Feature History – Seven Years’ War

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  • the WorldWars prequels are clearly underrated

  • If the British would have given the colonists 1 representative in parliament the American Revolution may have well been avoided and The British Empire may quite possibly still exist to this day…. I think eventually there would have eventually been an independent North American State but England cloud have retained a large portion of the east coast in their empire. The major issue would have been as of course it became in the United States the issue of slavery….. sorry infinite parallels of “what could have been” are kind of a waste of time but can help when writing a novel or script I have found.

  • Well that stepped into bullshit delusions rather quickly.

    The Seven Years War is considered a European victory and a World defeat in France. Your story about France losing because of indecisiveness is just a story.

    France made the conscious choice of remaining a European Land power rather than a world class navy.

    The choice can be debated, but it was made. There was no "indecisiveness".

    A philosopher said at the end of the Seven Years War: "What has France lost in this war, if not the world?". The European theater was a victory, everything else was lost.

    The same happened to literally every single power that wasn't Britain sooner or later. The perks of being away of others.

  • If french colonies had stayed in north america, they would go along with natives quiet well. Unfortunately british had won and started treating american natives bad. I wish France had won the seven years war.

  • The 7 years war ,as i was told was the frist world war

  • Lazy voice. I don't mean that as a snide criticism. Almost as though he's drunk, or can't be bothered to enunciate. Interesting stuff. World War Zero.

    I understand that Frederick had a habit of insulting powerful women, not just in Austria & Russia, but the lady he called "Madame Petticoat the 3rd" (or something like that – 3rd mistress of the King or whatever) in France 🙂 it almost led to his downfall, and he went about cursing and announcing that he would commit suicide, before leading his troops to an astounding victory, or escaping by the skin of his teeth

  • Those french and english impressions made me lost my shit !

  • Who was that singular country that brought a knife to a musket fight ?

  • "A World War before world wars were cool"

    Now I'am gonna be mad at schools for not letting teaching their kids about this war.
    They turning this war underrated as the Korean War

  • 2:02 She wouldn’t be the last Theresa to be dealt a serious blow by Europe either.

  • “You might have some forts; but I’ve got a gun” I LOVED THAT LINE

  • 4:10 the horse kicked the guys wearing orange on the crotch. Ow

  • France and Austria: Were gonna kick your ass
    Prussia: Ok then

  • I'm having AC Rouge recalls.

  • Portugal "No entiendo"?! TRIGGERED
    Apart from that ("Não entendo!" would be the Portuguese way), awesome video!

  • LETS GO PRUSSIA!!!!!!!

  • Take that you French fuckers. PREUßEN STARK!

  • I feel like Prussia did it's best since really you can't stand a chance against three fronts.

  • Did a 5000 word essay on this, this video actually helped me in explaining why France did so poorly in Europe. Thanks!

  • How did the colonies see the most reward? The colonies had also heavily invested money into the French Indian war, raising 25,000 troops and spending millions on the war and were then expected to pay taxes on top of that. The Royal Proclamation act of 1763 didn’t even let them expand westwardly. All of this by the way, without them even allowed to have representation in parliament. What did the colonies gain? England didn’t fight the French Indian war with benevolence towards the colonies. The only ones who gained from the French Indian war were Britain. Until they lost the American war for independence.

  • Poor france

  • It’s a bit ridiculous the 7 years war isn’t considered to be a world war, honestly.

  • British EIC defeated France and it's local Allies in sub continent. Must not forget military genius of Robert Clive. The Karnatic Wars results ensured that English will rule the world literally and figuratively for more than 200 years.

  • It’s pronounced Mee-g-ma, not “mik-mac”

  • maybe this sounds a bit stupid but why not just mass your navy and invade britain? sure you would take quite the hit from the colony and trade for a bit because you are pulling your ships away but once you capitulate the british mainland you would just win.

    and yea i know the brits had a bigger and better navy but they would be spread out across the globe, it would give you a perfect chance to invade.

  • The Victoria 2 soundtrack has my pp hard

  • This video has helped me a lot in my studies and thanks for that.This video is so well done and the subject was so well explained.This video should be known as the best video in the whole world for the explanation of -“Seven Years of War”

  • Why isnt it called ww1 even though it involved the whole world?

  • 7 years war:
    🇬🇧:Fuck you
    🇫🇷:Fuck you
    🇪🇸:Fuck you
    🇵🇹:Fuck you
    Prussia:Fuck all of you
    🇷🇺:Fuck you
    🇦🇹:Fuck you

  • we want Abkhazia – Georgia war.

  • This video made me want to go play EU4 with Prussia. Thank you.

  • England started the war by sending Washington to tell the French to get out. Up to that time the English Colonies handled most disputes with the native Americans. Thus they defended the Colonies form danger that they generated ended up with a Continent and all the recurses and the only way they could think of to get the return on the investment is to tax?

  • The British would say “you might have the claim, but I’ve got a fort” and the french would retort “Vel you might have zour fort, but I’vve got tree fortz!” And the British would replay “well you might have some forts, but I’ve got a gun!”

  • I still can't comprehend what is happening

  • “Treaty of Hamburger” 10:55

  • No mention of plassey?

  • Watches video thinks of medieval and empire total war goes to play them

  • I thought Mughal was pronounced "Mogul".

  • A World War before World Wars were cool

  • Rule Britannia

  • "you met 'ave your fhort, buut I 'ave ghot zhree fhorts!"

  • +1 like + 1sub

  • "I'm Fredrick the Great, out the gate first servant of state, oblique attack tactics aren't exactly straight."

  • Victoria 2 soundtrack.

  • declaring war on a country?

    there's a tax for that

  • Just to add a bit after 2 years. Even though the end of the Frenc came in early 1760s when they lost Vandivasi but Britishers already cemented their position as "The Company" in 1757 when hey defeated Siraj-Ud-Daulah, the ruler of Bengal who had attacked the main British fort a year prior. Black Hole of Calcutta and Battle of Plassey were the main events of 1756-1758 there which just made thr British the modt powerful foreigners.

  • France: let’s invade Britain
    Britain: with what
    France: my navy
    Britain: you don’t have a navy anymore

  • 13:30
    Actually the mongol empire had the biggest empire to ever exist

  • 12:58 You mean respectively? 🙂

  • Emperor Petr III really dummy emperor in Russia


  • History is never "dull" but your way of speaking is. Could you please take less drugs next time you make a video? Thank you.

  • 4:15 look at that dude in red clothes. He's like "guess i'll jst die ¯_(ツ)_/¯ "

  • Spain: We are here to help our neighbors of France in their war.
    France: Lets form a battle strategy to defeat Prussia.
    Spain: SQUIRREL!!!!!

  • Vicky 2 noise

  • “Down Thouse”

  • Is that a white bear skin cap on the left in the thumbnail?

  • 👏👏👏🌟

  • Well, that's history…

  • "I heard Britain likes boats"

    A bit to much m8

  • Time for Eu4

  • Big love for Austria and Prussia from Kenya and Philippines

  • In my French school, teachers never even mentioned French Louisiana

  • ww1: 7 years war
    ww2: Napoleonic wars
    ww3: the great war
    ww4: the 2nd great war

  • Please Arabic Languge

  • Please Arabic Languge

  • Please Arabic Languge

  • Please Arabic Languge

  • Aka world war 0

  • We the Portuguese are used to do a lot without much,history says it all,we defeated much larger armies,colonized territory all over the globe,and unlike our counterparts,to this day were still welcomed with open arms and open hearts by our former colonies.
    It's awesome being Portuguese and having bragging rights on a bunch of meaningful historical events,

  • Respect for not repeating the Hollywood nonsense of Prussia being saved at the last second (like the bomb in a Bond movie) by Russias exit.
    As usual reality is a lot less dramatic and clear as that. It couldn't have continued that war for a long time, but neither could the others.
    Also it would be an amazing background for a Total War game. There are so many facettes here.

  • Dopey, not amusing.

  • You should do a video about the italian wars

  • Why does he keep calling Maria Theresa only "Theresa". Its not her last name. Maria Theresa is a double name, her full name is Maria Theresa von Habsburg (Lothringen) so calling her just Theresa is misleading and wrong.

  • I literally never heard of this war until this video

  • 7 year war more like world war beta test

  • All I know is, Europeans always just fight each other and mess everything up. They are messing everything up even now and I say America stay out of it.

  • British: land mine!
    French: land mine!

    Soldier: points at land mines

  • Ten minute history said it best, the war was just an excuse for european powers to steal each others territories

  • Love that Vic 2 music

  • The Seven Years War is one of the events that led the creation of the United States of America.

  • I loved the video! But god damn the text was hard to follow and in the end, I gave up and start listening to the audio. Please make them more readable my man, and maybe place them only in one spot with one font size… Anyways nice video, thank you!

  • dat EUIV music in the background, tho
    or is it Vicky?

  • Britian would create the largest empire in history

    Doesn't show canada

  • Basically
    World War 1 beta version

  • Great Channel

  • I find this war so fascinating! Go Brittania, rule the waves! My country was riding high after this war, we should of done more to keep the colonies in North America after this war, none of this pesky, 'USA' nonsense, independence from the crown? Poppycock I tell you!

  • he actually escaped
    because he bribed them to not capture them with 10 burgers and 20 fries

  • The Seven Years War That Was Actually Nine Years Long

  • What fascinates me is how this wind sup looking a lot like a War between Catholic and Protestant Europe, but is that way purely by coincidence, Religion was never why they chose the allies they did, it just played out that way.

  • Lol I just got a cringy funny imagination I imagined that The troops would fight under the fur Elise Trap remix XD

  • 1700th commment

  • I love a British person imitating a different British person as a stereotypical British person.

  • 12:58 Not "respectfully," "respectively"

    Otherwise, good work!

  • The Prussians were pre- Germany war machine pretty much

  • Tsar Peter III history's most powerful fanboy?

  • I hit the like button at "No philosophical bs"

  • How did France manage to lose every single war by the way?

  • The map in the vid omitted SEAsia and to add to the commentary as to why that's important: the British East India Company funded an insurrection in the provinces north of Manila (to be more precise, the one where Ferdinand Marcos is from), drawing the Spanish Army north, leaving Manila with only a token force with no cavalry nor dragoons, its sally defeated and eventually the city had a supply noose around it.

    Then the British sacked the city. They only stopped Manila's First Rape Festival (the second would be in 1945) after the friars whipped out whatever gold was in the cathedral of St Augustine and promised that Charles III would give them more if they just get the hell out already.

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