– Hey guys, how’s it hangin’? Today I am doing a Q&Ayy Dubs. You guys ask me questions and I (mumbles). Dylan asks if your house was burning down RIGHT NOW and you only had time to
grab two pairs of socks which ones would you grab? I love that I’m not bringing my wallet or my electronics or my birth certificate, because what I really need
is to keep my feet warm. Alright let me set the
scene and really get myself in the zone so I can
authentically share with you which two pairs I would choose. Intense music. (epic orchestral music) Wait, before my house burns down, I have a Postmater coming
to bring me coffee, so one second. (distant conversation) Mmm. Okay, so my house is burning down. Right. (epic orchestral music) That’s good. Here we go. (epic orchestral music) Oh my god! That was– sorry, that was– you know what, it was
inauthentic and it was forced. So let me rewind and get in the zone. Okay my house is burning down. It’s just hard to be in the zone that you would be in when you grab socks as the only keepsake of a house fire. Okay. (epic orchestral music) (screams) It’s still not working for me. Maybe it’s just not the right music. What about this? (suspenseful orchestral music) Oh my god. (yells) That was a lot. (laughs) These are the two socks that I grabbed in this life or death scenario. The first one is just this white pair, and it’s got a cute little face. He’s like, I’m a sock. (moan) And than I grabbed these and that’s that. Next question! J, jrenaray jrenaraa jrenaaay asks “who is your favorite
Schitt’s Creek character?” My favorite character on Schitt’s Creek is all of them! I love them all. Satan’s spawn, me too, wants to know, can you recommend me some
song bops? I really need some. (“Reckless” by Kevin Krauter) (“Run” by Vallis Alps) Oh my god I love this
song, I love this song. (“The Middle” by Wet) Wow. (“Obsessed” by Maggie Lindemann) Next! Anya wants to know, did those
light up shoes ever come in? Did they?! They did. If you guys have been
following my last few videos, you may have seen that I did a video where I bought a thousand
dollars worth of ads. And one of the advertisements
that I clicked on and had to purchase was a
pair of light up sneakers. The sneakers did not come in time to put in my unboxing video. But yesterday, this
package came in the mail. (grunts) Whoaaa! These are so fucking cool! They smell like dried paint
which is kind of addicting. I guess I’ll put them on. Yes, yes, they fit,
legitimately perfectly. Perfectly, perfectly! I don’t know how to make
them light up though. Oh, there’s– what?! There’s a charger– oh, okay! (laughs) For each shoe! This is just so funny! Like me, I gotta plug
in my shoes, hold on! Is there really somewhere to plug this– Oh! Look, it’s right here! (gasp) I don’t even have to plug it in. They’re already charged! Look, I just press the
button and it lit up!! (gasps) Ahh, oh my god, they’re so cool! ♪ I’m so obsessed with this shoe! ♪ ♪ Obsessed with my shoe, ♪ ♪ I’m so obsessed with this shoe, ♪ ♪ Obsessed with this shoe! ♪ Remix! That actually reminds me. The moment you’ve all been waiting for! When I did my unboxing video of the thousand dollar worth of ads, I said that I would give away
this hideous pair of shoes. Because they don’t fit me, A and B, they’re fucking ugly
and I am truly astounded by the passion and the
intensity of the passion that you guys had for these shoes. I’ve given away stuff on my channel before and I don’t think I’ve ever– People literally emailed me
and sent me an explanation as to why they deserve this shoe. I got Twitter messages,
Facebook messages for these. For these! Anyways, I chose a winner! Here’s the big reveal! TG! Who says, “My goodness,
those shoes would be perfect for my general manager at
Tim Hortons who is retiring. She is a cute old lady who
always wears really weird shoes outside of work. She would love these! She dedicated her life
to Tim Horton’s coffee and it would be awesome to give her a retirement gift like
this! Haha but anyways, love you, love the vid!” So to TG, I say congratulations to your general store manager. I say congratulations, happy retirement. To everyone else, I say sorry–(laughs) that you didn’t get these hideous shoes. I think you’ll be okay. What’s next? “What was your first job?
Why did you quit/ get fired?” Mmm, my only real job that I had before I started making
money on Youtube was a CIT, which, if you know what that means, I didn’t get paid at a summer camp. So I worked with six year olds. I didn’t quit, nor did I get fired, but I didn’t get hired. I don’t– children. We keep them far away from me. Oh my god, I just remembered this story. (laughs) This isn’t funny. My friend used to babysit
for our teacher’s son. He was like– I don’t even know how to gauge age for children. Like, five? Seven? Twelve, I don’t know, no, younger than twelve. My best friend invites me over to babysit with her one
day and while I’m there, I ask my teachers son which
parent is his favorite. Alongside some other
relatively intrusive questions about his family life and then
after we both left that day, our teacher never asked
her to work for him again. I just had to get the info. I needed to know the 411. I needed to know what
everyone was talking about. Next. Abi B says “What’s your
middle name? I bet it’s weird” My middle name is Freeman. When I was younger, I got
made fun of by my neighbors, who were, in retrospect,
really mean to me. The day that my neighbors found out my middle name was Freeman,
they thought it was so funny. Because Free Man. There were four girls, they went in one of the girls garages and locked me out. And they were like, we’re playing in here and you can’t come in, Freeman! Which brings me to another instance where one of my neighbors
locked me in her basement because I told her that
I was afraid of the dark. So she locked me in her basement. Where it was dark. Oh and it didn’t help. In fact, I think maybe
it made the fear worse! Um, no– well, yes, that
did happen, but it’s fine. (laughs) I still loved them and I love them, they’re fine, they’re
great, they’re my neighbors. Jessica Weiss wants to know,
“How much would you pay a hacker threatening to
release your browser history to the world?” Nothing. I would share my
history with the world. I mean, we’re all human here. I’ll share it with you
right now, how about that, to show you how NBD it is. Alright, here’s my search history. Cartoon rhino, Benefit
cosmetics, check flight status, dying, movies out now, Alyx
Weiss, I google myself. Synonym for lack of self aware, Orange Theory Fitness, Youtube editor, how to use Youtube Editor, Kunekune pigs. I just discovered what a Kunekune pig was and look how fucking cute they are! You can’t beat that, Ricky Dillon! Pots and pans, Mother’s Day, (giggles) I thought that it was Mother’s Day so I told Jenn that it was Mother’s Day. She bought her mom flowers
and then her mom called her and was like, it’s not until
next month, but thank you. All from that one Google search. This is literally boring so much so that I bet some people have
already clicked off this video just from this segment. So the answer to your
question, Jessica Weiss, which is also my last name– hello! Is nothing! I would pay them nothing and I would release it
myself and take the profit from the ads, which is
exactly what I’m doing. Moving on! Grace Wilson wants to know, what show are you watching right now? I don’t know! I just
finished Schitt’s Creek and I just finished Episodes,
which was so fucking good. But I’m done and I
would love a suggestion. If you have a show that you really love or you think that I would
like based on my tastes, please let me know because
I literally have nothing to do in my free time! Yeah, I do, but I’m kidding,
it’s an exaggeration. But, no, let me know. That is everything I am
going to answer today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure
you give it a thumbs up, leave a comment down below and subscribe. Because I upload videos every Thursday. Okay, bye.

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