Feature History – Chinese Civil War

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  • So there is a little island ruled by the original Chinese government ?? Mind blown.

  • low quality video period

  • Chiang Kai Shek. A corrupt leader and also a mafia. He's and his family were drug dealers, even using Taiwan embassy as drug delivery until 1980s. He was the reason why CCCP won the war.

  • Now, mainland China needs the Republic of China to come back.

  • nice unbiased video

  • The CPC government doesn't deny the contribution from KMT. In fact , the CPC government still think the reason of KMT ' s failure is caused by themselves (From the massacre in 1927). After Sino-Japanese war, all parties in China had the meeting about the new order after war. However, as the largest party in China , KMT refused the developing suggestion from some democratic parties (not CPC!!!) and keep all the power .(after they went to China Taiwan, they still did that until 1986) In opposite, CPC was welcomed to all the parties which agree with it. Sometime the description of history may hid the truth, but it can't be hidden totally in detail. If you compare the death rate, economy develop rate and GDP. You will find the reason why Chinese choose CPC. There is a "tendency" in Chinese history. The KMT caught a chance of it and became the ruler of China. But, it didn't caught the other one while CPC did that. Maybe everyone say that CPC is a bad-communist-red ruler. But nobody really have ability to replace it. That is not politic brainwash. I am not the member of CPC. These above is what I observed cautiously.

  • 是的是的 一个初步建立起完整的社会基层组织的实现基本工业化的统一且和平的国家 在面对三年重大自然灾害的时候会死亡三千万人口 那么过去从1912年开始的混乱到1949年的统一的死亡人口又会有多少呢?谁知道中国人是怎么活下来的还成为了世界第一大人口的? 动动你的脑子而不是听你身边的“中国人”的鬼话 他们就靠这点来维持生计和脆弱的骄傲0v0

  • There's a couple times you messed up in this video. First, you pronounce Sun incorrectly, as well as Chieng. Second, Japan specifically did NOT anix Manchuria, instead setting up a puppet state. Third, you attributed several things that at least arguably would have happened anyway to Mao's government at the end, and framed it in a slightly biased light, which annoys me because people who don't know better would be influenced by this not entirely unbiased presentation. Good video overall though.

  • Yuan's flag is five color flag.

  • 把共匪說得很好,顯然是五毛。

  • 毛泽东思想战无不胜

  • notification squad, waddup?

  • This video's statement is not totally accurate, much information is claimed by CCP, but not agreed by most Chinese history scholars expect those fed by CCP, and… I really hate fucking CCP. All CCP officers must be sent to hell.

  • You didn't mention the truth that CCP was cooperate with the Japanese empire and the Soviet union to backstab China.

  • So like many other conflicts such as this the Russians were behind one side and the US the other. How does this crap continue?

  • Ah, uno dei pochi canali che mette sempre i sottotitoli in italiano…grazie!

  • The World: Hey China how many civil wars did you have?
    China: Yes

  • Was it really necessary to add the racist Chinese joke in the beginning? it really doesn't add anything to the video and was honestly just distasteful.

  • I really like your video , and actually the French history higschool programm has the china civil war in it.
    I would really like to translate the english subtitle in French , if i work on it would you accept to add these french subtitle in your video ?
    (lots of my friends would very much apreciate your video but are clueless in english so i'd like them to apreciate it)

  • Very concise and clear interpretation of modern Chinese history based on historical facts.

  • A good communist is a dead communist.

  • This was amazing. Thankyou so muchhhh.

  • This intro is racist af tf you doing?

  • 中国回来啦!

  • I have a problem, you say in 1912 Sun Yat-sen is a President of the Republic of China
    Why the wiki say in 1912 Sun Yat-sen is a Provisional President of the Republic of China


  • 天下大势,分久必合,合久必分。现在是逐渐合的时期,以历史来看,等大陆台湾全部统一之后,2400年还会分。

  • 特朗普我操你妈 中国人顶起

  • 中国分久必合,合久必分,这是历史规律。清朝灭亡后军阀混战、国共内战跟汉朝灭亡后的军阀混战、唐朝灭亡后的藩镇割据是一样的,都是大一统王朝灭亡后和再次统一之前的过渡时期。

  • Mao never said "We have stood up" That's a communist revision, the real speech was just declarations that the government had been established. 🙂

  • aaaand demonetized

  • You stole the armchair historians intro

  • Who's here from AlternateHistoryHub?😉

  • 没有中文垃圾。

  • I like how you talk about how the U.S helped the nationalist but you dont mentioned the support the the US gave ccp the US helped the both sides but the US gave alot more support to the ccp

  • I love how fucking racist people are when they believe they have some moral high ground.

  • nice video. you taught me some things I definitely didnt know. thanks

  • Was the thing at the beginning really necessary?

  • Anyone else here because of alt history

  • Meh, I read the Patreon list…

  • So basically everything changed for the Kuomintang after the Japanese attacked.

  • May I correct that Chang’s general , Zhang Xueliang wasn’t put to death? The First Lady saved him. He was put on house arrest ever since and released for medical treatment in the 90s, until he died in the united states at 100 years old, short while before the First Lady died. His XO, Yang HuCheng, however, was executed. This is VERY important history fact the major turning point of the Chinese civil war.

  • Lets be honest…the core reason why KMT lost the Civil War was because of the Japanese invasion. The CCP position at the end of WW2 was much, much stronger than what it was in 1936. KMT was always corrupt and brutal, but it being doomed because of its corruption and dysfunction was a worsened byproduct of the war with the Japanese. KMT for all their crimes, corruption and incompetence bore the brunt of fighting the Japanese while CCP took potshots at best. KMT at the end of the War of Resistance was a shadow of itself. From 1927 to 1936, KMT actually made great progress for the ROC while CCP was holed up in Yan'an on the brink of being snuffed out.

  • Opium wars wasn't exactly a war to open up trade to China lmao
    Opium wars was to force Opium , which was illegal in China at the time, into China.

  • Sorry but the Kuomintang founded in 1912 is NOT the same as the later, Chiang's controlled Kuomintang. That's a common mistake we all made.

  • The helicopter part was on point!!! XD

  • 1:23 Theres a mistake btw

  • China: *breaks

    people: lets fix it

    China: *breaks again

    *and then repeats

  • 7:07 SSSR!

  • Got here from AlternateHistoryHub's video on what if the communists lost the Chinese civil war video and you got a new subscriber!

  • is it accurate that it should be compared to the Soviet/Russian Civil War as the Nationalist were no different then the "White Russians?"

  • Lots of brainwashed fools here…

  • thanks for doing the racist impression so early on as it enabled me to know not to bother continuing.

  • The old communist banner you used is actually their army flag, the characters on it read "chinese communist red army of peasants and workers." The original communist china's state flag is the same one without those words, but with another set of words read "chinese soviet republic." Treason in its true form.

  • The only thing wrong in this is it wasn’t the United Nations. It was the League of Nations

  • Nice job not being racist, guy.

  • When you fight the Japanese hardly and after that a civil war was coming and you lose

  • Quick Secret: Mao ordered one of his bedroom male guards to give him a hand job…

  • Star Wars Post Galactic Empire

  • Mao Zedumb's Great Leap Backwards

  • Whoever’s saying that CCP hide from Japanese need to finish the video

  • How did I just discover this channel, seriously top-shelf content

  • Chiang Kai shek is an asshule
    I'm not saying communist is good
    Chiang kai shek ruined china
    Make me disagree

  • Smh this why I don’t like the CCP

  • Somebody once told me, Mao Zeidong is gonna roll me.

  • Herro….. hahahaha

  • Overall good, but I must point out that Sun yet-sen was sponsored by USSR and Japanese righty so that he could establish forces in Guangzhou. That’s the reason why KMT has been a Leninian party. And it was Sun who introduced communism to China. Both Sun’s Leninian party KMT and the bringing-in of commies eventually sabotage the growing democracy in China.

  • this is basically three chapters of history book for a 7th grade student in P.R. China.
    Do not really know how this is described in Taiwan's history book. I heard they have put Chinese history in to the East-Asia history part.

  • China; a once magical foreign country far far away, now exist only in the books of history.

  • Mao was a good military leader but terrible at peace time. Losing 90% of your forces and then retaking the entirety of mainland China is no simple feat. Starving 30 million people because of poor decisions is no simple feat either.

  • 'communist state'

  • I read them

  • damn son

  • Nice video, unbiased.


  • The CCP rises up in China benefited from US plan in using Japan as tooling in destroy old Europian power colonials in Asia-Pacific.

  • 70,000,000 dead – “Mao’s reign was hit or miss”

  • will you do the Korean war history?


  • The first few second of showing China as this stereotypic later Qing-dynasty pony-tail looking landlord-style dressing Chinese is already seen as a major offense to the majority of Chinese people.

  • Soviet-Afghan war

  • Is interesting that nobody founds the starting minutes of this video is disgusting and racist. Why would any socalled unbiased video put a weird looking Chinese people in Qing dynasty and saying Chingchong stuff in the beginning of the video.

  • Communist China is just a really good anime

  • Capitalism or socialism, western or eastern system, is not a thing that matter, it's good or bad governance that really matter.
    I believe the governance of CCP is way better than most of the rest of the countries and so called western system.
    Democracy and freedom is not defined by whether you have direct election or not, but defined by whether the system would serve an effective society and helps the people to select a capable leadership who speaks for the interests of the nation and majority of people, and keep doing it as it was promised.

    I believe thats the real pursuit democracy and freedom.

    Look at Philippine and Iraq who has 100% adopted American system and political framework, look at their governance and society. You will know what my points are.

  • tiwan is a part of China

  • Am unbiased recap. China suffered from separation and wars. And it explains why Chinese want Taiwan back in PRC and generally like a strong government instead of a weak and divided one.

  • Long ago, KMT, CCP and the warlords lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Japanese attack.

  • H E R R O !


  • Great feature – thanks so much!

  • Manchuria wasn't annexed by the Japanese, it was turned into a Japanese puppet state named Manchukuo.

  • 12:00 the CCP got breathing space, bit u in the butt eh yanks?

  • I am not a native speaker. Can anybody tell me what does Notification Squad mean and why the reader is angry?

  • Great video, quite neutral! I would not blame the loss of manchuria to Soviet handling over. KMT lost their trust in the manchurian population when they offered Manchuria to Japan without a single shot fired.The people of Manchuria are a mixture of Han, Manchus and Koreans. They thought these Chinese people who lived in the north as barbarians and used them as sacrifical lambs to buy time and momentary peace. The Japanese did not rule Manchuria as they ruled Taiwan. Local population did not have the same submissiveness as native Taiwanese indigenous people. The Manchus were the ruling class in last dynasty. It’s a whole other dynamic. It’s not surprising that KMT lost Manchuria as soon as they walk into it. The north remembers!

  • I'm no communist, but you could have avoided the joke on helicopters

  • Mao never said “We have stood up” he actually said 「中华人民共和国⋯今天成立了!」 which means “Today, the People’s Republic of China is established!”

  • You have a very good vital capacity…

  • Good editing. But wtf is that intro? Only peasants and poor people think it's a good or funny idea to be racist to +1m views lol

  • well, probably CCP is not good, but KMT is useless, useless is an original sin for government, so that is why Chinese people choose to trust CCP.

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