Find Google Plus Pages for Channels You Subscribe To

Hi, Sheryl Loch here for Hot Blog Tips dot
com. And in this video I am going to show you a quick and easy way to find the Google
Plus Pages that are connected to the YouTube channels that you’re subscribed to.
If you go to your Google Plus Page, I’m on the Hot Blog Tips Page an as you can see,
we do have our YouTube channel connected. From here you’ll go to the upper left, and
go to People. Once you’re here on People, you’re going to see all your various circles.
And we can go over here to More and go to Discover.
When Discover pops up, you’re going to see that you have “Your Youtube Subscriptions,
Interesting people, places and pages”. Here’s where you’re going to find a lot
of the YouTube channels that you have subscribed to. And, it’s their Google Plus Pages!
While there is a button at the very top that says Follow All, You don’t have to do this.
If you want to pick and choose, maybe you don’t want to follow a music page. But you
do want to follow some of the other Youtube channels that you really do want to keep up
on everything they do; you simply curser over the “Follow”, scroll down and find or
make Youtube Subscriptions. And you can put them right there in a circle.
And this way you can easily go from your Home Page, click on More, and I can go down to
YouTube Subscriptions and look at the people and the post for that particular circle.
Hopefully all of these people are sharing their newest videos on their Google Plus Page.
And that means that I’m less likely to miss one of their new videos, I can also comment
right here on Google Plus and it saves me from going, and searching, on Youtube. Because
we know they don’t show the subscriptions all that great.
So this is how you can easily find all of those pages for your Youtube subscriptions
on Google Plus. We hope this helps you keep up to date with
your favorite YouTube channels. Thanks for watching and be sure to follow
Hot Blog Tips on Google Plus.

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  • This such a powerful tutorial that @Sheryl Loch put together for us. Seriously, this type of REAL networking can make a huge difference with both your YouTube channel and Google Plus network.   #googleplustips   #youtubetips   #youtubetutorials  

  • Thanks this was a big help!!!!!

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