Feature History – The Troubles (1/2)

Oh Diddly dee! A leprechaun put a bomb in me potato, ah! Now with all the Irish people having been disgusted and left, we can start. Hello and welcome to Feature History. Featuring the impatiently awaited and source of much pester – The Troubles. A rather understated name for a 30-year long period of sectarian violence at its finest. It formed both the issues and the culture of our contemporary Northern Ireland and is such a relevant topic today. You can expect many, many unwanted opinions in the comments. Enough about that though. We have two videos worth of controversy to get through here and now. And later when the second part goes up. For the source of The Troubles, you can go all the way back to 1169 with the Norman conquest of Ireland. But for the sake of brevity I’m going to try to rush to the 20th century. Irish leaders for many centuries would struggle politically with English kings, and this peat with the Protestant Reformation that saw the majority of England turn Protestant with their monarchy and the majority of Ireland remain Catholic. A Rebellion in the late 16th century saw new efforts to assimilate the Irish by just replacing who the Irish were. Protestant English and Scottish were sent to Ireland to attempt to colonize the island and saw success in the North, or as it is otherwise known by, Ulster. The following English Civil War and Glorious Revolution would see the Irish Catholics ally with the losing side leading to penal wars being placed on them by the Protestant English Parliament. During the great French Wars the French would provoke a Protestant-led rebellion for Irish independence. Which caused the British government to claim Ireland as a core part of their kingdom and bring them under further control. Concessions would be made with the Catholic emancipation in 1829, but it did little to improve their position. The damage had been done and many Catholics were still made to live on the poorer land. A turning point would be the decimation caused by the Irish potato famine in 1845. 1 million deaths, Exacerbated by British mismanagement, caused the Irish to demand for an Irish parliament. Some demanded for full Irish independence but the most popular movement was that of Home Rule. It would see a self governed Ireland within the United Kingdom. Its bill would finally be passed in 1912, much to the scrutiny of the mostly Protestant Ulster loyalists in the North. It would, however, be placed on hold given the outbreak of the First World War. Some more radical Irishmen would come out against British rule in 1916, dubbed the Easter Rising. it had failed, but when the insurrectionists were executed by the government, the rebels would become martyrs – their fringe movement turned to public outrage. seventy-three members of the Irish Republican Party, Sinn Fein, would be elected to the British Parliament in 1918 and would refuse to attend the Parliament in London. Instead, choosing to form an Irish parliament in Dublin in 1919. This action would spark the war of the independence that saw the Irish Republican Army brought together to fight for, well, an Irish Republic. The Anglo-Irish treaty drawn up in 1921 would see a partitioned Ireland. One to be split between the mostly Catholic nationalist south and the mostly Protestant loyalist North. However, there was a catch, as there is a significant Catholic minority present in Northern Ireland. There was also a substantial amount of people generally not pleased with the treaty, refusing to recognize the compromised Irish Free State and certainly refusing to recognize a British Northern Ireland. The stem of the IRA would break off as the Anti-treaty IRA, and fight in the Civil War – only to be put down in 1923 and have the Free State be affirmed. These wars had caused a drift in Northern Ireland. The Protestant majority now suspected and occasionally feared the Catholic minority who had grown to see the Protestants as oppressive and tyrannical. Over the course of several decades, segregation became normalized between the two communities. In hiring, education, and housing Protestants and Catholics rarely mixed. The anti-treaty IRA still existed, however dormant. It had begun to see an influx of Marxists, much to the annoyance of the older more traditional members. In the early 60s, Northern Ireland became subject to a civil rights movement, set on highlighting the inequalities in the province. Stauncher loyalists feared it as an IRA front – a facade made to lead to a united Ireland. Civil right protests began to lead to riots as both partisan loyalists and the Royal Ulster Constabulary wished to crack down upon them. This led to a great number of Catholics rejecting the RUC’s Authority, attempting to create their own Institutions as seen in the self-declared autonomous area of free Derry. Tensions had been rising steadily since 1966, and would climax in ’69. A Protestant parade was set to move through a Catholic area of Londonderry or Terry or whatever you want to call it so you don’t get mad. Protestants and Catholics would initially begin slinging any old crap at each other, leading to clashes. As the police moved in to crackdown, battles erupted. This is known as the Battle of the Bogside. Hundreds of police and civilians were injured in the riots and the officers of the constabulary would be pushed from the Bogside area. By the third day of rioting, things had become intense and the Northern Irish Prime Minister requested British troops to relieve the officers. A Battalion would intervene as a neutral force to separate the residents from the police and bring an end to the battle. With the news of the battle spreading quickly, agitated Irish nationalists began to break out in protest and the Ulster loyalists, fearing a total uprising, began to clash with nationalists; causing widespread violence across Northern Ireland. With an overwhelmed and accusedly biased Constabulary not of much help, the British Army would have some serious trouble maintaining law and order. The army had initially been welcomed as a neutral force into The Troubles. The Nationalists and Loyalists both believed the army was there to protect them from the other. As the violence continued, however, some nationalists began to believe too little was being done to quell the violence against them. The divide in the population was clear. But beneath the surface, another divide had formed. In the IRA, the traditionalist Republicans broke away from the Marxist bunch due to the perceived unwillingness of their leaders to protect nationalist communities. This new provisional IRA would soon dwarf its paternal organization. They had, though, inherited a crumbling support. Few wanted the help of a paramilitary gang. This changed when in the Battle of st. Matthews in 1970, the local IRA beat back an armed loyalist mob in a shootout, serving to guard a Catholic nationalist enclave. It was a significant propaganda victory for the organization. The British Army looked to disarm this violence and would enter the infamous Falls Road area of Belfast, a Nationalist stronghold, to seize (?) They were thorough and harsh in their action, doing a significant disservice to their reputation. In The Falls Curfew, the army would come under harassment from both the IRA and angered residents, leading to the unfortunate death of four civilians. In August of 1971, the British army and RUC would undertake Operation Demetrus, which sought to intern paramilitary members. However, their list held a strong nationalist bias and the operation itself was subject to fumbles – leading to an upsurge in reactionary violence. Those interned reported torture. Two IRA members were killed, two soldiers had also been killed, not to mention 20 civilians. It wasn’t a good look to say the least. With Nationalist support of the army at an all-time low, in the hopes of defeating the IRA militarily, the soldiers would be turned to local policing, checkpoint duty, and riot control. The unpopular policy of internment continued as well. Imprisonment without trial was seen as the only logistical way to deal with the unrest. In January of 1972, both the Army and the police were deployed to oversee an anti-internment march in Derry. British paratroopers were present and they had been despised for their role in killing eleven people during Operation Demetrius. Small groups began to lob rocks at the paratroopers, provoking the paratroopers to open fire in return. The crowd would quickly devolve into chaos. Twenty-eight people would be shot and fourteen died. Given the circumstances of their deaths, the paratroopers were decried for their actions and British Army at large felt the ire of the nationalist Catholics and more – in what would become known as Bloody Sunday they had to put a definite end to any idea of a honeymoon. Yes, I know this part was short, but tough tits. You’ll get another one eventually, so don’t sulk. Until then, I don’t know, just pledge to my patron or something. That’s usually what cool people do. Toodles!

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  • I'm sure there's gonna be plenty of correction suggestions, but let me make it clear this is for things that are actually wrong in the video, not "You should've said X" or your opinion.
    0:34 – Yeah I used the St. Patrick Saltire, sue me, but while not being official, it's the only good neutral flag for Northern Ireland.
    5:54 – As said in the video, those aren't official flags, because there aren't any official flags for the IRA. Just a bunch and bunch of different unofficial designs that have many different meanings and variants and I had to settle on one.
    1:28 – That's modern day Northern Ireland, which is actually ONLY 6 of the 9 counties of the region known as Ulster. I meant to fix that when I realised one late night, but clearly forgot.
    2:15 – The bill passed in 1914, not 1912

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  • In the Easter Rising, the rebels were killed, the IRB leaders who signed the parliament were killed, along with many civilians, most of the Irish Volunteers/ IRB soldiers surrendered after running out of supplies and holding the British back

    Sorry for the correction, but I wanted to add that.

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  • You can tell when someone is sheltered when they say dumb stuff like "they were only throwing rocks!!! And you shot them???!!". A rock of more than 3 ounces is by definition a deadly weapon. They're tools used in war right up untill the 1600s. When the Spanish fought the mexica and other various tribes there was only one weapon they were afraid of. It wasn't their Spears, clubs, atlatl, bows etc.. because Spanish armour made these moot. It was the slings which launched rocks only an ounce in weight. More Spanish soldiers were killed by strikes to the head from rocks than died from Spears, arrows or clubs. So yes, if you're dumb enough to pick up a weapon and attack a group of armed soldiers you don't get to play the victim if they open up on you.

    A rock of 4 ounces thrown at just 50 mph can cause a fracturing if the skull, shattering of the jaw etc…. Your average person can throw a rock this size over 50mph within 40 yards.

    They're not empty pop bottles or empty aluminum cans, rocks are literally capable of killing. People need to stop acting like it's a child throwing a stuffed animal. It's not and you'd be singing a different time if you were to catch a rock to the side of your head as hundreds of people are launching them at you trying to hurt you.

  • Gotta point out, because everyone forgets : the top of Ireland is in the Freestate. I hated it when people in England asked me if my folks were from Northern or Southern Ireland (they're from Donegal). The answer is neither, and also both!

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  • Ulster is not Northern Ireland. Ulster is the entire north or ireland. Ulster includes the counties Donegal, Monahan and Cavan. They were originally part of Northern Ireland but joined the south when the republic was formed, after Irish free state.

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    But why do Christians fight each other based on tiny differences in religious practice?

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    Northern Ireland consists of 6 counties as where ulster is 9 counties. By continuing to use the wrong name you inadvertently forget the other 3 counties even exist.

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  • The comments are definately going to be civilised and not biased or oversimplified at all, right?

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    “If Northern Ireland joins Ireland I’ll move to scotland”
    Which I she is gonna do if it does happen and the same with me
    Idc if I turn Scottish at least I’ll be able to YEET big wood in the air

  • As a not very proud northern Irish,I can honestly say I hate this comment section

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  • "British mismanagement" is an awfully understated way of saying "intentionally letting millions of people starve to death" which is an awfully understated way of saying "genocide"

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  • What needs to happen but never will:

    – A truth and reconciliation commission authorized by the UK and Ireland governments,
    – The public release of all Troubles related security files.
    – A soft border agreement between the UK and and Ireland that is independent of the EU and Brexit.
    – The immediate disbanding and disarming of RIRA/NIRA
    – The reversal of terrorist status blacklisting for former members of disbanded sectarian groups.
    – A UK-funded employment and assistance program for Northern Irish families.
    – A formal, public apology by the UK government for colluding with Ulster terrorists and persecuting Catholics.
    – A formal, public apology by the Stormont government for persecuting Catholics and suppressing civil rights.
    – A formal, public apology by former IRA leaders (Gerry Adams) admitting the extent of their involvement.
    – Unconditional amnesty/pardon for all parties for all Troubles related crimes/activities.*

    * Since no side believes there is any way to have unbiased prosecutions then there is no point in having further prosecutions at all.

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    Nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Gr8 video, question were the PIRA motivated by Marxism or neo-Maoism?

  • Free Hong Kong. Free Tibet. Free Taiwan. 免费香港。 自由西藏。 免费台湾。

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    Free Hong Kong. Free Tibet. Free Taiwan. 免费香港。 自由西藏。 免费台湾。

    Free Hong Kong. Free Tibet. Free Taiwan. 免费香港。 自由西藏。 免费台湾。

    Free Hong Kong. Free Tibet. Free Taiwan. 免费香港。 自由西藏。 免费台湾。

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  • I think it's hard for people to understand the absolute injustices committed during the troubles. Bloody Sunday was simple murder. Most of the victims were shot in the back of the head– fleeing, not attacking. Half of those killed were only seventeen years old. One lad was killed while running alongside his father, attempting to escape the soldiers *who were meant to protect them*. It was meant to be a peaceful protest, and certainly, rocks shouldn't have been thrown… but was it not somewhat provocative to station armed paratroopers alongside a civil rights march?

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