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let’s just double check that none of my fringe is stuck to my eyelashes again y’all don’t think I read your DMs y’all shady as fuck welcome back to my dorm room with my bed
and my wall that I need to deliberately place my ring light in front of every time I need to film because there’s a few posters that catch all the attention if I film in front of them we’re not here to talk about my dorm room we’re here to talk about the place where everyone bares their soul and shares their secrets the google search bar I’ve done this once before it was a very long time ago, my hair was pink
the light was absolutely atrocious and.. I was still happy I searched for “google search history” I’m still way too stupid to find my own google search history without having to ask google for it’s help so here’s the thing: there’s a lot of searches here that make absolutely no sense but I feel like they’re funnier if I just read them out to
you with no context I don’t try to explain them, we just accept that they were google searches that I made at some point in my life “beauty and a beat lyrics” starting of with a great one “yeet vine” “great wall of China” “toaster oven ding” at nine thirty “search bible verses” I’m not religious “despacito lyrics” “gym machines names” what? “how to cry on command” “herkie cheer jump” “sebaceous filaments” I think that’s a skin thing at like one thirty in the afternoon I casually googled “hey, I want to be famous” my friends and I were trying to find ourselves as vines I’m an attention whore? I find it very funny if you look at timestamps for when things were googled because a lot of the time that says a lot about you and the search if it was a two AM search
you know, anything goes if it was a, you know, lunchtime search
you might need to talk to someone so at twenty minutes to midnight I googled “average leg length for my height” that would be google exposing my insecurities
one search at a time I also googled “12 inches to NOK” I searched for “long or short hair” I was having one of those moments where you’re hyped up on caffeine it’s two AM and you have a pair of kitchen
scissors and no adult supervision and I just needed google to remind me that
no bitch don’t do it within the same minutes I googled “I get depressed when I spend money” and I also googled “why do I feel happy when I shop?” it’s a bautiful circle that I am stuck in I was searching for a murder case at three AM I sound psychotic “how long should my forehead be” be careful Anette
your insecurities are showing “how to get less textured skin” and then I also searched for “symmetrical face” girl, christ do you need a hug? “songs about mountain falling” leave your contribution in the comment section below “littlest pet shop” I googled this because I had to know
if littlest pet shop was real or if it was just some strange ass
fucking fever dream that I had did I make up those tiny animals with the bobble heads or were they a real thing we were pushing onto our kids? they’re real like they’re real “diy fake blood” “russian necrophile” “murder puns” “golden state killer” “bog bodies” “most famous serial killers” “poison in halloween candy” “peter madsen” “kim wall” “serial killer bathed in blood” “Jon Venables” the creepy counter is to the fucking max right now “diy slide out kitchen counter” I have enough kitchen counter space I don’t- I don’t need more this search is unnecessary at two AM I needed to know the exact coordinated
to my birth place fuck it
I’ll slap ’em right onto the screen now, enjoy do with that what you want “online conversion – area calculator” “square meter calculator” “2 square meters” all of this is happening at like three AM after I moved out I just got obsessed with home improvement I watch cleaning videos and diy projects for like, how to make storage units “how to get more kitchen counter sp-” oh my god, I googled it twice “marcus og martinius” ah yes, Norways tiny Justin Biebers “hello darkness my old friend” and “repressed memories” am I ok? “el bandidos” el bandidos is a Norwegian motorcycle gang can this video be used against me in court? like if I get caought in something I shouldn’t be? I googled “forty” and then very quickly realized I’d spelled
it wrong and I googled it again I hope some random google employee
is going through searches to like look for people who are googling, you know
“how to kill your family without getting caught” and he saw my searches and just, you know, had a little giggle at my dumb ass “serial killer by victim number” ok yeah I’m definitely going to have to
explain this video in court “teen won’t age up” this is about a sim I don’t have a fourteen year old son
that refuses to grow up if anyone was wondering “Hannah Montana Jonas Brothers” the artists that shaped a generation ok this one at 23:12 I googled “Josef Fritzl” which is a terrible man and then at 23:13 I googled “schnitzel” it’s still funny and with that joke about one of the
most terrible people that has ever lived I think we can say with confidence
that I’m going straight to hell so, what have we learned? I google three things one: I google true crime and murder stuff two: I google whenever I need to feel
validated for my insecurities and three: I google way too much about kitchen counters and home improvement what I would like for all of you to do now is to go to your own google search history find one questionable or just slightly strange
thing that you’ve googled recently and then leave it in the comment section
with absolutely no explanation I’d also like for you to like this video
because I’m gonna need a lot of engagement so that I can get my adsense up and pay for my lawyers when I go to court for having googled “bog bodies” subscribe to my channel, I post new videos
every other Wednesday and other than that I’m gonna go back to googling about, you know, home improvement stuff maybe I’ll find some real juicy ones about wardrobe shelves, I don’t know

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