Footage of Korean women sexually enslaved by Japanese soldiers in WWII revealed for the first time

Japan’s sexual enslavement of Korean women
during World War Two is one unresolved issue that continues to strain relations between
the two countries. However, all these decades later,…. the
Japanese government still tries to whitewash its wartime atrocities. At long last evidence has been found that
should aid Seoul’s efforts to corner Tokyo into facing reality. Lee Ji-won tells us more. Women,… with faces full of fear,… are
lined up against a wall. A man, presumed to be a Chinese officer, talks
to them. This short 18 second video is of seven Korean
women sexually enslaved by the Japanese soldiers in Yunnan province, southwest China, around
the end of World War II. It is the first-ever video footage of Korean
victims that has been found. On Wednesday, Seoul city and Professor Chung
Chin-sung of Seoul National University unveiled the video from 1944,… which had been stored
in the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States for over 70 years. Previously,… footage of Chinese comfort
women had been found,… but there were only pictures and documents on the Korean comfort
women. But after the professor and his research team
were certain that a video on the Korean victims existed, they spent two years searching for
the footage,… and they finally found what they were looking for amongst hundreds of
film reels last month. The footage was taken by an American combat
photographer just after the region was reclaimed from Japan by the Chinese. During World War II, an estimated 200-thousand
women, mostly Koreans, were kidnapped and forced to become sex slaves for Japanese troops. While an agreement between Korea and Japan
was made by the previous Park Geun-hye administration in 2015,… where Japan financially compensated
the victims with one billion yen, or about 8-point-9 million U.S. dollars, thousands
of citizens and the surviving victims criticized and refused the deal as Tokyo claimed there
was no evidence of the Japanese military forcing the enslavement of women. But with Korea’s newly elected President Moon
Jae-in calling for renegotiation of the deal,… the research team says that they hope the
footage will work as a tool to open up such talks. “We hope the new findings will bring the public’s
attention and interest on the matter,… so that when President Moon has his first bilateral
talk with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, at the G20 summit later this week, an
atmosphere for renegotiation can be made.” With only 38 Korean victims still alive,…
the research team stressed their determination to uncover this video evidence of Japan’s
sexual slavery so that there’s a chance for the issue to be resolved within their lifetimes. Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.

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  • Now japan is liberated people and i like the country because more prostitute and pornstar #KARMA

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  • I don't like Japanese. But not all of them are bad. Still are some few good of them.

  • Koreans way of begging money as WW2 victim business bullshit to Japan. Koreans are the only species that still blaming japan about 70years ages ago. Crazy..

  • Obviously China did much worse things to Koreans but they never talked about it.. Why?

  • You all idiots
    U all blame the Japanese of now which has nothing to with it before
    Blame the Japanese in the past
    Unless u all idiots

    Imagine ur a son of a murderer then people throw their hate to u
    What would u feel
    Ur completely innocent but ur parent is a murderer but that doesn't change the fact that ur innocent

    Eat sh* idiots

  • it is Japan that can’t distinguish between the present and the past. If this shits were what your ancestors did, and they don't have anything to do with you, just shut up. Then nobody blames you. But japanese are denying everything they did and insulting victim. it’s totally disgusting. Don’t pretend being victim and remember japan is a country defeated in WW2.

  • I'll go to Japan on Vacation.
    Korea, no way.
    Korean restaurants are terrible.
    You never have a problem in Japanese restaurants.

  • What about Filipino women? And babies they killed?


  • Koreans are sheep, Korean government bully their own nation. That's the results. Get a fucking time machine and complain.

  • So that's how Korean women look that time compare to now too many plastic surgeries

  • They pay the price. American bomb hiroshima and nagasaki.

  • Caution :: This is korean channel .

  • Many poor Japanese have immigrated to S. America, and Central America, in search for a better life in 1900's but many of those who went there after WW II ,
    were WAR CRIMINALS, who were running away from the WAR CRIME TRIBUNAL, for the fear of being hanged. Those looted gold and silver, sure came in handy when buying
    fake travel documents.

    Japanese army have stolen gold from every country they had occupied. They used the same gold to bribe the War Crime Tribunal as well as jump starting their economy.

    It is mentioned in "DEEP STATE, The masters of wealth who control the world", CD2 The CIA, Dulles Brothers, and the Cold War, Gary Null, Ph.D

  • If they want war now is the right time to enggaged war against china.. Let us see who is much stronger.. Shame on those families of japanese soldiers during WW2 who are still living right now..

  • This is the root of war but past never forget of you don't forget… I mean common it't history man let's move forward and never do that war again…

  • Give the Philippines more Money! xD

  • Those women's faces 😔..

  • They had it coming, nuke

  • Japanese soldiers did the same thing to Filipino women during WWII. But they just easily paid hundreds of Filipino politicians from 1946 until now to silence them off. Justice can only be claimed when The Kingdom comes

  • All of that is because of there old emperor

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  • That is not Japanese sex slavery but Korean prostitute.

  • Not excusing this, but Muhammad as his goons did the exact same thing.

  • Filipino womens are slso victims of the japanese sex slavery

  • Man im from singapore and these japanese were crying because of this video whahahah they are mad to all people who commented in this vid talking about filipinas prostitute while japanese owned porn sites cuz THEY WERE THE REAL PROSTITUTE oh shit man ! Grow up japan even your daughter who’s 9 yrs old had sex with old scumbag father 😂😂 perfvert

  • Nakwento din ng lolo ko yan tapos yung baby hinagis tapos sinaksak ng kutsilyo grabe noon panahon nanyun

  • the japanese government do not want to tell the truth to its young generation, they change their history books, wish this video will be viewed by young generations of japan so that they will know the cruelty of their ancestors during world war II,

  • The Japanese on some of events happened in WWII have always apologize, and let's not be stupid, all countries during the war done unimaginable things to their enemies let's not forget that. it's war. What are we trying to achieve here? Do we want the next 50 generation of Japanese or other countries to apologize for WWII? come on! Try to to empathise, do you want your great grand children to carry that burden? i don't think so. goddamn. move fucking on!

  • and now they act like nothing happened in our county, Philippines

  • bomb south korea to erase all k drama shit

  • So the people who did cruel inhumane things are dead already. The new Japanese Gen are now civilized and peace loving people. Moved on and learned from the past.

  • Its all history now lets move along past is past,lets just learn from it and dont blame the current generation of japanese.

  • Japhan war is over….so let it be so we need to forget the bad thing about what their forfather did…. know they all die the japhanese soldier who serve during ww we to let behind what they did in the past………..that wi'ld be creat agood solution

  • The fck past is past your not only one country in the ww2 who suffer from the hand of japan

  • Move on earthlings ja Pan suffer thier actions 2 a bomb is not enough? Lets make this history tell us not to make thier fast mistake good day eartlings

  • Past is past!!

  • Past is past….lets move on guys…

  • Now we just have to hold Britain accountable for her atrocities including the forced drug addiction on China and their involvement in the slave trade.


  • how about japanese women they were raped by there soldiers too

  • Both Germany and Japan should pay the world for the damage done during the 2nd world war ,but the filth got away with it,

  • Sorry but I appreciate Japan more than Korea, why, even they also colonialists my country,… first, even they are poor country with a very minim nature resource, but they can learn and manage their power and ability very effective and efficient,.. even small country, they can ever conquer almost 1/3 the world,.. even china, and south east asia…. third, they're very loyal with their culture, like if their warrior lost and shame your master or country you have to kill ur self (harakiri or kamikaze for example),.. they learn from mistake and make it better for future,.. they're not racist like Korean people, cause they already know japan can be stronger from helping hand another country,.. especially like US, and ASEAN country… so they don't want make an enemy from them… because Japan learn from their mistake decades ago and almost made their country wipeout… unlike Koreans still have a grudge and hatred many generation,.. even they already deadd,.. even with their own race just different ideology and political parties with North Korea, they became marionette from US and Uni Soviet.. even US marionette by Zionis… :p they even racist to other asia countries and feel their country like the best country in the world, majority of korean are hedonistic,.. they like all extravagant and brand stuff like artist or even their people unlike japanese even for actress or many rich people still using public transportation and scrimp… japan prefer natural chalk than marker, prefer fan than air conditioner, and choose eco friendly and go green than ozone wrecker… even japanese still have a bad side, like porn and pedho crime but they're open with their bad side unlike korean, act like an Asian Superpower in front of others but playing like a victim to beat japan… they like moralistic country and people but wolves hide inside like "burning sun" case and other things… i know NOT ALL Korean people are bad,.. but please for Korean especially their racist minister and their netizen: dont bring up again about WW2 and colonial things cause they already apologized and surrendered at that time, Japan now isn't like the old one,.. even they changed their flag… and those people who guilty almost all dead…. even now they changed the era again to Reiwa for better country… i know Korea an Japan have their own pride, and majority atheist,.. but if you have a faith even a little,… you can forgive it,.. forgive does not mean forget,… thisss maybe cliche but: The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naive forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget.

    — Thomas Szasz

    The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

    – Mahatma Gandhi

  • Umnoooo terusss majuuuu demi anti bangsa lainnnnn

  • Japanese people are very smart and hard working .. but other than that i think they are sex addicts 😂 look at their game shows .

  • Filipina women was raped by Japanese during World War 11.

  • Japanese gov't must made a public apology and must compensate all comfort women korean women and pilipino women.

  • unlike Koreans, Filipinos have moved on from this. We don't hate Japan and we love respect them. How i wish Koreans will do the same,

  • That was war era.Scarce of food. All people were barbaric. No choice. Survival of the fittest.
    We should move on. The world is moving on now that is why we have a better lifestyle. Only China, South and North Korea are still living in the past. They are still zombies.

  • They just want Justice. Give them 1% percent apologies and 99% money🤣🤣🤣

  • What about unit 731?

  • What about the Nanking Massacre???

  • And vietnamese women. This is disater.

  • So give us back 9million usd!!

  • Filipino comfort women?!?!

  • Korean women came to work not force them, and does anyone know how much they earned??
    6times salary as Japanese citizen got,

  • Idk how to give the justice they want but the mistake of the past cant paid by the present people right? Its like if your father raped too many women in the past and then he died, and the victims want you to pay the price of your father sin?

  • I don't get it… What do the Koreans want? A pat on the back and an apology? Like why does it really even matter? Sure for historical knowledge I guess but none of these sick fucks are even alive anymore… Just like black people wanting reparations here in the US.. Nobody who even committed those atrocities are here anymore! Why should I have to pay for it through taxes? A, nobody is alive anymore who did it or lived through it.. And B, both sides of my family came over here after WW1 and WWII.. What the fuck does it have to do with me or my ancestors?!!! It's fuckin ridiculous if you as me 🙄

  • I am half Polish and my ancestors have been slaves to the Prussians, Russians, and so on.. Do I cry about I and go looking for a free payday because my ancestors went through hard times like the rest of the world had at some point in time?!! The logic is absolutely childish and is reserved the "victims" of the world not actual and decent human beings..

  • There are a lot of filina women victims during world war two here in the Philippines. But as a Filipino like me I should forgive the modern Japanese. It is better to forgive. Past is past no one can change it. It is better to forgive.

  • For me, Japan and their soldiers were worse than the germans.

  • Japan already paid so much reparation to all countries. For some reason, Korea is the only country who is still asking for more money and what they call "official apology" which will never be accepted considering their government's diplomacy is built off of emotion.

  • The sin of someone cannot blame to someone else.let's forget the sad past and let it in the hands of ease the pain we should forgve them n continue what we have in the present.n that's friendship.

  • So what korean army did in Viet nam?

  • japanese soldier is the real dog..indeed

  • When they conquered a country they took woman as an object to used up as a privileged for them to comfort filling their libidos after tiredness

  • Japanese people and who don't know history (other countries) said Japan already apologized many times. But What is true apology? Abe and their ruling party go to Yasukuni Shrine(
    A-class war criminal memorial site) periodically, nationally worship them. It is a same situation German and their prime minister worship Adolf Hitler, Nazi A class war criminals . I think Japanese future will be dark. No Repentance country.

  • We have lots of filipino movies about Japanese invasions they kill lots of people and rape women and gays WE CALL THEM COMFORT WOMEn. but I think that’s part of history now. I think we just need to forgive rather than take revenge by killing them and raping their woman. Let’s just make peace. We have a lot of Filipina who married a japanese most of them live a happy life in japan. Philippines and japan are now friends…:)

  • This video is a one-sided debate.
    At least officially, Japanese army never enforced prostitution and paid much more money than Japanese soldiers to the prostitutes.
    They were like slaves but that was their choice cuz it was an extremely high paid job.
    Japan paid a lot of money to S Korea for the sake of occupation but they’re still begging money with unreasonable reasons.
    I hate Japanese army but Korean activists too!

  • they are still denying this…

  • The most important thing that we have to remind is if the Japanese hadn't occurred the war, there wouldn't be victims over Asia countries. It has solely resulted from Japanese's desire for invasion about the war in itself. The worst part is they are still proud of their ashamed history even now.

  • Koreans say ," If Japan apolozize one time , we will excuse ". But it is a trap. koreans keep on saying ," Japan lacks apolozy.

  • Japanese apologies already paid already! Koreans and filipino wants more??
    How abot US killed iranians afghanist and Europian every body did the same thing because its world war!? They always open the issue.all I can say is move on!!

  • I still cannot understand how jpanaese deny the comfort women in this comment section

  • Move on!! 😂😂😂

  • The scumbag Abe is the one who's in control of many things including the gov. agenda to produce hate against the Koreans. THE JAPANESE PEOPLE ARE NOT THE ONES ANYONE SHOULD HATE (except for the mostly dead rapist Japanese soldiers who met and shall meet their creator and be punished for their deeds…the good, the bad & everything in between)

  • what do you expect if a country was invaded.. like americunts fucked women of their colonized countries.. this news is not surprising..

  • why many people are thinking that comfort women is only korean.
    many japanese women were there, too.

  • Don't let the perverts get away with it. They should feel shame, because they are shame

  • Information on comfort women issues to know
    1965 Transfer of infrastructure maintenance costs equivalent to 60 trillion yen
    1965 Assistance of 80 billion yen + α Japan-Korea Basic Treaty
    1983 Special economic cooperation: 400 billion yen support
    1997 Korean Currency Crisis 1 trillion yen support —– Won fell
    2006 Won high relief support 2 trillion yen support
    2008 Lehman shock crisis 3 trillion yen support —— Won fall
    2015 Japan and Korea agree on comfort women issue. The Japanese government will contribute 1 billion yen
    2019 Do you still want to continue?
    In Korea, Korean women are forced to be comfort women.
    But more than half of the comfort women were Japanese.
    Comfort women were recruited, not forced.
    Wages were paid for comfort women.
    Japan has apologized several times.
    Supporting many times the national budget of Korea.
    Even today, Japanese banks are making significant loans.
    When the Korean government becomes financially uneasy, it will charge money for comfort women.

  • They should make a movie about this to raise more public awareness.

  • Japanese soldiers are a bunch of certified rapists during the ww fcking perverts

  • all strong nations kill and rape to assert dominance in times of war, not just japan.

  • That was an act of war, if you want to find justice it's impossible

  • Like the Philippines some woman are become sex slave to Japanese soldier during WWII that is saddest history of fast that we always remember. Fast should be remember to tell somebody specially the young ones that this story is true. Japanese and Phil. Now are in good relation. God bless

  • It’s sad, but it happened to many (if not all) lost nations. Even German women have been raped by the Soviets during war on Berlin.

  • What's done is done…move on.

  • Japan denies their war crimes and manipulate their history. Young Japanese people don't know what happened during the war.

  • also in the philippines japan do that,

  • Fucking bullshit.
    The Korean soldiers raped and killed hundred thousands of Vietnamese women and Vietnamese young girls during the war and why the fuck Koreans don’t talk about it?
    Shame on you Koreans.

  • Those japanese soldiers were all dead. Its all in the past people needs to understand and forgive.

  • Real Japanese heroes

  • Funny how South Korea keeps pushing her agenda while keeping quiet about what they did in Vietnam.

  • The past is the past. ..
    Move on people

  • Japan fuck u

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