Farewell until 2020? Not Clickbait

Welcome bienvenidos this is Roxana for metamorphosis
rox and today there is no intro because I want to get into the meat and potatoes of
the situation. As you all know and if you don’t, you are
about to find out, I have been saying for several weeks now that I wanted to stop doing
videos. I love creating content and learning more
about editing and other things but something has just felt wrong for the last few months
and I’m just not as passionate as I have been for a long time now. Every year that ends in 9, I find myself thinking
that the next decade is going to be my decade. I started feeling like this in 1979, when,
at 13 and knowing that during the next decade I would become 18, I thought that would be
my time to shine. Instead, i had the most exhausting, sad, suicidal
decade of my existence. No exaggeration here, I was actually sent
to my first psychiatrist because I said the world would be better without me in it and
my dad panicked. Then, in 1989, I said again, this is going
to be my decade. I had just gotten married to a navy sailor
and life seemed promising. Instead, I got pregnant and then had to figure
out how to juggle motherhood, college and work. Then in 1999, I was 33 and sure this would
be the one, but raising a young kid in the decade of September 11th and an old friend
called depression changed my life and not always for good. Then came 2009, and thinking that I had changed
the scenery by moving to Florida, I was ready. Well, that didn’t work out so well. Indeed, now I’m 53 and if this next decade
I don’t finally get off my butt and make something happen, I might as well become one
of those sad people that is waiting for death instead of a person loving life. I had a lot of plans for the channel and for
my entire social media presence in the summer. And little by little, I have seen all of them
vanish one by one. I’ve seen people stab their friends in the
back, people who don’t know each other, accuse others of the most heinous acts, and
the most unexpected one for me, hate grow so far and so deep that people cannot even
communicate anymore. There is an expression you will hear a couple
of times in this video, “people who make a living communicating cannot communicate
with each other”. Funny enough, if you look at all the breakups
in history, more often than not, the lack of communication between partners, team members
and friends is at the heart of every single one of them. If a person does not know how to call their
friend and open up their heart, back in the day they would just stop talking to each other. In the era we live in now, they start subtweeting
each other, they unfollow, etc, instead of just making amends and maybe just be cordial
but not as thick as thieves as they used to be. That requires maturity, and I can understand
that between 20 year old members of our favorite music bands, but I cannot understand it between
adults. It just does not make sense. I’ve had great experiences in the last year
and some not so great, all educational. I have made some friends that I hope to have
for a very long time and I have tried and tried to figure out what the future holds. Right now, it’s all a big blur. And so, I decided tonight to speak about the
8 things I’m not willing to take with me into this new decade. Some of my thoughts might offend some, and
some might not want to speak with me after this because they might feel I’m talking
about them. I’m probably not, but it’s ok if people
decide to turn their back on me instead of coming to me and tell me what is wrong, I
no longer have time or patience to seek them out. I’m tired. I’m tired of the main players in the beauty
community, tired of the squabbling in the drama community, just tired of all this hate
and I’m hoping to change my little corner of the world with some things that I hope
to do in the future. I’m sure some people will unsubscribe because
the content is going to change and to those I bid farewell. I suspect some will stick around because after
spending the day hearing the latest tea, they will need a place to lighten up, learn something
or just express their more positive thoughts. And of course I’m hopeful my peeps will
stick with me, as they have done since I started posting regularly two years ago. So now, on to the countdown. The first thing I want to leave in 2019 is The hypocrisy: There are so many ways I can
go with this one so I will just say it like this. I’m so tired of watching people complain
about one thing while allowing their own friends to get away with the same crappy behavior. Why is it ok for one person to use the n word
but if you don’t like the person, then they are the r word? Either everyone can use the word, or is ok
because they apologized, or nobody gets away with it. We talk about creators doing bad things like
bullying others, and then we bully them back. It’s like watching Amber Lynn or Foodie
Beauty trolling their viewers and then the hadurs, and that is h-a-d-u-r-s, go and troll
and bully them back. The only person I’m taking out of that category,
from the ones I have seen myself, is Charlie Gold. She actually brings something different to
the table. On the topic of Amber and Chantal, I have
a video coming but you are going to have to wait a little longer for that. The intolerance: the drama community is divided
in two main groups. One group likes to doxx people and the other
one just likes to bring the hate. Oddly enough, they are both plagued with people
that are now in the habit of posting on company Twitter pages asking them to stop supporting
creators. And the funniest part is when someone complains
about it, a person from the other group does it to them and vice-versa. People can only have opinions if they align
with the loudest screamers. A more recent example of this nonsense is
the recent trend to be afraid of posting a video. Now, I’m talking for myself and only myself. When I say I’m afraid of posting a video,
it’s not because I feel some creator will stop talking to me or I’m afraid of a hate
mob coming to my channel. My only fear is that I will upset one of you
guys, my true peeps. That is the only group of people I care about. Yes, I’ve had friends that happen to be
larger creators and some are still my friends and others are not my friends anymore. Again, when people make a living communicating,
you would think they would take the time to actually send a direct message or call someone
and communicate. Instead, they all listen to each others stories
and assume we are all in on the situation. We are not. Most of the time I go to Twitter, I have no
idea what people are talking about. They unfriend people if they make amends with
a rival. They stop supporting people because they feel
like they might be the r word. At no point do any of these people talk like
mature adults to each other. They all speak about “follow who you want”
or “support who you like” but the minute someone supports someone they don’t like,
they cut them off. The saddest part is, in the end, the fans
are the ones who lose and nobody seems to care. Tolerance allows you to like who you like
and extend that courtesy to those around you. It’s ok if you don’t want to accept someone’s
apology just like it’s ok if I do. It’s perfectly normal for you to like someone
I don’t like. We are not all supposed to like the same things. That is what makes life interesting. Trolls have all the fun and make all the money
– and by trolls, I’m now referring to creators who have done some seriously messed up stuff. We always see the same group having all the
fun: Jackie, Jeffree, Jaclyn, James, Tana, Jake and Paul, Trisha, Keem and others seem
to attract the most attention while being their worst selves. It is amazing that when any of these people
do something nice, they get no attention but if they do something wrong, every drama channel
has to make a video about it and sometimes, and maybe I should say all the time, whatever
they do is not even important, or interesting anymore. We all complain about “why don’t they
do something nice for a change?” Because we don’t pay attention to them. Think about Jeffree, for example. He spent some months not being hateful to
anyone. Nobody paid attention to him. As soon as he went back to being obnoxious,
everyone made a video about it. Jackie Aina posted a video on December 4th
where she is making a huge fundraiser for St. Jude’s Hospital. Crickets, but when she has something to say
on Twitter, everybody talks about it. Manny MUA has spent months building his audience
back up and not arguing with anyone. People ignored him. But he forgets to credit someone for a makeup
look and all eyes are now calling him a repeat offender. The funny thing about this is that the worse
they behave, the more money we give them because we all start looking in their direction. Look at Onision. Everyone loves to watch a trainwreck so people
are flocking to see his tantrums. Not including onion boy, Why can’t we spend
more time celebrating the good things these people do? Maybe if we give them more attention when
they do good things, they will start doing more of those. And for those of you who think they only do
good things to get brownie points, I really don’t care why anyone does anything nice
because to the receiver, the only thing that matters is that they are on the receiving
end of needed attention, money, love, whatever. Bad actors – the biggest thing that I want
to leave behind are the truly offensive people on social media. I know a girl called the Nubian on Twitter. She will defend herself or speak some truths
and her account will be silenced for days. Twitter will shut her down in a new york minute. And yet Onision still has an account. We come to Youtube and we see content creators
being restricted or demonetized for using an f bomb and yet other creators are allowed
to post some vile, disgusting things and they are fully monetized. The entire platform is adapting to some changes
from the government claiming to protect children when the reality is nobody cares to ask the
parents for input and create a truly child friendly experience. I want to leave all the bad actors behind
in 2020. The fakers – I’m going to use two examples
for this one, the beauty community and family channels but this happens on every community. Let’s take the beauty community and for
this one, size doesn’t matter, there are creators of every size who do this. Facetune. Why? Why must you take the wrinkles off, the blemishes,
the things that make you, you? Why are you color correcting an image? I want to see how the colors actually work
on a palette but first you have filters and then they use photoshop or faceture to add
saturation or copy left eye on right eye or any number of other little things. It has become so common that sometimes you
see the original image and that one looks better but they want to look so perfect. Facetune on a sponsored or affiliate post
should be illegal. Now take family channels: why are you subjecting
your kids to unrealistic expectations of what their life is really like? Why are we watching trip after trip after
trip in an effort to show others that your life is so perfect? I would rather have real life and see how
people really live. I don’t get FOMO or keeping up with the
jonesses so your magic does not work on me. I think this world where we expect influencers
to be perfect should stay in this decade. While we are on the topic of fakes, let’s
take a moment to talk about fake indignation. If you think that using a derogatory word
makes for a bad person and they will always be bad, you have a right to believe that. If you think that people have the ability
to change and redeem themselves, that is also your right. What you are never going to convince me is
ok is this thing where one person is deemed a bad one but when one of your friends is
exposed for the same thing, “oh, they’ve changed”. You can’t have it both ways. I can’t help but notice that when the two
people that exposed Rich for saying the “n” word were then shown to have used the same
word in the past, Rich will always be the r word but the other two have apologized and
are changed. I don’t care if it’s Rich, Lushious, Peter
or anyone else. I’m also not going to get into context or
whether I truly believe they are discriminating. I believe everyone can change. That does not make me an apologist, that makes
me a human that believes in the power of growing up and maturing. You don’t have to agree with me. What we are not going to do is measure two
different people with two different measurements for the same use of a disgusting word and
then claim that we are appalled at the behavior of the one we don’t like. Keep the same energy. The fight between body positivity and fat
acceptance – now on this I will go into greater detail on a future video but body positivity
was about loving yourself as you are while striving to be your best self. It has become this thing where people need
to accept that we are supposed to be fat. Meanwhile, we are all being entertained by
watching people literally making themselves more sick and maybe even terminal before our
own very eyes. As a person who is currently sick, that is
not the future I want for anyone around me. And instead of showing support for people
as they struggle to decide what to do, some think it’s ok to constantly remind them
of every little mistake and hardship they go through. No, I don’t think it’s ok to do a mukbang
when a person is already obese. Think about the rest of the people watching
this. Making fun or poking people when they are
obese signals the rest of the obese people that the only posibility is that people are
laughing at them and not understanding their struggles. Yes, I know that we should not be happy for
someone who is morbidly obese but is making them the butt of every joke the best way to
inspire change? The haters – we have an entire group of people
whose sole joy in life is to go to everyone else’s channel and spew their hate. Some of these people post every hour of every
day on Twitter and then double down on Youtube. They could not possibly have a job because
they are always on social media. It does make me wonder how happy are these
people in real life when all they do is bash others. There is a difference between constructive
criticism and just hateful banter and these people crossed the line a long time ago. From weaponizing discrimination to overusing
terms to the point where they have lost their significance, I would definitely love to see
less hate in the new decade. And for those of you who always like to point
out that this will never happen, I ask you a simple question: why don’t you start? Last but not least, the so called cancelled
creators. To sit here and watch someone who claims to
be cancelled, who, by the way, was “cancelled” for being incredibly horrible and making several
mistakes and taking absolutely zero responsibility for their own wrongdoing, making money and
getting more fans and adding more fuel to the fire is frustrating and not what I want
to see more off in 2020. This leads me to what I alluded in the beginning
about change. I’m tired of saying that I can’t bare
see another bad act. Like I said before, if I want change it has
to start with me. So from now on, I am focusing this channel
on a different direction. There will not be new videos every time someone
does something wrong, partly because I’m tired of watching my receipts being used by
people who are too lazy to credit or get their own but more importantly because I’m tired
of watching people being torn apart when all they did was a simple mistake. I will not be partaking on attacks to my friends. I will not support or defend anyone because
as of December 13th I’m deactivating my Twitter account until January 1st and when
I come back, I’m changing what I react to. I love my friends and I know many of them
will understand that I no longer have the time or the energy to waste defending them
when in reality the best response to ignorant morons on social media is the silent treatment. I will no longer support those who choose
to fire back at their fans or foes. If the immediate reaction of someone is to
snap back at a person for a simple question, I will unfollow and block. If you are claiming that you are turning a
new leaf but you choose to surround yourself with hateful people, I have to distance myself
from that narrative. Nothing personal, I just don’t have as many
years on this earth as the rest of you and I would rather have root canal than watch
my friends tear each other apart instead of talking to each other. Their income is based on communication but
they can’t communicate in private? I remember a long time ago a movie came out
that took me on a journey of other positive movies. Those years I had a house of my own, a brand
new car, a great job and lots of friends. The parties we had at that house were legendary. And then, I stopped living surrounded by love
and positivity. And I lost everything as a result. So I’m going back to the things that work
for me. I have tons of books from learning to sew
to drawing and painting, interest in learning Italian and Japanesse, and all kinds of crafts
and sports that I’ve never tried before. Rox Learns, which used to be Rox Reads will
focus on that. I have recipes to try, doctors to visit and
a 22 month plan to participate on quite possibly the craziest thing that I will ever attempt,
AviddivA will keep you updated on that. I need to make my brain work so I will go
to Metamorphosis rox en Espanol to make videos in Spanish that anyone can watch. And Metamorphosis Rox…well, metamorphosis
rox is going to be the place where we can talk about industries and communities, doing
commentary on the trends we see, the good the community does, the creators that turned
a new leaf. Yes, sometimes we will deal with difficult
topics and not every video will leave you with the warm and fuzzies. An easy example would be that we will not
make a video of broken highlighters but we will discuss contamination in a makeup factory. We are not dwelling on fake crying or bad
apologies but we will discuss a true apology that demonstrate growth and maturity, and
yes, I’m aware that we have not seen one of those yet. If we have a livestream, we can throw a little
shade, but never to demean or harass anyone. I want to move on from 2019 knowing that I’m
doing my best to see change in the communities that I love and that I used to love talking
about. I hope you will join me. I hope you will be on the lookout and leave
me a comment with something good that is happening in your favorite Youtube community. I hope we can all inspire each other and celebrate
the greatness that I know is within each and every single one of you. That is my wish for the new year and the new
decade ahead. If you like the direction and the new turn
on Metamorphosis Rox, don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe with the bell
set to on. Let Metamorphosis Rox be the place to be if
you want to take a break from the drama and still find out what your favorite creators
are doing right. If you are with me still, thank you so much
for watching and for making 2019 a very special year. Until next year.

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