Evolution Vs. God Movie

♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ (Ray Comfort)
You’re an atheist? I am definitely
an atheist, yes. (Ray Comfort)
Why are you an atheist? Why am I an atheist?
Because there is no God. Atheism assumes that you can
disprove the existence of a God. Agnostic is a more correct term,
but I’m an atheist. (Ray Comfort)
Are you an atheist? – Yeah.
– I am an atheist, yeah. – I am, yes.
– I am. (Ray Comfort)
So you’re not an atheist? No, I’m not. (Ray Comfort)
So you’re leaning that way
because of evolution? Yeah. I don’t believe in the,
there’s a guy in the sky that lives in the sky. – You believe in evolution?
– Of course I do, yes. (male narrator)
“Live Science” says
of Darwinian evolution: “It can turn dinosaurs
into birds, apes into humans and amphibious mammals
into whales.” What Darwin showed
in his work on evolution and natural selection
is that we don’t need to invoke any supernatural
force or power to account for the development
of life through time on earth. The ongoing processes that
are observable in today’s world. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think it’s a belief? I think it’s just fact. I think more like facts. There is too much
evidence to ignore. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think it’s a belief? – No, it’s science.
– It’s the way it happened. It’s logical. You know, all the scientists
pretty much agree with it. It’s more of a fact. (Ray Comfort)
When did you
start to believe? When I started
to think for myself. (Ray Comfort)
When did you
start believing? When I took my first
biology class. It all started
to make a lot of sense. The teacher made it
very easy to understand. I generally trust
the scientific community. It makes more sense
than any religion or anything. The fossils they have found
of all the cavemen, the Homo sapiens, dinosaurs–
it shows clear evidence. I believe in science. (Ray Comfort)
What’s your major here
at this university? Biology. – You’re a biology major?
– Yeah. – You believe in evolution?
– Yes. – What’s your major?
– Geology. – Chemistry.
– Biochemistry. Environmental science
and policy. I’m a physicist. Biochemistry. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, do you believe
in evolution? Yes, I do. – Do you believe in evolution?
– Yes, I do. – Of course.
– Yes, I do. I do believe in evolution. – You believe in evolution?
– Yes. – Are you a strong believer?
– Yes. – Are you a strong believer?
– Yep. – Yes.
– Yes. Absolutely. (narrator)
A Scientific method
is based on “the collection of data through observation
and experimentation.”
-Science Daily (Ray Comfort)
Could you give me
some observable evidence that evolution is true? Something I don’t have to
receive by faith? – Yeah.
– Some observable evidence? I mean, take a look at what
happened 65 million years ago. (Ray Comfort)
Hang on, I can’t,
that’s 65 million years ago. I believe, yeah,
millions of years. (Ray Comfort)
So that can’t be observed. We can trace the evolution
through the fossil record. (Ray Comfort)
Could you be specific,
just give me one? Between 6 and 7 million
years ago. Hundreds of thousands
to millions of years. – So it’s quite a long time.
– Yes. – Millions of years?
– Yes. (Ray Comfort)
So it can’t be observed? Evolution is not
testable over time. (narrator)
“We are condemned
to live only for a few decades and that’s too slow,
too small a time scale to see evolution going on,”
Richard Dawkins. “We see nothing of these
slow changes in progress, until the hand of time has
marked the lapse of ages…” Charles Darwin. (Ray Comfort)
You’ve got the canine kind:
the coyote and the domestic dog; and there’s the feline kind:
which is the cats, the tiger, and the kitten;
and you’ve got humankind. So Darwin said
there’d be a change of kinds over many years, so could you give me one
example of observable evidence of a change of kinds? So for instance,
the fossil record shows the common ancestors
of all carnivores, that cats and dogs
were once linked, united by a common ancestor. (Ray Comfort)
How long ago? This, I believe, was, like,
60 million years ago. (Ray Comfort)
I don’t want something
that I have to accept by faith. I want it to be observable. Observable evidence. Well, I mean, if you’re just
asking me here on the street, there’s really
not much I can tell you in terms
of observable evidence. Like, we would have to
really examine existing data to draw conclusions of our own. (Ray Comfort)
We would have to
have faith, then? We would have to have
some amount of faith. (Ray Comfort)
Can you think
of any observable evidence for Darwinian evolution, where he said there’d
be a change of kind? (male)
Like a monkey to a man, is
that what you’re talking about? (Ray Comfort)
Yeah, a change of kinds. I don’t really believe
there’s any proof for that yet. Well, monkeys
are the only ones with the fifth digit
like we have. (Ray Comfort)
Koalas have a fifth digit.
Did you know that? (female)
I didn’t know that. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think we’re
evolved from koalas? No. I went to, like,
Washington, D.C. I saw they had a whole exhibit
just on the– – In the Smithsonian?
– Yeah, in the Smithsonian. (Ray Comfort)
I went to that. It’s just
like some stuffed dummies, like standing around a fire. I know that everyone
talks about the missing link for humans and whatnot. I believe that there are
connections that are out there that we haven’t found yet. I’m going to trust
what those experts did, those experts came up with. I have a strong trust
in evolutionary ideas based on the
evidence presented. (Ray Comfort)
Can you think of any
observable evidence for Darwinian evolution,
a change of kinds? I haven’t seen it myself, but I believe what the textbooks
tell me about it, so. (Ray Comfort)
You’ve got faith
in the experts? I have faith
in the experts, yeah. I guess similar to how
religious people have faith that God actually exists,
I have faith in the experts knowing what
they’re talking about. (Ray Comfort)
The scientific method is it must
be observable and repeatable, so could you give me one
piece of observable evidence for Darwinian evolution? Okay, I would point to–
there’s one great example is look at the genetics
of the stickleback. (Ray Comfort)
What’s that? So stickleback fish are
a very interesting collection of species
that were recently isolated after the end
of the Ice Age. (Ray Comfort)
What have they become? They’re various species
of sticklebacks. (Ray Comfort)
They stayed as fish? Well, of course. (Ray Comfort)
Can you think of
any observable evidence where there was
a change of kinds? Fish. Human beings
are still fish. (Ray Comfort)
Human beings are fish? Why, yes,
of course they are. (Ray Comfort)
How long did that take? Couple billions of years,
millions. – Couple millions?
– Yep. – How is that observable?
– It’s not. We came out
of the ground as a mammal, and one mammal created– (Ray Comfort)
Come out of the ground? Didn’t we
come out of the sea? Huh? Well, initially
in the beginning, we came out of
the ground and the sea. After the
great destruction of the– (Ray Comfort)
So did we have lungs or gills
when we came out of the sea? You want to know something? Those that were in the sea
I guess had gills, and those that
were on land had lungs. (Ray Comfort)
But if we came out of the sea,
we had gills in the sea? You want to know something? Who knows that we came out
of the sea or we came out of– we evolved from mammals? – So you don’t know?
– Huh? Of course I don’t know. I’m accepting that they
did their science correctly. (Ray Comfort)
Could you give me an example
of Darwinian evolution, not adaptation or speciation,
but a change of kinds? [laughing] These are changes of kinds. (Ray Comfort)
They’re still fish. They’re distinctly
different fish. We have thousands
of examples. (Ray Comfort)
Can you give me one? – I can give you thousands.
– Just one. For instance, I would say look at Lenski’s
experiments in bacteria, then. (Ray Comfort)
So what have
the bacteria become? The bacteria are
still bacteria, of course. (Ray Comfort)
So that’s not
Darwinian evolution. That’s not
a change of kinds, is it? It is a change in the
genetic makeup of the bacteria. (Ray Comfort)
But they’re still bacteria. So what have
the bacteria become? A new kind of bacteria. (Ray Comfort)
It’s still bacteria.
There’s no change of kinds. To summarize, the observable
evidence that you give me for Darwinian evolution
is bacteria becoming bacteria. No, it is bacteria acquiring
new metabolic capabilities. (Ray Comfort)
You said before that there was
lots of evidence for evolution. I just want one
observable evidence for Darwinian evolution.
Just one. But I gave you some.
You don’t want– (Ray Comfort)
Not some.
I want one. Wait, you don’t want that. (Ray Comfort)
I want one.
Yes, I do. I’m pleading with people. You asked me to tell you–
you asked me to tell you when I’ve watched one species
evolve into another. Isn’t that right? (Ray Comfort)
No, one kind into another. There’s 14 different
definitions of species, so I want a change of kind. When you’re talking about
kinds or change in families, you’re actually talking
about macroevolution. You’re talking about changes
on the level that separates, say, cats from dogs. (Ray Comfort)
So could you give me any
examples of Darwinian evolution? Well, when you say
examples of that, then you have to sort of look
at it over a longer time frame. It has nothing
to do with faith. Faith is something
that I have to–unseen, I have to believe it. (Ray Comfort)
That’s it, unseen. Look, do you
believe evolution? Of course I do. (Ray Comfort)
Are you a believer
in evolution? Yes, I am. (Ray Comfort)
When did you start
to believe evolution? I started
to believe evolution when I started
to think for myself. (Ray Comfort)
Is evolution a belief? Evolu–
well, you know something? Evolution
is a thought process. It’s this coming-to-terms and checking out
all the alternatives. Like, taking a looking at the
religion, man-made religions. (Ray Comfort)
Let me ask you again.
Is evolution a belief? No, evolution is–
well, yeah. In a word, yeah, I could say
it could be a belief. When you say change of kinds, do you mean
the evolution of one species from another or to another? Yes, we have that in action,
actually, in the Galapagos. (Ray Comfort)
Could you give me
one instance? Yes, we have an example
from a group of birds called Darwin’s finches. You take a look at
the difference between the finches on the islands
that all started out, I mean, that’s
very, very observable. (Ray Comfort)
But that’s not
Darwinian evolution. There’s been
no change of kinds. What have the finches become? They become genetically new
and anatomically new, recognizably different species. (Ray Comfort)
So they’re still finches? Well, of course
they’re still finches, yes. (Ray Comfort)
So there’s
no change of kind. Little birds
that he had observed that– (Ray Comfort)
What did they become? Their beaks,
their beak shapes, they’re– – They’re still birds.
– Yes. Three finches that turn into different types
of birds, based on– (Ray Comfort)
They’re still finches. Well, for example, Darwin and his study
on evolution of the birds on the island
that he went onto there. – Their beaks changed?
– Their beaks– (Ray Comfort)
But they’re still birds.
There’s no change of kinds. That’s within the kind. No, no, no, it’s just
evolution on the beaks. (Ray Comfort)
So that’s called adaptation. That’s not
Darwinian evolution. There’s no change of kinds. There’s no different
animal involved. I want something
that shows me Darwin’s belief in the
change of kinds is scientific. Darwin spoke of
a change of kind. Can you think of any
observable evidence for Darwinian evolution where
there’s a change of kind? Change of kind,
change of kind… I’m going to have to think
about that one a little longer. (Ray Comfort)
Can you give me anything that
I can see, observe, and test, which is the scientific method,
for Darwinian evolution, a change of kinds? Test and observe… (Ray Comfort)
Could you give me
observable evidence, which is the scientific method,
for Darwinian evolution, a change of kinds? Okay, I got to think about it. So you want
the evidence of it? I would say… [sighing] I cannot, I think. It’s a hard question, actually. So, can you repeat
the question again? (Ray Comfort)
Could you give me any
observable evidence, just one, for Darwinian evolution? Let me think about that
for a sec. (Ray Comfort)
Observable evidence, something where we
don’t have to exercise faith? Something that
can be observed, like the scientific process,
observable? That’s a good question.
That one I’m not quite sure. (Ray Comfort)
So you can’t think of any observable evidence
for evolution? – No.
– How do you know it’s true? I’m not sure. (Ray Comfort)
So Darwinian evolution
is not observable? It’s not scientific? I guess so. (Ray Comfort)
So it’s unscientific.
You can’t prove it. It is scientific actually.
You could prove it. It could be proven, just– (Ray Comfort)
Do it for me. Ah, that’s hard. I don’t–
that’s just too broad of a– (Ray Comfort)
It’s unobservable,
that’s why. You need millions of years. Yes, exactly. (Ray Comfort)
You’re trusting
the biology majors and the biology professors know what
they’re talking about, and they can’t even give me
evidence of a change of kinds. Well, then, there isn’t one. If they don’t give it,
then I wouldn’t say there was. I just go on what I’ve seen and what
I’ve learned from class. – So you believe?
– Yeah. – You know what that’s called?
– What? – Blind faith.
– Blind faith. (narrator)
“Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse
to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence,”
Richard Dawkins. (Ray Comfort)
Do you believe
in intelligent design? Of course not. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think everything
is intelligently designed? No, I don’t believe that things
are intelligently designed. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, you seem like
an intelligent person, so I’m going to
ask you something. I’d like you to
make me a rose, okay? How would you make a rose? I don’t have
the capabilities to do that. (Ray Comfort)
No, hang on, now,
it’s not intelligently designed, so you should be able to
whip me up a rose real quick. Do you believe a rose
is intelligently designed? Definitely not. In order for me
to know what to make, I have to know
what a rose is. (Ray Comfort)
Well, it’s got a seed. So you’ve got to
start with nothing and you’ve got to create
a seed from nothing. – Oh.
– Can you do that? No, I can’t. (Ray Comfort)
Could you make
a rose from nothing? No. Can’t really make something
from nothing. It’s just basic,
you know, science. – A rose from nothing?
– A rose. Just like–
I can’t, honestly. (Ray Comfort)
Why not? Me? I just have
no supernatural abilities. (Ray Comfort)
All the geniuses in the world can’t make a grain of sand
from nothing. We don’t know where to start. – I can’t.
– Why not? I don’t have millions,
billions of years. That would be
physically impossible. I mean, I would have to–
that’s not possible. (Ray Comfort)
So how could you say everything is not
intelligently designed? Where does that leave you
on the scale of intelligence if you say everything
is not intelligently designed, and you can’t
even make a rose? Why do you think
there’s no one teaching intelligent design at UCLA? (Ray Comfort)
they’re not allowed to. We can teach
anything we want. (narrator)
There’s a reason
intelligent design isn’t taught in our learning institutions. According to physicist
Victor Stenger, “The legal staff of
Freedom From Religion Foundation [a church-state watchdog group] has had remarkable success
in convincing many institutions such as school boards
and town councils that they are breaking
constitutional law when they sponsor
sectarian activities.” That includes
intelligent design. “When the authorities
can’t be convinced, Freedom From Religion
Foundation sues, and it wins
more often than not.” (Ray Comfort)
There was nothing
in the beginning. Big explosion of nothing
that became something, and then
it came into a rose, and giraffes
and horses and cows. I’m not saying
that that’s what happened. I’m just saying
I don’t know what happened. That’s what scientists
have theorized has happened. (Ray Comfort)
And you believe them? – To a point.
– So you’ve got faith. That is true, yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Could you give me
a definition of vestigials? How does that
back up evolution? Vestigial is–it’s like– I’m not a biologist,
so I’m kind of fuzzy here, but it’s like a remaining
organ that is not used. Like for instance,
our appendix. Rabbits have a huge appendix
for digestion of grass. We still have
a vestigial appendix. (Ray Comfort)
You mean the appendix
has no use? Which we can
think of right now. Your coccyx bone
that was, you know, many people regard that
as the tail of the humans. (Ray Comfort narrating)
The human tailbone
is said to be vestigial. That is,
it’s an evolutionary leftover proving that we’re
related to primates. However, it’s not a tailbone,
it’s the coccyx vertebrae. “The tailbone derived its name
because some people believe it’s a ‘leftover’ part
from human evolution, though the notion
that the tailbone serves no purpose is wrong.” “The coccyx is an extremely
important source of attachment for tendons,
ligaments, and muscles…” Evolutionists also claim
that the appendix is vestigial, but it’s not. The appendix is actually part
of the human immune system. According
to Scientific American, “For years,
the appendix was credited with very little
physiological function. We now know, however, that the appendix serves
an important role in the fetus and in young adults. Among adult humans, the appendix is now thought
to be involved primarily in the immune functions.” I would consider myself
an atheist, yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Can you think
of any famous atheists? I believe
Neil deGrasse Tyson. (Ray Comfort)
Neil deGrasse Tyson said: “I can’t agree to the claims by atheists that I’m one of that community.” (Ray Comfort)
Can you name a few? Famous atheists. Apparently not. Start with Isaac Newton. (narrator)
Isaac Newton said, “The most beautiful system
of the sun, planets and comets, could only proceed
from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent
and powerful Being.” (Ray Comfort)
Can you think of
any famous atheists? Yeah. No. – A famous atheist?
– Yeah, a famous atheist. Yeah, my dad. (Ray Comfort)
He’s not famous. [laughing] (Ray Comfort narrating)
Skeptics’ websites
often include examples of famous atheists
in an attempt to win converts. But more often than not,
the famous personalities cited are not actually atheists. This is a popular atheist poster
on which are Ernest Hemingway, Abraham Lincoln, Carl Sagan,
Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,
Albert Einstein, and Charles Darwin,
along with the words: “Atheism, good enough
for these idiots.” Clearly, atheism
is for intellectuals. But one moment. Abraham Lincoln
wasn’t an atheist. He said,
“I know that the Lord is always on
the side of the right. But it’s my constant anxiety and
prayer that I and this nation should be
on the Lord’s side.” Neither was Carl Sagan. He clearly stated,
“I am an agnostic.” Mark Twain hated religion, but
he certainly wasn’t an atheist, saying, “None of us
can be as great as God, but any of us
can be as good.” Benjamin Franklin said, “God governs
in the affairs of men.” You’ll find Thomas Edison
listed on Celebrity Atheists, on Positive Atheism, and other atheist websites,
but he wasn’t an atheist. He said, “There is a great
directing head of people and things– a Supreme Being
who looks after the destinies of the world.” Thomas Jefferson said,
“Say nothing of my religion. It is known to myself
and my God alone.” Albert Einstein rejected
the Bible as the Word of God, and said that the Creator
was unknowable, and that God
being personal was childlike. He lamented, “In view of such
harmony in the cosmos which I, with my limited
human understanding, am able to recognize, there are yet people
who say there is no God. But what really makes me
angry is that they quote me to support such views.” He categorically said,
“I am not an atheist,” and when referring to those
who deny the Creator, he used the term
“fanatical atheists.” Charles Darwin said,
“I have never been an atheist.” So out of the eight
famous men on the poster, there is only one who was
an atheist: Ernest Hemingway. According to his biographer,
back in 1961, Hemingway, quote, “pushed two shells into
the twelve-gauge Boss shotgun, put the end of the barrel
into his mouth, pulled the trigger
and blew out his brains.” There’s your poster boy
when it comes to atheism. Keep in mind that
even though some of these men claim to believe in God, it doesn’t necessarily
mean that they’re believers in the one true Creator
revealed in the Scriptures, or that they’re
genuine Christians. However, when atheists
use theists or agnostics to promote
their godless agenda, they’re being dishonest. Then again, coming
from those who claim that morality
is relative to each person, convenient dishonesty
should not be a surprise. (Ray Comfort)
Do you believe
in moral absolutes? No, I do not. (Ray Comfort)
Is rape wrong? Rape is wrong
in our culture, yes. (Ray Comfort)
Is rape always wrong? It depends
on your beginnings. If you say that you have a
respect for other human beings, then yes,
rape is always wrong. (Ray Comfort)
So there are
moral absolutes? Is rape absolutely wrong? In my opinion, it is. (Ray Comfort)
So who makes the rules? We do. (Ray Comfort)
So if Hitler made the rules
and he had the majority? If Hitler
made the rules, yes, we would be
living in a society that Hitler
would consider moral, but which I would not
consider moral. (Ray Comfort)
Did Hitler put into practice
survival of the fittest? – No.
– What was he doing, then? He was murdering people. (Ray Comfort)
But that’s survival
of the fittest. No, that’s not
survival of the fittest. (Ray Comfort)
It is, it’s the lion
eating the antelope. No, there’s much more
to evolution than just this kind of crude
“kill and be killed” model that you
have in your head. (Ray Comfort)
But I have seen a quote
from Richard Dawkins saying, “Evolution in its rawest
is incredibly cruel.” It is, yes. (Ray Comfort)
That was Hitler putting
evolution into practice. That does not mean
it was moral. (Ray Comfort)
It was immoral. Nobody’s claiming that
evolution is a moral process. Evolution is a very harsh
and cruel process. (Ray Comfort)
Do you believe
in evolution? – Yes, I do.
– Do you have a dog? – Yes.
– Love your dog? I do love my dog. Yes, I do.
I love animals. (Ray Comfort)
Okay, well, your pet dog
and your rotten neighbor are drowning. You can only
save one of them. Who would you save? Hmm, that is a tough one. I can only save one? (Ray Comfort)
Why are you hesitating? I think
I would save my dog. I don’t know why
I’m really hesitating. Because, I don’t know, I feel like people would
see me as a bad person if I said the dog. I’ll save my dog. (Ray Comfort)
So is your neighbor
not worth saving? Well, he’s not worth saving
more than my dog is. I’d go with the dog. I mean, you would want
to save the animal. So I would
want to save my dog. Well, we’re animals.
I believe we’re all equal. I don’t think humans have
like, a higher, like, place. (Ray Comfort)
So you think dogs are more
valuable than human beings? Do you believe in evolution? Yes, I do. (Ray Comfort)
So it’s just a matter
of survival of the fittest. Your neighbor’s a primate,
and you’ve got a canine, and you like the canine more
than you like the primate. Would that be right? Pretty much, yeah. I mean, it’s survival
of the fittest, I mean– – Survival of the fittest?
– Yeah, pretty much. (Ray Comfort)
You said you believe
in evolution. So it’s just a matter
of survival of the fittest? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
If he drowns,
he drowns, big deal. Oh, well yeah,
that is true. – Are you an atheist?
– Yeah. (narrator)
“Any fetus is less human than
an adult pig,” Richard Dawkins. (Ray Comfort)
So you don’t think God exists? More like I know. (Ray Comfort)
Are you comfortable talking
about spiritual things? I don’t know
much about them, because they’re not
really capable of knowledge. Once we’re dead, we stop that,
we stop actually living. (Ray Comfort)
How do you know? Because it’s just
what the facts are. Like, if you
stopped breathing right now, you’d be considered dead. (Ray Comfort)
Jacob, if you were a car
and your motor got turned off, that would be right,
that’s inanimate. But you’re a living,
biological human being with the life of God in you. We are a mechanical being because we have
different parts that– – Is there no life in you?
– Yes, there’s life in me. (Ray Comfort)
That’s your soul. Okay, can you
handle some questions? They’re pretty
pointed questions. – Sure.
– Are you a good person? (Ray Comfort)
Are you going
to make it to heaven? I would like to think so. Do I think
I’m a good person? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
Are you a good person,
morally? Yes, I am. (Ray Comfort)
Do you think
you’re a good person? Yes. I like to believe so, yeah. (Ray Comfort)
How many lies have you told
in your whole life? I wouldn’t be able to count. I don’t know
if I could remember. (Ray Comfort)
Can you
be honest with me? Yeah. (Ray Comfort)
How many lies do you think
you’ve told in your whole life? Oh, quite a few. – Countless.
– Uncountable. (Ray Comfort)
What would you call me
if I told lots of lies? Countless lies, you’d call me
a liar, wouldn’t you? Of course. (Ray Comfort)
What do you call someone
who’s told thousands of lies? – A liar.
– So what are you? I’m a liar. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever stolen
something in your whole life, even if it’s small? Yes, I have. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever taken something
that belonged to someone else? – Of course.
– Sure. Yes, I have. (Ray Comfort)
That’s called theft. – So what are you?
– A liar and a thief. I’m a liar and a thief. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever used
God’s name in vain? Oh, every day. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever used
God’s name in vain? Oh, all the time. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever used
God’s name in vain? [bleep] probably so. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever used
God’s name in vain? – Yep.
– I have indeed. (Ray Comfort)
That’s called blasphemy. It’s very serious to use
God’s name as a cuss word. I don’t believe in blaspheming,
since I don’t believe in God. So if you don’t believe in God,
how can you blaspheme? (Ray Comfort)
Well, if I don’t
believe in certain laws and still violate them, ignorance of the law
is no excuse. So we’re still guilty,
even though we deny a law exists or we even
don’t know about it. One to go, and I appreciate
your honesty, Jacob. Jesus said if you look
at a woman and lust for her, you commit adultery
with her in your heart. Have you ever looked
at a woman with lust? Why, yes, I look at many women
with lust in my heart. Of course. (Ray Comfort)
Have you ever
looked at a guy with lust? – With lust?
– Lust. – Oh, yeah.
– Sure. Not recently. I have indeed. (Ray Comfort)
Are you having sex
outside of marriage? No, not yet. (Ray Comfort)
Are you
looking at pornography? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
You’re lusting
after women, you see. Have you ever
looked at a woman with lust? Absolutely. (Ray Comfort)
So Peter, by your own admission,
you’re a lying thief, a blasphemer,
and an adulterer at heart, and that’s only four
of the Ten Commandments. What I’m saying to you
is just not believing in hell doesn’t make it go away. A judge must see that justice
is done if he’s a good judge, and it’s the same with God. If we die in our sins,
God will give us justice. The Bible says no thief,
no liar, no fornicator, no blasphemer, no adulterer
will inherit the kingdom of God. So Julia, if you died in your
sins and God gave you justice because He’s holy and perfect
morally, you’d end up in hell, and I’d hate
that to happen to you. Man, would you sell one
of your eyes for $1 million? – Probably not, no.
– Both for $100 million? No, I value
seeing too much. (Ray Comfort)
See how precious
your eyes are to you, how much more precious
is your life, and you’re saying, “I don’t care if I get damned
from all that which is good”? Of course you care.
You’ve got a will to live. Now, let me tell you something
you know intuitively. You know that creation
is proof of the Creator. God’s given you that light. We don’t have proof
of the Creator. – Yes, we do.
– We don’t, actually. (Ray Comfort)
I have in inside story. I have a whistleblower and it tells me
that you know God exists, and the reason
you choose evolution is because it gets rid
of moral accountability. It does not get rid
of moral accountability. (Ray Comfort)
It does, it means
your primal instincts, lust and pornography, and fornication, adultery,
are all just primal instincts. That’s all.
You’re just an animal. The Bible demands
moral accountability and says
those things are wrong, and that’s why
it’s not acceptable to you. That’s why you’re
not seeking after truth. Am I wrong? Let’s see. – Am I wrong?
– I think you’re wrong. (Ray Comfort)
I say that you know
intuitively that creation is proof of the Creator. God has given you
that inner light, so when you look at the genius
of God’s creative hand, you know He exists
because of creation. You are a unique human being,
made in the image of God with a sense of justice
and truth and righteousness. God gave you a conscience.
It’s inherent. It’s shaped by society,
but it’s inherent. You know right from wrong. You’ve violated His law, and I don’t want you
to end up in hell. James, if you put your finger
on it, and see if we can, your struggle at the moment is
because of your love of sin, because of the pleasure
that sin gives you, and you don’t
want to give it up. You’re like a man with
a money belt filled with gold who’s just
fallen into the ocean. I’m saying if you
don’t get rid of that belt that weighs 80 pounds,
it’s going to take you under. Doesn’t matter how much
pleasure it gives you, it’s not worth
losing your life for. Gail, you’re not a beast. You’re a human being,
created by God in His image with dignity
and worth and purpose. Do you know what
God did for guilty sinners so we wouldn’t have to
go to hell? Any idea? – Uh-uh.
– No. (Ray Comfort)
Well, God became
a human being 2,000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth, and He suffered
and died on a cross, taking the punishment
for the sin of the world. You and I violated God’s law
and Jesus paid our fine. That means God
can legally dismiss our case because of the suffering, death,
and resurrection of the Savior. God can say,
“You’re out of here” because someone
paid your fine. And then
what God can now do is clothe us in the
righteousness of Christ, so on Judgment Day,
you’re safe from God’s wrath and His justice because of the death and
resurrection of the Savior. If you repent
and trust in Him, God will give you a righteous
standing in His eyes. He’ll wash away
your sins in an instant, and He’ll grant you
the gift of everlasting life. His last words on the cross
were, “It is finished.” In other words,
the debt has been paid. He came to take our
punishment upon Himself. So because our fine
was paid by another, God can legally
dismiss your case. It’s very hard to believe that
someone would be willing to pay off the debt
that’s not His own. (Ray Comfort)
The Bible says
God is love, you know, and He’s kind
and generous and merciful, and in His great kindness
He became a human being and suffered for us. – Does that make sense?
– That makes sense, yeah. – How old are you?
– I’m 22. (Ray Comfort)
When are you going to die? I have no idea. (Ray Comfort)
Well, God knows exactly
the moment of your death, and it could be tonight,
it could be tomorrow. I’m not using scare tactics.
This is just straight reality. 150,000 people
every 24 hours die, and they were all making plans
for next week, no doubt. So please think about this. Do you have a Bible at home? No. (Ray Comfort)
I’m not talking
about a religion that says you’ve got
to strive to get to heaven. I’m telling you the Bible says
heaven is a free gift of God. You cannot earn
everlasting life. Doesn’t matter how religious
you are, how good you are. “God commended
His love toward us, in that while we
were yet sinners, Christ died for us,” and then He rose from the dead
and defeated death. This is how
the Bible puts it: “For by grace
are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it’s the gift of God,
not of works, lest any man boast.” So eternal life
is a free gift of God, and it comes
because of God’s mercy, not because of anything
we do. Make sense? Yeah, makes sense. (Ray Comfort)
Do you have
a Bible at home? Yes. (Ray Comfort)
I’ve been reading the Bible every day
for more than 40 years. There’s no mistakes
in it, Mike. Any mistakes that we think
are in it are our mistakes, and you can trust God’s Word. I mean, think of how you trust
professors and science books that tell you
you’re a primate? You trust and believe that. So how much more should you
trust a God who cannot lie? Let me show you
how fallible we are. Spell the word “shop.” – Shop?
– Shop. S-H-O-P. (Ray Comfort)
What do you do when
you come to a green light? – Stop.
– Green light. Oh. (Ray Comfort)
See, we’re all fallible.
We make mistakes. So imagine
if you’re making a mistake when you say this whole
of creation came together because some
explosion of nothing that produced everything:
seasons, the birds, the trees, the flowers,
the sun, the moon, the stars, and the marvels
of the human body? Are you going to
think about this? Oh, yeah, no, I think about
this quite a lot, believe me. My brother, like I said,
he’s a hardcore Christian. He’s going to
Yale Divinity School right now, so he talks to me
about this all the time. (Ray Comfort)
So you’ve got to think
seriously about this. Life is full of decisions. Soften your heart. Don’t have so much blind faith
in what science tells you and it’s left you
without any knowledge of what was
in the beginning anyway. You haven’t got a clue
where you come from, you don’t know what
you’re doing here on earth, and you don’t know
what happens after you die. Peter, could you be wrong
about God’s existence? Yes. And could you be wrong
about God’s existence? (Ray Comfort)
No. Well then, I think
you’re rather closed-minded. (Ray Comfort)
Well, if I said to you, “Could you be wrong
about your wife’s existence?” you’d say “No, I know her.” You’d say,
“Don’t be ridiculous. I know her and love her,” and I know the Lord
and I love the Lord, and He transformed
my life 41 years ago, instantly, overnight. Forgave my sins
and gave me new desires when I had no desires
or thoughts of God for the whole 22 years
before I was a Christian. Mike, thanks for talking
to me, I appreciate it. Yeah, of course, no problem.
Thank you. (Ray Comfort)
One more thing, because
you’re a very intelligent man. Spell the word “shop.” Shop? Like, S-H-O-P? S-H-O-P. (Ray Comfort)
What do you do when
you come to a green light? – You stop.
– Green light. – Hmm?
– Green light. Oh, ha-ha, very good. (Ray Comfort)
you’ve been a good sport. Thank you
very much for talking to me. I generally
don’t engage creationists, because it’s not good
for my blood pressure. (Ray Comfort)
So are you going to
think about this? Uh-huh. I think about it a lot,
actually. I think about death
and how fragile life is, and how just in a second
it could all be over and there’d be nothing. (Gail E. Kennedy, PhD)
You know,
the problem with those who are unable
to see evolution, I think, is they don’t
have imaginations. (narrator)
“Anatomical clues
to human evolution from fish.” Human beings are still fish. (narrator)
“Human ears evolved
from ancient fish gills.” We came out of the ground
as a mammal. (narrator)
“Heavier dinosaur arms
led evolution to birds.” (Ray Comfort)
Do you think
we’re related to pigs? Do you think we’ve got
a common ancestor in pigs? Yes. (narrator)
“Proof that fearsome T-Rex
evolved into a chicken.” (Ray Comfort)
Do you think
you’re a primate? – Yes, I am.
– Are you a talking primate?
– I am. (Ray Comfort)
Are you a cousin
of bananas? Why, yes. (narrator)
“When whales walked the land.” (student)
I’m accepting that they
did their science correctly. I generally trust
the scientific community. I’m going to trust
what those experts did, those experts came up with. Darwinian
evolution rests
on faith, and once again,
according to
Richard Dawkins, “Faith is the
great cop-out, the great excuse
to evade the need to think and
evaluate evidence.” Darwinian evolution
requires great faith. The knowledge of God, however,
is clearly seen by all mankind. “For since
the creation of the world His invisible attributes
are clearly seen, being understood
by the things that are made, even His eternal power
and Godhead, so that they are
without excuse, because, although they knew God,
they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile
in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts
were darkened. Professing to be wise,
they became fools.” Thank you
for taking the time to watch “Evolution vs. God.” If you’d like to get more
information about our ministry, please visit LivingWaters.com. Ray Comfort
has written a number of books on atheism and evolution
to help further your study on this incredibly
important subject. At LivingWaters.com
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gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to get free DVD copies
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students across the world. To discover how you
can help make this happen, please check out
LivingWaters.com. Thank you so much
for partnering with us to inspire and equip Christians in fulfilling
the Great Commission. ♪♪♪ (male announcer)
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    2. Ask questions about the observations and gather information.

    3. Form a hypothesis — a tentative description of what's been observed, and make predictions based on that hypothesis.

    4. Test the hypothesis and predictions in an experiment that can be reproduced.

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    Objects drop to the ground: observable, repeatable, able to be observed, including in an experiment that can be reproduced with this happening, no belief required..

    Diseases spread: observable, repeatable, able to be observed, including in an experiment that can be reproduced with this happening, no belief required.

    Matter affects matter: observable, repeatable, able to be observed, including in an experiment that can be reproduced with this happening, no belief required.

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    No matter how many generations go by, ALL populations of: fish remain fish, reptiles remain reptiles, bacteria remains bacteria, birds remain birds, flies remain flies, and so on for all animals, that evolution does not do what fish to mankind evolutionists demand it does – that it's only designed to work within certain animal groups. Observable, repeatable, able to be observed, including in an experiment that can be reproduced with this happening, no belief required.

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  • Loved thay ending from Romans.. Ray, when dealing with atheist, perhaps you can add in " let's say there was no God, and I live my life as if there was. After I die what do I have to lose? Nothing. On the other hand if there is a God and one lives their life as if there was no God, what do they have to lose? Everything."

  • Blaspheme means inflate or inflame from Latin phlamingo..
    Which is what you are doing exalting your self as somone who knows the bible..when you are a false teacher..
    What does the bible say about death hades and hell ? Or heaven ? And our souls ?

  • I would love to see James and where he is at today. I feel if anyone here turned to God it would be him for sure.

  • I was radically saved in college. It had absolutely nothing to do with science.

  • There is no fossill or layer or tree of life record ..

  • Hey! This is just about the dumbest video I have ever watched. They played this on the first day of my school's bible class and I come back from time to time to have a good laugh.

  • I’m quite tempted to show this to one of my friends who claims we evolved and were created by the Big Bang, should I do it?

  • It seems that Uni absolutely warps peoples minds. And that people who have a so-called education and educated in an incorrect way of thinking.

  • ☺☺☺☺
    The soul is the soul no matter which vessel it inhabitants all life is holy.
    Some abuse this. Those that do will have answer and account for their actions

  • The ignorance of the guy conducting the interview is astounding. Because he doesn’t understand evolution he believes he’s presenting a watertight argument. He wants an example of a fish turning into a bird and anything less proves his argument.

    He is, however, clever in the use of the word belief in trying to box people into a corner, I’ll give him that.

    A change of kind as he calls it takes millions of years but he writes that off as not observable. The fossil record is observable and shows a clear evolution of species. If you think this is refuted by the Ken Ham style “you weren’t there, you didn’t see it, QED it didn’t happen and/or its only your faith in science that allows you to believe it did happen you’re as dumb as the guy conducting the interviews.

  • Science isn't based on faith. It's based on evidence.

  • If you want to get good answers to questions about evolution, why don't you ask an evolutionary biologist? You can't expect lay persons who are generally unschooled in the subject to give you good answers, and presenting them to show how wrong or uniformed they are as evidence evolution is wrong is manipulative and dishonest.

    Confess that to your judge.

  • 🐛-> ⏰-> 🦋 = evolution. Boom! 😂😂

  • You can observe this by fosslis..And DNA

  • Darwin’s theory of evolution is just that “theory”!! Not facts! And the bible has already predicted things that have actually happened as a witness unto us that god exist.

  • Wait……I thought this was supposed to be about creation v evolution? I didnt hear any evidence for creationism. Just ray Ray's good old "Heve you eva told a lye?"

  • The following list presents the order in which increasingly complex forms of life appeared:

    Life Form
    Millions of Years Since First Known Appearance (Approximate)
    Microbial (procaryotic cells) 3,500
    Complex (eucaryotic cells) 2,000
    First multicellular animals 670
    Shell-bearing animals 540
    Vertebrates (simple fishes) 490
    Amphibians 350
    Mammals 200
    Nonhuman primates 60
    Earliest apes 25
    Australopithecine ancestors of humans 5
    Modern humans 0.15 (150,000 years)

  • At 9:05. I had to chuckle a bit. I grew up believing in macro-evolution because of the way it was taught. in school. I didn't question it until I began to study it and think for myself in my late 20s. It is a silly theory, backed up by little to nothing.

  • The creature says there is no creator…

    Meanwhile the Almighty God, He who gives the breath of life, is sitting on His Majestic Throne and watching.

  • I’d rather die believing in God and find out he’s not real later than die not believing God and finding out he is real.

  • All in all this is dumb. Religious tricksters.

  • There is no conflict between God and theory of evolution. Instead, there are people who believe in God who reject evolution, others who accept evolution and don’t believe in God, still others who believe in God and accept evolution, and there are even others who neither believe in God nor accept evolution. Evolution does not say that God did not create the universe out of nothing. Evolution has nothing to say on this subject.

  • Here's a question for scientist and you probably cannot answer it but I will ask you anyway if we came from apes because of evolution then how come apes are not still turning into humans and why hasn't humans became something else answer that for me scientist, but I'll give you the answer for the question because evolution is a fraud science is a fraud brought you explicitly by Satan all you non-believers are following Satan you don't even realize it science lies. I was taught in school that Ice Age wiped out the dinosaurs then I was told that it was probably an asteroid was cause a nuclear winter then I was told that they fell into the tar pits and died so all that evidently is likes

  • This video is most fascinating and helpful. Many people stereotype all scientists as anti god atheists and this helps dispel that notion!

  • Genius – God made animals. God made Adam to watch over all animals. He made Eve so he wont be lonely. So may God help stubid people for believing human turned from animals. Lord Jesus Christ plz help us all.

  • If ur born as animals- u die as animals, if ur born as humans u die as humans.

  • I believe God the Father gave his only son Lord Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Who so ever believe in him will have ever lasting life.

  • This is hilarious. This is why I'm a theist. 😂

  • Pakicetus into other creatures eventually into a humpback whale. Just One example of a land animal the size of a wolf evolving into an aquatic animal millions of years later that is more than 40 feet long

  • brilliant

  • Even Darwin himself rejected his theory 7 times..he said if you want to believe in my theory dont look at my facts because I have none..its a theory and he rejected it so much that he became a born again Christian and repented..

  • “Evolution is more impossible than the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Headless Horseman.” Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo

    See http://www.insectman.us/evolution-is-a-lie/debate-dodger-list.htm for a list of bluffing evolutionists.

  • Such a refreshing upload compared to what iv'e been watching lately. Nicely done mate

  • There's no missing link, the whole chain is missing

  • So the point is there is no change of kinds and never has been

  • I am the Lord the maker of all things who stretches out the heavens and spreads out the Earth by myself who foils the signs of false prophets and makes fools of diviners who overthrows the learning of the wise and turns it into nonsense ….Isaiah 44

  • Nigga said we come from fish… Jesus save him😂 6:26

  • Good stuff

  • You had them all rethinking their beliefs, I pray that they continue to do their own reading. We need more followers of Christ doing this.

  • God Bless you Ray Comfort 🙌🙏❤️

  • Stonehenge, a few large rocks, are proof of intelligence as no one would believe even the most simplistic of patterns could ever happen by natural chance.

    Yet the entire universe, all the galaxies, solar systems, stars, suns, planets, moons and more are instead proof "nothing did it – it just happened", which of course exposes our willful ignorance and denial of the obvious.

    Trillions of cells coming together forming organic machines with brains to think, ears to hear, eyes to see, light to be seen, digestive system for food, food to be digested, lungs to breath air, air to be breathed, hearts to pump blood, blood to be pumped, and countless more unfathomable complexities and pattern, and yet we try to say "show the evidence for God".

    Denial of the truth in creation all around us won't save us from the coming judgment for a lifetime of breaking God's laws AND refusing God's offer to forgive and forget. We have only to ask our conscience how we think it will go when we face God and think it will work to say "well how was I supposed to know? I was told nothing did it – that it just happened on it's own."

    I implore people to re-read the gospels yet again and forget what anyone or any book or any church claims it says. Judgment is coming for us all for breaking God's laws – crimes against God – and refusing His offer to forgive and forget in the person of Jesus Christ. Forgiveness is through Christ Jesus, not through a religion that says we must do what they say to get forgiveness from Christ.

  • Science does not tell us how the universe "happened" or how it got created. Some scientists believe that God created it. Some say thay don't know. Science itself says nothing on this subject. It certainly does not say that God did not create the universe.

  • Let me at least try to simplify what it's it like to a Christian when you explain evolution to them… even an atheist would think anyone's bonkers if you tried telling them your cell phone evolved from a single electron and that is was not designed by a person.
    Yes, human existence is obviously observable. But if you imagine the cell phone being earth and organisms being humans, they couldn't prove we exist.
    It's inevitable to see that earth was designed just as it is a cell phone.

    I understand atheists have their reasons and that's fine but that's how we personally think as far as explaining it as simple as possible. As far as "evolution" it depends on what level. I don't believe in actual evolution as in one species forming into something else, but as far as adaptation and genetics and DNA I see as magnificent way things are designed to function. All species are greatly separated but they all work so differently. They adapt differently, and they are individuals with different genetic traits but have the same specie's DNA. It even says that evolution can be falsified just by looking at fossil records. They have the same DNA in the ancient fossils as they do in modern ones. If evolution is just explaining adaptation and genetics and DNA alone then evolution just shows how God designs things and evolution could then be proper and observable.
    Evolution is the study that things come from random and that little mistakes creates an evolution of further perfection but that is not science and it is not logical, it just forms a big example of defects. It's like saying a hole can build a house or time itself can create a watch.

  • Yes! I didn't know y'all spoke on evolution. I'm excited to watch this!

  • BRAVO! Once again I'm so happy about this ministry, I wish I could preach with intelligent arguments as Ray does! But I don't know so much about science and evidence and nothing, I can't retain so much information I think is necessary for arguing with intellectual people who have a lot of studies at the university!… I just have my life changed by the power of Jesus and his Holy Spirit 19 years ago, but I pray for me to receive some of this easiness to debate peacefully with people who oppose completely to my Christian beliefs, and Ray please pray for us with an impartation of the gift God has given you, so that we defend and preach with courage, love, and intelligence and anointing the gospel. And I pray in the name of Jesus for new doors oper for this ministry, strength for all the evangelists of living waters on the streets, may God bless you all, and expand your territory, and His hand be upon you, and keep you from all evil and bad so that it doesn't damage you. And that as Jabes, may this prayer be replied soon. Amén Please keep doing what you do and may God anoint you all with more creativity for this job. Love in the love of Christ

  • this Guy is very WITTY… coz God is speaking through him. Amen… sometimes we say we are smart BUT we if are lacking of WISDOM what to believe in… well that choice is yours to have…

  • Evolution is stupid is. Wrong the Bible had true pure evidence witch makes it wrong

  • Holy Guacamole! Yall folks be Stoopid! Please bow down and worship the true God, the Flying Spaghetti Monster! The theory of Gravity is a LIE! Wake up, sheeple!

  • The theory of Gravity is a LIE.
    The center of the Earth does not pull us toward itself, it is God who pushes down upon us. And his name is the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Bow down.

  • Ray Comfort cherry-picks the responders to his questions in order to make evolutionists look confused. This is a deception. He uses the word "kind" so that he can use it to deny any response. Can Ray Comfort name one species of snake that actually talks?

  • If you think a specific species/kind is said to have given birth to another species/kind by evolution, you my friend, are a special kind of dumb. Go read a book you incompetent disgrace of human intellect! Before you blabber incoherent nonsense to educated people who are only silenced because they're dumbfounded by your questions.

  • Ray Comfort is another fraud selling his god to a gullible public. Ask him to produce evidence for a resurrection.

  • Its scary how evolution is coming into schools portrayed as fact and not a theory.

  • all the atheists be salty and disliking

  • Love to see their faces when their beliefs are getting destroyed when they try to answer the questions =)

  • The way this video is edited and the many comments actually defending this channel make me really worry about our future.
    This is pure Propaganda!
    The way some clips are cut of.. especially the professors were about to destroy the interviewer! 😂

    Is there any way I can watch the whole raw uncut footage of these interviews? It would do wonders to your credibility!

  • As in most cases that I have seen so far, this interviewer uses some of the most dishonest methods to 'proof' their point: Asking for 'proof' of people in the street as if it was normal for everyone to just haul a museums worth of evidence around with themselves and using the – in my opinion – most devious kind of lie: Lying by omitting. Using parts of the truth while omitting crucial parts to make the truths that they tell seem favorable to their point. When this is done while quoting something/someone, it is called quote mining. Which they also do in this video when they talk about 'evolutionist' believing that the tail bone or the appendix have no biological use. And right after that they turn around and say that scientist have found out that that is not the case.

    Yes, evidence in science is gathered through observation and through repeatable experiments, but observation is not limited to repeatable experiments or even lab conditions. Furthermore, things can be observed even if what caused them happened several human lifespans in the past. They do not need to happen 'now' while a bunch of scientists are standing around taking notes.

    If a volcano erupted, say, 200 years ago, the lava streams it spew would be still visible today even if no one who directly witnessed the volcano erupting would still be alive today. And even if no one who witnessed it made a record of it or if no one witnessed it while it happened, the evidence of the volcano erupting could still be observed today. In other words, things do not need to be observed directly to be observable. If that was the case, no criminal would ever get convicted through evidence presented at court!

    However, the interviewer is so insistent on only excepting this kind of 'observable' evidence while knowing that evolution is such a slow process, that the kind of 'observable' evidence they are asking for (the change of 'kinds' which I interpret as biological families such as cats and dogs) does not exist, simply because humans don't live long enough and an experiment/observation cannot have run long enough.

    Even if an experiment/observation to document this large scale of evolutionary change was started today or even some years ago, not even our great great great great (I could throw another 20 generations in and it would not make a difference) grandchildren would live to see the 'change from one kind to another'. The kind of evolutionary change they are asking proof of takes several millions of years. They know that and yet are asking exactly for that while insisting that only directly observed changes count as evidence.

    Then there is also editing. I am sure whoever is responsible for this video edited it in such a way to shine a most favorable light on their point of view in addition to knowingly asking for something that cannot be provided.

    This video is so dishonest from beginning to end it is disgusting.

  • Simply WoW 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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