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This video is brought to you by Brilliant. Howdy partner, and welcome to Feature History – featuring the Texas Revolution, a time back when the US liked illegal border-crossing. Edgy humor aside, that time was back in the early 19th century The area today known as Texas was a part of Mexico, the US had yet adopted manifest destiny and the frontier was very much alive Today things are different – No shit, but this video is going to delve into how much change the Texas Revolution made, just how revolutionary it was But I won’t spoil you and start our story there. We’re starting with European colonization – roll the slide Europe first began colonizing the continent of America in the 15th century Unless you count Norse, but I’m not going to Colonization would not be a walk in the park – the British, French and Spanish all found themselves struggling against the natives, the elements and each other in their attempts to colonize the new world Deep within this new world was Texas Spain and France would both claim the region, but the French would be the first to settle it in the 17th century But then everyone died so the fertile plains of Texas were untapped Spain would follow up the French attempt and, through much struggle and even more stubbornness, saw limited success by the 18th century Settled – yes, but it was the least populated area of New Spain with between only a few hundred – to a thousend settlers After the Seven Years War, France would relinquish its claim to Texas and French Louisiana to Spain – But then in 1799 Spain gave Louisiana back, and then in 1803 the United States bought it, Now, was Texas included in these deals? Maybe, Maybe not – there was disagreement as to actually how far these borders went, and so a line had to be drawn With the US’s purchase of Louisiana, The young nation doubled in size the Republic now shared an extensive land border with the British and Spanish empires Relations with them weren’t great The US’s kick-started expansion and growing population led to the idea of manifest destiny. Well, manifesting. Early proponents of the idea envisioned a continent united under their republic – a republic that stretched from sea to shining sea, A republic that didn’t share with the old European powers Spain felt the pressure from the US, especially given the discrepancies in the Louisiana Purchase The US believed itself entitled the lands as far as the Rio Grande and soon Spain’s territory was being infringed upon by American filibusters That isn’t filibuster in a political sense, but a military one Filibusters were armed men that took to the frontier to seize land from nations that the US was technically at peace with, but all this was a very minor problem compared to what happened in 1808, As back in Europe Spain was invaded by Napoleon, and after that – much of New Spain began to push, and even fight for independence Mexico would break out in revolt and quickly descent into chaos – During this conflict a Mexican-American filibuster expedition would claim Texas, Declaring it as the Independent Green Flag Republic, but Spanish forces would soon offer the rebels no quarter – And tear down that flag Texas was firmly in Spain’s hands However, in this rapidly deteriorating situation Spain sought compromise and agreed to define a common border with the US It would not surrender Texas, instead would cede Florida in the transcontinental treaty signed February 1819 Stability was finally achieved between Spain in the US, but Spain wouldn’t stick around The Empire’s colony fell apart and gave way to many independent Latin Republics under the constitution of 1824 Texas now belonged to the Federal Republic of Mexico As the dust settled on Mexico the threat of filibustering persisted and so the new government under the presidency of Guadalupe, Victoria sought to address the issue with the general colonization law of 1824 it would introduce the Empresario system that sought to turn American filibusters into Mexican citizens Empresarios on the behalf of the Mexican government would be recruited to sell Texan land to immigrants at low low Prices and the empresario themselves were paid in land The population of Texas which had sat at three and a half thousand exploded as the empresarios established their settlements all over the many new immigrants to Texas or Texians as they became known quickly outnumbered Tejanos Mexican born residents These immigrants were offered their citizenship as long as they learned Spanish and converted to Catholicism But it was very typical they didn’t in fact even with promoted immigration many Texians were illegal America wouldn’t be sending its best either many of those flooding Texas were outcasts Even the most famous Texians had their foibles Jim Bowie was a violent frontiersman Sam Houston a disgraced politician William Travis and indebted lawyer and even Davy Crockett Arrived to Texas off the tail end of a disappointing political career, but as it turned out even with all its flaws Mexican government was now finally turning a profit off Texas the new frontier a Turning point would however arise in 1826 when the empresario Hayden Edwards declared his settlement Independent other empresarios were having none of it. They didn’t wish to ruin a good thing So Edwards rebellion would be put down with ease but now empresarios were starting to get a bad rap Things only got worse in 1829 the Mexican government abolished slavery many Texians were slave owners and bordered on revolt until the Mexican government allowed them some exceptions so clearly Texas was trouble and so the US Twice offered to take it off Mexico’s hands to which President Victoria declined twice Victoria ended his term in March 1829 and after him Mexico suffered a myriad of coups and rebellions Usually as a result of conflict between those desiring a strong centralized Mexico or a Federal Republic similar to that of the US During this time of flux, it was decided within the government Texians had to be stopped the Laws of April 6 1830 were introduced banning any further American immigration and raising import tariffs Texas was pissed but jumping back for a moment the afore mentioned flux of power Would finally settle in 1833 when the soldier and politician Antonia Lopez de Santa Anna was elected president He won his election off his support for federalism and then in 1834 completely swapped sides when he ordered the disarmament of all civic militias dissolved Congress and in 1835 repealed the Mexican Constitution Santa Anna was a dictator Much of Mexico would openly rebel against him and he was ruthless in his suppression in May of 1835 He would crush the militia in Zacatecas and allow his army to pillage loot and raid for two days He gained his reputation quickly and soon Texians were not very fond of him military commanders in Texas feared Texians joining the revolt and so maybe counter-intuitively began to crack down in September 1835 the military was ordered to retake a cannon they had given to the militia in Gonzales When the residents of Gonzales learned of the Mexican military’s intentions, they had only one response When Mexican forces arrived in Gonzales, they found the militia armed with firearms the cannon and a banner that read come and take it Significantly outnumbered the soldiers were routed with one shot of the cannon one shot that won the battle One shot that started the revolution after this the Texians would quickly hurry to assemble the provisional government and decided Sam Houston would lead as Major General of the new Texian army that army would be responsible for running the Mexican garrison out of Texas and with their series of victorious skirmishes They were able to recruit many more Texians, Tejanos, and volunteers from the US and even Europe in his lifetime The army would amass almost 4,000 troops Even with that it was dwarfed by the might of the Mexican Republic Santa Anna would take personal command of an army of six and a half thousand men to quickly and decisively crush the revolt with limited time before the Mexican Army’s arrival the Texians began to entrench Colonel Jim Bowie Colonel William Travis and the frontiersman Davy Crockett would set up their men at an old Spanish mission turned a military base The Alamo Major General Houston was well aware the Alamo couldn’t hold out against the siege But Bowie reckoned to allow the force capture would be detrimental and so the Alamo remained garrisoned Santa Anna and 1,800 experienced soldiers met the Alamo in late February 1836 the defenders numbered only a couple hundred and Santa Anna made his intentions clear when he rose a red flag against the fort he would offer no quarter The siege began immediately with a constant barrage of artillery fire Jim Bowie would be bedridden with disease and so command in this trying time was left in the hands of young William Travis Travis would smuggle letter after letter urging for reinforcements But there was little in the way of response on March 2nd in Washington on Brazos The Republic of Texas would formally declare its independence But on March 6 back at the Alamo The walls would be stormed. With both an advantage in numbers and experience the Mexican army soon broke through the defenses Travis died almost instantly. Jim Bowie would be shot dead in his bed and David Crockett captured and executed survivors were few and far between The Alamo was a slaughter Santa Anna had learned this way of war back when he was a lieutenant Fighting the green flag Republic and he believed it would work again, that it would crush, Texas Santa Anna’s terror continued in the very same month 425 prisoners were rounded up after the Battle of Kalia and massacred piled up and burned Santa Anna believed this way of war would crush the Texian spirit but instead the now commander-in-chief Sam Houston used these losses to uplift it with the cry of Remember the Alamo remember Goliad he managed to amass many men to join the cause of the revolution Even as it seemed to be in its death throes Mexican forces Continued to move further and further into Texas as a population fled from it It was very much a time of retreat for the Texians and so the Mexicans became accustomed to little resistance on The 21st of April that Mexican army was suddenly ambushed Sam Houston’s surprised Santa Annas forces with roughly 900 men of his own and in a battle that lasted only 18 minutes he was able to wrap the Mexican forces That route turned into a full-blown retreat many Mexican soldiers would attempt to surrender to the Texians to no avail Repeating the battle cry. Remember the Alamo remember Goliad the Texians took to murder 650 Mexicans died compared to only 11 Texians Santa Anna himself was found hiding in the marsh and was captured by the Texian army and As much as I wanted to execute him It was far more advantageous to have the president of the Mexican Republic as their prisoner The remainder of the Mexican forces dared not to move from the Texians while they held Santa Anna and so the president entered negotiations For three weeks. He was held and made to sign off the treaties of Velasco on May 14th 1836 the Mexican army would withdraw south of the Rio Grande and respect the border but keep in mind not actually recognize it After signing this Santa Anna would safely sail off back to Mexico City With one decisive victory the Texian army had achieved the unlikely they had won their independence But what was even more unlikely was them being able to keep it Before the end of the war the provisional government had convened and drawn up a constitution for their nation One that almost copy and pasted the US Constitution just with more revolt and slavery sprinkled in It was clear that the leaders of the Republic wished to join the Union however Annexation isn’t just said and done Mexico didn’t recognize Texas as independent and much of the u.s Was torn on whether to actually annex the country so Texas the Lone Star Republic existed in limbo for almost a decade Sam Houston served as president for the Republic until in 1845 United States would officially annex the 28th state of Texas, of course Mexico didn’t like that, but that’s a story for another time as it stood American expansion had just begun the seeds of the union’s problems had been planted and an era of US dominance Just beginning However, it must be said that this episode of history contains a lot more than I had time to go over or that I even Could go over History isn’t just a story of war and politics but also of concepts like math science and physics now admittedly I’ve never been the strongest in these fields But with brilliant the tools to learn these ideas have never been more accessible the website and app allows you to learn Unfamiliar math and science skills apply them yourself and with enough time eventually master them a great and diverse Education is something everyone should strive for and with brilliant You can Try it out for yourself head over to brilliant.org strike feature history and sign up for free the first 200 people to do So will also be eligible for 20% off an annual premium subscription to the service This is the end card where I thank the patrons and him obligated to especially thank Thomas Curley Harry Berkeley Enel scrubs Amira’s and Skyler Hagler The next video should I’m going to say should because I can never confirm anything be out later this month and will be another studio one that means my acne face again so until then adios amigos

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  • Texian or Tejanos, we're all Texan. Fuck border jumpers who subvert our working class and fuck carpetbaggers who tell us how to live.

  • the revolt was not about slaves it was about the Texan people wanting to be free of a dictatorship and ruling a nation to call there own

  • Texas all so did not live in "limbo" as they had embassies in France the UK and the U.S and was seen by a nation by the 3 major powers.

    there was no limbo

  • Come and take it

  • What, no mention of Crockett surrendering to the Mexican soldiers, only to be executed moments later? Or Travis committed suicide at the north wall, when he saw all was lost. Or Bowie, hiding under his mattress, and killed in that manner. What a trinity! There s/be a Monument to the 60 Mexican soldiers who died there defending their homes from being stolen, from being killed by armed illegal aliens from the States!

  • It's funny how "Come and take it" has changed into the mark of a wannabe.

  • Texan squad! where you at!?

  • Cough cough……

    You never mentioned Stephen F. Austin!

  • Man Mexico really got screwed.

  • Texas shall rise again!

  • Come and take it motherfuckers!

  • Wow. So Americans sent their worst citizens to Mexico, most of whom were there illegally?
    And Mexico required them to learn Spanish in order to become citizens? And Mexico hated it? Hmmmm I wonder why America doesn’t make them learn English

  • Love the information. As a lower elementary school educator, not a fan of the language embedded in the explanation.

  • What are your sources?

  • Forgot to mention how Jim Bowie killed 5 guys while he was bedridden

  • So let me get this right? DJ SCREW is MEXICAN????

  • So Mexicans are sneaking back on to land that was taken from them?

  • Jim Bowie was not shot in bed, he died of his illness before the Mexican troops stormed the Alamo. Get it right.

  • The only reasons for the separation of Texas.

    1: The American Texans wanted black slavery to be legal

    2: They wanted to continue living in Texas without paying taxes

    3: They were not assimilated to the Mexican culture

  • Thanks brilliant!!

  • Go-lee-add. Goliad. No emphasis on any syllable….maybe on the GO but definitely not on the Li like u said

  • At thirty seconds in – that was Spain, not Mexico

  • Love this. Love Texas.

  • Algun latino?

  • Goal-ee-ad

  • Ummmm a "couple hundred" at the Alamo was actually 187 vs 4000. And Sam Houston wiped out santa anna in 14 minutes.
    6th grade Texas history.

  • Wonderful. I have my history final, and my history teacher literally DOES NOT teach. We just read the books ourselves. The only times he teaches are after a test and he goes “I should’ve taught you guys this before because you all missed this problem.” He says it with the most unbothered tone. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Who else had to take a class on this in elementary school?

  • Hey i dont think you talked about the Runaway scrape

  • Manifest desteny…

  • this video is wrong. The facts presented are wrong if you want to know what happened look some where else

  • fuck yeah texas

  • Your document is very full of lies and inaccuracies. I say it from the beginning.

    In the first place, General Santa Anna introduced a central government system precisely with the aim of consolidating better control over the entire national territory. For example, now the states could not elect their governors, only the President being in charge of appointing them. Here we already have that this measure had a special dedication for Texas.

    After promulgating this constitution it was natural that some dissatisfied state governments revolted, because many times these were made up of very powerful and abusive caciques, such as Gen. Juan Álvarez.
    Santa Anna was not a dictator, because apart from carrying no more than three years in the government, he was not even the one who promulgated this constitution, but President José Justo Corro.

    Second, the severity of the campaign deployed in Texas under Gen. Santa Anna was perfectly justified. He did not have to render any account to Sam Houston for ordering to kill the three hundred in Goliad, since Mexican laws established the death penalty for filibusters and pirates who rose up against the Mexican government. It was that simple.

    After what happened in Goliad, it was not that "the filibusters were more inspired to continue with the rebellion in order to do justice", but rather it was the US government who, outraged by the massacre, and given that until then in the US opinions were still very divided around what was happening in Texas, decided to hire mercenaries to go to support Sam Houston who originally planned to retreat to the northern Texas border to cross to US in order to incite Santa Anna's troops to do the same, and thus be able to provoke a conflict of greater scale between both countries.

    The campaign of Santa Anna in Texas also had a purpose of liberation, authentic liberation and not like what until that moment the filibuster settlers falsely preached; and all the slaves that the Mexican army found in their path, were released and sent to Matamoros, where they even created some colonies with freed slaves, and whose former owners at that time were being shot in Texas for having failed to comply with the antislavery law.
    The most remarkable actions made by the Mexican army in Texas, such as the massive executions of rebels, and the liberation of slaves, were based on the new constitution of a centralist court, one that did not please the Anglo-Saxon filibusters, now we know why.

  • A few historical inaccuracies/not mentioned aspects;

    1). The Texas revolt by the Texians was largely due to the abolition of Slavery in Mexico in 1829 by Mexico's 1st Afro Mexican President Vicente Guerrero. Given that Texian planned economic activity required slavery, they refused to accept the abolition
    2). While Santa Anna did dismiss Congress in 1836, the Siete Leyes immediately reestablished a bicameral Congress. What the new constitution did restructure the country from States to Departments, and the members of Congress were rearranged. Though he ruled with an iron fist and was absolutely an authoritarian, Santa Anna (at this point) was by no means a Dictator.
    3). Finally, Mexico did not recognize Texan Independence because the Executive (Santa Anna) does not have the authority to negotiate treaties with other countries, let alone authorize territory concessions. Only Congress had that authority, and this matter became a point of crucial infighting between Congress and Santa Anna in the years immediately after the Texas Revolt.

    Read Stanley Green's "The Mexican Republic: The First Decade 1823-32" and Michael Costeloe's "The Central Republic in Mexico, 1835-46" for more info and analyses on these issues

  • Sam Houston was not the only president of Texas. He served two terms, but Lamar was president in between those terms.


  • i wanna kill myself every time you say "texian"

  • The first Texan casualty of the Revolution was a Black Texan named Sam Mccollough. He fought the mexican army relentless, yet racist texans deined him citizenship for 20 years.

    Google or research at library if you dont belive me. There is a statue at the state capitol lawns dedicated to African American Texans and he is on it.

  • Davy Crockett, Peter Pan,Elvis Presley,Disney Land,

  • To be honest I was rooting for the Mexicans, it's so sad they lost their lands

  • I found a good bit of the presentation to be disrespectful of the subject matter.

  • Stereotypes Commenting In This Video* HOWDY BOY'S*

  • March 2 1836

  • In a nutshell: Yee


  • A time When mexico got sick of illegal immigrants

  • It's Goliad

  • 3:25
    Who would’ve thought Muammar Gaddafi was the leader of Texas

  • So basically if you let in illegal migrants, they will never assimilate, they will revolt and eventually try to steal a chunk of your country.


  • So they won because the Mexican president didn’t want to die lol

  • Well, after the Alamo and Goliad, I honestly don't blame the Texans

  • Do one on the republic of the rio grand

  • Tejas was a barren, dangerous wasteland before the Anglos arrived to develop the land, and protect communities from Amerindian raiders and other criminals. The problem with Mexico was always with the government being centralised to operate from Mexico City, which is a long way across the largest desert in North America, where government officials have little reason to be bothered by the needs and wishes of those who live so far away. The inability to communicate directly and resolve problems in a timely manner is merely inevitable under such circumstances. Just look at Northern Mexico to this very day; it's still extremely impoverished relative to the area close to the capital, and this disconnect is due to the same issues associated with distance, time, and the ability to communicate effectively with the most remote geographical locations within their nation.

    This could probably have been mitigated far earlier in their history had they established a system of governance that allowed for the kind of autonomy/federal outreach dynamics that created the conditions for the USA to effectively expand and hold on to their territories. The fact that Mexico still plays on a victim's narrative when their professional army couldn't contain a bunch of whingeing Scots, Irish, and Englishmen civilian militias is just pathetic and sad.

    The Texians were, in effect, Mexicans, and both parties have generally been pragmatic in how they deal with each other, not too unlike how the English speaking and Spanish speaking world have coexisted in the Old World.

  • It’s to see so many of my brethren in the comments

  • Davy crocket arrived after war had broken out
    He was a foreign volunteer not an immigrant of any kind

  • Texans want to keep there slaves, Mexicans said no you can't keep them, so Texas rebelled and won. End of story. Simple as that really, so save your patriotic BS to your self

  • I pass the spot where Santa Anna was captured regularly. Supposedly he was dressed as an enlisted man, trying to escape incognito. What gave him away was that everyone kept saluting him. This may be a bit of a tall tale or it may be dead truth.

  • I thought it was Texans not Texians

  • Mexico let Americans into Texas to help populate a newly born country, with the condition of leaving slavery at the front door and obeying the laws, and also swearing loyalty to Mexico by becoming a citizen. Some did, most didnt bother and just came illegally for the land that was offered by Mexico. They literally invited the Americanswith open arms. Instead ya'll did whatever tf yall wanted, kept slaves and brought more in, disobeyed the laws, and of course loyalty was always with the US. Yet some of ya'll have the audacity to get mad at people who live here and say if you dont like us then leave the country and go back to yours. If ya'll didnt like the rules why didn't ya'll just leave Texas too?? It was still part of Mexico! But na, instead the Mexican govt got fed up with the bs of the Americans and started holding them accountable for their crimes, even stripping away land from slave owners. And what ya'll do? Throw a hissy fit and say we like this state too much so now we're gonna take it and claim independence (since the American population outnumbered the Mexican) and take it, to become part of the U.S. talk about some lying ass, conniving, back stabbing snakes. Mexico trusting the same people that back stabbed the natives after they taught the pilgrim's how to farm the new lands, only to be killed off and taken over by force. AND STILL WANTED TO BRING BLACK PEOPLE IN CHAINS ONTO MEXICO, A LAND THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FOR FREE MEN, LITERALLY THE FIRST TRUE LAND OF THE FREE, but na, ya'll just weren't ready for that. The second president of Mexico was black and it took ya'll till the 21st century to finally allow one. Fuck it, it is what it was, and karma is a bitch. Hence why when you see illegals coming in on a bunch breaking the law JUST REMEMBER AMERICANS DID IT FIRST. and when you see a Mexican hold their culture on these lands and still hold loyalty to Mexico even though they lived here AMERICA DID IT FIRST. and if you see what you see and know you cant do shit about it but watch and see how it unfolds right in front of you. AMERICA DID IT FIRST.

  • That "battle" is called The Battle of San Jacinto Feature History.

  • Santa Anna was American agent
    Mason, and a traidor.

  • As a Texas, yes

  • Dirty Mexicans!!!

  • Typical Britt hatin on Americans

  • I’m watching this in summer so that when school comes I’m not dumb

  • 2 reasons why Mexico lost:

    1. They just got their independence, so they didn't have time to prepare themselves.
    2. Texas, California, and all of North Mexico was deserted, so they didn't have a big population.

  • Doesnt u.s. get tired to do evil against mexico ? Around the world ? Doesnt get tired to be the bad guy of the movie ?

  • Gotta love the fact that there was a whole rebellion of rich white immigrants over the fact that they couldn't have slaves. I guess this was the real precursor to the Civil War.

  • nobody:

    not a single organism:

    Donald. J Trump: wouldn't happen if thair was a wall.

  • You should do the English Civil war.

  • No mention of Juan Seguin? Why?

  • The Come and Take It flag. Basically the Texas version of "Molon Labe".

  • Mexico was in the right

  • What? No mention of slavery? When Mexico declared their independence and wrote their first constitution they made slavery illegal. When they granted land to settlers they specifically told them, you live by our laws, no slaves. But the white Americans wanted slaves to pick their cotton and shine their shoes so they formed the Texas Rangers to drive out (murder) the native Mexicans who of course were opposed to slavery, and declared their independence. Their motto of liberty and freedom was BS, they wanted to rule as slavers! Later the US government would offer Mexico $30million for the soutwest territories, but after the Mexican war paid Mexico $33million but turned down the offer of Baja. It was American imperialism at it's worse, and later, the American civil war would end slavery anyway. What a waste!

  • Sam Houston and the new white settlers who had arrived with offers from the new Mexican government with offers of free land. As long as they agreed to become Catholics and recognise Mexico's no slaves laws but the new white settlers thought we'll take the free land but no to becoming Catholic oh and we'll need our slaves. And so the white Texicans declared their right to be free (but not their slaves) this never got a mention in the Alamo films ? Empire builders.

  • Word is the US president employed trickery to invoke a war.

  • you forgot the part where Santa Anna was captured wearing a privates uniform and pretended to be one of his aids, but then his own men recognized him, and started shouting "Viva Santa Anna!" and "El Presidante!" and then they recognized who the had captured.

  • Proudly form goliad TX 🥰

  • i dont know why im watching this, i already know all of it, because im texan

    edit: im also proud he said "Howdy pardner"

  • Tajas

  • Was taxes

  • It is interesting to know that Spain maintained those lands with a handful of men. Even at the end of the 18th century there were no more than 5000 settlers in all of Texas, of which 1,000 were Spaniards or descendants of Europeans. It is amazing what before could be done with so few people. It was impossible to do more with less. At the same time when the British colonies already had more than 2 million settlers.

  • There should be 12K or 12,000 likes on this video, I did a state report about Texas in 5th grade and the Alamo project about Texas in 8th grade between ages 11 to 14. I was very happy to hear that Texas was the Lone Star State and fought for the Mexican revolutionary war. I never want Texas to be part of Mexico, and Spain ever again and be part of its own free State in U.S.A. Texas is the #2 biggest State in U.S.A. And the #1 biggest State is Alaska. Texas gets very hot in the Summer over 100 degrees in Fahrenheit and Alaska freezes under 32 degrees in Fahrenheit in the Winter season. I wish every European Setters may be with Texas except for the Spanish speaking countries. Every Latin such as French, Italian, Portuguese are all fine only Spanish not allowed in Texas because Texas doesn’t have no Mexican food or restaurants and their barbecue tastes like some best bomb ever.

  • I was just taught in college that the Alamo was about a bunch of white men fighting to keep slavery and push out those Mexicans because racism… Portraying Santa Anna as some victim of the oppressor. I hate heavily bias professors.

  • 420K Btw

  • "That's it! I'm going to kick your ass, and then I'm going to reenact kicking your ass." – Hank Hill

  • The Alamo defenders had the advantage of range. It was Mexican muskets vs. Alamo defender's rifles.

  • Remember the Alamo! REMEMBER THE GOLIAD!

  • Слушайте. Да это же действительно неплохо

  • Asies los tronamos por ser esclavistas

  • Viva México

  • How the tables have turned.

  • This guy is full of shit. I’m Texan. Sounds like another European trying to tell it how it is without being there. I just edited this. I wasn’t there, but I’m a historian, this is completely inaccurate

  • So, Texas was stolen from Mexico because They wanted to keep slaves and Mexico abolished slavery.

  • Go Mexico 🇲🇽!!!

  • Crockett wasn’t captured. He died in battle. His body was found with several dead Mexicans around him.

  • Sorry but the way you say Goliad drives me crazy haha. You put a space in it and say it like go-leead instead of putting it all together and not over emphasizing the i. Just letting you know…lol

  • You should talk about simon bolivar

  • You forgot to say when Santa Ana was found he was also wearing woman’s clothes

  • Apparently there was slavery let's say I'm in a room with 10 other people and I whisper to one person about what happened the day before and I tell that person to pass the message on whispering until it gets back to me and the last person whispers to me and what that person tells me turns out not to be half of what I said point being people always mix up information and straight up just lie about what they heard and what they heard is not accurate in the first place all these so-called history lessons are really just speculation always demonizing the United States and kids in school are forced to have to learn this useless distorted partisan information I had to take Texas history my senior year of high school in order to graduate and of course all the books said in my Texas history class was the bad Texans this the bad Texans that very useless information really learning about Spain having Texas for 5 seconds nowait Mexico having Texas for 5 seconds and then losing it because they never really had it really is not going to put food on the table

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