Family Tree Rhapsody

Family Tree Rhapsody, by the Wilson Family Is this the real date? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a big mess
up inside of my family tree. Open your eyes,
look back to the past and see! I’m just a poor boy, (Poor boy!)
my name is Timothy. Looks like at first he’s young, then he’s grown, having children of his own. He lived long ago, so,
does it really matter to me? To me? Mama, just found a name. That’s what the record said: He was born then…now he’s dead. Mama, I have just begun, and now I want to
throw it all away! Great-great grandpa! Oo!
(I think you have his nose!) What is your date of birth?
I sometimes wonder if you were born at all! I see a little silhouetto of a name. What the heck? What the heck?
I can’t read this hand-writing! Illegible writing! Very very frightening! Eek! Galileo! (Galileo!) (Galileo!) It’s Gallileo! But his work’s already done!
Oh no! (no! no! no!) I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me. He’s just a poor boy, from a poor family! Go do his work, so that he can be free! Find my name, do my work,
will you let me go? I’m busy! (No!) We will not let you go! (Let him go!) I’m busy! We will not let you go!
(Let him go!) I’m busy! We will not let you go!
(Let him go!) Will not let you go! (Let him go!)
Will not let you go! (Let him go! oh! oh! oh!) No! No! No! No! No! No! NO! Oh, mama mia, mama mia! Mama mia, let me go! At FamilySearch there’s an answer waiting there for me! For me! For ME!! [Rock music] So you think it’s too hard
and you won’t even try? So you think you can blow off
those people who died? Oh, baby! Don’t just sit and say “Maybe!” You gotta get up!
You gotta get right off your rear! Ooooh! Ooh-yeah! Ooh-yeah! [Violin duet] Family really matters, wouldn’t you agree? Family history matters. Family history matters…to me. That is how our song goes! (Ooh…) [Laughing] (You can’t laugh or it makes me laugh…)

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