Finding Industry Research using Bloomberg Intelligence

Hi in this Bloomberg video tutorial we
are going to be looking at Bloomberg intelligence within the Bloomberg
terminal. Once logged in type the shortcut BI into the Bloomberg
terminal. Unlike in previous videos you do not need to enter your specific
company first but instead know what industry it is in. Because this is the
School of Journalism and Mass Communication we are going to select
communications under the sectors tab Under media select the appropriate
industry. As an example we will look at entertainment content which can be
identified by the shortcut BI DVENN The information that will be the most
useful to you is located under the data library section in the right hand column
here. When clicking on featured you are given an overview of data that
influences that particular market. For this example data such as disposable
income and gross domestic product are used to determine what the average
person can spend on entertainment by year. By clicking the graph icons next to
the information you get a visual representation of the data over time Under the market share tab you will see
the amount of the market that each corporation in the industry possesses.
There is also financial data that reflects different aspects of the market
such as advertising revenue and affiliate revenue. At the top of the
screen are tabs with options to look through different types of information
related to market share. While this example is looking at media networks
data concerning other aspects of the industry such as films and other
businesses such as theme parks are available. Moving on to the macro tab
this shows more in-depth economic and social information such as population,
consumer expenditure, and percentage of US households with a TV in order to
better understand the projections and revenue of the chosen industry. Moving on
to the industry tab the data describes the amount of money in different kinds
of revenue such as advertising, affiliate and operating revenue. Many aspects of
this information can also be shown through differing tabs at the top
depicting specific industry areas Options include film, box office, and
networks but these options vary across each industry. The graphing function is
important for comparing the different types of revenue
across one type of entertainment industry and the charts are in real-time.
As shown in previous videos the graphs are all customizable in various ways.
Once in the graph section just click show data here and it will take you back
to the data lists. The final tab that will be important is the company tab. The
data here shows things like sales growth, profitability, and cash flow over time. A
feature that can help when looking at specific companies is the select
companies button. This allows you to tick the boxes of the specific companies that
you would like information for. Click the Update button and the results will
filter to only the companies that you chose. The data that we have just viewed
is useful to the entertainment industry Note that data elements may not be
labeled the same across different industries such as internet and
publishing. Those industries may have different but equally important
information listed under their respective data library sections. To
learn more check out our other Bloomberg terminal videos or ask a staff member at
the Park Library

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