Forged in Fire: Barbarian Sword Tests (Season 6) | History

[music playing] Oh, god. [music playing] Bladesmiths, to find out
what kind of lethal damage your weapon will do, I will
take your barbarian sword and lovingly caress
the edge on the torso. Michael, you’re up first. You ready? Oh, yeah. Let’s do this. [music playing] Jesus! [music playing] Just the movement alone
and the balance of your blade allows for deep, crushing cuts. Not only does it cut the
skin, it goes into the bone and into the organs
right behind it. Your weapon, sir,
will definitely KEAL. Good job. Thank you. All right, Ethan, you ready? Let’s do it. [music playing] The balance and the
weight, it’s unbelievable. It feels that you can wield it
continuously and move around. This is what you want
to carry into battle. It’s strong enough
and sharp enough to lacerate into the
chest, break the bones, and get into the organs,
because of that, it will KEAL. Gentlemen, welcome
to the strength test. Michael, you’re up first.
You’re ready? Oh, yeah. Let’s go. [music playing] Nice. This is so much fun to swing. There’s no edge defamation
that I can see at all. The handle is comfortable. The only thing I
could say at all is that the cross guard has
some sharp corners here, and they kind of beat into my
fingers as I was swinging it. But aside from that,
it’s a wonderful sword. Well done. Thank you. Ethan, are you ready? Let’s do it. [music playing] This thing is amazing. It’s light. It’s beautifully balanced. It was easy to control,
took no damage. I love that I can choke
right up to the guard here and it’s just super
comfortable the whole time. Really well done. Thank you. All right, gentlemen. It’s time for the
sharpness test. You ready? Let’s go. All right, Michael. [music playing] When I made that first
punch through the skin, I was expecting some resistance,
and there wasn’t any. Your edge is beautiful. Your guard, I mean, I kind
of like the way you’ve got that sort of an S shape to it. But it bites a little
bit on the hand. But this is a sword that you
could just play with all day long. Nicely done. All right, Ethan, you’re up. Are you ready? Let’s do it. OK. [music playing] So this sword, it’s
light, it’s fast. The balance is right
back here in my hand. Nothing’s pulling the tip. I know exactly where the tip is. The cuts are
beautiful, sharp blade. It’s a great cutter. Nicely done. Thank you. Michael, Ethan, this
was not an easy decision, but a decision has been made. The “Forged in Fire” champion
is Ethan, congratulations. You are the “Forged
in Fire” champion. And that is the title that
comes with a check for $10,000. Please, present your
weapon to the judges. Wow, I don’t know what to say. It’s a very humbling
feeling to know that I won a competition
against an awesome sword and excellent bladesmith. Never stop pursuing
your dreams, no matter how crazy they are, because of
all the dreams I’m going after, this is just the beginning.

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