FireFox: How To Fully Clear History

Welcome to a tutorial on clearing all history and browsing data from Firefox. Lets begin. Open firefox. On the top right hand side of the window, click on the window button, and then choose preferences. in the preferences window, click on the privacy tab on the left. In the privacy window, click on the link that says clear your recent history. under the time range to clear option, make sure you choose everything. now make sure that every tick box option below is selected, this will ensure all data gets removed. once that is done click the clear now button and it will start to delete all your browsing data. if you would like firefox to never save any history, you can click the remember history button and then choose never remember history. you will need to restart your firefox for this change to take effect and that draws and end to this tutorial. please like the video if it helped you, and subscribe to our channel for more tutorials!

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