Find Dissertations and Theses via the ProQuest Dissertations Database

Hi, this is Jessica Hagman with the Ohio University Libraries and in this video, I’m going to
show you how to use the ProQuest Dissertations database to find dissertations or theses by topic, advisor, or school. To get to the dissertations database,
go to the library homepage and click on the Resources tab. on the Resources page, look for the link
that says find theses and dissertations. On the Dissertations and Theses page, scroll down until
you see the link that says “Connect Directly to ProQuest Dissertations and
Theses via ALICE. In ALICE, click on the purple connect
button to go to the database. At this point if you’re off campus,
you’ll be asked to login with your Ohio ID and password. You should see an advanced search screen. If you want to search for dissertations
on a topic, Enter it here. I’m going to do a search for
“Organizational Identification”. As you can see, there are more than 1600
documents matching this phrase. I can limit my results by clicking
“Modify Search” and going back to the search page. If you change the anywhere drop down to
“Document Title”, you’ll only get dissertations and theses
with that phrase in the title which is only 63. In addition to limiting
by title, you can also modify your search to look for theses at a particular
school or with a particular adviser. In the same dropdown where we said we
wanted to search for the document title, we can also limit to a particular School,
Adviser, or even Department. I’m going to search for documents where
George Cheney is listed as the adviser. to search for people, we usually search last
name, first. So, Cheney coma George. It looks like they’re 8 results matching his advisor’s name in
ProQuest. Once you find a document you want to look at, click “Citation Abstract” to see the
abstract and full citation information. For most documents, you’ll be able to
access a preview of the first 24 pages of the document. Works completed at Ohio
University however, should be available in full text. If the document is not from Ohio
University, there are several options for pursuing full text. In many cases however, you end up needing
to request a copy via Interlibrary Loan. To access Interlibrary Loan, use the purple “My Accounts” tab on the library homepage
and click on Interlibrary Loan slash Illiad. Click login. Enter your Ohio ID and password. Then, choose thesis from the list other
options. Fill in the form was a citation information for the document. If you have
any questions about finding dissertations or theses, be sure to let us know. You can also view
our other videos about finding the full-text are about finding Ohio
University theses and dissertations by Author, Title, or Department.

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