First Trump Endorsements In Congress Indicted, Plead Guilty | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  • The two Gops politicians, first endorsed by the con 45 (in unrelated cases) have been federally indicted and have admitted guilt. Am I surprised? No. The Teaparty Gops, all seem to be corrupted. By their $$$-greed, I suggest is the basic reason.
    So. #VoteBLUEAlways.

  • How appropriate that the first members of congress to endorse Trump are heading to jail for being crooks. Birds of a feather.

  • When Trump ran in the primary people must have thought it was all a joke.

  • What does it say about Republican voters that they would re-elect these guys with charges pending? I guess would prefer Putin over a Democrat.

  • It should make us proud to be part of a Democratic govt that rules out Dictators. Now can we continue with what's important for our country and our Allies?

  • Facts don’t matter to Republikkkans because the poorly educated are their base. A catchy slogan and a red hat is all that’s required for a cult of their kind.

  • "What do you do with that?" – deport the communists; by voting for Trump, and having the Republican Party refuse to call another election because of the Hillary email scam that corrupted the 2016 election – the republican party has failed to obey our voting laws. The election was compromised by Putin's hack into Hillary's email server where it became a political issue… …illegally. Trump elect, profitted from the distraction by Putin. Case closed. Trump's first "mysterious tweet" that he gleefully challenged the world to decypher was part of a deeper plot, activating any agents on our shores that were committed to communism – this included neo-Nazi's and K.K.K. members. Racists. An illegal campaign platform started by Trumps refusal to condemn the association with himself and Hitler: Constantly dying his white hair blonde, and making his pasty white skin look "tanned"; this vain little peacock has nothing but a fake party and a faked reason to be there – tax breaks for the rich in Obama's booming economy.

  • GOP like shady criminals, apparently.

  • Too some, many don't care or know what a #fair society's good, healthy politics should be. Some others are basicly interested in politics only to improve, speed up their #own prospects, honestly or dishonestly. None else. It's tempting to place many #Teaparties Gops in that $$$-box. Their claimed '#religion' with 'prayers' appear as bogus or false. Their #lies, non-facts, conspiracies etc. are all the Traparties now have, under the commen #heading '#propapaganda'. Far, far from the the real world with truth, facts, true stories etc. of 'normal people.

  • True story I used to deliver pizza to Chris Collins house in one time he ordered like $200 worth of food and was at some pain down the road and made me sit there for 45 minutes waiting for him to come back and then tipped me less than $3 … I'm like are you freaking kidding me, and you got a sense of his character right away

  • Must be a very nice prison that every republican rep. is standing in line to get in.. Must be the breakfast in bed.. lol

  • Trump exposed Evangelical Christians and Republicans as a hypocrite.

  • Just another pair of Chump goons headed off to the grey bar hotel.

  • Rachel it’s still the blatantcy of the Republic voters .. Still standing behind this president after all he’s done and brainwashing his fellow republican officials to do the same .. and let’s not forget Devin Nunes … after the scathing revelations he had on the committee toward some of the most respected and honorable diplomats of these United States … My husband has always said .. “We have the best Government money can buy” I always wanted to be a little more optimistic than that .. but man he sure was right wasn’t he? WOW

  • In the Republican "mind" this is just more proof of the deep state conspiracy to bring down Trump. They have reached medieval levels of denial, hero-worship, and willful ignorance.

  • What a jerk

  • I have never experienced fear as palpable as the fear I have right now that my fellow Americans in quite large numbers are willing dupes in our current administration' traitorous ambition to hand the keys to America right to an evil which it took an oath to defend against. Standing in line at, (insert a location here), I am now alarmed and frightened the person in front of and behind me could very well be commie sympathizers to comrade Trump and his murdering, thug friend Putin. Just think of all of the fallen solders who fought to keep America free. Soon Russia will dictate how Americans think, act, and live. I guess when you serve in the American military your true mission will be to surrender all to the will of evil. #Peace

  • Trumps destroying lives wherever he goes and I’m not even against the Republican Party I’m a swing voter now Trump has taken all the integrity from the party and turned it into something dirty I keep hearing Republicans say I would rather be with Putin than to be with the Dems! How could they even say that? Its so shameful they are willing to betray their country all because of Trump.

  • Anyone with any criminal indictment cannot get a mortgage but can get a seat on congress under Republican party. What a mystery?

  • But her emails…

  • Chronicles of the TRUMP USURPATION.

  • great post

  • If you want to know why Republicans elect Reps under the gun of indictment, guilty as they are charged so far, look at FOX news that steadily, always, misinformed their viewers and often used omission. “Just don’t report it! “ The voters prob did not even know the full scope of charges. Meanwhile we look askance at these voters as if they are deranged dunces. I have myself. The very idea they are spitting on our system!. My guess is they don’t know jack which is what FOX intended. (Seriously- FOX viewers REALLY don’t know jack) It IS by design and their viewers are designed to be inept when it comes to weighing the scales of right and wrong. Mission completed. I never saw such a dark side of free speech as I have during the rise of FOX. People. Screw them and use them, the perfect propaganda machine.

  • im a republican base voter… they are lying to u guys


  • Unless Pelosi has power to expel Hunter from Congress, he will be happily serving his term while in prison. Republican Party is a party of criminals.

  • is it ALWAYS about that ''witchy-woman'' hunt, the mistress or the wife ?
    all along the 'Appalahian Trail''

  • there is in fact a word for this phenomenon,
    which is "kleptocracy",

    a kleptocracy literally means a country run by thieves,

    those republicans are kleptocrats.

    a plutocracy is a country run by rich people,

    with Trump, the US has become both, a kleptocracy and a plutocracy,

    so I guess the US is becoming a plutokleptocracy or a kleptoplutocracy!

    Trump should set up a 3rd party, the kleptocrat party,
    where the manifesto is to release all prisoners and to legalise crime.

    there are films based on someone setting free prisoners,

    in some cases where the prisoners are not criminals,
    but in other cases a villain releases all the criminals to create mayhem.

    with the new testament, Pontius Pilate offers to pardon either Jesus or Barabas,
    where Barabas was a murderer, and they opted to release Barabas.

    the wild west was essentially a kleptocracy.

    we refer to polite and considerate behaviour as civilised because in fact
    it is the basis of civilisation.

    what Trump is doing is barbarism, before you know it the country will descend into
    total anarchy.

    its very easy to descend into barbarism, and very difficult to civilise.

    young people are easier to mould, where you can readily make young people anarchic
    and readily make them civilised. In traditional societies, the young people are well behaved.

    in the modern world where both parents work, the kids have no guidance,
    and they fall under the influence of cinema and television which continually portrays the breakdown of
    civilised values. eg Hollywood films always depict a world based on drugs, violence, crime, etc.

    but in fact these things are the rotting edges of the fabric of society,
    but cinema presents them as normality.

    Hollywood always presents wealth as something gotten through crime and violence.

    the subliminal message is that if you want to get rich you need to seize the wealth of others.

    I think virtually every film with Mark Wahlberg in it has him taking cocaine at some point.

    there was a film called quadrophenia, which was basically encouraging young people to
    be delinquent. In one scene, a guy arrives in a scooter at a house, and damages the flowers
    in the garden with his scooter, the other guy from the window laughs at this,
    the subliminal messaging is that its cool to vandalise.

    young people learn by copying the behaviour of others, regardless of the bigger picture.

    but from a logical point of view, it doesnt accomplish anything. That same guy wont
    be too happy if someone crushed his flimsy scooter and set fire to his bed
    and chopped off all his fingers.

    in real life if you saw someone vandalise something of value to someone else
    you would feel uncomfortable, its not something to laugh at.

    the thing is you fast forward some decades and you now have president Trump.

    There are various high status Hollywood film directors who present films based on
    really gratuitous violence and depraved behaviour. It is so teenage.

    grow up!

    teenagers rebel against their parents, but fast forward a few decades and they
    become even more prudish than their parents!

  • The dumbing down of America continues.

  • 2 clown thieves. Cant believe they both won their seats back.. Both should go to jail just as anyone else would..

  • Fake news headline.!! They are endorsers not endorsed by Trump!


  • "And they say, 'these are our heroes' "

  • Write to your Republican SENATORS and Congressmen and tell them to support IMPEACHMENT.

  • anyone having anything with our president has been arrested, or convicted or in prison or under investigation or has a checkered past or is dead under suspicious circumstances thinking in the light you can see for miles and miles "everything trump touches dies"

  • Corrupt Republicans support corrupt Trump.



  • The republican party is the doom that will end America. Their base is not only deplorable, but they are also criminals, that explains why many of their representatives and senators are deceitful and without conscience

  • It is hilarious how "Senators were indicted for misappropriation of campaign money" became such a forgettable news.

  • Evan gamer I need to know what video games they bought. Yes, this is a serious matter. What video games did you buy that would cost you your freedom and that of your wife? We all must know.

  • The ignorant saps who get all their "news" from Fox probably never heard about the indictments. (If they did, they heard how it was all a deep state witch hunt funded by Soros.)
    The GOP is completely dependent on the lies and misinformation that Fox feeds to their ignorant, frightened, and angry base. The re-election of these two turds shows just how effective it is.

  • My fellow patriots, look left, look right, do you see a Republican? Be wary, they masquerade as Americans, but they do not revere truth or justice, and cannot be trusted.

  • Lock them up… Lock them up.

  • the far right crazy religious people do not even look at the candidate's legal or moral character anymore.. all they want is for those members they elect, to vote against laws that allow abortion, at all costs, and also to have every home full of loaded assault weapons of every kind… hypocrites the whole lot of them… they seem to have no clue about what their bible tells them about being good people, and the 10 commandments … arseholes the lot of them..

  • Follow the money. Robert Mercer was initially backing Ted Cruz. When he realized that he had a losing horse in New Hampshire, he switched horses. You can tell when that happened when Kelly An Conway, his long time employee, switched horses as well. You know, that Robert Mercer who founded Cambridge Analytica.

  • The Republicans have lost their moral values. It does matter to the Republican electorate if their candidates are thieves, liars or the worst scums on earth they'll vote for them as long they have an (R) in their names. Makes me want to puke.

  • I think the justice department is finally going "yeah, nope"

  • Trump: "I don't know these men". He has not said this, but we all know it's coming.Just like Trump said today that he didn't know England Prince Andrew of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Pictures and videos of the two schmoozing prove otherwise.

  • What's hilarious is that these saps voted for the thieves who stole their campaign donations. "Stole my money? OK, you've got my vote!"

  • What about Biden? R u talking about him!

  • The GOP is a criminal conspiracy.
    Every last one to the curb!

  • Hillary was wrong about a lot of things but she was so right about calling republicans deplorables .

  • So bs this two r in disgrace . Also not important but u lied they r not the first to endorsee trump. By the way talk about values. The left can't even bring themselves to question Biden. Go figure.

  • I am always so puzzled by the republican base. WTF is wrong with them? How could they in their right minds re-elect these 2 men who were being criminally charged?

  • I call them EVILGELICALS! Sulfur's spawns.


  • It takes a crooked man to recognize another crooked man…sad!!!

  • Not one person will take the stand to testify for the defence, including Trump him self. Because they would be subject to cross examination, and subject to perjury and/ or corruption. And because they have no defence. The verdict, GUILTY AS CHARGED!!

  • That's great that the LAW is caught in up with these Crooks.Now we need the REST OF THEM TO BE LOCK UP ALONG WITH THE PRESIDENT LOCK THEM ALL UP OK!!!GOP'S LOCK THEM ALL UP!!

  • Sad thing is that their voters still support them and call the charges foul and witch hunt…these people are so brainwashed thats unbelievably sad!!!

  • There are some Republican voters which aren't voters but cultists to the Trump party. These voters didn't care about right or wrong because Trump's party appeals to their true nature. Not their public face but who they really are.

  • Demons ,Demo wow start the same, must be something in that trying to destroy USA ,what have they done this last 3 yrs..? Nothing to help the American people , nothing at all.


  • “I know the best people” Trump, 2016

  • the GOP base would rather choose hate of their fellow Americans over justice

  • He's not going anywhere

  • Everyone's a critic. Can you think of a better way to work off $150 mill? Please God send us a New Yorker Quick! How can we spoil Christmas again? So today the market dropped on news that a deal with China is fictional

  • corporate meat puppets

  • The witches got hunted. Republicans support witches. Republicans are godless sorcery supporting blasphemers.

  • Say it isn't SO!…..

  • So there is a dirty hunter….. it's just not hunter Biden.

  • A you go on to much you would a aspirin a headache

  • Benedict Donald, Do as I do, and as I say, but if you get caught… are on your own!…

  • These losers represent the epitome of the trump endorser. Corrupt, grifting, liars who think it is perfectly appropriate to use their position and taxpayer dollars to enrich themselves. Those of you who still support the law-breaker in the WH, look closely at his cronies. And even more closely at how he treats the people most loyal to him.

  • They had to run for reelection to raise the funds to pay all the fines, and attorneys for election fraud.

  • Fake news hacktivst Propaganda

  • why isn't MSNBC qrsp talkin about the 46 Democrat politicians who have been indicted or pled guilty just in the year 2019 that's right 46. It's because this mentally ill man that believes it's a woman is lying to you

  • Maybe they came out first in support of Trump hoping to get a pardon later on.

  • Soooo much inocence.

  • Ankle bracelet and mug shot as part of campaign, Heh!

  • Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins is what Trump's GOP is all about: Criminals shouting claims that they are victims.

  • it's like a trump reality game show.."who wants to be in jail". every contestant has a big chance to win!

  • Bloviating about Trump's winning the primaries as if your media's incessant droning of his name 24/7 had nothing to do with it?

    YOU clowns created the pied piper.

    YOU are responsible for everything that has happened since.

    Do Nothing Centrists are a cancer on society, and the enablers of right-wing extremism.

  • "Basket of Deplorables" That's what Clintin called them and guess what?….SHE WAS RIGHT!

  • Why wait for them to learn to commit crimes after getting elected when you can already select a proven, experienced criminal to do the job?

  • I bet there is a good chance they only endorsed him after he invited them to come stay over at one of his properties where he ‘looked after them’

  • I am pretty sure that most republicans like to live vicariously through these guys. The mistresses and crimes are just a new version of machismo, which republicans love.

  • What does that really say.

  • Don’t forget that you are talking about the party that would rather vote for a Russian than a democrat!

  • I want to love you down news anchor baby….

  • Even more of an indictment of this country's political system allowing incumbents under federal charges to continue to campaign are the voters who were fully aware of the pending charges and indictments and still cast their ballots for them anyway. It indicates a glaring lowering of expectations and standards of ethics and morals where our politicians are concerned.

  • Looks like being a crook is a prerequisite of joining the GOP!

  • cmon folks smash that dislike button

  • Repent. How long can hypocracy fool people? Slogans are cheap. Bible Judges a tree by its fruit. In recent history, what the West has produced is war and death. but the East has raised the GDP of billion of people and rebuilding of the world.

  • GOP has become the party of clowns.

  • Fellow Republican friends, we must impeach Trump! I have heard bad things about him. Everyone tells me bad things. Impeach Trump!!!

  • 45 pointing fingers, 45 blame Obama he uses his Twitter fingers to spread hatred and distruction the only thing great about him he's the master of corruption and the sad thing about it he think we all dummies.. 30 percent of Americans follow him around like lost puppies ready for civil war domestic terrorist warning. With delusional thoughts that he's making things better watching fox and friends conspiracy theorist.

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    A World of Confusion..

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    Something things have changed yet many things have remained the same

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  • More proof American Voters need to come out in RECORD NUMBERS and vote Trump, his enablers and the Republicans out of office before it's too late for America and her people.

  • So you’re trying to say that everyone who endorses trump are corrupt in some way? That’s really the narrative you’re spinning? 😂😂

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