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  • Could have and should have been done a long time ago.

  • Poor astronauts, having their EVA ruined by a call from Trump…

  • What an honor to get a call from the misogynist in chief!

  • Yeah, the phone call turned out to be much more promising than I thought it would.

  • I wish that this "All women space walK" was not news. There are no jobs on the ISS that require a penis and even if there was, there is no way to access one in a spacesuit. Women are people and are fully capable of doing any job that a man does in today's society.

  • Is 1 woman on a space walk is not "all-female"? Or they have to be fixing the ISS?
    Or is USA picking crumbs of achievements?
    Next up: the first ever female trio…

  • Who is doing the photography outside 😂

  • The REAL reason for this historical walk was because the guys said "F*ck that!, I'm not going out there… let the chicks do it…"

  • Space walkers displaying intelligence and diplomacy.

  • space tank

  • They'll probably get to meet Ellen when they get back , won't that be nice .🙄

  • This is why we don't watch mainstream media anymore.

    No one cares that it was all women, they're talented & earned their positions, the fact that they are women in and of itself doesn't warrent any special acknowledgement.

    They even state there have been many space walking females before them.

  • Big whoop,yeah it's cool that we have enough women to do this but major news for days? Nope. How much money was wasted just for a brave stunning headline? This isnt groundbreaking because it's been done over and over. What it's only two women? Even worse than I thought,they way the media has gone on i thought five at least. Two women at once should have been a one day small headline

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