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  • Last week we announced our upcoming album 'the Great War' which will release on July 19 this year. This week, we're covering a song from that album. Fields of Verdun is about the Battle of Verdun 1916 and will be featured on the new album. Since Indy hosted 'The Great War' for over four years, the episode is very personal for everyone involved. Thank you all very much for your support and positive reactions to the trailer release. Haven't seen the trailer? You can find it here:

    Cheers and Rock on!!

  • I didnt know I needed this until right now

  • Massive respect from Mexico, we support your fight against the kraut Vive la France

  • Why am I only now finding out this exists?! Hans! Get the comfy chairs!

  • I have 2 of my great-grand fathers served at Verdun. One was born at Dun-sur-Meuse and the german trench was on his native farm! But he and his fellow french soldiers hold the line… They shall not pass!

  • Кто там субтитры переводил, за работу

  • So this is where you are inde

  • Will there be subtitles in other languages? As in the previous videos.

  • Finally ! Some sounds about the nation who won the most fights in history !

  • i'm french, i love Sabaton, can't wait for the new album !

  • Please do Price of a mile

  • Lol that little spoiler by Indy. And maaaaate the snippet sounds sick!

  • That fucking 10 second cock tease of music. FUCK I WANT THAT ALBUM NOW

  • 12:05 The link is a lie!

  • sabaton + history = epic combination

  • Why was France so attached to Verdun? You said they couldn't afford to let it fall. But not really why.

  • Wasn't there a hill at Verdun which was blown up do to tunnels warfare.

  • One thing I would love to see is perhaps "Revolution", or just something about the Russian revolution, given it played heavily in WW1 and gave the germans room to breath when the brest-livosk treaty was signed. The song could take about the deposing of the czar, the chaos of the revolution, and maybe about the soldiers turning on their generals.

  • I don't like that you are sitting on the proud Union Jack. Please hang it somewhere appropriate.


  • Yo, sabaton should do one fictional battle album….Fingolfin vs Morgoth, and Battle of Unnumbered Tears neeeeeeds to be done

  • I am hyped

  • I am french. My generation is the first to go without veterans from ww1 (I was born in 1999). However, if you bring up a conversation about the first world war, most people do not know anything about it EXCEPT that their great grand father or great great grand father fought in Verdun. Every single family in France, including those from the old colonies in North Africa have an ancestor who fought in Verdun. People from all across the country, but also colonial troops from Algeria, Morroco, Tunisia, Senegal … Verdun echoes to the memory of 68 million french citizen. It's not only the bloodiest battle of our history, it's the first battle in our History that brought us all equal under arms as a citizen army. And this, my friend, mean that our 1789 Revolution was not meant for nothing. We won a war against an imperial dictatorship. Vive la République, vive la France !

  • Love that sneak peak at the next song. Sounds like it's going to be great, to listen to the full thing.
    I know i'm hype up for that. Along with looking forward to more great history.

  • We will be back for Christmas they said

  • Pls make a song about baltic forest brothers

  • Verdun, what a slaughterhouse it became..

  • I'm curious if the album will have songs that are not exactly about battles but about events that WWI sparked, like the Sailor's Revolt (I do not remember the official name of the sailors that mutinied and went back to their home ports to organize against the Kaiser) and later Spartakus Uprising. Because both contributed to the surrender of the German Empire. Or the Russian Revolution, where the people of Russia aligned with the Bolsheviks after their new Republican government tried to re-enter WWI (the initial motivation of the Bolshevik Revolution).

  • Please cover next "The last stand"

  • Thanks for this new opus dedicated to WWI french soldiers in Verdun, i wish you a great success like « then winged hussards arrived ».
    I appreciate the presentation about the battle of Verdun where my two grand fathers fought ( 164th infantry regiment and 142nd infantry regiment ),
    a little mistake anyway : the famous motto « courage, on les aura » was written & proclaimed by General Philippe Petain, commanding officer of the 2nd army,( ordre du jour april 10th 1916), and surely not by Nivelle his successor, pretentious and incompetent, responsible for the catastrophic attempt on “chemin des Dames” in 1917.
    The best for you !!!

  • I really hope they'll have a song about the czech legion.

  • Bonjour de Lorraine ^^

  • "There would be peace before the summer of 1916…" LONG PREGNANT PAUSE.

  • I hope Sabaton make a song about T. E. Lawrence. PLEASE!! He his my favorite person in WWI.


  • This makes me really excited for the new album…

  • Write a song about Schweik

  • So hyped for the new album and that little bit of that new song was just enough to feel that this will be an epic album!!!

  • Lol I didn't know Gandalf fought for the French in WW1

  • Verdun is a very great place to visit

  • In french we write Joseph Joffre, with "ph"

  • I love your prononciation of French Indy !

  • sooooo
    gandalf was french?
    because the shall not pass is almost the same as you shall not pass

  • Can. Not. Wait. If you need me, I'll be inducing a coma until the album comes out. Looking forward to hearing it "tomorrow morning".

  • Someone needs to start a channel like this with Amon Amarth and talk about Norse history and myth.

  • Fields of Execution
    Turned a wasteland from the grass
    Thou shalt go no further
    It was said "THEY SHALL NOT PASS!"

  • hate that you guys are spoiling the album 🙁

  • I guess that's the price of a mile…

  • Thank you Sabaton. I've been waiting for a glorious song about France from you guys. It sounds like you have epically delivered ! Greetings from a Texan American.

  • 7:10 Yes, if french soldiers actually survived.
    If Pétain didn't give this order, men on the field would simply have all lost their minds, the moral would break down inevitably.

  • I hope you guys had made a song about Vimy ridge for that album.

  • You misspelled and mispronounced Fort Douaumont!

  • Ils ne passeront pas!
    From Quebec!

    Better late than never-

  • Stop talk Lies!!

  • Missed the chance to say 'this is modern war'

  • 0:09 We rarerly refer to WW1 events as national prides

    (more as national tragedy, because no one should be proud to have won any WW1 battle, the real heros of WW1 were those who did the fewest victims possible (not saying that to disrespect the soldiers, i simply think that they were just men caught in the middle of one of the worst thing humanity ever did))

  • I wonder if they play historical base games like Battlefield 1, Brothers in Arms, the old school Call of duty games, and Medal of Honor.

  • It began long ago. On the battlefield of the great war. Two German scientists sought to harness dark and mysterious forces buried for centuries. They believed their discoveries would assure Germany's ultimate victory. But they could never have imagined just what else their research would unearth.

  • hey, i love your videos but i noticed there are no russian subtitles for new videos so i decided to do it myself for this video. Hope you will notice

  • This french accent made me laugh very loud. "Vu nez lé lésseré passe passere mez camarads". It was pretty ridiculous but you made me happy and by the way smile.
    A french friend ! ^^

  • The turning around from months to take the positions from the French, and then the French taking it back within hours seems to be just like a game of Risk, except with disgusting terror, death and losses.


  • Off to verdun for 3 months

  • guys… this album releases on my birthday… im so fucking exited!

  • Sabaton need new pants M90

  • I’m ready for tomorrow anyone else?

  • I like how Austria and Turkey started a war and let Germany take the brunt and blame.

  • Just listened to Fields of Verdun song. That is amazing song. And I am a freaking old headbanger , hell, I am even older than Joakim…
    I love this channel. History and heavy metal. What could be better


  • Im Westen nichts neues.

  • Though a million shells have scarred the land
    No one has the upper hand
    From above the ground to trenches
    Still the soldiers made a stand
    As the trenches slowly turn to mud, and then quickly start to flood
    Death awaits in every corner

    My favourite part of the song

  • I'm just here to say the full song is amazing.

  • Please write a song about this.
    The Siege of Belgrade, Battle of Belgrade or Siege of Nándorfehérvár was a military blockade of Belgrade that occurred from July 4–22, 1456. After the fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror rallied his resources in order to subjugate the Kingdom of Hungary. His immediate objective was the border fort of the town of Belgrade (in Hungarian: Nándorfehérvár). János Hunyadi, the Voivode of Transylvania, who had fought many battles against the Turks in the previous two decades, prepared the defenses of the fortress.

    The siege escalated into a major battle, during which Hunyadi led a sudden counterattack that overran the Ottoman camp, ultimately compelling the wounded Mehmed II to lift the siege and retreat. The battle had significant consequences, as it stabilized the southern frontiers of the Kingdom of Hungary for more than half a century and thus considerably delayed the Ottoman advance in Europe.

    The Pope celebrated the victory as well, as he had previously ordered all Catholic kingdoms to pray for the victory of the defenders of Belgrade. This led to the noon bell ritual that is still undertaken in Catholic and old Protestant churches. The day of the victory, 22 July, has been a memorial day in Hungary ever since.

  • Top 10 ambitious crossovers of all time (THAT WORKED!!) (NOT CLICKBAIT)

  • Would of been cool if they covered events during the war but weren't a part of it such as the Easter Rising in Ireland

  • Im so looking forward to this album. Can't wait, please July come quick 😀

  • I died at 13:18 and 13:21
    "You never heard that shit" loool

  • Great video but just want to say that you do not pronounce the s at the end of words in French 😅

  • Sabaton and indy…. Didn't know I wanted this to happen!

  • I want to leave a book recommendation related to the great war and I've been unsure if to put here, on ww2, or on the great war channel. But if anyone who wants to have a closer look into the german (Primarily the kaiser's) mindset and personality, there is a book titled "The Kaiser as I know Him", written in 1918. I find the writing style and content to be of extreme interest, and only slightly propagandistic, as the man writing it wrote very shortly after leaving Germany in the beginning of 1918 and was an American.

  • I can confidently say that Fields of Verdun has become one of my favorite Sabaton songs. I absolutely love it.

  • I followed the great war from August 2014 to the armistice centennial , and hearing this go over again brings back great memories for me. Would love to hear Indy discuss Passchandaele on here!

  • Brusilov the bolshevik pig

  • It's a themed album for the great war

    Me praying to all that is holy: Please let Alvin York make it.

  • Typical French strategy give up the fort. But this time it worked as a trap

  • If someone can enlighten me about why Aristide Briand absolutely didn't want to lose Verdun. Apparently it was not the important militarily (well that's what Maréchal Joffre thought), and as a frenchman of today the city is only known… for the battle. So why Verdun was so important politically?

  • Merci nicolas r.

  • USA Kid: "French Surender"
    French Dad in 1916: HO boy, let me introduce myself !

  • "On ne passe pas!"
    Pl <3 FR

  • "They will not pass!"
    Gandalf would be so proud about Nivelle… 😀

  • "I'm Indy Neidell"

    "And i'm Joakim from sabaton"

    "And this is sabaton history"

    "The area 51 raid was a turning point in us history

    "And our song 'area 51' honours the events of that day"

  • Gandalf yelling "You Shall Not Pass" at the balroc in Lord of the Rings carries a different connotation when you know this. Since J. R. R. Tolkien was in WWI


  • Verdun, "a Meatgrinder", The Longest Strugle. a Briliant expample of what happens, when politics mess up the order of war and begin to make decisions.

  • Just came back from holiday in france. Small villages of no more than 20, maybe 30 houses have monuments for their fallen men. Dozens killed in the great war, often several men with the same family name…
    And on the backside 10 or 15 more names of those who gave their lives in the war from '39 to '45.
    Still our leaders haven't learned anything

  • The fact that the 3 largest battles in history were all happening ALL AT ONCE really puts the scale of the war into perspective

  • Yet since the French refused to join NATO in Iraq in 2003 for lack of proofs, the most of the Americans and the British (ignorants) love to say "FreNCh ARe wHitE FLaG suRReNDeR pUSsiEs"…

  • Battlefield1 flashbacks

  • The French could have done with a few modern day Carolean batallions at Verdun….And greetings all from the UK and a newly-converted Sabaton fan

  • This video literally saved me from failing a history term exam today🙏🙏 thank youuuuu

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