Faye Swetlik Case Update and Coty Scott Taylor – What I Noticed

Welcome to it’s a crime I’m Linda and today
I’m gonna give you the latest update on little Faye Marie Swetlik. A week ago
today Faye got off her school bus in a small little town called Cayce South
Carolina she played outside when she got home and
an hour later she was reported missing a few days later Fay was found deceased
and also a man who is believed to be connected in phase death was also found
deceased now the man who was found his name is Cody Scott Taylor both Faye’s
autopsy and CODIS were done on Saturday February 15th and it will be addressed
tomorrow Tuesday February 18th in a press conference after phase autopsy was
done on Saturday there was a motorcade to help bring Fay home there was a news
update today as well and I saw there was a helicopter in the air and they
actually recorded the event as it was going on as the motorcade was going down
the street and they said it was very touching and very moving watching how
people would actually stop and get out of their vehicles to support Fay and
support the motorcade there is a candlelight vigil being held tomorrow
evening at 5:30 p.m. which is Tuesday February the 18th and they’re doing that
at the City Hall on the front lawn and the vigil will last approximately 30
minutes and will be held rain or shine candles will also be provided by the
city and the city of Casey says the city of Casey will come together to remember
Faye to grieve and start the process of healing as a community and individually
Faye’s funeral was also announced and it will be held this Friday February 21st
at 7 p.m. at the Trinity Baptist Church the family is asked to honor Faye by
wearing bright colors and the funeral home has expressed that they will be
covering the funeral expenses for faith now there also has been a memorial set
up at the Churchill Heights community with hundreds of community members
gathering and they were offering teddy bears flowers lighting candles and
praying and the parents were also reported to have been there as well now
all the toys and the stuffy’s are all being donated to the Prisma Children’s
Hospital and the family asks that if you do wish to donate more toys and stuffy’s
to please do so in Phase memory to the Children’s Hospital also phase grandma
Ruth Collins said that if you wish to donate money you can go to any Wells
Fargo Bank and just mention face wet lick and you can donate to the family
that way as well now I do want to get into a little bit about Cody Scott
Taylor before we heard of him and before both of them were found I had wondered a
few things about when Faye was first taken as I’m sure you guys were think
we’re wondering too right and I was curious where the bus stop actually is
because first it was just reports that it was close but there was no mention
but I did find out where face bus stop is and if you want to see my previous
video you can see it right here as well with my initial thoughts so I found out
where this bus stop is and you can see it’s on the highway and it’s about a
seven minute walk from that stop to face House I’m sure it takes a little bit
longer to walk because face little you know six-year-old walking takes a little
bit longer than the average bear and little legs could only go so fast unless
she ran all the way home because she seemed like she was very bubbly from
what people said but it was about a seven-minute walk give or take well
Morgan so maybe around 10 minutes ish now they would walk right past where
Cody Taylor’s house is and his address is 602 Piccadilly square so he so they
would walk right on by that if that’s the route they’re taking but before I
learned about Cody I was curious if there were any known offenders in the
area and there were two and Casey’s only a small town of just over 14,000 I
believe that was from 2017 census and one of them caught my eye of
those two because they were registered on January 6 2020 so it was pretty
recent and when I looked up the address in relation to Fae it was a seven minute
drive from that person’s house to Fey’s house but it was a straight line to
where the bus stop is so that’s the person’s house this is face and then it
kind of did a straight line so it just caught my eye and then the news happened
that we found out about Cody okay so then if we go back a little bit Faye
gets off the bus she walks home with her mom she gets a snack and goes plays in
her front yard her mom notices Faye is gone there’s
reports that she even asked you know around if the neighbors if anybody had
seen Faye and there’s one woman who’s older who a lot of kids like to go and
see her and she said no I didn’t see her and then phase mom makes the 9-1-1 call
which is absolutely heart-wrenching and police and neighbors begin their search
so on Thursday they find little Faye deceased and shortly thereafter they
find Cody deceased as well authorities found a piece of evidence
that is phase and Sergeant Antley mentioned that it was an item that was
on phase missing poster so she basically was described her clothing that she wore
so it’s an assumption and he said they found it in a garbage can belonging to
602 Piccadilly square so Cody actually lives between 100 and 150 feet from phaz
house and when Faye was found she was found in between her house and NAPA Auto
Parts and Cody is found at the residence is what sergeant Antley said now I’m not
sure if that means outside or inside but it said at the residence and his
residence in between NAPA Auto Parts and phase
house and his is a little bit East to that but it is in the midpoint so
there’s NAPA Auto Parts and there is phase house and in between would be
where just a little bit east is where Cody’s house is and just behind that in
between there is where they said they found faith now a little digging into
Cody and I’m gonna share a few things but I want to wait till tomorrow until
the official autopsy comes out and I want to find out if this was actually
self-inflicted or not because we really don’t know the answer yet we can make a
bunch of assumptions but basically all we know is that he is connected to Fae
in this situation but we don’t know details yet so before I go digging to
crazy I just wanted to mention that we gotta wait till tomorrow until the
autopsy comes out and then go from there now the interesting thing is police
actually talked to Cody before as they were searching for Fae and for quite
some time as my understanding and they also searched his home they also said
that where favas found it wasn’t very long that she was actually put there
police said that he is not known to the police and he has no prior criminal
background the only thing I’ve seen is that he had some traffic violations and
his last ticket was for failing to dim his lights
so just because though he doesn’t have a criminal history doesn’t make him a
criminal but at the same time I just wanted to put it out there that’s what
the authorities said now Cody was thirty years old now according to some people
who say they knew him they said he was shy he was a little awkward he’s a
little different but they said he was a nice person
and I even saw a post from a guy who it was his best friend and he said they
played a lot of video games together they smoked a lot of weed they just hung
out and that they said he would from his knowledge he would never know that he
would do something like that now when I saw his past he studied at the
University of Sao Carolina for math although he dropped
out and I believe that was around 2009 and I even saw that he was part of a
robotics team in high school he graduated 10% in his class so he was a
smart what seemed like a smart guy so I wonder why he would put a piece of
evidence in the trash unless he panicked right it just doesn’t seem like
something smart to hide it in the trash then I saw on this Facebook there was a
post and this is the only thing that kind of stuck out to me because his
Facebook wasn’t really used but it was called the 7 most baffling criminal
defenses that sort of worked and it was all about how people made some pretty
dumb excuses in murders and and got away with it so it was interesting to say the
least now I also went to his other profile and
this is what disturbed me and I will share this because I don’t want to go
too crazy deep-diving if something actually happened to Cody
and he’s taking the fall for it I’m not saying he’s innocent I’m not saying he’s
guilty I’m just saying we don’t know yet right just seemed to obvious almost what
I found this actually deeply disturbed me and if you are a regular viewer you
may have heard me say I see patterns I can pick up little things and this would
be one of them although I don’t think I can show the
pictures to you I am going to describe what I saw for now
Cody’s Instagram is pretty bare but I took a peek at who he’s following
and I believe it was something like 47 people I want to say it was 47 most of
them and I mean most our models wearing skimpy clothing busty they’re like
clearly model pages there was also some celebrities so I thought okay let’s see
who else he’s following and here is where the pattern comes there’s four
profiles that caught my attention they’re not models they’re not
celebrities they’re regular people and when I first looked at them
I was like wait a minute this girl looks like the last girl is that the same
account what no that’s a different one I thought oh maybe I made a mistake
pictures and I pulled another one that girl looks like the last girl and then I
looked at another one this girl could be sisters to that girl sisters to that
girl and sisters to that girl so there’s four for sure that they look alike and i
sat there looking while that is super strange and then I pulled face picture and this is where I get mad she
literally looks like a younger version of these girls I’m not even joking to me
in my opinion Fey looks like a young version to these other women who look
the same and then I felt sick it made me take a breath and I just I just sat
there in shock like the heck is going on because I like I said I noticed these
patterns are these just weird things right and I called my husband in you
gotta come check this out because this is like this is super weird I don’t know
what to do I just want to make sure that I’m not the only one seeing this and I
showed him and he says yeah they look like and I thought oh my gosh what am I
gonna do and so I called the tipline I called the tipline except i teetered
whether to call the tip line or not because I felt like well this is my
patterns this isn’t a for sure right and so I did what I thought I needed to do I
did call the tip line I don’t know if it’s what they wanted to know or not it
didn’t seem like it was that important what I had to say in my opinion they
didn’t even take the names that I saw this pattern in or nothing so I was a
little disheartened at that but I wasn’t trying to step on anybody’s toes I just
saw this is what I see this is what’s creeping me out better to say than not
say and that’s my opinion so the tip line
na’ka’leen is eight zero three two zero five four four four four now they’re
asking if you have any tips on Cody – please call they want to know where he
was when Faye was last seen they also want to know what he was doing in the
days up until Faye was found so if anybody has any of that information even
if it’s teeny tiny – please call this number eight zero three two zero five
four four four four let me know your thoughts below we can have a little chit
chat over it I am a little bit dreading tomorrow to find out the autopsy but at
the same time we’d really would like to know what’s going on and I’m sure the
community wants to know what’s going on just for the sake of are are they safe
you know these little kids who were phase friends have to deal with a whole
lot aside from her parents of course in her family but everybody is seeing are
not seeing this little girl anymore and wondering are they safe and I’m sure
this is going to touch everybody’s hearts for a very long time now I have
also I did also want to mention that it was the school that sent out a call it
was a newsletter but it was a voicemail and they talked about what to do with
your child to be able to talk to your child don’t force the issue but say it’s
okay to have feelings and be upset and I thought that was really really great
really great support I’ve seen a lot of support in the last week from the
community from people on YouTube people on my channel and just rooting for Faye
and unfortunately it came to a horrible end but we did get to see everybody
pulled together and kudos to the police department – and those who were all
involved for searching for Faye and to also to the director Byron
Snelgrove he’s the one who found faith and all those involved who had to go
through this and now have to investigate it it’s not an easy thing but I was very
impressed with how they kept up to date what they did give all of us in terms of
information and what they didn’t and I thought it was just really really great
to see how much they put in and how they let the community know as well so let’s
chit chat in the comments below give a like to this video subscribe if you
haven’t done so already we are almost hitting 20,000 subscribers thank you so
much share this out for little faith thank you so much for watching see you

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  • ❣️😢
    Hi Linda~Heart breaking. Poor little 👼 Bless the funeral home for covering the expenses. Just tragic. I'm hearing she was alive in his home for a few days before he killed her?? Also heard her polka dotted boot was found in the trash at Coty's!! OMG how terrifying. RIP little angel 🙏

  • Hi Linda 💘 love your channel from Saskatchewan Canada

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  • This is heart breaking (and where’s poor Gannon 😭) all these sweet children and it’s really sad. Some people can’t have children and those morons just rage it for granted😡 😭

  • Press conference at 3 pm I heard on some newscast. I will wear pink or purple tomorrow in honor of Faye.

  • I give you updates on Faye Marie Swetlik and also stay near the end because I talk about the pattern and detail I caught regarding Coty!!! WHat are your thoughts?

  • Hi Linda 🤗❤👍 XOXOX

  • Funeral is actually private and closed to the public. They will have a book to sign to pay respects.

  • I just wonder if she was in his apartment when they went there? They must not have searched very well or not at all. He may have put the item in the trash because they had already been there he may have thought he got away with it and they weren't coming back. If he killed his self he did the whole world a favor. He probably realized what he did and was so repulsed by his own self that he couldn't even look in the mirror. Just horrible

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  • Well it's crazy how close it may have been from him getting away with it…

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  • As you were saying the next one looked like the last one.. i got the biggest shiver very good investergation from you x

  • so many people attacking Faye's mother! i hope none of those ppl never have to experience anything like this. so while all of you judgemental people… who im sure have never done anything wrong in their whole life… sit behind your computer and attack ppl, please remember there is a little girl dead. and the only one to blame is the killer. This family is hurting. Lets all have some compassion

  • Your so amazing Linda wow and so smart . Thanks for the update .

  • Wow, your pattern was a shock! Praying for everyone affected, especially that little angel. Thank you for your coverage. Justice for Faye! 💜

  • Hurts my heart such a sweet angel🎀

  • He did it himself. Decided to put and end to it. Put her body where it would be found. Put a clue in the trash so they would know who did it. Then killed himself. End of story

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  • Very interesting, and also puzzling. Did all the women have strawberry blonde hair?

  • It is true…he could be another victim
    Edit. Dear Lord. Then you spoke about coty's Type. This is sickening, and terrifying.
    You did the right thing Linda calling the tip line. Best that you did so, than always wonder should you have.

  • My hurt hurts for all these kiddos.

  • Ok. So your discovery of the connection of looking alike or similar is right on. There really is a connection. I know. My second husband had similar behaviors. He never killed any one but did molest and rape some children. He is now a registered sex offender. We moved very far away. But, you are right on about the similarities. This is obsessive behavior. The Facebook tells it all. He was awkward, liked the models or playboy girls, tried to connect with his obsessions in more realistic choices, then finally acted on what He could force possibly when he couldnt make a real connection. This is not uncommon. It has happened before. They are typically called regressed sexual molesters. (If that's what happened). They substitute with a child. Usually brought on by a stressful situation in the molester"a life. It is usually due to availability. The child was available. He most likely uses pornography but it may not be child pornography. He may have some. His Facebook shows his preference. Principle method will be coercion. So if we get the results in full they may explain this. FBI will most likely not be involved any further due to the type of molester. Hope this helps.

  • Linda, you did the right thing calling the tip line. We are told no matter how small or insignificant something seems, it maybe the thing they need. Like you said, at this point, we do not know his innocence or guilt. But, if he is guilty, this could be at least part of the reason for this horrific thing.

  • Which Instagram is his?

  • God bless Faye . She just a beautiful lil girl . Angel 👼 of God it breaks my heart. .praye for there family . May the Lord give them strength comeful them .they are in so much pain God help them surround him with your blessings and your prayers 🙏💕💞💗💜💜💜

  • Hey Linda,
    I was watching plunder and have you seen the post she shows about a girl younger than him but grew up on same street and she said he was creepy obsessed with her and he was much much older and wouldn't leave her alone. So here is another piece Linda to his habits . this just breaks my ❤ and I just can't imagine how horrible this is for Faye's parents. The thought of her being scared and being harmed makes me sick! My biggest fear with my kids is exactly this.I hope he left a suicide note but I doubt it. I hope they have solid proof that he is guilty. I mean the cops must because they would have known 2 recent sex offenders were living in the area?! Also, I thought sex offenders couldn't live so close to schools? (I know they weren't the ones committing the crime) but just curious?

  • I think that calling the tip line was totally appropriate! That info is incredibly creepy! I know they will be looking for his DNA on Faye’s body and boots, and I’m not sure how long it will take to get the results. Any idea about that? I think that DNA will be the most conclusive evidence, or finding her DNA on him or in his home, etc.

  • What Cotys friend said about him is what Jeffery Daumers next door neighbors said.

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  • Something doesn't add up.

  • Good for u for calling don’t let them discourage u u did a great job

  • I have a still born son, I named him Malekai. I lost him not too long after I found out it was a boy 💙😢… I’m still not over the loss of my baby boy. I can’t even imagine having your child 🧒 on this earth for 6 years & losing them!! Poor Faye’s parents got to raise her, hear her 1st words, her first everything, etc.. I’m so sorry this monster took your sweet babygirl from you. My heart goes out to you & I send my deepest condolences. Sending you so much LOVE 💕, LIGHT 🕯, & STRENGTH 💪 your way.
    Coty Taylor you’re a sorry demonic soulless POS! I know he will never get to read this cause he took the cowards way out, but I just had to say it cause I’m so damn upset 😢 over this!! I was raped from 5 to 11 years old.. by my own uncle. Pedophiles need to be lined up & have a firing squad take them out. I’m sorry, but no man or woman should ever touch a baby or a child in an inappropriate way!! What’s going on in this world 🌍?! I just can’t wrap my mind around it 😔. Leave our babies alone!! 😢💔

  • To the people dragging Faye’s parents needs to stop ✋! They just lost their sweet innocent 6 year old babygirl. Let them grieve. They don’t need to see any mean comments. Have some empathy & compassion. 😔🙏❤️

    💕💜REST IN ETERNAL PEACE FAYE. I hope you’re in heaven playing in the cloud ⛅️ & happy as can be. Sleep with the 👼angels babygirl💜💕

  • Coty lived almost right beside them.. it makes my blood boil knowing how close he was to Faye!! 💔

  • Please Linda!!! Never feel disheartened about contacting authorities!! That is the right and responsible thing to do. So many don’t!!! I admire you and you are quickly becoming one of my favorites. I don’t say that lightly. You truly are better and better w each video! Just focus on you and doing what you do the way you do it💖👍👍 people appreciate you!!!
    It takes a gift to recognize patterns etc. you have that gift… and are using it in a way that can help people. I have a lot of respect for you!!!

  • I almost feel as if the police messed something up and they know it, and they feel bad about it. I feel like that’s why the motorcade might’ve been organized— to show that they care and to potentially avoid backlash IF they did mess something up. That’s why they haven’t released any facts, because they’ve probably been working with a PR team or figuring out exactly what to say and how to say it, as to cause as little backlash as possible— if, for example, she was at the house alive when the police were there, but they missed her, or something. Just my theory, I have no idea

  • How was this man able to take Faye, was he walking the neighborhood?

  • This world is getting worse n worse!!! It’s sad kids aren’t even safe in their own yard anymore!!! Hell I want even allow my 14yr old to walk down the rd by herself n I can remember 30yrs ago at age 8 I would sleep in a tent by myself in my front yard times hav def changed unfortunately not for the good either!!!!!
    It’s getting so bad I think everyone especially under 18yrs old needs to hav a chip implanted w some kind of GPS Tracking that can’t b remove, seen n etc n soon as they go missing immediately it can b tracked by their guardians n the police through a website n hopefully kids will b saved n less harmed!!!!! N if they do get murdered at least their bodies will b found bc these babies being kidnapped n murdered is breaking my heart n making me become an obsessive overprotective parent to my own kids I live in fear of them being harmed which is also hurting them bc I’m to scared that one of these sick ….. creeps will take n hurt one of my babies so I want allow them out of my sight n that’s wrong of me!!!!!

  • Thank you Linda for the update! You certainly did the right thing calling into the tip line. I am grateful to be part of your channel.👍💖

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  • I appreciate you calling the tip line. I hope that all people know it’s better to try and help than do nothing at all. No matter how big or small, all efforts matter. ❤️

  • I think it's very telling that law enforcement feels confident enough to state there's no danger to the public regarding this case, after they found Coty's deceased body & evidence in his trash can.
    I'm betting his DNA was found on her, and possibly her DNA on him or his clothing.

  • I heard that Cotys roommate came and found him and called the police because the roommate thought he committed suicide I heard that from the blonde headed woman when she was giving a not much information conference

  • His FB friends are a petipiles if you look at them and recognize the names creepy I'm just saying that what I definitely saw

  • It was reported that her mom picked her up at the bus stop. She was playing in her front yard for goodness sake! Her mom did nothing wrong. She lost her baby to a vile disgusting animal. Victim blaming and shaming (and yes, her mom is a victim) shows the ugliness of the person throwing the shade. Glass houses people

  • Thanks so much for all of the information you give us. My heart 💔 breaks over the loss of Sweet Faye. I'm praying 🙏🙏 for her family and friends,

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  • Your call to the tip line was a smart move, IMO! The smallest piece of info can be the key!
    Thanks for covering these cases! ♦

  • It blows me away that the police had already spoken to this guy and where was Faye at that time as they had already searched his home as all the homes in her neighborhood and also the area where she was finally found, so where was she all that time, this is such a sad and scary story for all parents of young children.

  • Thank you for all your hard work! You are so professional and I highly respect you. You have a gift! Please keep informing us .

  • Sorry to cut in on Faye's time please no disrespect they must have found Tee's apple watch on side of the road Denver station reporting update

  • It's hard for me to even grasp these types of horrors. It just doesn't feel real and possible for these evil things to take place. I have a 5 year old son and I can't even…. God be with Faye and her family right now. 💔

  • Faye is a unique beautiful looking little girl, and that was the first thing that came to mind (when I learned more about coty and his interactions with women) is that he was attracted to Faye and maybe just wanted to be friends and she rejected him and it raised these feelings within himself that he has been dealing with regarding women, cause I saw somewhere that he had made a comment in the past about how woman expect a man to be good at approaching and asking a woman out on the first try, he was expressing how difficult it is to be rejected and how women don’t understand that.

  • Sex offenders have to register often , depending on the crime, cud be once a year could be twice a year, forever . So if it was a person registered jan. 2020 it doesnt mean its a new offense or a new offender moving into the area either.

  • Why would he care how smart it was to put something in the trash if he knew he was going to kill himself? Also does anyone know if his roommate is an offender? Police went to that address for a reason….

  • Great video Linda,xx And as someone that’s been with you from the beginning I’m excited to see your subscribers are growing fast!!!

  • It is better to say than not say .. don’t be disheartened you did the right thing .. maybe further into the investigation someone might pick up on your tip and check it out.. ALWAYS SPEAK UP as you say even if it’s tiny and seems unimportant, it could be the biggest break to the investigation.. you do a great job 👍

  • I guess I wonder Why they want to know what he was doing before & After? I have Questions on what the Roommate was doing IDk SOMETHING doesn't sit right…💞💜💞💜Faye💞💜💞💜

  • He was an “INCEL”

  • I'm wondering if he had her in his car. The police checked his apartment and spoke to him. Other people said the police checked their houses throughly. I'm thinking he had her in his car because didnt they say the believed her body wasnt at that location for long or was not originally there I'm assuming they searched near that location before she was found. Hid her in his car then moved her to that location after police talked to him and after it was already searched from police.if he did it

  • Any social media profiles he has public you can share❣️

  • hello,so sad,why dont they leave the childrens alone,so heartbreaking,blessing to the family

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  • You did the right thing later they will be looking at that.

  • Jeez that’s bizarre!

  • he ain't a smart criminal,then. leaving behind a trail of evidence,the boots and knife in his thrash can and now who he follows on ig .question is when he started following those four look-a-alikes and who might have access to his ig account

  • You did the right thing Linda, ALL information is important!!

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