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the Seven Years War a legendary conflict that involved every great power of Europe spanned five continents and affected the world for centuries to come its legacy now lives on and dull history courses at bore me to tears I’d to read those for this I hope you appreciate that [Music] hello and welcome to feature history featuring the Seven Years War the world’s war before World Wars were cool this war of history forever lived on as a listed reasons for the American and French Revolution honestly I think it’s way cooler than those two conflicts I think I’m safe and assuming we’ve all heard of it maybe even some aspects about it but what were the cause of the occurrences and the effects the nitty gritty so to say well turns out I made a video on ER and you’re watching it should keep doing just that so I’m going to attempt to delve into the Herculean task as some what have you think of explaining the causes of the Seven Years War I’ll disclaimers well I fully understand why people describe as such difficult tasks because it’s hard not to sound like a spastic as you try to cover so many things at once we’ll start with the European side of the long torturous story the most clear cause for the war would bring us back to 1740 with the holy roman emperor charles the six is passing his daughter maria theresa would be the one to succeed him inheriting his many titles and becoming the queen of Hungary Croatia behemoth and most importantly subsided this video the Archduchess of Austria and also for the purpose of noting she’d become holy Rome Empress later in 1745 Butterick ii of prussia or as history was reported in frederick the great questioned her inheritance like a saucy lawyer cited salic law as the reason she could not inherit these titles but rather he just wished to challenge Habsburg power he would declare war against Austria and be joined by France Spain Sweden and other countries I don’t care about the war of Austrian succession would rage on for over half a decade and Frederick took the chance to prove it strategic or superiority at every opportunity in doing so he was able to seize control of the Austrian region of South Asia dealing a serious blow to tourism the war would end with the controversial Treaty of La Chapelle and 1748 its dominant focus was that of Prussia annexing flow Asia leaving France out of the picture and seriously offending Louis the 15th in the process alongside Louise degrading opinion of Frederick so had Theresa’s opinion to her a lie of the war towards a second George had managed to escape had decided to feed at the cost of Austria and he was attempting to pressure Theresa into just cutting our losses and letting go so asia alliances would switch the longtime rivals of britain and france decide to sort out our lies britain now back in Russia and France Austria Britain in France with the conflict in Europe aside have been brewing their own future conflicts ashore in North America tensions grew but 1754 Spain’s colonial claims to the America has lost a significant proportion of said significance and the British and French were invested in the eastern seaboard of North America the British possessed most of the long days u.s. is Eastern speed line whilst France laid claim to a large area of the Midwest Louisiana and Eastern Canada these claims also the French won so not by any stretch of the imagination is densely populated many regions only deserves a sign that my credit either French or British the land the native tribes of the area were also heavily invested in the conflict as they traded with these colonial powers often and many operated their Wars and state of the resources of foreign powers so many decades they have been able to play the French and British off of one another to retain a form of independence and control a line was to be drawn in the sand and the major native powers of the region would have to choose a side the Iroquois and the Cherokees had sided with the British walls pretty much everyone else big the Hurons Algonquin urban are keys and Micmacs would join the French the French would need it as well given their significant disadvantage in numbers due to their sparsely populated colonies the war in the americas would start earlier than the conflict in Europe being dubbed the French and Indian War the combat began in 1754 the scuffle would usually go something like the British saying you might have a claim but I’ve got off for it and the French would return where you might have your heart the day is got three hearts and the British would play rematch to sports battle soon and then fighting began you’re welcome for those impressions live with the 15th we call this an act of war and George would shrugging shoulders 1754 to 1763 would generally be considered as favors for the British because whilst not losing much ground they weren’t able to gain too much either with the exception of their victory in Acadia the situation so far was somewhat weak North America of course wasn’t the only colonies at least eight combat India would see its own fair share of warring in the subcontinent the ones dominant mu : pyres power had been waning for some time Britain’s state-owned company the East India Company had been waging economic war against Dutch French and independent companies in the attempt to seize a monopoly over the valuable spices in the area the Mughal empires decline and the infighting has been experi with entities such as the Maratha Confederacy the area was left wide open to a European annexation whilst the East India Company had certainly been a top dog in the area for some time it wished to officially cement its position against the French and the Dutch ideally in a war with boats I’ve heard Britain likes boots back in Europe Theresa’s desire to take back Silesia grew more and more her wishes would be accompanied by Louie’s wishes to see France rival British colonial power and Elizabeth of Russia’s wish to conquer eastern Prussia Frederick’s fully understood the odds that were beginning to stack against him and he was not one to sit around with his thumb up his ass he knew his enemies saw his growing power as highly threatening but he was not one to give up crushes near the stage with ease to avoid being surrounded on all sides have been invade the electric of Saxony on the 29th of August 1756 igniting the powder keg the world has become in the process welcome to the Seven Years War the war began in 1756 or 1754 or 1740 will discuss 1756 the war would be fought between the two alliances or war parties of the convention of Westminster and the Treaty of Versailles – no not that one the former featuring the states of Great Britain and Prussia and France Austria and Russia being one Vlada Frederick’s invasion into Saxony was a success and he was able to capture the state but he was not granted the momentum he desired to push into the Austrian territory of Bohemia meanwhile in the Americas his luck had begun to turn around as the British government poured more and more resources into the theatre that would mean though that Frederick could not expect much assistance from the British on the continent Britain had allied with Prussia as they saw him as the best fit to defend George’s title in Hanover where he had inherited the title of electorate due to hereditary monarch bath and return Frederick could hope that the British would be able to economically cripple France by eliminating their colonies which Britain would have gladly done anyway as Frederick’s enemies moved in they threatened to tie a noose around Frederick’s custom splat of a country in 1757 France moved its forces to Prussia’s west attempting to seize Hanover to accompany this the Austrians began to move in as well heading straight for Saxony furyk did not falter though and he stood his ground and convincingly defeated the two army to the Saxon despite this heroic victory the mood for the Prussians for dampen as Austria was able to reunite as old territory of Silesia in late 1757 in addition Sweden saw weakness in Russia and sought to reclaim some of their own estranged territories in the pomeranian war adding yet another threat to the north hope for the Prussians would only continue to degrade as Russia seeds Russia’s eastern territories and in defense of Austria was met with failure Britain’s war on the colonies was for them thankfully on the lighter note on July 17 58 they had taken a great victory at the Battle of Louisbourg signaling the beginning of the end to the franc as said earlier though to claim such a victory they had been forced to focus almost entirely on the Americas leaving Prussia and what seemed a death grip 17:59 seemed as if it would be the end of Prussia the combined Russian and Austrian offensives threatened to wipe a Berlin off the map after they took victory at the Battle of kunais or further could be saved and what he entitled the miracle of the House of Brandenburg the Russian and Austrians had failed to take advantage of the opportunity to feed pressure – what revenue mask France decided support from a multitude of native groups as unable to rival Britain’s inventory and naval cousin from the continent as Lewis indecisive attitude left his country split between the war in Europe and the war in the colonies losing both because of it France and Britain along side their scuffle and the colonies would fight a long war at sea attempted to see who truly had enabled supremacy sure we all know who that is the day but pretend new rules the wave wasn’t it solidified a concept at the time the fleets that each nation held with so large they were capable of fighting battles all over the globe on five continents should be able to find French and British ships fighting or rather sinking off the coast the warship became the centerpiece of any Navy it held the firepower of an army and were cost roughly the same as one the worid sea would become a vicious cycle where every battle mattered the one with more ships was able to better defend its trade routes with wish to obtain greater wealth to build more ships on land the British would continue their push after their success at Lewisburg moving into Canada and capturing Quebec and then later Montreal stripping France of its footholds and any chance of a comeback back in Europe France decided they wish to take up its own offensive and clean up Austria and Russia stupid mistake yet again being split between the colonies of seas and the continent there capable of seeing any success regardless of Frederick’s earlier miracle he still stood on the brink of defeat not able to launch any senses into enemy territory without certain defeat all fogger could do now is sit and wait between 1760 and 1762 the conflict in Europe began to slow so I can afford to touch on some other features such as the conflicts in India European Wars there when other new things also been fought between rival companies on leading soil before and the Seven Years War but only served to renew these squabbles Lily had wished to finally see his struggle against the East India Company come to a close and the originally named French East India Company become the company on the subcontinent the fighting was mainly oriented around the south of India and the British would thanks to their robust Navy and military discipline were able to seize many French settlement and forts in the area despite the French having the support of than vehicle Empire with credence to what is becoming a trend here the French being spread too thin the British were able to see victory when they took their rival companies capital of one day in 1761 effectively ending the war in India the war at sea also told the quite familiar story at this point Britain being an island nation had focused heavily on being good at one thing in this context Navy the French had not lui would find himself in the losing side of the cycle of its growth earlier and as a consequence of supply lines were cut thin and as they continued to lose the war see they would only increase their chances of losing the war on the continent to return to the aforementioned continent Frederick’s Locke had not seemed to add Rendell that oh it was once again saved when the sudden twist of fate his rifle Elizabeth died – the largest killer of all history health complications she was succeeded by her intensely German nephew Peter the third in 1762 who just so happened to be Frederick’s number one fan and would sign the treaty of st. Petersburg that would see Russia withdraw from the war and shortly later Sweden as well in the shape of the Treaty of Hamburg with Russia’s exit from the war all was not yet lost for the Treaty of Versailles as earlier in 1759 the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand the six had died and was succeeded by his half-brother Charles the third whose ambitious plans to Spain would see him and suburban Spain into the ward in 1762 allied earth of course servin France Spain itself targeted Portugal who had been predominantly neutral to this point Portugal was still recovering from the devastating Lisbon earthquake of 1755 and Joseph the first of Portugal had stressed the need to rebuild rather than to militarize Spain’s invasion of Portugal would be dubbed the fantastic war as despite Spain and Frances overwhelming advantage and numbers most troops was succumb to hunger disease in low morale despite Spain during the war even they were not able to research the struggle in North America Britain had become far too dominant in the colonies down south and the new will though a new conflict would emerge Portugal’s colony of Brazil was to be attacked on all sides where the Spanish colonies had surrounded it the Portuguese would have to fight a game of strategy avoiding entering battles he could not win they would lose some territory but nowhere near as much as the Spanish had been counting on France had his own idea to turn the war around at the proposal of the French Foreign Minister shows well a plan with certain action to attack Britain directly the plan was ambitious costly and frankly stupid as Frances expensive suite was sunk by the British navies before they were even halfway to Britain France had lost the naval arms race with Russia out of the war Spain preoccupied with Portugal and France and shambles Frederick’s only enemy left was the Austrian who we would defeat in models battles in the closing months of 1762 Frederick’s war ended in 1763 with the trigo Hubertus Berg the pre-war conditions were to be restored save the million dead people were now crippled economies the Seven Years War would take four treaties and two of which bring the earlier mentioned Treaty of st. Petersburg and Hamburg in 1763 with a combination of the Treaty of Paris and the Treaty of Hubertus Berg that would be find on the 10th of February and 15th of February 1763 respectfully the war ended in Europe as a pre war scenario was to be restored and have little some no border changes commenced as a consequence of this victory Frederick had been able to cement each country’s position as an official great power of Europe another consequence this time in the more negative connotation of the word France began a rapid decline from the Seven Years War onward which would famously conclude in the French Revolution that would subsequently lead to Napoleon’s reign which would change the face of Europe forever if you Honda for a moment you might ask now that britain’s rival was out of the picture what is left for britain well a little thing called building the largest empire to ever exist after the resounding success in the Seven Years War it seemed as if no one could stop them in favor of not being too Eurocentric here I should also touching the colonies they are important to some people 320 million people to be a bit more exact France was made to cede its possessions to Canada Britain and partition Louisiana between Britain and Spain France would also lose their territory and India to the British leaving the British to soon dominate all of India and forth the Indians under colonial rule in the Americas the natives no longer held any power to play the two rival empires off one another leaving them to be almost entirely subject to the will of the colony the will of the colonies would also be shown when they preached no taxation without representation and had cost a lot of money and put Britain in a lot of debt to win the war in the Americas given the fact that the colonists saw the most reward it seems only right they put the bill in the form of new taxes I’m pretty sure we all know how this little story ended the struggle in South America between Spain and Portugal would also lead to a future war between the two thousand 1776 which I’m sure means something but for the love of God I’m sick of researching the stuff all in all the Seven Years War is this epic behemoth of a war that whilst it does get mentioned is severely unexplored by other people today whilst it is easy to get lost in the millions of things that happened the Seven Years War it really is a fascinating setting it’s an 18th century world war like how cool is that alright and the societal and historical impact players in if we can pardon our history that they have elephants and redcoats it’s so awesome yeah that’s the note I’m finishing the video on no deep-rooted meaning no philosophical that’s just what you get as always I’d like to thank my patrons and personally thank you said fur and now as well Roberto Lozano means dinner probably butcher that horribly yeah yeah

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