Exploring Your Browser History in Vivaldi

With the new version of Vivaldi, we’re giving you a whole new way to explore your browsing data. Welcome to the new History. Opening History gives you a detailed overview of your browsing activity. The main calendar view shows both the top domains you’ve visited and the volume of browsing per day. This info can be a useful cue. For example, I’m looking for a link I found when I spent a lot of time on Twitter about two weeks ago. First I’ll select the week in question in the Calendar. Filtering for Twitter.com, I can narrow down my search further. I see on the Monday I spent a lot of time on Twitter. I’ll select just that day to go deeper in the Day view to see if anything rings a bell. There it is – it was a Dual-Screen wallpaper site I saw on Product Hunt! The Calendar also lets you drill down to a specific date range, using the date filters to create different views. On the right, an info panel visualises your browsing habits for the selected range. Graphing your activity, link transition types, and a list of the domains that you visit most. You can also track down sites or domains using Search, or open a heatmap to see how your browsing behaviour varies at a glance. Need to do a find something in your History while you browse? Use the History Panel for quick access to a list view. Try out Vivaldi’s new History and let us know what you think!

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