Felda Looper: Memories of Fellow Pages and Democratic Cloakroom

Here are these kids: they get up early,
they go to school, they then go to work. And I had just graduated, so I didn’t actually go to the school part of it. And the thing that struck me the most was that these kids were fighting over the newspaper to see what had gone on,
what was printed, what was going on in the world. And that was a new experience for me, for kids. And I was fascinated by their hunger to learn
as much as they could about everything that was going on. And that was quite impressive to me. Also, it was nice to be in the back, in the cloakroom,
because it was a place where people were casual. And the Members of Congress would be
sitting and talking very casually, and Ray would always—the guy in the back who sort of served
snacks and things—would always have coconut crème pie for me, so there were some fun parts to it.
And it was a very learning experience. So I would count that among important parts of my memory, of learning that these kids were very interested
in finding out what was going on in the world.

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