Evolution Of Evil E10: Colonel Gaddafi | Full Documentary

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  • Make a vid about Tito

  • So detailed that I cannot believe your lies anymore, if you stand against the US then you will be their enemy


  • How come the revolutionaries I saw looks like paid merceneries so much. Mp4 guns and sunglasses, combat boots, black fatiguess etc

  • Whenever someone else's heroism is pointed out by mainstream media everything bad that that person has done is swept into underneath the carpet but when it is way around that person turns out to be portrayed as the worst monster of the universe.

  • they are still burning

  • Libyan people never wanted Gaddafi out

  • only an idiot would believe this

  • too transparent western propaganda

  • Western countries cause more terror to other countries than any nation.

  • I used to believe he's bad..after watching this propaganda, ut changed my views abt him. He may have done something bad on his country, but name 1 leader who didn't make b.s. during their rule. I'm choosing da lesser evil. History will tell what the west have done to the world..

  • All americans are so delusional.. cant you see in the end when they speak of "civil war" that there is a ISIS flag at the building? and how stupid NATO was to help the rebels in their war against Ghaddafi? Not the only time the western world helped the wrong side of the war.. look at syria and iraq today.

  • Who else thought it was actually him at the end lol

  • Few leader's killing few thousand ppl is far better than USA destroying Countries like Libiya , Iraq , supporting rebels in Syria, Yemen killing millions

  • Gaddafi,Shah Faisal and Zulifqar Ali Bhutto all of them are the great Muslim leaders they paid the price to unite all Islamic countries on a single forum and for their attempt of free muslim economy to challenge the monopoly of the so called super powers of west.

  • He might have done some bad things but this documentary is not accurate.

  • you know, the true evil in this world is the united states. gaddafi has done good to his country, all he want was for the good of his country and yet this western countrys are calling gaddafi an evil dictator.

  • U forgot the dictator of the moment which is the poison of Eritrean leader

  • Basically nobody believes what this video gives. I know why the world is falling.

  • Bloody USA and nato destroyed the lybia and martyerd the real leader of lybian people

  • What were they taking over? The mess created by the west.

  • False documentary.we just don't believe.

  • just more confusion …. when it will stop? When humanity will disappear!!

  • United States is the evil 1 not the public.its the people in the power the bankers politicians and the media you only have to look at Venezuela North Korea Russia Afghanistan Iraq the list goes on and on

  • But by the year 2019 libyians now know how important gadafi is how the Wester took away such a great dictatorship

  • wake up world we are being played

  • Can you please bring us eritrean dictator he lead for almost 30 years and his is still continue

  • where is the dokumentry of america crimes againts the whole world????

  • "A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth" Joseph Goebbels Just look at State of Libya today!

  • All Arabs leaders sucked at their mission because they choose direct vilance towards the other side. People who do not have history in their back head do not success in politics and nationalistic conquests.
    Another example: 👉 saddam

  • How convenient! Another British profiling of person of Western interest! You ought to turn around and make honest documentary about your own tyrants; Blair, Clinton, Sarkozy, Junker and others of their ilk. You people of mainstream media are the worst – regime prime whores! Gaddafi a tyrant – says a kettle to a pot…

  • so any leader who does not support usa is evil and terrorist and should be killed by nato by turning his own people against him

  • Bush and Reagan needs to be on this list

  • How come no American President made this list????

  • West world leadership is real avil.

  • You can say much about him cause he's not alive,

  • The so called western european countries are as evil and much more terrorist than Gaddafi ,because your aim is to destroy the African people right from the beginning OK,you people never want the Arab's and the African to develop .coming to Africa with your rubbish slaves tragedy and after the brutal destruction colonialism followed taken the wealth of all these nations and killing their leaders one by one and later any of the leader that challenge the devil's you people killed them ,and later we are the bad guy and you people are the best rubbish people.

  • Very good one-eyed portrait of US reality. Note: calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist among other statements.

  • Atleast I can tell Gaddafi was NOT EVIL and this is just stupid propaganda

  • all lies…..

  • Totally paropaga disinformation

  • ghadaffi the lion of Libya ⛪🕌 respect from england

  • Typical American propaganda.

  • I was an English teacher in Libya around 2014, right before the Second Stage of the Revolution. It is sad, as many people miss the order of Gaddafi.

  • so sad to see Stephanie grieving for her husband.my thoughts are with you. Gaddafi got what he deserved in the end.i am aware of usa intervention is not the answer .but terror to innocents does not cut it in my book

  • Libya had the best education and health system in Africa under Colonel Gaddafi. Fact.

  • US and France assassinated Burkina Faso's Thomas Sankara. We need a documentary on that.

  • This sort of distorted Discourse should be BANNED from legit online platforms. Oh wait! Is there any legit online platform? I just remembered that I MUST be CAREFUL with what I put out here or else 'they' will knock my door. Truth is, you really have to be ignorant and dump to buy into this BRAINWASHING discourse.
    In the LONG 42 YEARS reign Gaddafi's 'achievements' are pale in comparison to what achieved from the day coup started. From a 'prosperous' nation to a desolate-apocalyptic, appallingly-destabilised country.
    'Your' refusal to acknowledge your own wrongdoing and deliberate constructs to 'educate' the masses to with an utterly biased-cover-up narrative DISEMPOWERS us all. If you had any sympathy in your heart you would have had empathy for us because you would have, by now, realised of our desolation and sadness.
    All we can, and, hope for is that God will grant us rest and hold you accountable for ALL you have done. We, at least I, pray you would repent soon and turn from the course you have taken all these decades so you may receive God's forgiveness while it is still day.
    To those who hold the view presented in this video, please be informed. Read beyond news outlets, speak with friends from various parts of the world, and then use your own brains to draw out conclusions. Be wary of DISCOURSE!

  • Unbelievable they think they can invade any country spreading lies

  • As an african I blame the african union the most they watched and cheered his downfall forget how much he defended them and wanted only the best for mother africa we have no leaders in africa we have mercenaries

  • USA gavermant is evils



  • You guys are pointing out american hypocrisy, but you can't deny the fact that these dictator are violent and the entire population of their country are subject to their brutality. I have no sympathy for them because they are powerful assholes who have no regard for human lives

  • Why did he limit his rank to Colonel? Idi Amin created himself a Field Marshal

  • the media is control by zionism..n usa is control by them..hahaha…this is propaganda

  • Colonel Gaddafi gave every newly married couple a grant of the equivalent of $10, 000. Any Libyan who was studying abroad had all of their tuition and living expenses paid for by the Gaddafi government. He was also in the process of constructing the largest water desalination plant in Africa, if not the world when he was overthrown. But of course the real reason he was overthrown is because his financial system lay outside the grasp of the Military/Financial Industrial Complex.

  • Since Gaddafi was overthrown the black African slave trade has re-emerged in Libya for the first time in over 300 years: Black African captives are now sold on open street market for the equivalent of $400. Those who aren't sold are more often than not murdered and their organs harvested. Gaddafi protected black Africans in his country against salafist attack when he was in power: a wholesale roundup and massacre of them began after he was overthrown and the survivors were then sold into slavery. Criminals and Crime Fighters needs to start dealing in facts and not be such disingenuous liars. We already get enough of that from the government and MSM.


  • Gaddafi in the 80s looks like borat


  • Stupid and Useless Media. They killed Emery Lumumba, Gaddafi, Thomas Isidore Sankara and many more others.

  • Doesn't change the fact that you only took action against him when your dollar was threatened. Should have taken action before. You can't legitimize it when you are riding the same boat. 🤦
    Well. Gaddafi was pretty much a villain though. No lies there.

  • This is what they will teach your children.

  • Who are you deceiving with this documentary. Only the ignorant ones will buy this idea. Ghadafi will forever remain one of the best dictators ever evolved.

  • So sad only idiots get the time to make main stream media lies to fit there agenda.

  • On Gaddafis watch Lybians had free medical, free old age pensions, free world class education, free housing and 0% unemployment. Not bad for a dictator monster.

  • I don't believe Gaddafi was evil and the people in Poland do not believe as well. This is why Trump is so popular in Poland. People in Germany say- nice is snow from yesterday. Gaddafi was to nice and he did not want to pay in Dollar. I think Russia makes trade in USA Dollar.

  • Make a documentary about
    1 George Bush
    2 Israel killings in Palestine

  • USA is the Devil!!!

  • Gaddafi gave a free education system to the lybians, for girls and boys, free medical system, money for studying in europe and animated people to participate in public, in politics. And he wanted to create an african currency – and thats why. – The millions of the currency fund disappeared in the dark tunnels of the bank-system.

  • Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi will go to hell, Thank God we have a great nation like America, Like Islam will chop off our heads, the sharia sharia sharia sharia sharia law

  • Evil isn't a evolution it is part of the sin nature… Sin brings about death

    Romans 6:23 King James Version (KJV)

    23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

    Romans 6:16 King James Version (KJV)

    16 Know ye not, that to whom ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye are to whom ye obey; whether of sin unto death, or of obedience unto righteousness?

    Hebrews 12:14 King James Version (KJV)

    14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

    Hell is real and most people are headed there 😞

    Please seek the Lord while he may be found…

    Only Jesus saves…

  • All lies 👎👎👎👎👎

  • Propaganda at it's finest !

  • Total bullshit. Make a video comparing Libya now and then before gaddafi then we'll see the validity of your point you're trying to pass you morons. This video was funded by American oil thieves who are secretly finding terrorism around the globe

  • fucked up americans and zionists masonics Devil warshipers

  • Yes, is because of that oil money' that's why you killed the man.

  • I smell …..propaganda, turn it off!

  • Gaddafi was like General Aladeen from The Dictator

  • Brainwashed documentary . If there is a devil in this country it is USA and European country whom controlled by this illuminati

  • If gadaffi is a criminal then why the leaders of tribes in africa stated that gadaffi is their king of africa ? No more dramas westerners people know who you are .

  • You white devil doers calling every human who stand in truth evil, if anyone should be address evil is the Europeans and the Americans and Trump is a definition of that.

  • Look at these comments from none Libyan praising gaddafi the criminal who stole and destroyed my country Libya . No more gaddafi or his green rat all wiped out .

  • They left out Sec State Hillary Clintons "we came we saw he died" cackle cackle cackle.

  • Lies lies lies lies America are you not tired of lying to us..Long Live Gaddafi in our Hearts

  • All about palisten news fake.
    Israel one are the big terrorist country

  • America Israel are terrorist country.

  • war or civil war until kingdom come…

  • Gaddafi, the man who wanted to unite entire Africa but labeled an enemy by the US. His Legacy Lives on.

  • The U.S is the Real "Evolution of Evil"…

  • it's better to have a dictator leader than civil war!

  • so anybody who does not give in to us's vicious attempts at capturing oil fields becomes a tyrant overnight is it ???

  • Whoever posted and/or made this video is either deluded and stranger to reality or a liar. there is no third option

  • Hussein taken out, Gadaffi taken out, Attempted take down of Assad saved by the Russians, Afghanistan taken out, UAE sold out, "Friends" with Pakistan, God only knows what they did in Egypt, millions dead, let's not pretend Gadaffi was/is the only evil in the middle east. There is plenty of evil to go around.

  • Most evil is America

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