EVHS AP US History

HI I’m Mr. Pacheco, and this is AP US histORY! We cover US history in terms of what was happening in the world from 1504 all the way to current events. Social, political religious certain individuals that truly shaped US history from Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton All the way to kind of present Trump and what are the current issues. Usually lecture probably around 30 minutes sometimes classroom activities group projects Talk about certain issues, journals. There are many things depending on the day of the week. Friday’s usually a quiz. We do have DBQ’s (date based questions), LEQ’s (Long essay questions). (HOMEWORK)Usually it’s one hour per night In terms of reading, maybe the Roosevelt Corollary or you have to do a SOAPStone and there are a couple of questions There’s usually about six pages of reading in the book and be ready for discussion questions for the following day. I think the hardest part would be organizing a student’s time at home. To be able to kind of set a certain amount, like an hour or 45 minutes for this class to be able to be prepared for the next day. So I think it’s just organization skills as a whole. You’re able to work with groups, you’re able to discuss the current issues and Was there change or is there continuity and the reasons why these individuals made these decisions at this particular time and how not only it affected the United States but as a whole in terms of the world. It’s the most important class, but it’s about US history. MAKING HISTORY HAPPEN!

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