got some good clean slices But as we get further into those apples You can start to see where they’ve fractured and broken away And that’s because this section of the blade right here just doesn’t have much of an edge anymore I’d like to see it sharper but it is a sharp knife. Nice done Hey. All right deke here up next. Are you ready? Go for it. Oh good – already All right deke part of the cuts are clean and part of the cuts the Apple actually cracks You’ve got sharp sections on this knife here and here sharp Will cut apples you bet but there are definitely some spots on this blade that are not as sharp as others All in all nice and done. Thank you Bubba You ready get after it. Okay So Bubba if you look at these apples see how it’s clean right here and then cracked clean right there and then crack most of those apples you can see that they’re cut maybe the first Quarter or third of the way through and then they’re just fractured out of the way, so it’s still got an edge It’s just not really a sharp edge Bladesmiths the judges deliberation is complete. They’ve made their final decision. The bladesmith leaving Forge is Bubba your blade didn’t make the cut that mark Heidi’s gonna explain baba you put in a great effort It should be proud of yourself However, your blade did the most damage to the strength test and as a result it suffered in the sharpness test That’s the reason we sang y’all Bubba please surrender your blade Damn edge rolled I Wish I’d have put a little bit of a stouter edge on my blade That’s what I would have done different, but I enjoyed every part of it It was just the best experience I’ve ever come across in this field Thanks for watching chord to the fire on history click the subscribe button for more videos

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