[Music] João: What’s up, cousin. What did you think? Cousin: Wow, really cool. It’s from another world. João: Hopefully the weather will improve for tomorrow. You can’t have a barbecue with a pool with the weather like that. Cousin: The sun has to come up to help. João: Well, people. The first guests started arriving for our new house opening party. Tomorrow! My cousin lives a long way away. So he slept at home the day before. To be able to be here very early. And tomorrow, all that you are seeing, will fill with people. There will be a lot of people. Altogether there are 40 guests. And as I promised you, if the video reached 150 thousand likes, I will make the video of the inauguration party. Several people jumping into the pool, roasting meat, playing pool. It’s going to be very cool. Obviously just as a family. This party will be for the family only. People will come from Gabriel’s father’s family, my mother’s family, my father’s family. A lot of people will come. All families will come together. It’s a lot of people. And we’re going to have a big party to celebrate our new home, our new life, our new home. But there is a problem. Curitiba is deceiving us once again. Look at the weather. In the weather forecast, they said it would be hot. But look how it is. That’s why I still hope that tomorrow will be hot. Today is ugly, but tomorrow it dawns in the sun. You can’t understand the weather. But then … We are going to do something now. Is ready?
Paty: I’m getting ready. João: We have to go to the market to buy things for tomorrow’s party. Paty: Yes, yes, yes.
João: Are you anxious? Paty: A lot! And there are just a few things. There are many things. It’s a lot of people. João: We have to buy meat, soda, garlic bread. We actually have to make a list. I go to the kitchen and make a list of what we need to buy. Paty: Okay. João: Well, people. I will be sincere. I think this is going to be the most expensive barbecue I’m going to have in my life. Before, I couldn’t do any barbecue. I had no space for barbecue. So I think this is going to be my first opening party. To celebrate a new life, a new home. Thanks to God today I am able to give my family a good place. And I can call everyone. Everyone in my family will enjoy this moment together. We completed a week at the house. It is still recent. But then … There are 40 guests. So we have to consider that each one eats 300g of meat. It’s a lot of meat. But obviously I’m not just going to buy meat. Is too expensive. I’m going to buy meat, sausage, garlic bread, cheaper things. Will I buy meat for everyone? For the whole barbecue? I will be honest with you. I’m focused on the gym. Really. I want to stop taking soda because soda swells. I want to get well, you know? We only have this orange soda. It’s very good. This soda is very cheap but it is very good. I know this is alcoholic, but it’s not for us. It is for the people who are going to come. Well, there’s a Coca Cola and a Fanta. So we have to buy a lot. At least 4 or 5 more cokes. So… Everyone knows that I don’t drink alcohol. But every now and then it appears in the video. As I said, I’m not going to stop people from taking it just because I don’t. Usually our father or uncle likes to drink beer. And that doesn’t hurt anyone. The problem is getting drunk. The Bible condemns. The Bible says it cannot. I don’t like alcohol. I have no prejudice. But I don’t like the taste. I can’t take it, you know? Let’s hurry Patricia because if we depend on her we’ll only leave here tomorrow. Paty: I’m ready.
João: Are you ready? let’s go. I will talk to the mother.
Mother. Mother: Hi. João: Why are you running from the video, cousin? Are you ashamed? Are you going with us, mom?
Mother: Yes. João: Tomorrow something will happen that never happened in our history, in our life. All families will be reunited. Mother: 3 families. João: Explain to me. Why are there 3 families? Mother: So, people. I got married very young. I married 15 years old. I had my first marriage that lasted 13 years.
João: With my father. Mother: Exactly.
João: And Paty’s father.
Mother: And Paty’s father. And then I got married again.
João: With Gabriel’s father. That is, people from my family will come. “Oliveira Caetano”. People from your family will come. “Bressan”. And Gabriel’s family. “Souza”. So there are 3 different families. It’s a lot of people.
Mother: And the cool thing is that everyone gets along. João: Yes. There are no fights.
Mother: There are no fights because you are an ex-husband. João: Even my father’s wife will come. And your ex-husband, Gabriel’s father too. And your boyfriend will be here. Mother: My boyfriend will be here. (Laughter) João: My God in heaven. It’s a lot of confusion. (Laughter) But what matters is the union. It’s love. We don’t want anyone to make trouble here at home. So we select people to be here. But it’s just family. Only family will come. Good people. And I came here to bother him. Because I came here to charge him again. Gabriel, yesterday I came here and asked you to throw this can away. You are throwing things on the floor. Gabriel: It fell. João: Yes, it fell. [Irony] We are going to the market now to buy things for tomorrow’s barbecue. Do you want to go along or will you stay here? Gabriel: I will stay here. João: Who did you call to come tomorrow? From your father’s family. Gabriel: My father, my grandmother, my uncle. João: Did they confirm?
Gabriel: My father, my grandmother and my sister did. João: It’s very confusing, people. Look at the view from Gabriel’s room. But it is very confusing. Gabriel also has a sister. Gabriel has a sister named Geovana. How old is she, Gabriel? Gabriel: She is 7 years old. João: 7 years. And she is the daughter of Gabriel’s father. It’s not my father. Gabriel is my brother, but only for my mother. How funny. And besides, people … Tomorrow we will play football. Maybe I’ll record the challenge of the dash with everyone. There are people fishing, so everything is ready for tomorrow. I had the pools washed yesterday. The man came here and cleaned the pools. The source is also clean. Tomorrow will be incredible. It’s going to be very cool. We just need God’s help. Please, you will see. We arrived. We are in the market. Paty, do you have a list?
Paty: Our aunt sent the list. João: My God. Paty: It’s two pages, look. João: My God. Derick’s mother is a cook. How many years ago, Derick? Cousin: Enough time. Since I was born. João: More than twenty years?
Cousin: Yes. João: And she cooks very well. The last time we had a barbecue, we hired some people to serve. To give soda, etc. To make meat. But this time, our cook aunt decided to cook. She said that this time she will make food. We don’t need to hire anyone. So she said she will make food. But we have to buy things for her to do. I’m going to show this to you guys. Just the meat … Only the rump. R $ 245. Mano, do you know what that is? I’m sad, man.
Cousin: A lot of money. João: I’m sad. Lie, I’m not sad. I’m happy. I will feed the whole family. We’re getting some things here. For now we get Alcatra. We still need to catch the heart, “tulipinha”, garlic bread, sausage … A lot. I don’t think I need to say anything. So, guys. I think that’s it for today. It’s getting dark. It’s half past six in the afternoon. Tomorrow is the barbecue day. Everyone goes to our house. Well, I think I’ll be back tomorrow … When we… I’m thrilled … Thousand and three hundred reais.
Paty: It’s worth every penny. João: It’s worth it. But it is a lot of money. I thought it would cost 800 reais. Thousand and three hundred reais. Well, okay. We don’t always do that. Once in a lifetime. It’s the first time that I’m actually going to do that. So ok. But… Well, I hope the day will be wonderful tomorrow. I hope we enjoy it a lot. Let’s see if all of that will fit in the refrigerator. It’s too much. I will try to keep everything. I’ll show you how it looks. But I am looking forward. I will not lie. Hopefully tomorrow will be a wonderful day. “Tomorrow will be cool. It will be amazing. We need God’s help.” The next day… What did I tell you about my God? I talked. He exists. He’s alive. He’s real. He fulfills the request of those who ask with love. Look at the weather. Look at the sun. The sun will come up, it will be very hot. Mother!
Mother: Hi.
João: Who knew the sun would come out today? Mother: Beautiful. And it will get even hotter. João: Good morning, people. 9:17 in the morning. I woke up very early. I didn’t believe it. I swear. When I saw under the curtain it was sunny, I didn’t believe it. People … When you have intimacy with God … It’s like that for my whole life. From the beginning. When I started making videos for YouTube, I handed my work over to God. I was like “God, you’re in control of everything.” Before posting a video I prayed, I delivered it to God. “God, bless this video. Bless my channel.” “Bless my work.” I insisted. I did my part and God Blessed me, you know? And the same thing happened … The weather was not beautiful. It looked like there was going to be no sun. Yesterday at noute when I saw the temperature, I saw that there would be no sun. And it’s sunny. I’ll see how the temperature is today. “What’s up, siri. What’s the temperature today?” Siri: “The maximum temperature today will be 21 degrees and the minimum will be 15 degrees.” João: Look … 21 degrees. 21 degrees is too cold. But look. There is no sun. Look at this. There is no sun. I’ll open it on Google for you to see. Let’s confirm. Now the sun has come up. But there was no such sun. Well, it’s sunny but 21 degrees. 21 degrees is very cold. We can’t swim. Guys, let’s wake up. Let’s take a shower and get dressed because the guests will arrive soon. Welcome to our party. The first guests arrived. Aunt, I talked about you yesterday. The thing you love most about cooking is cooking. It is true? What did you prepare for us? Aunt: Mayonnaise, pasta, two types of pasta. Pasta with bechamel sauce, I’ll make it with bacon. And the other with red sauce. I don’t know the guests. João You have to please everyone. [Laughs] João: Yesterday I showed you the list that she sent us to buy. We spent an hour shopping. But it will be worth it. It will be a unique party. The first actually. Opening party. This is my uncle Denilson. He’s a fisherman. Come on. I’ll show you the fish. The first thing he will want to do is go fishing. He fished all his life. Denilson: Look where I brought the car. João: Look where you can put the car. I did not know that. That Cool. The coolest thing about fishing is to stay still, waiting for the fish. We cannot make noise. We have to be silent. We throw the hook. There is no need for bait. You didn’t bring the hook, uncle. You can dive and catch it with your mouth. [Laughs] João: Throw the food, uncle. [Laughs]
João: Look … Denilson: Let me get a hook … [Laughs] João: Look at the amount of fish, man. When I come to fish, I throw the food nearby. How is the name … Batten? I don’t need to fish. How it’s called?
Denilson: Tarrafa. [Laughs] João: There are some sticks here. We left prepared. Just play and fish … Denilson: The best are these. João: It’s better … They are classic. I fished with him when I was a kid. He took us to his brother’s farm. A long time ago. And he made me like to fish. Do you believe? But I don’t fish anymore. It’s not interesting here. Just throw the hook. There is no need for bait. Take a test, uncle. I don’t know if there are big fish. They jump. Took! [Laughs] [Inaudible] João: What’s the name of this fish, uncle? Denilson: Tilapia.
João: Tilapia? João: Is this a good size to eat? Denilson: This is a good one. João: Look how cool it looks here. That Cool. I didn’t see when my mom did that. She put this giant umbrella here. And you can lie here and be calm. Do you know what we have to do, guys? We have to put on a blouse. To call the sun. If we take off our shirt because of the heat, the sun will go away. Woman: The aunt talked about the sun. And I said not to speak. João: Yes, don’t speak. How cold it is today, guys. My God. Are you afraid of spider? Man: Yes.
João: A lot? Seriously? Then open it there. I will not enter. Enter carefully. Pay attention to the sides, bottom, top, right and left. Look … There’s a red button there. The green… The second from below. The other… ? The green. Right… Good! This button is to start the pool cascade. [Music] João: Look, people. Gabriel, how do you dare? Gabriel: It’s very cold. João: I imagine it is very cold. Will you jump again?
Gabriel: Yes. João: He made a mortal … Where’s your dad and your guests? Gabriel: They will still arrive. João: I will wait to warm up a little more. It’s still early. And then we swim. The music is playing …. Look how many guests, people. It has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Look who arrived. My father. My dad is here too. My father came too. His wife too. João Esmael too. They’re playing soccer. I’ll see if my dad wants to swim. I learned to swim with my father. I liked swimming because of him. I actually became a goldfish. But then I stopped. But now I have a pool at home. Hi Dad.
Father: Hi, son. João: Was it difficult to find the house? Father: It was good, son. João: Shall we swim?
Father: Let’s go swimming. João: Later?
Father: We’ll go swimming later. João: Esmael, put on shorts, man. João: Damn! [Laughs] So, Paty, who’s your partner? Paty: Isac. João: Wow, she spoke very sad. [Laughs] “Isac” [Sad] As if it were depressing … Paty: But look. All the balls on the table are ours. João: Are you playing Uncle Edinho? Cousin: Yes, professional together. Paty: I said that I had to be a bad person with a good person. João: I had to balance. Damn it. Make that move to the video. Good! I had nothing to do. [Sigh] What a good life. What a nice day. Mom, yesterday was ugly. And today is sunny. Mother: Yesterday was cold. We go out in a cold blouse. With pants. Today is a good day. João: Today I am at peace, mother. It’s great to have a place to put the whole family together. Mother: It’s true. João: Staying together, giving everyone good food. It is surreal what we live. What are you doing to us? What is it? Rump? Denilson: Alcatra, “Tulipinha”. João: What a delight. Denilson: Only good food. João: Guys, there’s nothing better in life than a moment like this. Everyone is gathered. Everyone is together celebrating all the families together. Happy for our achievement. So… My goal in life is to provide the same thing for all my family members. Uncles, aunts, cousins. I want everyone to have a decent life. A good life. Just like my family does. Look who’s here enjoying and enjoying the moment. What a wonderful thing. What a good life, Esmael. Will you enter the pool afterwards? Esmael: Yes. João: And that shirt? “Patrulha Canina”. [Thanking God] João: Wow … Paty: Polenta with chicken … João: Is the aunt capricious? Paty: My God. No words for that lunch. João: Look … It looks like a steakhouse. Pineapple, Alcatra. And there is the barbecue to make the meat. My aunt was saying that she loves to cook. And we said that we love to eat. We like it a lot, too. Paty, don’t pretend you’re fitness. You can eat at will. Paty: Look … This is just the first dish. João: I got it. Where am I going to eat? Facing the pool. João: Uhul. The weather is good. Father: Let’s jump.
João: Shall we go in? The people are already there. Paty.
Paty: Hi. João: Are you going to enter the pool?
Paty: I’m scared. It’s too cold. The father entered.
João: It’s not cold. It’s good. Everyone will enter the pool. Are you going to enter the pool?
Woman: Yes. [Dialogue] Paty: Come in, come in, come in. Get in the pool, Uncle. [Laughs] Paty: Get in the pool, uncle. It was a mermaid dive. [Laughs] João: Look .. Ice cream, fruits … This is to show that we are also fitness. Delicious! Who made this mousse? Woman: Paty. João: Did you make the mousse? Paty: Congratulations to me. João: Really? When did you do it? Paty: Before lunch. I did it with the help of Aunt Nani. João: Very good. We are making a dispute to know who can swim farther under water. But there is a problem… The sun was gone. Who won, father? The Lord? Father: For now I’m winning. [Laughs] João: Uncle Edinho is winning. Are you going to try?
Denilson: Yes. João: I want to see. Denilson: I will swim to the fish. João: Swimming under the water? OK. [João’s father thanking God] João: Paty, it was cool. Paty: Yes, very cool. João: But it’s time for everyone to leave. Paty: We were here all day. Everyone is tired. Everyone played and had fun. João: After they leave I go to sleep. I’m very tired.
Paty: I’m tired, too. Paty: Look how good God is, João. In the morning and all day it was hot. It cooled down just now in the late afternoon. But the forecast was cold all day. João: Yes, so … The weather forecast was cold all day. But I told you that I asked God. And He sent a sun. We went into the pool. We took advantage. It did not rain. We were afraid. Everything worked. And after we ate and rested, the cold came. It’s not cold. But it’s not hot. Everyone is getting ready. My father is there with the car I gave him. My aunt is over there. Paty: Look how many fish he’s taking. João: My father takes advantage. Paty: He’s carrying 3kg of fish. João: Really?
Paty: Yes. João How many fish?
Paty: 16 fish more or less. Bye aunt. Go with God. Aunt: Amen. To the next.
Aunt: Bye. Thanks for the party. João: Bye, father.
Father: Bye, son.
João: Go with God. Good trip to you.
Father: Thanks for the party.
João: See you next time. João: Everyone is leaving. Paty: Everyone leaving.
João: But some people are going to stay here. João: Aunt Silmara, Gabriel’s father, Gabriel’s grandmother. We never showed them on video. Paty: If people like us a lot we make a video with them. Who knows… João: Well, people. It’s getting dark. It’ll be dark soon. We are thinking about going to church today. To thank you for things. And it was very good. It was very cool. I’m very tired. I think I’m going to sleep now. Before going to church. Bro… What a wonderful day! I could be at the carnival. Several friends asked me to go to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, São Paulo, etc. All corners of Brazil. But I don’t know … I wanted to enjoy this moment with my family. And want to know more? I don’t regret 1 second. It was wonderful. It was great to have this opening party. I called everyone. Nobody knew my home. It was the first time that everyone came here. So everyone was delighted. They were very happy for me. And that is what matters. I want my whole family to achieve the same things that I did. Not only my family, but you also who watch me. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you want more videos like that, please click the like button. See you tomorrow because it’s a new video every day here on the channel. Then sign up. We are on the way to 7 million subscribers. There is little left. Help me, then. Subscribe to the channel. Also click on the like button. We will reach 150 thousand likes in this video. I think you can do it, very easy. See you tomorrow. Follow me on Instagram, okay? Until tomorrow, people. I’m too happy. Now we go to the Church. Bye Bye.

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