Forged in Fire: Bowie Knife Test (Season 5) | History

– Gentlemen, this is the
strength test. To test the structural
integrity of your blades, the hardness of your steel, and
the strength of your pommel, I’ll be taking a
hammer and knocking your blades through these sheets
of steel like a railroad spike. Dwight, you’re up first. Are you ready? You want me to do it? No, no. [laughing] DWIGHT: When I seen that they
was going to be hammering through that piece of
steel, I’m thinking that handle may not hold up. [music playing] Well, Dwight, your
tip held up beautifully. Still tight.
Still in one piece. Your handle is a little
on the clunky side, but I only had to
hold it that way, so it’s not a big deal to me.
Well done. Thank you.
– Thank you. Billy Bob, you’re up next.
Are you ready? Let’s do it. When I realized he’s whacking
it three times, I’m thinking, Oh God, this is going
to be the toughest test. [music playing] Well, Billy Bob, your
tip held up beautifully. I was sweating it. Without any glue
in there, I thought for sure this thing was going to
at least wriggle or jiggle or– Both of us was. Very well done. – Thank you, sir.
– Mark, you’re up next. Are you ready?
– Pull the trigger. My heart rate does
go up quite a bit. But it’s got a good point on it. I know I got it good and sharp. And I think it’ll do well. [music playing] Mark, your knife
did take some damage. Has a little bit glinting
on the edge up here and there’s pieces came
off the handle here. And there’s some gapping
that happened in the impact. I still think that the
handle is secure enough to go on to the sharpness testing. All right, gentlemen. To see if your blades have
held their tip and their edge, I’ll be slashing and stabbing
into our Sandman dummy here. Now, unlike the other test,
this is all about what your blades do that bag. Dwight, you’re up first.
– I’m ready. Go for it. Long cutting edge, and I wasn’t
sure I had my knife really, really sharp. Mine may not cut this thing. [music playing] He dead. All right, Dwight. Your blade’s got some
serious weight to it. Right. But these cuts are
just beautifully clean and there was just
no resistance. Thanks. All right, Billy Bob.
You’re up. – Let’s do it.
– OK. [music playing] All right, Billy Bob. Much lighter knife, lots faster. And you can see, those
cuts are like razors. Really clean. Nicely done. Thank you, sir.
Thank you. All right, Mark. It’s up to you.
– OK. Let’s do it. Having part of your blade
break is pretty serious. But the handle is
still quite solid, and I think it will
still perform well. [music playing] All right, Mark. It’s really, really sweet. Just lays right into my hand. And the blade geometry
on this is really nice. Good job. Thank you. Bladesmiths, the judges have
completed their deliberations. It’s time for one of
you to leave the forge. Mark, your blade did
not make the cut. Doug will explain. Mark, you took on
three master bladesmiths. The twist Damascus is beautiful. The bounds and
sharpness of your blade easily sliced the sandman. But at the end of the day,
your blade took some damage and your handle chipped. And that’s the reason
we’re letting you go. Yeah.
Absolutely agree with you. Thank you. Mark, please
surrender your blade. I think that the judges
made the right decision for the right reasons. Had I put the brass
guard on there, my blade would have stood
up to the punishment. But I felt like I gained a
lot out of the experience. It was a great
opportunity to come here and to test myself
against the best.

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