Facebook Search

Facebook Search – Let’s take a look at Facebook
search – When you search in Facebook it isn’t like Google’s search and it takes a bit of
getting use to. So where do you find out how to search on Facebook. If we Google it, here
are the results we get and if you click on the first result, not the Google ad, you get
this empty page. Not quite sure how that works when Google
wants content on a page to rank it in the search results, but this page has zero content.
But anyway, let’s put in a search query and see what we get. Now if you just type something
in and hit enter you automatically get the first result instead of search results…and
that’s not what you want. So what you have to do is look all the way
down to the bottom of the Facebook search suggestions
and click on
the little magnifying glass icon and then
you get to choose from a selection of results. That’s kind of weird how Facebook’s search
is messed up like that so they will eventually have to fix that somehow because who wants
to go to a page you aren’t even interested in? Maybe they should get with the program
and build an exclusive search page just like Google has.

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